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Most Popular Resorts: Top 19


If you are going to bask in the sun, soak up the waters of warm seas, gather positive emotions and admire fantastic views of nature, but do not have a particular desire to go far beyond Europe, then you will find it useful to get acquainted with the rating of its best and most popular holiday destinations.

Each year, travel agencies and reputable glossy publications introduce the whole world to a list of the most top beaches in Europe, where not only leisure is taken into account, but also the possibility of travel, entertainment and, of course, reviews of real people who have already managed to go there and add up their opinions.

1. HarbourBeach, city of Tenby, UK

Opens our top 10 best resorts in Europe, the city of Tenby, which is located in the southwestern part of Wales, and boasts a picturesque harbor with a sandy paradise beach Harbor Beach. The picturesque old port, as well as possible, borders on the magnificent medieval castle and the city, which is very compactly located on the nearby hills.

The local beach is ideal for family holidays, and outdoor enthusiasts may like the trail that runs through the hills and cliffs, offering a wonderful view of the harbor. Such a high position in the rating, the beach, first of all, received for the purity of the sea, the picturesque scenery and good reviews of travelers.

2. Mykonos Island, Greece

This is one of the European resorts, which has long become a real legend, it is not in vain that it occupies an honorable second place in our rating. This is an ideal place for all those who wish to have a good rest in the atmosphere of an eternal holiday, sun and warmth, luxury and wealth, because this resort is definitely not cheap.

He does not even need advertising, because the summer trip to this island is the same as visiting the Alps in winter. Here you can walk through the cozy streets, admire the traditional white houses with bright windows, as well as enjoy the exquisite churches, go into the colorful taverns and, of course, enjoy the beautiful sea coast.

3. Aja-Napa, Cyprus

Another popular resort, which, thanks to a huge number of discos, bars and water parks, received the title of "second Ibiza". This is truly a youth and active resort, where, at the same time, married couples can relax quite well even with small children, because in the daytime it is quiet and peaceful here.

Among other things, Ayia Napa is perfect for lovers of scuba diving, and the local calm waters are perfect for beginners as well as for experienced professionals who explore with great pleasure the wreckage of ships, small underwater caves and rock formations.

4. Island of Brac, Croatia

This is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful islands of Croatia, crowded with vineyards, pine and olive groves. It is here that they make an amazing wine, which is necessarily served with local seafood and fish dishes.

On the island there are two popular resorts - Bol and Suletar, the last of which is rather widely known for its unique medieval buildings. In addition, it is on the island of Brac located one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Croatia, Zlatni Rat. In shape, it resembles an elongated horn, surrounded on three sides by a transparent turquoise sea, and on the fourth - a pine forest. It is thanks to this unique creation of nature, the island of Brac and occupies an honorable fourth place in our ranking.

5. Formentera Island, Spain

For those who love peace and tranquility, the smallest of all the Balearic Islands, Formentera, is ideal. There is only one settlement here, but the island has become one of the best places for a beach holiday in the Mediterranean. On the island you can find several beaches that are famous for their amazing cleanliness and beauty of the species, and one of them, Place de Pujols, was even awarded the title of environmentally friendly!

6. Lagos, Portugal

Another ideal place for a family holiday: beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and golden sandy beaches will not leave you indifferent. The main attraction of this resort is a non-standard entrance to the sea, which is surrounded by tall stones, forming almost sheer cliffs.

7. Brittany, France

This city is rightfully considered one of the most original French provinces. Brittany on three sides is surrounded by the sea, which has formed on its coast numerous coves, small islands and capes.

It is never too cold here, just as it is never too hot, besides, Brittany is popular for its unique powerful tides, which can retreat and return during the day, changing coastal landscapes several times. For a holiday resort is best suited small island Ile Vierge, which is located on the highest lighthouse in all of Europe.

8. Fuerteventura, Spain

One of the largest islands of the Canary archipelago, a place of warmth, sun and solitude. Thanks to the good wind, this island has become a favorite place for surfers, and the huge sandy beaches also attract couples who appreciate high-quality and quiet rest.

Once on the island a lot of dense forests grew, however, during the long years of life, the Europeans cut down most of them, as a result of which Fuerteventura acquired unusual landscapes that are ideal for shooting westerns.


