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What do future parents need to know about parenting?


Here we are not talking about physiological, but about the psychological differences of girls.

The fact is that their psychological needs are a little different from boyish ones. All children, regardless of gender, need trust, acceptance, approval, but girls need to feel for normal development. more care from parents.

Boys, on the contrary, want to feel more independent. That care and help from adults are perceived by the girl as a manifestation of true love.

So, the first and main feature of raising a girl in a family is make her feel that her parents genuinely care about her and never leave her alone with difficulties.

Therefore, no matter how you would like to instill independence in the girl from an early age, do not rush into it. If she grows up with the feeling that she needs to do everything herself, she will not feel parental care and will not learn to trust anyone.

It is likely that in the future she will make a successful career, but in her personal life she is unlikely to be happy. Having not learned trust in childhood, in adulthood, she will not be able to build close relationships.

Features parenting girls: a personal example is more important

Whatever educational methods mother used to grow a real woman out of her daughter, all of them would not be helpful, if not supported by personal example.

That mother is a model for her daughter's female behavior. The way a mother behaves every day is the best education for a girl.

Hence the conclusion: if a mother does not feel feminine and attractive, then she simply will not be able to teach her daughter to be a real woman!

However, do not despair, just all mothers who raise daughters, you need to constantly work on yourself - This is the second, no less important feature of the upbringing of a little girl. Having developed the necessary model of behavior, the mother will manage to raise the girl as a real woman, and Sympaty.net has a separate article on this subject, which will help her cope with this task.

Only mother under force ...

The need to develop purely female qualities in a girl is a distinctive feature of the upbringing of a girl that only a mother can realize.

  • Nurture mistress

The girl, in everything imitating her mother, will help her in all the household chores. The task of the mother is not to push her away, but to encourage her economy. However, it is not necessary to shoulder too many responsibilities on small shoulders, otherwise homework will turn into punishment.

  • Turning a girl into an assistant

While the girl is small, it is important not only to receive help from her, but also to create situations in which you will need her help. It is important to teach the girl to take care of those who need it, for example, about the younger brother. With the same purpose, you can have a small pet (parrot, hamster), the main thing - Be sure to praise the girl even if help was out of place. However, this feature of the upbringing of the girl in the family equally applies to the upbringing of the boys.

  • Formation of good taste

A real woman should have a good taste. Buying new clothes for the girl, Be sure to consider her opinion. Even children's clothes should be feminine and a little flirtatious, show little fashionistas how to combine different styles or play with color. Do not forbid the girl to use cosmetics, on the contrary, Buy her a set of children's cosmetics. A girl should be able to care for herself since childhood. Do not lose sight of this feature of education girls: neglected and tastelessly dressed, in the future she will not be able to claim the right to be called a real woman.

Classical education girls suggests her choice of traditionally female occupation. Help her decide on that. Knitting, beadwork, ballroom dancing - no matter what it is, the main thing is that she likes it. It is impossible not to acknowledge the fact that girls today are increasingly choosing far from female classes, and this is a standard variant. Whatever she is fond of, remember, the main thing for a girl is to feel her mother's support.

Features paternal education girls

No less important in raising a daughter and the role of the father. Dad - the main man in the life of every girl.

  • For her emotional life, it is very important how attentive, loving and caring father will be. Lack of attention from dad may result in problems with personal life or unsuccessful career.
  • It depends on his father's approval whether his little princess will feel feminine. Daddies should take this feature of upbringing a girl seriously and from an early age speak her baby compliments and emphasize in every way how good she is.
  • It also depends on dad what a daughter will be a husband. She will choose him unconsciously, based on what kind of relationship she had with her father.
  • Equally important is the relationship between the parents. If the father is a tyrant, and the mother is a victim, then in adult life the girl will surely try on the image of the victim. Conversely, if the father’s relation to the mother is truly royal, then with a high degree of probability The girl’s personal life will be as good as her parents.

The peculiarities of the “male” upbringing of the girl suggest the mandatory presence of male family members next to her. If dad is not in the family, it can be replaced grandfather or uncle.

