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What is the endurance mask for?


Often, many athletes do not pay the necessary attention to the quality of their breathing during exercise and after it. You notice that after boxing, fitness, jogging, etc. can't you calm your breath or does it take you a lot of time? Then you need a special training mask (Training Mask), which will help to improve breathing and endurance. The effect of such a mask is to a certain extent similar to running with the use of a gas mask.

What is a training mask

A hypoxic mask for breathing training is a device whose multi-level resistance system is capable of reducing the volume of air flow directed to the main respiratory tract. This effect is achieved through the use of special valve technology. Such a sports accessory is able to act as a simulator for the lungs and cardio system.

The running mask will help to train the respirator, improve the functionality of the athlete’s body and slightly increase the overall endurance. Completing the accessory allows you to simulate classes at the highlands, where the human body, in order to provide tissues with oxygen, has to work in an enhanced mode. The only thing to note is that it is impossible to achieve complete imitation of cardio-training in high-altitude conditions using such a mask, since air enters the lungs not discharged.

Why do you need

Training mask for sports, which is equipped with a system of PRS (Phantom Regulation System) is able to increase air resistance during inhalation. This leads to the fact that the diaphragm and intercostal muscles should do more hard work - absorb more oxygen from the blood. In fact, such a sports accessory is aimed at developing the muscles that are involved in breathing.

As a result of the fact that when the mask is used, the body has to work hard, the ventilation of the lungs begins to increase, breathing and pulse speed up, the blood circulation improves, and new red blood cells enter the blood. For mild hypoxia, i.e. oxygen starvation athlete's body reacts by activating vitality. It turns out that an oxygen mask for training can develop the capabilities of the cardiovascular system and increase the volume of the lungs.

Because of this, it can be used as a tool to increase the effectiveness of classes, when the standard load is no longer enough. After such hypoxic training, when oxygen access is restricted, the athlete's body recovers under normal conditions, as a rule, faster. A mask for stamina can serve as an excellent alternative to long workouts.

Operating principle

Before you buy a mask for training in any online store delivered to your home or by mail, be sure to find out how it works. Such an accessory is mounted on the head with a rubber-clip (strap), which is fastened with velcro. The complete set consists of one output and six inlet valves with silicone membranes, several nose locks. In appearance it resembles a respirator or gas mask.

All components are easy to clean: the frame is treated with a spray, and the sleeve is washed by hand. The principle of action of the accessory, which is the respiratory limiter of a new generation, is very simple: the oxygen supply during breathing is limited by the valve overlap. The resistance level can be changed if necessary, so that the athlete can imitate being at different heights from 1 to 5.5 thousand meters.

Buy a training mask

If you need a mask for crossfit, jogging or some other type of vigorous activity associated with intense breathing, then first select the appropriate model. It is necessary to download that, regardless of whether such a mask is expensive or cheap, it is great for those who managed to gain excess weight during the winter and cannot get rid of it in any way.

If people with pathology of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems exercise with such a mask incorrectly, then the consequences in this case can be very serious - up to a lethal outcome. All information about the periodization, types of training and a combination of valves can be found directly in the instructions (booklet) to the mask. It also indicates what to do is strictly prohibited.

Evolution Training Mask

Having decided to purchase a unique sports accessory that will help train your breath and increase lung capacity, then pay attention to the Elevation Training Mask 2.0 model. Recently, such a model of the breathing resistance simulator has gained considerable popularity due to its effectiveness and affordable price. Before you buy an Elevation mask on sale or for a promotion in one of the stores, check out its characteristics:

  • Name: Elevation Training Mask 2.0,
  • price: 1368 rubles,
  • characteristics: weight 323 g, 1 neoprene sleeve, 1 mask, 3 nose locks, 6 valves,
  • Advantages: reasonable price, easy to use, environmentally friendly material,
  • Cons: to use the mask is recommended to have a certain degree of preparation.

What is it, how does it work?

What is a mask of endurance? This device is designed for sports and increases the resistance of air when inhaled, thus artificially reducing its flow. The device looks like a mask worn on the face and resembles a respirator.

It is fixed on the head with elastic tapes and clasps (as a rule, in the form of stickies). The device is equipped with a system of valves: inlet and outlet. The inlet valves are partially closed when inhaling, which allows reducing the volume of air entering the lungs. Outlet valves freely let in exhaled carbon dioxide.

Good to know! The degree of resistance can be adjusted using diaphragm mounted valves.