Seychelles are considered the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Here the traveler will certainly find the most picturesque beaches, a fantastically beautiful underwater world, informative and entertaining excursions around the islands on foot, on oxen, by bicycle or car, and luxurious fishing. The Seychelles archipelago is all that remains of Lemuria (the disappeared continent). It consists of 115 granite and coral islands and atolls, of which only 20 are inhabited. The warm ocean and unique nature attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world here every year. Depending on the intended type of vacation should be planned and the trip to the Seychelles. Diving is best done in spring or autumn, May and October are most favored by sailing and surfing, and for a passive beach holiday the end of summer or mid-winter is best suited.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have incredibly diverse nature: volcanoes and deserts, exotic fauna and flora, tropical forests and snow caps of the mountains, beautifully rugged coastlines and picturesque shores. For a long time for European tourists vacation on the Canaries has become very popular and even prestigious. Therefore, there you can find hotels for any pocket: from relatively inexpensive to fashionable. Here the tourist infrastructure is very well developed, having a rest always is what to choose from resorts and hotels. Rest in the best five star Canarian hotels will remain unforgettable even for particularly demanding tourists.

Ibiza (Spain)

Between Spain and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea is located the Balearic Archipelago, one of whose islands is Ibizathat in translation means "Island of the Bes" - the ancient Egyptian god of erotica and entertainment, although it is often incorrectly called Ibiza. From it to the Spanish coast only about 90 km. Ibiza has become popular with fans of "hot" entertainment, people come here from all over the world to taste the atmosphere of unlimited fun and true freedom. The island is quite small, so after a few days, people feel at home here, but at the same time, they are diverse enough not to seem boring.

This major Indian resort is completely different from mainland India. The shores of the island of Goa have a length of 110 kilometers, on which spread 40 magnificent beaches. Fort Aguada divides Goa conditionally into the northern and southern parts. In the south of the island, pensions and hotels are expensive not only by Indian standards, therefore only wealthy Indians or Europeans come here. But northern Goa is the exact opposite - democratic, inexpensive, but noisy. Independent European and American youth live in numerous local settlements, which gave the island worldwide fame.

Bali (Indonesia)

The most popular resorts in Indonesia with the best tourist infrastructure are in Bali. Here tourists come to enjoy the pristine nature, large volcanoes Gunung-Agung, Gunung-Batur and Kintamani, rainforests, ancient temples, wonderful beaches. Although the island is relatively small, it is diverse in its landscapes. Here you can see palm groves and terrace checks for rice, black lava beaches and beautiful volcanic lakes in the mountains. Of particular interest to the guests of the island are active volcanoes with their fire-breathing craters and steaming slopes. Bali is guaranteed a fabulous experience.

Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is a first-class resort for those seeking a relaxing holiday. In the Andaman Sea, this is the largest Thai island, with all the pleasures of a paradise holiday: wide beaches with fine white sand washed by warm sea water. It is best to rest here in November and February, at this time it is +22 +34 degrees. The island has many attractions that will not allow travelers to get bored. Even exploring them actively, an inquisitive traveler and for a couple of weeks will not have time to get acquainted with all the local interesting places.


If you look at the Maldives from the aircraft, they resemble pearls scattered across the expanses of the Indian Ocean. In this land of eternal summer, this is a tropical paradise and all the conditions for a carefree life. Coral islands with snow-white fine sand, framed by the green of palm trees and surrounded by warm and incredibly clear waters. Magnificent coral reefs and turquoise lagoons are teeming with bright underwater inhabitants. Such beauty can not leave anyone indifferent even a seasoned traveler. Every year hundreds of thousands of people fly here to dive into the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean. Even those who can not swim, maybe standing up to the waist in the clear water, admiring corals and fish under their feet. Fans of diving and snorkeling here will find many places to admire the underwater beauty and take home unique photos.

Pattaya (Thailand)

One of the most famous resorts in Thailand is Pattaya. This is a typical resort town, where all the most important types of entertainment are provided for vacationers. The beaches here are almost everywhere beaches, but the water in the local bay is rather muddy. In Pattaya, there are many expensive hotel complexes designed for families. But active nightlife brought special glory to the city, when after dark the time of a variety of sex activities begins. Especially popular with tourists is Walking Street.