What else you need to know about raising a girl?

  • Girls are very sensitive, so do not blame them for misconduct. Will follow violent emotional reaction, because of which the girl could not understand why she was scolded. If the girl is guilty, try to calmly point out her misconduct and explain why this can not be done. So she will quickly understand what her mistake was, and will try not to allow her anymore. To take into account this feature of education of your girl you need to strengthen her self-esteem.
  • Girls are by nature very diligent and careful. All that they have begun, they seek to complete. The main thing is not to stifle these wonderful qualities as a child, welcome any of her undertakings and ideas, let her try, it will be easier for her to define her place in life.
  • Since the role model is very important for the girl, and not only the mother can be such, you should follow up with whom she communicates, what films she watches, what books she reads.
  • Despite the fact that the girl should be protected in every way, take care of her and give her a "double portion" of attention, Sympaty.net does not recommend her indulge too much. Otherwise, it will grow not gentle, affectionate and caring, but prudent and selfish.

Here, perhaps, all the features of education of girls. “Beautiful and Successful” hopes that they will help you to raise a real queen from your little princess, that is cheerful, happy and confident woman.

Hugs do not disturb sleep

Some people think that it’s impossible to hold a child for too long in their hands, otherwise they will not be able to sleep on their own. In fact, this does not prevent the child from sleeping at all - you can hold the child in your arms for as long as you like. Children sleep well, even if they spend a lot of time with their parents, so do not try to refuse contact with the baby.

Adolescence is not so bad

When young children are naughty, others often say that this is a trifle, because in adolescence everything will be much worse. Well, adult children often do have serious problems, however, spending time with teenagers can be very interesting. When your child is thirteen or sixteen, you will be able to do a lot together and you will not be completely bored with his early childhood.

Vaccinations are not dangerous

Many people will assure you that vaccinations are extremely dangerous, but do not believe them. Try to approach the information rationally - all scientific sources will convince you that it is completely safe. You will not find any reliable evidence that vaccines are harmful. You can also consult with a doctor who will help you get rid of the last doubts. Remember that ignorance can cost your child life. Vaccinations are a simple and safe way to protect your health.

You can't pamper a child with love

Some parents worry that the child will be spoiled due to excessive love for him. Nevertheless, you should not be afraid of this, let your baby spend more time with you and share your emotions with courage. You will soon realize that this moment can and should be enjoyed!

The childhood of your child may not seem like the best moment in your life.

Some people claim that infancy is a unique period that you need to enjoy every second. Nevertheless, it is often accompanied by problems, so that parents begin to feel guilty if they do not enjoy the upbringing of the baby. In fact, this is normal. Raising a child is not always a pleasure, there is nothing shameful about it.

Do not be afraid to expect more from children

People often underestimate children and do for them what the child himself can do. Be calm, let your baby handle it yourself. Many children do an excellent job of dressing and cleaning up after themselves. Let it take more time, but the child will learn a lot.

There is no time to stop feeding.

Some believe that breastfeeding should be stopped before the year, otherwise the child will be too naughty and sticky. In fact, at an early age, all children tend to cling to their mother. Feeding is an individual matter, the timing should be determined only by the mother. The opinion of others in this does not matter.

Saying no is perfectly acceptable.

Sometimes people claim that a child can never be denied, because it will destroy his self-esteem, and that you need to approach education more creatively so that the child learns the negative consequences. This is absurd. Children sometimes have to hear a firm refusal, this allows them to understand the exact boundaries and to be more confident.

Trust your instincts

Be prepared to ignore ninety percent of the advice you receive. No one else knows your child as well as you. Yes, sometimes the moment can be quite difficult, but you can handle it. Just believe in yourself!

Children need to be taught to sleep

It turns out that the habit of sleeping on a normal schedule is far from what the child naturally appears. You need to firmly establish your daily routine if you want your child to learn how to fall asleep on their own. However, it should be borne in mind that some children do this from day one, while others cannot get used to sleeping without their parents for a long time.