Selection Features

How to choose a mask of endurance? When buying, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. The size depends on the weight and weight of the student. There are three options: S, M, L. S is designed for body weight up to 70 kilograms. M is suitable for athletes belonging to the weight category of 70-100 kg. L is the largest size for people weighing more than 101 kilograms. But the dimensional grids of different manufacturers are different, so study them before purchasing.
  2. Brand There are many manufacturers, but among them are the most popular. Thus, the budget can be attributed brands "Elevation Training Mask" and "Elbrus". And under the brand name "Phantom Training Mask" produced more expensive products.
  3. Originality. Unfortunately, the modern sporting goods market is full of fakes, and among them there are low-quality and even dangerous ones. Therefore, make sure that the product is really produced by the stated company. The packaging must contain the full name of the manufacturer and contact details, as well as instructions for use. In addition, it is better to purchase sports equipment in proven specialized departments or stores.
  4. The cost depends on the manufacturer, but if it is suspiciously low, it should be alerted: surely you stumbled upon a low-quality fake, which not only does not fully perform its functions, but can also harm your health. The approximate price range for original masks from various well-known manufacturers is from 1200-1500 rubles to 4-5 thousand.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the benefits of oxygen masks:

  • The possibility of artificially increasing the intensity of loads due to the imitation of high mountain conditions and oxygen starvation.
  • Training the cardiovascular system, normalization of myocardial contractile activity.
  • Increased lung capacity.
  • Full ventilation of the respiratory system.
  • Elaboration of the muscles responsible for respiratory functions.
  • Training and strengthening of the diaphragm.

  • Nevertheless, hypoxic masks imitate alpine conditions inadequately, since at high altitudes in the mountains rarefied air enters the lungs, but at the same time the respiratory organs work practically in the usual way.
  • Using the device will not increase the maximum oxygen consumption (MPC), which some athletes are striving to increase.
  • Oxygen absorption by the muscles practically does not improve.

Features of use

When using a mask of endurance follow a few rules:

  1. Before buying a mask, consult your doctor to evaluate the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. With pathologies and diseases, training is undesirable or even unacceptable.
  2. Start with the minimum degree of resistance and gradually increase it. Better practice and adapt to mild hypoxia before applying the mask. To do this, perform such a breathing exercise: slowly and deeply inhale and hold your breath, and then exhale.
  3. Wear a mask before workouts of medium intensity to increase the load. So, in a mask you can run, pull up, crouch, swing the press, jump, push-ups, beat a pear, climb a rope, walk fast. It is advisable not to use additional weights, but minimum weights are acceptable.
  4. Start with the most simple and low-intensity exercises, gradually move to more complex. In addition, to restore the required breaks between exercises and approaches.
  5. If you feel unwell, immediately stop the workout and remove the mask. Better yet, constantly monitor your condition with a heart rate monitor. Do not let your heart rate increase to 160 beats per minute or more.
  6. Carefully read the attached instructions before using the mask.
  7. Take care of the fixture. Periodically wash textile parts and remove, clean, wash and dry valves and membranes. If you do not do this regularly, the capacity of the valve system will decrease, and the oxygen supply will decrease to critical volumes, which is harmful and dangerous. Store the accessory preferably in a case to avoid dusting.

If you decide to train with a mask of endurance, then first consult your doctor for advice and learn the basic rules of safe exercise. And great results for all athletes!

Hypoxic masks

A hypoxic mask is needed to train breathing and stamina. The mask is put on the lower part of the face, covering the nose and mouth, that is, those organs through which air enters our body. The mask has a special system of valves that regulate the amount of air inhaled by an athlete using a specific mechanism.

Running mask

Training masks are often used by runners in their workouts. They are popular with both sprinters and marathoners. For the latter, training masks are especially relevant on several points at once.

First, long running requires endurance, for which the mask was created. Secondly, such prolonged loads require better nutrition for the organs and tissues of the body, which is ensured by the stable use of the mask for endurance.

For sprinters, the main focus of the mask is the maximum oxygen saturation. This means that training should be very intense in order to maximize the reserves of the body.

Mask for the occupation of power loads

In the hall you can do both aerobic and power loads. In this paragraph, we consider strength exercises in conjunction with a mask for endurance.

Using a mask allows you to concentrate more on breathing, which is important in strength training, but what is usually paid little attention to.

The lack of oxygen activates the additional blood vessels primarily in those tissues that are under maximum load, respectively, the effectiveness of the workout increases many times and the result of just strength exercises is better seen.

The stress created by oxygen starvation, coupled with a large load creates a favorable environment for muscle growth and endurance.

Aerobic Mask

Aerobic exercises in the gym, to which we can classify wrestling, sparring, boxing, jumping and other cardiovascular exercise with the use of a mask will also increase the effectiveness of an athlete.

Improving the nutrition of tissues and accelerating the metabolic processes in them, the training mask promotes active fat loss.

But it is available only for athletes and for people prepared for intensive loads. That is, to dry, reduce the percentage of fat for competition, for example, fitness or bodybuilding using a mask is perfect.

But if you "started life on Monday", decided to lose weight quickly and think that the training mask will quickly bring you closer to the desired result, then you are mistaken.

First, we build up the level of endurance and physical training so that it is not a shame to come into the hall and work out an hour and a half of intensive, and only then “open” hidden reserves with the help of a training mask.