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Bora Bora Island is located in French Polynesia. It is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful lagoon, the borders of which are coral reefs and a string of tiny uninhabited islands. There are even three extinct volcanoes on the island. This island is famous for its magnificent resorts. Anyone who wants to get to know the locals and their way of life is best to go to one of the islands (motu). There he will be told about local plants, national dishes, charming Tahitian girls will teach girls to wear pareos, and young men will show men how in old times they broke coconuts. There are other attractions on Bora Bora: fascinating fishing, exciting diving, feeding stingrays and sharks, riding a jeep on mountain roads surrounded by rainforest, as well as a sea of ​​sun and the singing of paradise birds.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Ostap Bender dreamed to get to this magnificent city all his life. Now more than 15 million people live there, but more importantly, this city is one of the best beach resorts in the world. In addition, here you can look at various sights, among which one should especially note the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come especially to the famous Brazilian carnival - there are no such glittering and incredibly beautiful costumes and fiery dances anywhere in the world! The climate in Rio is favorable for tourism - the whole year here is about the same temperature + 25-29 degrees.

Miami (US)

This largest metropolis of the southeastern United States, located in Florida, is one of the world's most famous resorts. The seemingly endless (40 km) Miami Beach is completely built up with chic villas and hotels. Miami nightlife is incredibly active and concentrated in dozens of nightclubs. There is something to do during the day - to visit a tropical garden with exotic flora and fauna, a zoo, the largest US aquarium, the E. Hemingway house-museum, there is even a police museum here. And, of course, swimming in the warm Atlantic Ocean.

Dubai has become one of the most luxurious resort cities in the world in recent decades. Here the sun is hot and very clear water. Moreover, man himself creates new sights here, conquering the land from the desert. Dubai is ambitious and ambitious. It is here that the world's highest skyscraper is located, equipped with restaurants, huge shopping malls and a viewing platform, and at the foot of the Burj Khalifa lies a grand dancing fountain. The city has many beautiful mosques, including the famous Jumeirah. Well, the highlight of the resort are artificial bulk islands with a projection in the form of palm trees.

Dominican Republic

This state shares with another state - Haiti of the same name island. But the difference between them is enormous - everything is beautiful and cozy in the Dominican Republic. Here you can find not only pure turquoise Caribbean Sea and white sand, but also beautiful mountain peaks, lush tropical forests and ancient buildings. A special advantage of recreation in the Dominican Republic is its relatively low cost. Just as for the most part Europeans are resting in Turkey, Americans of all stripes come to the Dominican Republic. The climate here is humid subtropical with an average temperature of + 25-27 degrees, even in the coldest January, it does not fall below +22 degrees, and in August the air warms up to +31 degrees. But soft sea trade winds and breezes help to survive the peak of the heat.

Cayman islands

This archipelago in the northwestern Caribbean includes 3 large and dozens of small islands. Tourists are not translated here all year round, although winter is considered the best time. On the Cayman Islands, a great beach holiday, in addition, here you can ride on yachts, water sports. Tourists organize trips and excursions, acquainting them with the old local architecture. Historical buildings here were built of shell rock and coral blocks. There is almost no crime on the islands, so tourists can fearlessly explore every nook and cranny here.


This country is located on the beautiful Adriatic coast, where in addition to the beaches there are beautiful mountains with gorges and deep bays. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, and look for adventure. Especially tourists are attracted by the city of Budva, more precisely, a luxury resort on the island with a hotel and a private beach.

A very pleasant holiday in the Philippines, because there is not only a favorable climate for recreation, but also very picturesque nature. Wonderful beaches of golden sand wash the cleanest waters of the Pacific Ocean, and the lush and most incredible colors of small fish and other inhabitants inhabit the lush coral gardens. The best beach vacation is most fully organized on the southern islands of the archipelago, but many tourists come here to dive into the life of the virgin jungle, look at the smoking menacing volcanoes. Leisure activities for such tourists are more common on the northern islands, and in recent years it has been gaining more and more popularity among those who crave thrills.

In Turkey nowadays a lot of magnificent hotels have been built, the guests here are provided with truly fabulous service. Local summer resorts have gained special popularity due to the system of rest "all inclusive". This mode allows anyone to relax completely. About 30 million holidaymakers from all over Europe are in a hurry to take advantage of this privilege every year. The shores of Turkey are washed by three seas: Black, Mediterranean and Marmara, this could not make this country a popular tourist destination. The most popular resorts are located on the southern coast (Mediterranean Sea) and the west coast (Aegean Sea). Among the most popular cities are Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Kemer, Marmaris, Side.

