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How to protect yourself from bad people: 10 secrets


Indeed, the statistics are disappointing: only in Russia, cancer ranks first in the ranking of the most common diseases. Every year all over the world a huge number of people die from this terrible disease. What causes cancer? Poor ecology, poor lifestyle, eating unhealthy foods are just a few reasons why a tumor develops in the human body. Today, lung, liver, and breast cancer are the same common diseases as gastritis or gastric ulcer. And doctors are desperately trying to find an antidote that will save humanity from this disease, but so far it belongs to the category of "incurable".

One way or another, everyone should know how to protect themselves from cancer. But before proceeding to the consideration of this issue, a few words about what we know about this insidious disease.

What do we know about cancer

If you do not resort to scientific terminology, then a malignant tumor is damage to the tissues of the body by cancer cells, which increase in size in a chaotic manner. And the scale of the tragedy lies in the fact that the body is not able to independently produce antibodies that would destroy such cells. A cure for cancer is possible only if the disease was detected in the initial phases of its development. In this case, doctors resort to surgery. However, in some cases, oncology is fixed, when it is already beginning to acquire complicated forms, and then it is not possible to help a person. That is why it is necessary to actively promote information about how to protect yourself from cancer, at least in the midst of your inner circle.

Precautionary measures

Experts note that the late request for medical care is characteristic of the Russian people, so in our country, many people die from oncology.

Remember: cancer develops gradually, and the cells mutate for a fairly long period of time. A person may not be bothered by anything in terms of health, but this does not mean that he cannot develop a malignant tumor. How to protect yourself from cancer in this case? Of course, you must regularly visit the offices of doctors. It is mandatory to check the state of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract every two years. Women are recommended at least once a year to undergo a medical examination by a gynecologist. Well, after forty years, it is necessary to sign up for a consultation with physicians more often. Here is a key recommendation on how to protect yourself from cancer. Unfortunately, Russians are not used to visiting hospitals and clinics for prophylactic purposes, which, of course, would significantly reduce the mortality rate in our country, including from oncology.

Moving lifestyle

Try to move more during the day. Sitting for hours at a computer negatively affects your health: immunity decreases, the body becomes more susceptible to diseases. Sport and moderate exercise will only benefit. Do a morning jog, go to the gym at least twice a week.

Taboo on bad habits

If you do not part with a cigarette and regularly take alcohol, you should reconsider your lifestyle. It is difficult for smokers with experience to give up their addiction, but they are at risk of developing lung cancer. Well, alcoholic beverages contribute to the development of liver cancer. Even "light" alcohol favors oncological diseases, weakening the immune system. Smokers and alcoholics are those categories whose representatives primarily affect cancer. Prevention, treatment of the disease will not be effective if you do not get rid of bad habits.

Proper nutrition

Be sure to follow the diet, which should be balanced. It should always contain vegetables, fruits and herbs. They enrich the body with antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system, and vitamins neutralize the action of harmful cells. Oncologists also do not recommend to lean on semi-finished products and products with high caloric content.

If possible, reduce meat intake

Despite the use of meat for our body (source of protein), it is this food product that can pose a threat: the result is the formation of a malignant tumor in the intestine. This is what causes cancer in some cases. Potential risk comes from pork, beef and lamb. Ham, sausages and smoked meats should also not be abused.

Salt and sugar

It has long been known to all that it is harmful for a person to eat too salty and sweet. Certainly, some foods without salt or sugar become so fresh that they cannot be eaten. Try, if you do not completely abandon the above cooking ingredients, then at least reduce their number.

Blood cholesterol

It is necessary to systematically measure the level of cholesterol in the blood. Its increased concentration may also contribute to the development of oncological diseases, since the blood circulation is disturbed and the internal organs stop receiving oxygen.

Also try to stay in the scorching sun less, because it has been proven that ultraviolet rays accelerate the formation of a malignant tumor.

Treatment options

As already emphasized, cancer is curable only in its early stages. Chemotherapy is used primarily. Also, depending on the nature of the disease, the doctor may prescribe antifungal drugs that prevent the development of tumor capillaries.