Other sports for a training mask

Training masks are used mainly in active sports that require endurance, where long-term training includes constant movement and a minimum of rest. These sports include:

  • athletics,
  • hockey, football, basketball, volleyball and other sports,
  • martial arts, boxing,
  • crossfit
  • power training,
  • skis, bicycles and other cardio loads,
  • mountaineering, climbing.

In the last paragraph, the use of a training mask is especially relevant, because it simulates the lack of oxygen in conditions of rarefied air, which is typical of mountainous areas at high altitude.

Who needs a training mask?

The hypoxic mask is designed for people who are prepared for high physical exertion. That network if you play sports recently or aerobic activity is not your strong point, then the endurance mask will not work for you.

Professional athletes and fighters - the main users of masks for endurance.

Where the result depends on endurance, where 100% is not enough and you need to give 200%, where you need to jump higher than your head, you cannot do without a training mask.

In addition to athletes, such masks are useful for people who are fond of hiking. Hiking, especially in the mountains, is a serious test for any person; you need to thoroughly prepare for it.

So that there is no doubt whether you can overcome all the difficulties, if you have enough strength and endurance to go, start to introduce strength and cardio training into your life in advance, not forgetting to use a mask for endurance.

hypoxic mask trains the respiratory system of athletes

What do you feel after training in a mask?

On a rough physical level, a mask for stamina can be compared with the use of weighting. After training with them, exercises without projectiles are performed easily and at a higher level. This is how to break the foam bar, if you are accustomed to beating boards and bricks. That is, skill training is hard, sometimes very hard, but the result is visible in a fairly short time and it is such that without the use of additional simulators it would be much more difficult to achieve it and longer.

In the first approximation, a training mask increases the vital volume of the lungs, that is, the actively used volume of the lungs, using all the lobes of this organ. At the same time, the muscles involved in breathing are also trained, and these are almost all the pectoral muscles of the deep layers, as well as the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm.

Long-term effect of the use of a hypoxic mask

Inhaling less air, we artificially create an oxygen deprivation to all our cells, organs and tissues. But the oxygen does not overlap completely, which means that the body has the ability to connect reserves that are not activated outside of such a stressful situation.

In order to provide complete nutrition to the tissues, collateral vessels, that is, additional ones that have not been previously used, are included in the work, because there was no need for this. That is, now the nutrition of tissues is restored not due to a large amount of oxygen, but due to a large number of vessels feeding this tissue.

Now imagine how much oxygen goes to the tissues and organs when the restriction in the form of a mask is lifted. This effect is achieved through long, hard workouts, taking extra vitamins and regular massages.

Of course, this does not mean that you can refuse a healthy diet, stop taking vitamin complexes and not do massage. All this needs to be kept in your schedule, since all of the listed items are aimed not only at opening the vessels and increasing blood flow to the organs, but also many other healthy items.

Interestingly, thanks to the restrictive training in a mask of endurance, all organs, including the brain, feed better. То есть, тренируя тело, вы даете возможность своему мозгу развиваться.

Обзор тренировочных масок

Поскольку тренировочные маски – элемент новый, а стоимость его недешевая, то на рынке встречается не сильно много производителей, которые выпускают столь специфический товар. Самые распространенные – это Elevation Training Mask и Phantom Training Mask, также есть маска Эльбрус от российского производителя. Ниже мы рассмотрим различия этих масок, их достоинства и недостатки.

Elevation Training Mask

The mask for endurance Elevation Training Mask is made of neoprene, the face is attached to the silicone part, which fits tightly around the area around the nose and mouth and does not breath, even with a beard and mustache, which is important for men.

Included are three pairs of valves that regulate the degree of complexity of the load. If you need to change it, then it is desirable to do this at the beginning of the workout, because there is a stepped system of increasing the level of difficulty, that is, one workout - one level of difficulty, without increasing or decreasing during the workout.

In terms of price and quality, this is the most optimal option, available to many and fulfilling its function with high quality.

Phantom Training Mask

The Phantom Training Mask training mask is significantly more expensive than the previous version of the mask we considered, and, as a result, it has the best characteristics.

Higher quality neoprene absorbs moisture well, which is important, because we are talking about heavy loads.

Softer silicone is more pleasant to the touch, because the skin of the face is delicate and sensitive and negative effects from the use of something on the face should be minimized. This is especially important for girls.

But the most important difference is 4 levels of difficulty, which can be changed with one click right in the process of training, increasing and decreasing the intensity of the air flow.

At the price of a mask for endurance Elbrus, made in Russia, is comparable with the Phantom Training Mask.

It also has 4 modes with replaceable valves, and the neoprene base fits snugly to the skin. High quality rubber is used instead of silicone, it is especially important for those who are allergic to latex.

In addition to all of the above, this mask has a distinctive Russian brutal design.

How to choose a mask for endurance?

The choice of mask depends on your financial capabilities, as well as a workout plan. That is, whether it is important for you to change the difficulty mode during one workout or not. There are not so many offers on the market, the main thing is to choose the right mask size.