If you leave the Turkish hotel mainly to visit the oriental bazaar, then in Egypt a very informative summer vacation is possible. Сюда стремятся попасть те любители древности и неизведанного, которых волнует каждая подобная точка на карте мира. Нескучно будет на египетских курортах и любителям подводного плавания, особенно если это касается ярких красот Красного моря. В солнечном Египте есть много высококлассных курортов с безукоризненным обслуживанием, а сама страна знаменита своим богатейшим историческим и культурным наследием. Она также достаточно безопасна для отдыхающих.For several decades, the most popular Egyptian resort is considered Sharm el-Sheikh, although the same Hurghada is not inferior to him in beauty and level of comfort. We should also mention such places as Dahab, El-Ghul, Al-Ashir.

10 Chamonix, France

Opens the ranking of the best in Europe Chamonix - French ski resort, which appeared in 1907. Today it is considered one of the most suitable places for experienced skiers. The season lasts from November to March, although the resort is open all year round. There are 3 ski areas connected by free buses. The most experienced go to the slopes of Gran Monte with several black tracks and a huge field for freeride. There is also the Argentiere glacier. Just 50 meters from the edge of the resort is the border with Switzerland, so most of the tourists come from there.

In total in Chamonix there are 170 km of slopes, developed infrastructure and nature, which is carefully guarded. It is considered inexpensive for Europe, and the only weak point visitors have called the lifts. Many of them are already time to replace, some even do not have a protective cap from the wind. The weather at the resort is changeable, there are fogs and blizzards. Then the visibility drops sharply, freeride limit or warn about the danger of a break. Speaking of the latter, Chamonix has many avalanches and crevasses, especially close to the summit. Covers them with snow, but passing there is risky. It seems to us that for beginners and families with children there are more suitable resorts, we will consider them further.

9 Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See is a relatively inexpensive resort in Austria, where you can find a route of any complexity, from educational for children to high-speed black. Tourists are advised to come from the end of December to the end of March, although the glacier is open all year. Experts prefer the track at the top, from there a great view of the whole valley. Several descents of medium difficulty are often overloaded, you have to wait for your turn. Many people mark the long route to Schuttdorf with its mountain lake. Tired of skiing from the slopes, the guests visit the rink, ride in teams with horses, take a sled and go on a lighted descent.

Near Zell am See there is a town with medieval buildings, where most of the tourists live. Vehicles travel through a long tunnel so as not to disturb the atmosphere. The resort trails are divided into zones for beginners and professionals. Here, as in many places in Europe, the descents are made unique, alternating views of the mountains, the valley and the lake. Before the trip, you need to take into account that the resort is about 30 minutes from the hotel, buses are heavily loaded. On the lower tracks for beginners at the beginning and end of the season, stones and ice are visible, you need to be careful.

8 Levi, Finland

Levi is a large system of trails, updated every year, which covers the mountain from all sides. Rest in Finland challenges even experienced skiers, only pros can test every slope! And beginners like gentle slopes, plentiful snow cover and temperatures a bit below zero. Lifts are located close to hotels, allowing you to use the time most profitable. And if you're lucky, you can see the northern lights. For experts there are 3 black tracks, but most of the resort is equipped for families with children. The ski school teaches all popular winter sports.

Visitors celebrate 230 km of cross-country trails and more than 880 km of snowmobile routes. Tired of the mountains, tourists go to the snow parks, send children with teachers to the children's slopes and relax in restaurants. Only here in Finland you can ride the cable car and look at the slalom championship. Parents like an inexpensive playground with sports and animators. Older children are sent to school with an instructor. Here the nurse speaks Russian, like many coaches. The only thing that can be noted is that the beautiful mountain landscapes of Austria or Switzerland are not to be found here. There are no red runs, only green, blue and black.

7 St. Moritz, Switzerland

Many have heard about St. Moritz, because it is considered one of the most luxurious in the world. The high cost is a unique business card of the resort, guests are attracted by the possibility of skiing among the stars, successful entrepreneurs and children of rich parents. 1.5 million tourists come here every six months, the Winter Olympics were held here twice, and the Swiss Freeride Trophy competitions are still taking place on the Devilovets mountain. The ski resort is divided into 2 sectors: the first is built on a hill and is filled with shops, the second is along the lake and is built up with hotels. Visitors have access to 350 km of trails throughout the Upper Engadine.