Women in some cases are prescribed contraceptives in order to minimize the risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer.


Many patients, desperate to get rid of a malignant tumor using traditional medicine methods, resort to the use of traditional methods of treatment. Of course, they cannot be considered a panacea, but they should not be discounted either.

What are the folk remedies for cancer are the most effective, according to the adherents of alternative medicine? First of all it is necessary to mention all known potatoes. Its flowers should be dried in the shade, after which 1 tablespoon of the prepared raw materials should be poured with a glass of boiling water and left for about 1 hour. It remains then to strain the medicine and take it three times a day, 100 grams each. The course of treatment will require about four liters of infusion.

In the fight against oncological diseases of the internal organs, a tinder fungus that grows on birch (chaga) helps. Infusion and decoction based on it are effective even in complicated forms of oncology. The dried mushroom is first soaked for 3 hours in water, then ground in a meat grinder. Next, one glass of the obtained product is poured with one liter of warm water and infused for 48 hours. At the final stage, the composition is filtered and taken six times a day, 100 grams half an hour before meals.

Also inhibits the development of a malignant tumor celandine. The plant should be collected during flowering.

For lung cancer, it is recommended to use carrot or beet juice (100 grams) at least eight times a day with cannabis seeds crushed in it (1 table. Spoon).

Folk remedies for cancer can be listed and listed. You need to try everything.

7 secret ways to protect yourself from bad people

In any team there are people who are initially programmed for conflict situations. When they appear in the team creates an aura of irritation. With such subjects it becomes uncomfortable even to close people. They need to develop a protection strategy.

To protect yourself from bad people, you will simply need not to come into conflict with it. You should also respond to his actions, because at the same time you begin to lose vitality. Try not to respond with evil to evil, either.

If possible, save yourself from communicating with the irritant. In no case do not look into his eyes, because this is one of the most vulnerable places. If possible, try to look away,

If you want to protect yourself from bad people, if possible do not open energy to strangers. When communicating with a suspicious subject, try to keep your arms crossed on your chest, or lock, positioning it near the solar plexus,

But after all, a person who takes vital energy may be a relative. They are like stickings trying to load you with their problems and experiences. It can also be an ordinary whiner, for whom the main thing is to find someone who could listen to him. In this case, try to avoid such people, in every way to avoid talking with them.

A very good way to protect yourself from bad people is to protect yourself psychologically. Many psychologists recommend to introduce barriers that can be mentally built between you and the interlocutor. In this case, you gradually get the feeling that you are slowly moving away from him.

The most appropriate defense against bad people is self-irony and condescending attitude. Try to mentally regret this person, imagine him in the form of some unfortunate, with a bunch of troubles and problems. In this case, your fear of this person will slowly go away.

There is such a method to protect yourself from bad people like heat. For this you need to take a hot shower every morning. In this case, the body slowly gets rid of irritation. Next, drench yourself with cold water. This procedure will help to wash away all the accumulated irritation and helps protect against bad people.

How to protect yourself from detractors

Now the word detractor is more and more often replaced by an energy vampire, or by a person who causes damage to you, the evil eye. And indeed it is, because notice there are such people, after intercourse, with whom you develop weakness and irritability.

Most likely, when communicating, this person did not want to wish you anything good. On the contrary, communication with him caused some reaction unusual for you. And how nonstrangeable if you are a successful person, then the number of ill-wishers you only grows.

And when dealing with them, all your protective mechanisms are subject to significant wear. Yes, and not worth it with them, some will disappear, others will come, and you will not restore your health. If you want to protect yourself from ill-wishers, you need to follow some tips on how to protect yourself from ill-wishers and then everything will be fine soon.

To protect yourself from detractors, simple ignoring will be most effective. But it is often not so easy, because by and large they are colleagues, relatives and other people close to you. It would be surprising if there was a completely unfamiliar person among your detractors. But all the same protect communication worth. Otherwise, if you do not do this, then you will be knocked out of potassium every day.