The size scale of the training masks is based on the weight of the exercising person.

Usually in the arsenal of manufacturers of training masks there are three sizes: S, M and L. Size S, as a rule, is designed for weight up to 70 kg ± 2 kg.

The following size has a variation from 70 kg to 100 kg and more, it all depends on the selected model.

And finally, size L is for heavyweights, for people weighing more than 100 kg (115 kg for Elevation Training Mask).

Pay attention to the dimensional grid of each manufacturer, as you can see, the ratio of weight and size may vary.

If you have a border size, we advise you to contact the reviews about specific masks, or contact the manufacturer directly to give you competent information about what size suits you.

How to use a training mask?

Included with the training mask is a mandatory detailed instructions, which are described in detail not only the size, method of wearing, but also shows examples of training.

So that you have an idea in advance of what you will encounter, we provide brief information about the main points regarding the use of the mask.

How to wear a mask?

The great advantage of a training mask is that it is easy to use.

It is intuitively clear where the front part is, and where the back is, where is the top, and where is the bottom.

Wear a mask should be immediately before training, adjusting the desired degree of load, i.e. changing the valves. The silicone part should fit snugly to the skin and you should be comfortable in it.

The clasp on the back of the head, the neoprene sleeve should not squeeze the head, but should not fall off with any unplanned head movement, convenience is your beacon, which should be followed by putting on a training mask.

In the neoprene sleeve there are special slots for the ears, it is very convenient - it does not create discomfort and you can insert headphones with music.

How to breathe properly in a mask?

Breathing in a mask and without it is very different, in the beginning it will be difficult for you to train in it even for a few minutes.

To facilitate the adaptation process, you can train breathing separately from running and other loads and without a mask. Just take a deep breath, and exhale only after a few seconds. Thus, breath-holding imitates the lack of air that occurs when wearing a mask.

Directly in the mask, you should try to breathe, as in normal training: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, without delay.

Lost breathing will be difficult to recover if there is a barrier in the form of a mask, so concentrate on breathing and avoid misses.

What is a mask?

Anyone who sees such an accessory for the first time, is simply shocked by its appearance. Frankly speaking, it has little resemblance to specialized sports simulators, but it has all the signs of a respirator or gas mask. What is special about it?

Mask for breathing exercises allows you to increase the load and improve the effect of any workout, be it running, yoga, boxing or regular warm-up and stretching. According to experts, this accessory is an original simulator of ascent into the mountains. With its help, the effect of oxygen starvation and hypoxia, observed during a real person's stay at high mountains, is created.

What are the details of the mask?

The universal mask consists of several main parts:

  • headbands,
  • 6 inlet valves (2 are installed on the mask itself and 4 are in a separate package),
  • 1 outlet valve (located in the center of the mask),
  • 3 installed and 4 additional membranes for valves,
  • frame and mask sleeves.

In addition, the hypoxic training mask is made of special materials that can breathe and do not obstruct the natural ventilation of the air. Often for the manufacture of products used hypoallergenic material, which has a special strength and at the same time elasticity and lightness. When worn, the accessory is securely fixed with the help of belts and special restraints or velcro.

For what purpose is it necessary to use a mask?

The mask is a kind of simulator for the respiratory system. Firstly, during the exercise in this accessory there is an increase in the volume of the lungs. Secondly, the anaerobic threshold rises (pulmonary and cardiac endurance improves).

Thirdly, a respirator mask allows your body to more actively produce oxygen and use it most efficiently. Such a training mask improves the capabilities of the cardio system and significantly reduces the aerobic fatigue that occurs during exercise.

Fourth, it increases energy production and improves the capabilities of psychophysical indicators. Fifth, it increases the load on the whole body and improves your physical endurance. Sixth, training with a similar mask is reduced in time. For example, instead of the usual 60 minutes, you will spend only 20 minutes on sports.

In a similar mask, you can perform the following actions:

  • ride a motorcycle, scooter, rollerblade and bike,
  • run,
  • do sport walking
  • do biathlon and shoot dashes,
  • box,
  • do wrestling and fitness,
  • perform training of varying difficulty.

All this makes the most accessible mask for training breathing.

External differences masks

Among the most common models of masks can be found two main types. The first resembles a respirator, and the second - a gas mask. Moreover, the "respirator" covers your nose and mouth, leaving your eyes and upper face open. In addition, such models contain three prominent external valves and a special retainer-seal.

A training mask that looks like a “gas mask”, besides covering the mouth and nose, also closes the eyes. In the area of ​​the eyes, such accessories have original windows-lenses.

What is the principle of the mask?

Sports simulator operates as follows:

  • during athlete's breathing, a planned valve overlap occurs,
  • with limited air supply, the lungs increase in size (you can get a lot more oxygen than with regular training),
  • blood flow increases, giving oxygen to all muscles,
  • there is a strengthening of the diaphragm,
  • increases muscle and brain activity.