According to the reviews it is clear that tourists of any level of training are satisfied. Snow is enough for the whole season, the slopes are connected by 57 lifts. Elevation ranges from 1,700 to 3,300 meters. Everyone will find a slope under their abilities among the 88 available tracks. Downstairs guests are waited by 34 restaurants of every possible orientation, luxury hotels and expensive souvenir shops. If the cost and a huge number of visitors do not scare away, St. Moritz will give an unforgettable vacation.

6 Garmisch-Panterkirchen, Germany

Garmisch-Panterkirchen is located in the north of the Eastern Alps, near the country's highest point - Zugspitze. Comparing the resort of Germany with Italy or Austria, you can see that the first takes a bit of space. However, long trails attract tourists from all over Europe. Beginners slowly roll off the green and blue gentle slopes. Guests move more confidently to the red high-speed routes. Pros roll off black tracks with large elevation differences. In Garmisch-Pantorkirchen there is everything - unprocessed ratrak spaces, gentle and steep slopes, hillocks, ice and deep snow. Trails are very compact.

The users in the reviews note the developed infrastructure: 46 ski lifts are carried to the top of the guests, there is a slope scheme and instructors next to each. Those who are tired of skiing, it is recommended to visit the amusement park Apres-Ski. There are shops, rental sleds and skates, restaurants, walking routes and a kindergarten. The temperature in the season drops to -25, it is recommended to dress warmer. All hotels are located far from the lifts, the way without a car will take about an hour. Since there is one road to the resort, there are always traffic jams in the mornings and evenings, there are many people on the tracks.

5 Lech, Austria

Lech is one of the unique places that open access to the White Ring. This unique ski attraction has been in use for over 50 years and offers amazing trails, cable cars and ski lifts. They are the central element of the ski resort, although he already has something to offer. 95 cableways, designed in the past century and regularly updated, await visitors. Lech is available for any kind of training, there are soft and gentle slopes, instructors and group classes. The cost of ski pass per day is 53 euros for an adult, which is quite expensive for Austria. However, this resort is the only one in the country where heli-skiing is allowed - riding with a helicopter to the top.

Just down the mountain there is a slope for snowboarders with a pipe 1,200 meters long. Nearby are the tracks for pros: black and red descents over 2 km long. There are also spaces for free skiing. It is worth noting that in Lech there are a lot of very expensive hotels and restaurants, in Austria it is considered elite. Save will not work, the main public corresponds to the prices - German retirees, local aristocrats and successful businessmen. It is recommended to book the best places in advance, sometimes for a year. To the most interesting and picturesque slopes you have to go by bus.

4 Formigal, Spain

Formigal offers extensive lighted routes for beginners and intermediate level, so come here with children. In 2007, several high-speed lifts, snow cannons, a mogul track and two winter parks were built. In the season there is always a lot of snow, everything is new and modern. Routes for beginners are located at 2,250 meters above sea level, with stunning views from there. The altitude difference is 740 m - enough to challenge the pros. Tired of riding, guests go to an amusement park, restaurants, wine cellars and bars. Formigal is a mountain village that has retained an atmosphere of comfort, despite the popular resort.

Upon arrival, guests are invited to attend school (in a group or individually). An hour of classes costs 42 euros, but there are many discounts and great deals. Prices at the resort are average in Europe and much lower than most of the positions in the ranking. Automatic lifting tracks are installed on the small slides, equipment rental booths are arranged throughout the site. In addition to the slopes, visitors are available spas, educational excursions to the wineries, a game of golf, a visit to the park of wild animals. The only weak point of the resort is the strong wind that blows almost the entire season.

3 Poiana Brasov, Romania

Opens the top three Poiana Brasov - the most elite and beautiful resort in Romania. Located in a coniferous forest at a height of 1,030 meters, it offers modern infrastructure, snow cannons, 10 tracks of varying difficulty and accommodation in the old town. The main visitors are skiers, for them special slopes and slopes are equipped. The tracks are surprisingly diverse and will suit both beginners and pros. Several runs are designed for slalom. The ride takes place at an altitude of 1,775 meters, the longest track reaches 4.6 km. For the most advanced there are 2 springboards and several tracks for cross-country skiing.