Learn to communicate with detractors. If you still feel irritable when talking with a person, then try to transfer it to another topic, or stop it altogether. If this does not work, then take control of the emotions and try to lower the tone of your voice and its emotional color. And it is better to smile and transfer the conversation to another topic, it may unpleasantly surprise the ill-wisher.

In our life sometimes there are situations where the first two tips are not suitable. As an example, you can take a situation where you are standing with your boss on the carpet. But here you can fight with the ill-wisher. In this case, just consciously try to “fly away” from this place and remember something pleasant. Or just imagine, as in childhood, that you are in the house.

And most importantly, treat everything with humor, because it is the most powerful force from any ill-wishers.


Yes, this banal expression “healthy lifestyle” has a direct bearing on cancer. After all, the causes of this disease are not completely clear. Doctors examine statistics and draw conclusions who are most affected by oncology. And then give advice on how to help avoid a terrible diagnosis.

Give up bad habits: smoking, excessive drinking, love of fatty foods. Be active, we do not ask you to go to the fitness room twice a week or go for a jog every morning, light gymnastics are enough in the morning and hiking a couple of times a week. This will have a positive effect on your health.

Eat more vitamins: fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and other healthy foods. Do not sacrifice sleep, get enough sleep, try not to be nervous - stress is extremely harmful for all body systems.

A healthy lifestyle should always be accompanied by regular medical examinations. Even if you have nothing to hurt, you need to visit the doctor regularly!

Annual survey

Clinical examination in our country is carried out for each age group once every three years. But for cancer it is too long. Therefore, you must independently undergo an annual survey. Without exception, doctors say that a popular analysis for tumor markers, which by a drop of blood determines whether you have a tumor, is a commercial move. There is no universal way to identify cancer at an early stage! You need to carefully check yourself for the most common types of cancer.

To diagnose breast cancer, you need to undergo a mammogram, in some cases, an ultrasound of the breast. But the best way is magnetic resonance imaging with the introduction of a contrast agent.

To diagnose lung cancer, the simplest examination is a chest x-ray in two projections, and a more complicated computed tomography of the lungs.

For Diagnosis of gastric and intestinal cancers requires gastroscopy. For colon cancer, a colonoscopy is recommended.

To diagnose prostate cancer, a man must donate blood for prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels, as well as a number of other special tests.

And this is only a small part of the oncological diseases and examinations that need to be carried out so that in case of a terrible diagnosis, it is delivered at the earliest possible stage and the patient can get more chances for a cure. It is natural to pass all tests for all types of cancer impossible, so it is important to know your history. This information about the history of the disease, living conditions, past diseases, heredity.

Genetics, living conditions and habits

If there are cases of cancer in your family, then tests for these types of oncological diseases should be performed first! Previously, such data was rarely requested from patients; now, when a newborn card is issued, all information about serious diseases from relatives is immediately entered into the document.

Lifestyle is also important. If you are a smoker or smoked earlier, you should check your lungs. If you are overweight, then it is worth examining the digestive organs. For men over 40 years old - we recommend visiting the urologist every year. A woman, regardless of age, must regularly make an appointment with a gynecologist and a mammologist.

Note that according to statistics, older people are most often affected by cancer. However, the incidence rate among children and young people is increasing every year. Therefore, check not only yourself, let all your loved ones take tests, regardless of age!

Take extra security measures.

Cancer disease requires not only timely diagnosis, but also quick and accurate treatment.

As a rule, free high-tech treatment can only be obtained in turn, but cancer will not let you wait. For this disease, only one statement is true: “The sooner treatment is started, there is more chance of recovery.” At the same time, only modern drugs and procedures provide a high guarantee of success.

In Russia, cancer treatment is cheaper, but the best results still show Western clinics - this is Israel and Germany. The cost of treatment there amounts to thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Such a check can not afford the average Russian, but there is a way out - insurance.