About what advantages the mask has for training (breathing restriction) in addition to the main ones, we will describe further.

What are the benefits of a mask?

In addition to the main advantages of the accessory has additional. For example, it is perfectly cleaned and easy to clean. Also when using the product, the athlete will be able to choose his height. Thus, depending on the capabilities of the model, it is possible to set an imitation height for ascent into the mountains in the range of 3000-18000 feet (approximately 914-5486 m). How to configure the mask for training and how to set the level of complexity in it, read on.

How is the resistance level set in the mask?

For example, you decided to adjust the accessory to a height of 3000 feet, for this we perform the following actions:

  • we install two membranes in the open position (meaning two valves located on the sides),
  • we take 2 valve caps with four holes,
  • fasten the valves on top of the membrane.

For 6000 feet (≈ 1830 m) resistance, we perform the above actions and attach two valves with two openings on both sides, and for a load of 9000 feet (≈ 2740 m) - with one hole. To use an altitude of 12,000 feet (≈3360 m), take two valves with four holes and set one of the membranes to the closed position. For resistance of 15,000 feet (≈4570 m), take valves with two openings and leave one closed membrane, and for 18000 feet (≈5500 m) - with one hole (the membranes remain in the previous position: one is open, the other is closed).

How to get used to the mask?

A training mask (breath limiter), like any foreign object, obliges you to perform certain actions for the gradual habituation of it. At first, beginners need to install the smallest load of 3000 feet. Then you need to wear a mask and do a warm up two-minute walk. For a gradual increase in heart rate to walking, it is worth adding frequent jumps. It is recommended to keep such an increased rhythm for at least 2 minutes.

At the fourth stage, you need to stop and knead well. To do this, for 1 minute, perform intensive swing hands and feet. Next, add slow squats to your workload and gradually increase the number of sets and the time of training.

Mask for breathing training: proper care

Like any sports equipment, the mask needs proper care. For example, the accessory can be cleaned and washed only in running water, and washing in the car is strictly prohibited. Dry it can only be in the air. During hand washing it is necessary to remove the protective sleeve and wash it. The very frame of the product should be treated with a special spray and blot dry with a towel or handkerchief.

What are the reviews about the mask?

The training mask (breath limiter) is a modern know-how, causing a lot of questions and opinions. This is mainly positive feedback, which refers to the great benefits of the product. Negative opinions are less common, but most of them are associated with improper use of the mask or non-compliance with the instructions.

Body mask

As a care, it is enough to periodically flush the silicone part (mask body), it is advisable to use Okteniman, it has an antibacterial effect, which is important because the mask body is literally an intermediary between your respiratory system and the environment. Anything that settles on a mask can enter the body and cause unwanted effects.

The neoprene sleeve can also and should be washed for hygiene purposes, neoprene cannot absorb your body fluids endlessly.

hypoxic mask helps to adapt to difficult physical exertion

Mask benefits

Summarizing the above, we list the advantages of the training mask and the beneficial effects it causes in the body:

  • breathing muscle training
  • better saturation of tissues and organs with oxygen,
  • inclusion in the work of the lungs of previously passive lobes,
  • acceleration of tissue metabolism,
  • adaptation of the organism to the harsh conditions of oxygen starvation without damage to the functioning of organs and systems. These conditions include not only the highlands, but also gassed megalopolis.
  • a general increase in body endurance and increased training efficiency,
  • against the background of concentration on breathing, one can observe a meditative effect.

All of the above points work only with regular, correct use of a hypoxic mask.

Mask flaws

Any medal has two sides. Let us consider what side effects can be after using the mask.

First of all, if you have diseases of the respiratory or cardiovascular system, it is dangerous for you to conduct workouts in a mask for endurance. If you have a strong desire, consult your doctor.

In your case, wearing a mask is possible only separately from physical exertion, that is, normal breathing training in conditions of lack of air. Hypoxia for your body - is stress, which can not be exacerbated.

Secondly, if you are new to the sport, then, as has been said more than once in this article, do not use a mask. It is designed for professionals and serious lovers.

Thirdly, if you have a tendency to squeeze out the maximum effort and fight for the result to the last drop of blood (sweat), then you may overdo it and not notice how you will overstep the oxygen deficit threshold that your body can cope with.

This may be followed by a loss of consciousness and, if no one helps you, death from suffocation will occur.

Opinion of doctors about training masks

Sports doctors are in favor of training masks. However, they do not promote their widespread use and do not insist on mandatory use. They are not against their use, rather than with all the hands of "for".

Doctors note the beneficial properties of hypoxic masks and do not dispute the existence of a real result after their regular use.

Although emphasize that non-professional athletes need to use a mask with caution and take into account the condition of his body, not expecting miraculous results despite the low level of physical fitness.

In addition, as noted by doctors, having read the instructions and the principle of action masks for endurance, training in it should not be intense if you are not preparing for the Olympic Games. It is enough to train endurance and breathing by performing simple exercises in a slow mode to prevent a critical level of oxygen in the cells.