Poiana Brasov is popular with families with children. For younger visitors, there are amusement rides, a ski school, a kindergarten, animators, and slopes for sledging. Tired of the snow trails, guests can walk along one of the 10 routes laid along the most picturesque places. Every 15 minutes a bus goes to the city of Brasov - a colorful place in a traditional style. Since the resort is very popular, there are always a lot of people in season. To the queue lifts, sometimes the desired size of clothes is missing. In the low season there are no complaints.

2 Zermatt, Switzerland

Second place among the best is Zermatt, which surpasses other resorts in the number of slopes for experienced skiers. It is most popular among professionals, many trails have steep slopes at a considerable height. It is here that the famous Klein Materhorn station (3,885 meters) is located, from which the black and red descents originate. Beginners and families with children are attracted by nature, a huge number of observation platforms and excursions have been created for them, the famous Glacier Express runs.

The total length of the slopes is 360 km, the elevation difference is more than 2 km. Most of them are red slopes (220 km), black slopes (62 km) occupied a significant part. The freeride season opens in January, at which time the riskiest skiers come. There is enough space for everyone, guests are transported 72 lifts and a large train. Ski pass is quite expensive compared to other European resorts - from 340 euros for 6 days, but the skiing is exceptional. Beginners may have more peaceful places, but the pros of the slopes are better to find Zermatt.

1 Livigno, Italy

The leader of the ranking was Livigno - an Italian resort on the border with Switzerland, which is visited annually by tens of thousands of skiers. The place appeared at the beginning of the last century, but received a big push in development only in 2002, therefore all the tracks and lifts are new. Routes are added regularly, infrastructure is improved. The length of the tracks is 115 km, most of them are designed for the primary and secondary levels of complexity. The most popular are green Carosello and red Motolino. There are always a lot of snowboarders, there are slopes for freeride, half-pipe and bordercross. In Italy, Livigno enters a non-taxable area, the goods in the stores are very cheap.

Visitors in the reviews note the funicular, which rises to a height of 2,300 meters, straight to the blue and red routes. Pros move further to Monte della Neve (2,800 meters), where the black slopes begin. Beginners celebrate a simple descent back; group and private lessons are held for them. Most lifts in the green and blue sectors are drag. The only warning to future visitors is to calculate the time for the transfer, it takes up to 40 minutes. Skating zones are not connected with each other.

9. Albufeira, Portugal

Another of the most popular resorts in Portugal, which boasts a mild climate, excellent cuisine, hundreds of clubs and discos, as well as great opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. The town is surrounded by beautiful beaches and orange trees, therefore, tired of a beach holiday, you can always go for a walk, admire the views and, if you wish, choose some kind of water entertainment, such as water skiing or jet skiing.

10. Protaras, Cyprus

A small resort town with sandy beaches and beautiful rocky coves, which is ideal for couples in love and family holidays. Literally some 10-20 years ago, only groves of bushes and fig trees could be found here, and today it is a resort with a developed infrastructure, modern hotels and, of course, ideal beaches.

2. Costa Brava

Costa Brava - a popular summer resort in Europe, also belongs to Spain. Here, on the Mediterranean coast, there are small resort towns along the sea, which still attract with their enchanting landscapes and velvet sun. From June to October, the beach season lasts, at this time the temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees and the warm unobtrusive sun constantly shines. Of the large number of small towns, the resorts of Lloret de Mar, Blanes and Tossa de Mar are distinguished. The first is currently at the peak of popularity, so in the season its streets and beaches are filled with crowds of tourists. Blanes is known for its giant water park, which is loved by both children and adults.

This European resort of Montenegro is one of the first in the list of lovers of wellness treatments. Here is the Institute, which treats a variety of diseases with the help of dirt. The healing techniques of this resort are unique. The nature here is created for beneficial rest and treatment. From all sides the city is surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation, and the climate is very mild and even. Crimson groves are located right next to the pebbled beach.

In the town there is a beautiful street Promenade, where you can find almost anything. Here, tourists love to wander around the shops and souvenir shops, and then sit in restaurants, admiring the quiet and calm sea. The kitchen is focused on seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, which are rich in this region.