Insurance programs are one of the few options to get the necessary treatment at the right level in case of illness. In the west, this is a common practice, people know that it is impossible to save on health, but on medical procedures and medicines it is possible. Insurance is cheaper than the treatment it covers.

Be attentive to the choice of the program, because the package of services is very important in this matter. For example, the program "Manage Health" from VTB covers the cost of treatment for the diagnosis of any type of cancer and operates worldwide.

It is also beneficial because you will receive not only money, but also highly qualified assistance in all matters relating to treatment. Вам помогут записаться к нужному врачу и получить направление на высокотехнологичную медицинскую помощь, расскажут о лекарствах и процедурах, которые назначены.

Специалисты ВТБ поддержат вас на всех этапах обследования и лечения. Не нужно будет звонить и пытаться узнать информацию в различных инстанциях. Все вопросы можно решить со своим персональным менеджером. Подробнее о программе можно узнать на сайте ВТБ, пройдя по этой ссылке.

And the most important psychological support, because to cope with a terrible disease you need a positive attitude! And remember, cancer does not pity anyone and only in your power to protect themselves and loved ones from a terrible disease! Cheers, dear friends, and all the best to you!

Such harmful preservatives and refined salt ...

Edema, prolonged exposure to carcinogens in the body - the result of fluid retention. Plain salt is to blame. Doctors recommend to abandon this seasoning or buy high-quality products. For example, sea or mineralized salt. What can replace the "white death"? Dried seaweed. They not only make food more interesting to the taste, but also rich in iodine-containing substances that prevent the development of the tumor process.

Eating canned and smoked products is tantamount to killing slow-motion. Food that is inside the cans is dangerous and harmful. Content is “teeming” with substances that trigger the development of tumor cells. Do I need to give up home preservation? Only from where there is vinegar. But you can forget about canned goods from the store. In addition, they provoke violations of food processes, the development of peptic ulcer diseases. In the case of frequent use of canned food, you need to immediately review and start taking curcumin in capsules. Natural extracts of the root of the above-mentioned plant have a general anti-inflammatory effect and activate the digestive processes.

Inner self-destruction - the road to nowhere

Scientists from America conducted a series of studies and noted the following: people who are locked in themselves are more likely to hear a disappointing diagnosis. Emotionally unstable personalities turned out to be in a more advantageous position, because they immediately throw out the negative. Experts strongly do not recommend for many years to save in themselves:

Also, do not put a “suitcase of cares” on your shoulders. Stable mode of rest and work - a guarantee of well-being.

Down with the refractory fats!

Butter, lamb and beef are products that need to be eaten in limited quantities. Why? Firstly, they are high in calories, and secondly, they contain an impressive amount of refractory fats. Cooking sheep and cow meat is better steamed or in the oven. Eat such dishes should be with:

  • fresh vegetables
  • greens
  • natural homemade sauces.

Butter is desirable to replace with other high quality fats (derived from soy, corn and olives).

About beneficial supplements and procedures

Wheat or oat bran - that's what you need to add to the diet first. They are accessible to everyone and are very helpful. With regular moderate use of bran stabilizes the work of the intestine. The body decreases the amount of decay products that cause cancer.

How to process bran before use? Steam or soak, then add to the first and second dishes for a teaspoon. Of course, not all people will feel comfortable after taking bran. A weak stomach is difficult to cope with such a useful supplement. In this case, it is better to drink a decoction of bran.

Can a person improve the quality of water and air? Yes, with the help of filters and ionizers. Do not save on health! High-quality devices for water and air purification will reduce the harm from the influence of free radicals on the body.

Wrap wraps are considered excellent protection against illness. Some procedures may seem strange, but they do remove harmful substances. The first type of wrapping is wet. Stages of the wellness procedure:

  1. Wraps from head to toe in linen cloth or burlap soaked beforehand in warm purified water (10-15 minutes).
  2. Full naked body wrapping in polyethylene.
  3. Rest in the film under the blankets for 2 hours.

The canvas can also be soaked in medicinal broth. For its preparation you will need the following ingredients:

  • diluted vinegar,
  • a succession
  • decoction of needles,
  • knotweed
  • oat straw.