Training masks are a very curious thing and you can see that it is useful. But, in the pursuit of super-results, remember that it will be easy only after you overcome what is very, very difficult. Watch your health, listen to your body, it will always tell you the right way.

How are oxygen masks applied

The use of training masks for jogging is used to simulate high-altitude conditions, as well as conditions with discharged air. The bottom line is that when things happen in the human body oxygen deficiency, the body begins to work with double force. The result of such exercises is increased heart rate and breathing, improved ventilation, and increased blood circulation, and the blood is saturated with red blood cells. It is worth noting that human health can suffer badlyif oxygen deficiency begins to affect the central nervous system. However, mild hypoxia is not dangerous for the body, but on the contrary, it activates additional vital energy.

Running with an oxygen mask can increase the volume of the lungs and improve the overall cardiovascular system. The use of such a mask is especially important when training with normal loads can not complete their task in full. Training mask is great for running, boxing, cycling, walking, power exercises and other things. In addition, it reduces the time classes. For example, the usual hour-long workout, a mask can last only 20 minutes. You can choose a mask as a highly specialized, and universal, depending on the level of power loads during training.

How the mask works and what it consists of

Breathing mask fixed on the head special locking elastic bands that are fastened with Velcro. Included can be found inlet valves with a membrane (6 pieces) and output (1 piece). At the same time, the mask, by its appearance, reminds respirator (eyes remain open) or look like a gas mask (both lower and upper parts of the face are closed).

The training mask works on a simple principle: exercising, oxygen supply will be limited with overlapped valves. In this case, the athlete will be able to easily change the degree of oxygen pressure, thereby adjusting the degree of conditional height from 1 kilometer to 5.5 kilometers. Mask setting performed by working with a membrane and valves. Чтобы имитировать высоту в один километр мембраны открывают и закрепляют на них клапаны в 4 отверстия. Чтобы высота была условно 2 километра нужно взять клапаны с двумя отверстиями. Для 3 километров берется одно отверстие. Для имитации 3,5 километров нужно воспользоваться клапанами в четыре отверстия и закрыть одну из мембран.

Для восхождения на высоту в условных 4,5 км берутся клапаны на 2 отверстия, а одна из мембран закрывается. To overcome the 5 km height, the valve is taken in one hole, and one membrane remains in the closed position.

What manufacturers of training masks promise

Professional athletes and scientists have long been passionate about the idea of ​​training at high altitudes. This is because under hypoxic conditions (low oxygen levels), the production of red blood cells (erythrocytes) increases and the ability of the blood to carry oxygen increases. The latter, in turn, correlates with an increase in the index of maximum oxygen consumption VO2max and endurance.

Actually, this is why many elite athletes train in the mountains before the most important starts. Manufacturers of training masks believe (or try to make their customers believe) that they still managed to create a product, thanks to which for training in conditions of hypoxia you do not need to go to the mountains.

The essence of the mask is simple: Elevation Mask restricts the flow of air into the nose and mouth, and thus tries to imitate the effect of training in hypoxia. The mask has several openings and valves that regulate the flow of air to simulate different heights - from 914 to 5.486 meters. The higher the height, the harder it is for a person to breathe.

According to the sellers of masks, with the help of their product, you can achieve an increase in VO2max - a key marker of growth of aerobic performance and endurance. But are these promises true?

What do the professionals think about training masks

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the use of training masks is investigated very poorly. Zozhnik was able to find only a couple of studies, so we’ll leave them for a snack, and first we’ll consider several expert opinions.

Kieron Fairman is an ACSM and ISSN certified specialist working on his doctoral thesis in kinesiology. In his article, Kieron is rather skeptical of masks:

“At high altitude, atmospheric pressure is low. The partial pressure, or the amount of oxygen in the same volume, decreases. The air becomes “thin”, rarefied, so breathing at a height is harder. Consequently, there is a drop in the concentration of oxygen in the blood, and its transport and use by working muscles deteriorates.

The body in these conditions increases the concentration of myoglobin / hemoglobin, and the density of capillaries increases. This leads to increased oxygen delivery to the muscles. Of course, a series of such adaptations can improve the training capacity of a person. However, training masks do not change the partial pressure of the air we breathe. All they do is simply reduce the total amount of air that enters the lungs.

Some say they can breathe easier after using the mask. I bet if you tie a pillow to someone's face and force him to run 1.5 km, after the pillow is removed, this person will also breathe much easier. ”

Dr. Ben Levine, director of the Institute of Sports and Environmental Medicine, has the same opinion:

«Training mask has nothing to do with workouts at high altitude.The only thing that connects the highlands with a mask is that in both cases it is harder for the person to breathe, but for completely different reasons.. If at the highlands there is less oxygen in the air, then when a person puts on a mask, oxygen does not become less. It's just harder for him to breathe».