For many centuries this extraordinarily beautiful and serene island of Europe has attracted the cream of society into its arms. Since the time of the Roman Empire, emperors liked to rest here, which today have been replaced by world-famous celebrities. Fascinating grottoes and lagoons attract tourists, and the Mediterranean climate is one of the main advantages.

On the island there are two cities - Capri and Anacapri. They are so opposite that each tourist must visit both in one and the other and compare two completely different types of rest. Capri is a very noisy and cheerful city with lots of entertainment, bars, restaurants. Here you can find shops of the best brands, and in the restaurant you will come across a celebrity. Anacapri is the opposite - quiet and calm. This is a place where you can retire with your loved one or spend time with your family.

5. Portorož

This is the best resort town of Slovenia, which attracts those who wish, get healthier and enjoy the rest. The sandy beach attracts tourists to the crystal-clear water throughout the summer. And various types of rehabilitation will help to cope with various problems: skin diseases, asthma attacks, gynecological diseases. In addition, the city has courses for the treatment of cellulite.

Portorož is quite a popular resort in Europe and there are a lot of tourists here in summer. Most are from Austria and Italy, although Russians are also very common. Find a Russian-speaking guide is not difficult. All hotels are located across the street from the city beach and have a beautiful view from the rooms.

At the mention of this luxury resort in Europe in the head immediately there is a red carpet and world-famous celebrities. It is synonymous with luxury villas, luxury yachts and vibrant festivals. The holiday atmosphere constantly hovers in the atmosphere of the city and infects all visitors. Of course, all the tourists rush to look at the Palace of Festivals, where every year all lovers of good cinema gather. Here, on sunny streets, fashionistas from all over the world are walking in search of insanely expensive designer shoes. City hotels will suit any tourist, despite the size of the wallet. The beaches are both paid and free. And, of course, the highlight is the Croisette, where all the best villas and restaurants of the city are located.

It is impossible not to mention such a country as Greece, which is famous for one of the best resorts in Europe, and first of all numerical islands. Особенно стоит отметить Корфу, который является прекрасным местом для любого вида отдыха. Здешний климат не такой жаркий, как на Крите, за что его и любят туристы. По всему острову густо разрослись оливковые, лимонные и апельсиновые деревья, которые украшают город не только внешне, но и потрясающим букетом ароматов.

Курорт является одним из самых дорогих в Греции. Во всех ресторанах, барах и магазинах владеют английским, что очень удобно в наше время. Corfu is just a godsend for a holiday with children, unlike other resorts, there is no need to fear snakes and insects. All beaches are very clean and completely safe.

This resort in Europe, and more specifically in Portugal, is famous for its luxury houses, golf courses and lush vegetation. However, now the place is gaining the fame of the rave resort. Night clubs and open-air discos attract many young people and connoisseurs of club life. However, lovers of beautiful architectural structures will be delighted with the old city. Here you can admire the delightful creations of architects, sipping coffee in one of the many cafes or restaurants.

The beaches of the city attract completely different tourists. It is possible to traditionally sunbathe under the soft sun and swim in crystal clear water. However, lovers of surfing will appreciate those beaches where the waves reach unprecedented heights.

Cote d'Azur and its capital annually attract crowds of tourists from Europe and other parts of the world. All buildings in the city are painted in warm and sunny colors that create an atmosphere of carelessness. Walking along the embankment, you will feel the mood of the city, and walking through the historical center - its history. In the old center you can enjoy delicious and fresh fruit in the market, feel the aromas of the flower market and walk through the shops on the central streets.

10. Crikvenica

In recent years, our tourists have discovered the resorts of Eastern Europe, including Croatia. One of the best is precisely Crikvenica. Here, as in most similar resorts, a pleasant sea holiday is combined with health improvement. The treatment centers deal with the problems of rheumatism and asthma, and the healing sea air, which is connected to the mountain air, contributes to the speedy recovery.

These were the best resorts in Europe! Thanks for attention!

When choosing a place for a family holiday, you need to take into account many factors: the flight duration, the absence of abrupt climate change, the location and infrastructure of hotels, the presence of animation and children's entertainment areas, local attractions, nature and many other nuances that will make the rest of the highest quality and comfortable. All this can be found at European resorts, and since for many parents the issue of accessibility is also important, we have prepared the top low-cost resorts in Europe for families with children.