The resulting broth - concentrate. For soaking need 2-3 tablespoons of therapeutic composition. No time for such procedures? It is possible to remove harmful substances and protect the cells of the body with the help of biological complexes based on natural components. Resveratrol is one of them. It acts as an antioxidant, reducing inflammation and blocking the development of tumor cells.

Preserve the front door

At the front door be sure to put protection. Evil comes through the door along with ill-wishers, so protecting the front door is the most important guardian of the home from witchcraft and any evil.

The nails will help us in this, since the protective plots on iron have great protective force from evil intentions. On a growing moon you need to buy three nails without surrender. If you can’t buy exactly three nails, you can purchase more. The main thing - do not take change.

Hammer in one nail at the top of the door, and the other two at the bottom. Nails must form an equilateral triangle. After that, enter the room, close the door and tell the plot-protection of the house from evil people:

“Three nails at my door.
The first to kill all enemies
The second will cast out all the nonhumans,
The third will take away all the evil.
All words in a twist,
All nails in favor of turnover. "

As long as the nails are in the door, the plot protection will reliably protect the housing from witchcraft, damage and evil thoughts.

Holy water to protect

Holy water has great power, especially the Epiphany. Pour some water into the bowl and add a pinch of Thursday salt, and also place any silver object. Then the prayer of Our Father and any conspiracy protection against unkind people, witchcraft, and the preservation of property is read into the water.

Next, this water you need to sprinkle all the room, the front door and the threshold. All protective plots are read on the growing moon, but you can read it any day if there is a need for it.

Ward pins

  1. tailor pins,
  2. church candle
  3. icon.

In this case, we will need tailor pins to protect the premises from the sorcery of unkind people, but without balls at the end. Get pins on the growing moon. There should be enough pins to cover all the windows and the front door (four pieces per protection object).

Now the pins need to be sanctified. To do this, put the icon on the table and light a church candle. We look at a candle, pins and an icon and read the prayer Our Father 7 times in a row. Now you need to stick pins on the four sides of the windows and the front door (two at the top and two below).

If you can not stick, you can stick with plasticine or tape. The main thing is to have a sharp tip looking down. Protective plots can not read. After three months, remove the pins and bury them in the ground, and attach new ones to protect the premises from the enemies' sorcery.

Preserved houses on a round mirror

To protect the home from negative energy, you can use a round mirror. To do this, buy a new mirror or clean the old one. Wash the mirror with running water, dry and light a church candle in front of it.

This will be enough to clean up unnecessary information. Then put a mirror on the table, and put eight church candles on the sides.

Light one of them and say:

"I define you to repel evil."

Further from this candle light all the rest, repeating the same words. Then look at the reflection of the candles in the mirror and say the plot to defend:

“Protect inside and around from evil.
Create peace from one to eight
From eight incarnate. "

Put out the candles with your fingers and hide in a secluded place. Mirror hang on the wall. From now on, all the unkind looks, evil thoughts and words spoken in your home will not harm you or your loved ones. A year later, the conspiracy protection from evil people is repeated again after the mirror is cleaned with water.

How to protect the house from damage

On the growing moon before noon, buy a spool of white thread and new needles. Remember that objects for witchcraft can not be used for domestic purposes. Therefore, put the remaining threads and needles in a separate box and store for other rites.

Thread the thread into the needle (tear off the coil by the length of the elbow) and tie it with three knots. Spend the needle tip along the door jamb and stick it at the top, saying the plot to protect:

“You stand guard.
To beat all our enemies! ”

After three months, remove the needle and bury it in the ground away from your home. Take another needle and repeat the plot of your premises to protect the evil people from witchcraft.

Brownie help

If you have a brownie in your home, you can ask him to protect your home and property. Before bed, do the following. Put a piece of bread and a bracelet on a plate and say the following:

“Master of the house, come into the house, protect my family.
Give us wealth, peace and blessings in the family.
I give you soft bread, I will ask for help in return. ”

Go to bed. In the morning dry the bread and put the bracelet on your hand.