Another skeptical opinion from the head of the ACE Scientific Corps, Cedric Bryant:

“When it comes to increasing the oxygen capacity of blood, the effectiveness of training at high mountains is beyond doubt. However, training at height is an integrated approach that is extremely difficult to imitate outside the high-altitude environment. ”

What do the studies say about the effectiveness of training masks

First, consider the test that is presented on the manufacturer's website at trainingmask.com as evidence of the effectiveness of their product. This study was conducted in 2014 at the Alberta Northern Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Canada.

During the experiment, 14 participants (8 men and 6 women) trained 2 times a week using the HIIT protocol for 5 weeks. In training, the subjects pedaled the bike pedal: 2 minutes of work at the intensity level of 90% of the maximum alternated with 3 minutes at the level of 30% of the maximum. In total for training 5 such circles were carried out.

The conclusion states: the use of Elevation Training Mask during training sessions under the HIIT protocol significantly improved the performance of men, especially the output power indicator. The increase in output power was associated with an increase in VO2max, which subsequently had a positive effect on lung and heart function.

This study has a lot of questions, but its main drawback is the absence of a control group that would train according to an identical protocol, but without using a mask. So maybe for a positive change is to thank for their own training, and not a mask? After all, the ability of HIIT to significantly improve VO2max performance is beyond doubt. (Helgerud, 2007, Astorino, 2012, Milanovic, 2015).

In 2016, 2 studies were presented that examined the effectiveness of the use of training masks. The first was published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

The goal of the researchers was to study the effectiveness of training masks in relation to aerobic and anaerobic parameters. In the 6-week experiment, 17 reserve officers participated, which were divided into 2 groups: the first was trained without a mask, and the second - in a mask with an imitation of an altitude of 2750 meters above sea level. Both groups trained according to the standard physical training protocol.

As a result, there was no significant difference between the groups in terms of anaerobic performance and VO2max.

The final study was conducted with the support of The American Council on Exercise (ACE) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The goal of the scientists was to check whether the manufacturers of masks that their product helps to increase stamina and to improve VO2max and lung function correspond to the reality.

As in the previous study, participants were divided into 2 groups: the first one was trained in masks, and the second - without. For 6 weeks, both groups were engaged in an identical HIIT protocol on a bicycle ergometer. In the first week of the test, the masks imitated a height of 914 m, in the second - 1,828 m, in 3-4 weeks - 2,743 m, and in the final 2 weeks - 3,658 m.

Before and at the end of the experiment, hematological parameters, lung function, output power, ventilation threshold (EP) and respiratory compensation threshold (PPC) were studied. As a result, after 6 weeks of testing, the parameters of lung, hemoglobin and hematocrit did not change significantly in any of the groups. At the same time, both groups showed the same increase in VO2max and output power.

However the masked group experienced a significant increase in the ventilation threshold and respiratory compensation threshold.. The parameters of the output power within the boundaries of the VP and PPK also increased.

This study shows that the training mask is not effective just in terms of increasing the VO2max. Although this parameter grew, it was slightly different from the result of the control group. There was also no improvement in lung function.

According to experts from the ACE, the decrease in the oxygen concentration in the blood due to training in the mask was only 2%. It cannot be compared with a really small amount of oxygen at high altitude. For this reason Elevation Mask cannot be considered as a sports accessory that simulates high-altitude training.

The benefits of training in the mask

However, no one argues that the mask is harder to breathe, and this fact makes it a kind of simulator to strengthen the inspiratory muscles that are involved in the breath.

In addition, according to study leader Dr. John Porcari, an increase in the ventilation threshold is the main factor limiting the indices of endurance.

It is necessary to conduct a longer study to see how the increase in the ventilation threshold will affect the final parameter - training performance. In the case of a positive result, masks can serve as an important auxiliary tool for athletes who train endurance.
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How to use an oxygen running mask

Choose a mask should be based on your weight:

  • Size S - if your weight is less than 68 kilograms,
  • Size M - if your weight is from 69 to 100 kilograms,
  • Size L - if your weight is 101 kilograms.

To adapt the body before training in a mask, it is necessary to warm up. Always clean the mask after completing the workout.

How to warm up in a mask

How to perform warm-up in an oxygen mask:

  • after you put on the mask you need to set the resistance level. Newcomers best to put the lowest resistance,
  • then, in the first minute, you need to inhale deeply the air with your nose, and breathe it out through your mouth,
  • after that, keeping your breathing steady walk about 3 minutes,
  • now you can gradually increase the speed, jump, wave hands. You need to do this for two minutes, holding heartbeat at one pace
  • work intensively with your hands in the starting position - spread your legs shoulder-width apart, at the same time you need to start waving your hands on each leg for 30 seconds,
  • To complete the warm-up, slowly perform side lunges, while not taking the heels off the floor and ensuring that the back remains even for one minute,
  • warm up goal - achieve a comfortable feeling, after which you can already go directly to the training itself.

What kind of running mask to choose and what are its advantages

Breathing simulators for running have long been considered popular. The first known of them was the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer, which was developed by the famous athlete Bas Rutten. But this copy had a serious flaw, which consisted in its form, which had kind of silicone tubeconstantly falling out of his mouth during workouts.

The next running mask that conquered the market was Elevation Training Mask 1.0. And although it was convenient to use, her appearance did not satisfy many runners.

Then came the new model, which gained more popularity than its counterparts. It has the following advantages:

  • made of breathable neoprene material
  • has an aesthetic appearance
  • You can choose from two shades: white and black,
  • equipped with three removable valves that allow you to set the desired level of load,
  • differs in the small weight and size.

There is an even simpler analogue of an oxygen mask for running a boot. . He has only two carbon filters, while it is often used for running to breathe purified air. Breathing through this mask is also difficult and creates an additional load on the human vascular system.

How to buy an oxygen running mask

As can be seen from the article, running in an oxygen mask can be quite useful, because with proper use, you can increase stamina, develop a respiratory system and, in general, have a positive effect on your body. Buy it possible in any sports storewhere modern sports equipment and related products are sold. In addition, if there is no particular desire to wander through the city shops, you can buy a mask on the Internet sites.

Negative points

For what we need a mask for running, we understand. It increases endurance, provides enhanced training and allows you to get the same load in less time. However, if the device is used incorrectly, it can also cause harm. There are a number of precautions and rules to consider.

Please note that use of a mask is contraindicated in such cases:

  • somatic or infectious diseases,
  • chronic respiratory diseases,
  • respiratory failure
  • hypertensive crisis,
  • the presence of tumors.

In the absence of contraindications mask will bring only benefit. But still it would not be superfluous to consult with a specialist before using it.

How to use the mask for running

When choosing a breathing mask for running, consider your weight - this will determine its size:

  • Size S weighing less than 68 kilograms
  • Size M with a weight of 69-100 kilograms,
  • Size L with a weight of 101 kilograms.

Warm up in the oxygen mask as follows:

  • Put on a mask and set the resistance level. Beginners are encouraged to set the lowest.
  • In the first minute, inhale deeply with your nose and exhale it through your mouth.
  • Then, keeping your breathing steady, walk for three minutes.
  • Gradually increase the speed, you can jump, swing your arms.
  • Repeat this for two minutes, keeping one pace of the heart rate.
  • Take the starting position - spread your legs to the width, and work intensively with your hands. For each leg, swing your arms for thirty seconds.
  • To complete the warm-up, slowly perform lateral attacks, without lifting your heels off the floor and paying attention to the fact that your back was level. One minute is allotted for this.

The task of the warm-up is to prepare the body for a lesson in a mask, to provide comfortable sensations. It should last at least 15-20 minutes. This is important, otherwise there may be negative consequences, including loss of consciousness. When you finish warming up, you can proceed directly to training.

Elevation training mask 1.0

Professional oxygen mask, remarkably controlling the amount of air entering the body, making breathing difficult. Among the athletes, it became very popular, but then it was overshadowed by an improved model of Elevation training mask 2.0. However, the model has disadvantages. So, it is not very convenient when practicing crossfit, can make it difficult to see, and looks very defiant (looks like a gas mask).

Elevation training mask 2.0

The manufacturer of these masks has proven itself well, and their models have become very popular. The model of the training mask Elevation training mask 2.0 is much more effective than its predecessor. It works well and performs all its functions, is easy to use and has a significantly less defiant appearance than version 1.0. It is also relatively cheap. If we talk about the shortcomings, then some experts believe that in the first model the flow of air is better regulated.

Bass Rutten O2 Trainer

This oxygen mask is designed by MMA fighter Sebastian Rutten. The goal was to create a device for the most effective training of the lungs, or rather, the development of the inner muscular layer and the diaphragm, because the stronger the lungs, the higher the endurance of an athlete. Externally, the device is similar to a silicone tube with a hole of 15 mm in diameter. Additionally as a gift come nozzles with a smaller diameter. The mask effectively acts on the lungs with a gradual increase in load.

The essence of the work is to provide a hard breath, without an obstacle exhale while. There is only one minus in this model - not very convenient application, since it is necessary to hold the tube with your hands and train later, and this can cause the device to fall out of the mouth.

It is impossible to say exactly which mask is better. It is necessary to focus on their goals, level of training, features of classes and so on.

Where to buy an oxygen mask, and how much it costs

Oxygen mask for breathing during the run can be bought in sports equipment stores, both ordinary and online stores. Its cost will be determined by the specific model and quality of the mask and will be 4000-7000 rubles.

When choosing a particular product, consider such features as the quality characteristics of the oxygen mask, its appearance, cost, as well as for which particular workouts. Choosing a mask correctly and adhering to all the rules when using it, you can significantly improve the volume of lungs and lung resistance, the level of your own endurance, increase the effectiveness of training.