Protecting the family from detractors

A man and a woman who begin to live in a pair form a common energy field, a kind of circle. Over time, such energetic education can either grow stronger - in this case they say: “We lived together for so many years, and relations are fresh as youths”, or weaken — then quarrels often and sometimes without obvious reasons arise in the family, the level of dissatisfaction with marriage grows. Families can contribute to the strengthening or destruction of the energy union as partners themselves, for example, if their life goals have changed and they have ceased to appreciate the main thing that they have. But quite often the cause of the discord of family relations becomes the envy of ill-wishers.

Envy is nothing but a kind of negative energy, and general rules apply to cleanse this kind of negative. It is necessary to strengthen the family energy circle again. One of the most effective ways is to read prayers regularly and consciously. If you feel extraneous energy intervention, for example, began to notice that for no particular reason you are annoyed and stifle anger at your loved ones, your family members began to get into various unpleasant situations, it is possible to assume that someone is enviously envious of you and your loved ones. A prayer or a psalm will work quickly enough, but your task is to take the practice of reading very seriously.

The decisive role will not play, at what time of day you will read a prayer. It is important to do this daily at the same time. So you can not refer to the fact that you have forgotten or not enough time. Reading a prayer will be a new good habit for you.

So, you have determined that it is easiest for you to devote time to reading a defensive prayer before you sleep. If you can retire, read a prayer or a psalm at least twelve times out loud or in a whisper. You can do this in front of a lit candle - the energy of the fire will help you focus faster. There are a lot of protective prayers. Start with one of the most effective, Psalm 90.

Psalm 90

1 He who dwells under the shelter of the Most High is in the shadow of the Almighty;
2 speaks to the Lord: “my refuge and my protection, my God, to whom I trust,”
3 He will deliver you from the net of a catcher, from a fatal ulcer,
4 You shall overshadow you with your feathers, and under his wings you will be safe; shield and barrier are his truth.
5 Thou shalt not fear the horrors in the night, the arrows that fly by day,
6 ulcers walking in the dark, an infection devastating at noon.
7 Thousands and ten thousand on the right hand of you shall fall down near you, but they will not approach you:
8 only you will look with your eyes and see the wicked wicked.
9 For you said, "The Lord is my hope," you chose the Most High to be your refuge,
10 evil will not happen to you, and the plague will not come near your abode,
11 For he commands your angels about you, to guard you on all your ways:
12 they will carry you in their arms, but do not stumble upon the stone with your foot,
13 You will tread upon the asp and basilisk; you will trample on the lion and the dragon.
14 “Because he loved me, I would deliver him, I would protect him, because he knew My name.
15 He will call upon Me, and I will hear him, with him I in grief will deliver him and honor him,
16 I will satisfy him with a long life, and will show him my salvation. ”

Reading this psalm will form a powerful defense around you and other members of your family. And those who wished you unkind, envied you, or will get what they deserve, or simply disappear from your field of vision. When a psalm or other chosen protective prayer will know by heart, it is useful to return to them from time to time in order to keep the energy protection high at all times.

Protect your home from negative energy

Another common way to protect against negative energy is mirrors. For personal protection from envy, the tradition to carry around a small mirror, which will reflect all attacks, has long been formed. To protect your home from negative energy, you can also use a mirror that will not only direct and redistribute energy flows, but also provide powerful protection if you program it accordingly.

Mirrors are widely used to harmonize the energy of space due to their property of “recording”, accumulating and returning information.

Choose any Thursday that falls on the decreasing Moon, and do a general cleaning in the house. If necessary, move the furniture to clean all corners from dust. Wipe the mirror and spend 3-4 centimeters from its surface with a candle flame, imagining how the fire destroys all the accumulated negative. After that, hold the palm of your hand near the mirror surface and mentally give the mirror an installation to ensure your well-being in your home. But the protective mirror of the bagua, a small round mirror placed in an octagon with a grid, must be hung from the outside of the house, since its main feature is to reflect the negative.

And a couple of words about where it is best to place a mirror in the house, because the wrong location can be the cause of discord and frequent quarrels in the family. In the hallway is the perfect place - the side wall, where the mirror will not reflect the front door. Ideal for maintaining energy in the house will be the location of mirrors on both sides of the door to the bathroom. But in the bedroom mirror is better not to keep.

Protection against envy at work

If you have reason to believe that someone at work is jealous of you or the situation is out of control and you are afraid of losing your workplace, on the last day of the waning Moon, start such a ritual. In the morning before dawn, take a small container, which can be tightly closed with a lid, for example, a bottle, with plain water.

A simple and effective magic ritual will help strengthen your position at work.

Speak a conspiracy on the water: “In the more often forest, in more often thick secret path. I am on that path, I will find my protection there. My protection in the hut, my protection in the pipe. In that hut the cauldron boils, Yaga cooks a potion. I will pour out his potions for myself, take it with me. The path to my place will lead, on a successful road will lead. There, my enemies with a black eye, with an envious heart will not reach. And I went to work and I will still go, how much will I decide for myself. You will not interrupt my word with a stone, you will not flood it with water, you will not destroy it with fire. As I command, so it shall be. ” The plot you need to read as many times as the full years of life you turned. After that, tightly cover the bottle (or another container of your choice) with a lid and take it to work that day.

The ritual to normalize the situation at work is quite simple, but repeatedly tested. When performing it, follow exactly all the rules and the result will not be long in coming.

Before the start of the working day, go to the toilet room. Drink three sips from the bottle and quickly pour the rest into the sink. Throw the bottle (capacity) in the trash and leave the room without turning around. Of course, you should not tell about your ritual to your close ones, and especially your colleagues.

Protection against envy and other negatives on the way

On the way, anyone can face danger, which can also be avoided with the help of prayers. If you yourself or any of your close relatives are preparing for a long journey, it’s very good a few days before that to start reading the prayer of the driver. However, the prayer will be very effective in order to protect the motorist from trouble and when traveling short distances. In this case, it is advisable to read the prayer in the morning. It is enough to repeat the text three times, but not automatically, but as consciously as possible, pronouncing each word.

Driver's prayer

God, Vseblagiy and the All-Merciful, protect all by Your grace and humanity, humbly pray to Thee, with the intercession of the Virgin and all the saints, save me from sudden death and every calamity, sinner, and the people entrusted to me and help me to deliver everyone in need.
Good God! Deliver me from the evil of the spirit of recklessness, the evil forces of pianism, causing unhappiness and sudden death without repentance.
Give me faith, Lord, with a clear conscience, to live to a great old age without the burden of people killed and maimed in my negligence, and may Thy Holy Name be glorified, now and ever, and forever. Amen.

In the car for protection from envious glances, you can put a special charm

For those who practice rune magic, you can use the power of the rune Eyvaz. Можно купить готовые руны, выполненные из дерева, слоновой кости или другого материала, и эту руну повесить в автомобиле в качестве оберега. Предварительно руну нужно «включить». Достаточно зажечь обычную восковую свечу. Держите руну Эйваз в ладонях над пламенем свечи и мысленно наполняйте руну энергией. Дайте вашему личному оберегу установку на защиту. Свече дайте догореть до конца. Оберег готов к использованию.

By the way, women can just carry it in their purse, and men, if they do not want to put the guardian on public display, can simply store it in the car. In this case, you need to put the rune in a small bag of red. You can sew it from velvet fabric yourself, and you can buy it ready or use a bag for jewelry. To protect against accidents on the road and to receive warning messages about the impending catastrophe, you can use a powerful combination of runes Algiz - Raido - Algiz.

The main rule of protection against envy in all its manifestations is its own powerful energy. Arrows of envy, no matter how numerous they are, will not reach you if you yourself are not jealous of anyone, that is, do not weaken your own energy. And the point here is not even in feedback - “what you sow is what you reap”, but what you are focused on — we often attract envious people into our own lives with our own fears.