You can't make a baby eat right

Before you have children, you probably will have an idea of ​​how to deal with the whims. However, when you have already acquired a child, you will understand that everything is not so simple. Some toddlers will really be hungry better than eating broccoli. Of course, you should still offer your child a wide range of products, but he will make the choice himself, and you can’t influence it. Perhaps sooner or later, your baby will simply outgrow its preferences and begin to eat more diverse.

Plan your own schedule.

You will surely come across detailed schedules and daily schedule options. If you follow such a plan, it will be difficult for you. Try to independently plan your day as you need. This will allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle for all family members.

Keep track of the child's readiness

If you decide to give up diapers just because others advise you to do this, the process can be difficult. Better follow the readiness of the baby himself, believe me, you will understand when he will be able to give up diapers!

Parenthood requires serious expenses

Perhaps you understand that raising a child is not cheap, but you can hardly imagine how big the expenses are. Your bank account will shrink before your eyes! However, it should be understood that all these costs are completely justified!

Do not forget your relationship

After the appearance of children, spouses often focus all the energy on them, which is why relations become worse. If everything is connected only with children, not with you, it is difficult to preserve feelings. Fortunately, you can prevent this by making conscious efforts.

Nothing will be the same, but it's ok

Of course, raising a child is not an easy task. But you should not create additional tension for yourself, thinking that everything, sooner or later, will return to normal. Nothing in life will be the same as before, but this is completely normal.

Mom knows better

You probably will constantly give advice. Do not be afraid to try and listen to your own opinion, because the only way you will be really happy. Try to always do exactly what seems appropriate to you.

Who is the nicest in the world?

Virtually any mother with 100% confidence can declare that her daughter is the most beautiful and cute creature on Earth. But often, either fearing to praise her child, or because of her own complexes, the younger girl does not hear such words from her mother. How to act and not praise your daughter, because, as you know, beauty is not everything, but how can you not develop inferiority complexes in her that can turn into the most serious problems?

It has long been known that a pretty and pretty girl is much easier to find friends, get a job, get the second half, and indeed, get settled in life. But does it become for you to discover that beauty is not an eternal concept, over time, no matter how hard we try, wrinkles cover a pretty face, a figure is gaining excess weight and other female “charms”.

And if a girl is accustomed to relying solely on her pretty face in everything, then in the future she will be guaranteed problems in her adult life. You can successfully marry a marriage, but if it was only her external charm, all the flaws quickly manifest themselves, and the marriage, simply, fall apart.

If you are happy parents of a little beauty, do not forget to remind her of this with unobtrusive compliments, but at the same time you must constantly be reminded that "to whom more is given, from that and the demand is greater."

Even the most beautiful and lovely child needs to be taught kindness, good manners and develop inner peace, because only a friendly, generous and intelligent girl can get rid of the envy of her friends, find true love and cope with other life difficulties.

If your child does not shine with beauty, but, on the contrary, has some drawbacks - weight problems, glasses, braces, freckles, tall or excessively small stature - in no case do not laugh, and even more so, do not insult your child.

This applies especially to the period of upbringing of the girl when she becomes a teenager - unnecessary complexes and regular reasons for withdrawing into herself are completely useless.

In order to get rid of the already existing complexes, find photos of celebrities with a non-standard appearance, explain that there are no ugly people and together figure out how to emphasize its advantages.

Teach your baby that girls and women with a non-standard appearance should carefully approach the creation of their image: pick up suitable clothes together, work with a haircut, teach not to draw attention to problem or non-standard zones.

It is especially important for such girls to hear from their mothers, and more importantly, from their fathers, words of tenderness and admiration for their daughter. Such simple tricks will help you to develop a self-confident, strong personality who is not afraid of difficulties, but learns how to overcome them.

Not only beautiful, but also smart!

And although the cultivation of self-love and the ability to care for yourself is a very important aspect of the education of any girl, you should not forget about the mental and spiritual abilities of your daughter.

It is good if your child in the family is brought up with boys: make the same demands in school for both boys and girls. Let the rivalry grow in them, the girl should understand that education in her life is as important as in the life of a brother or any other person, because only this way she can achieve certain heights in life.

Learn to set goals and do not forget to control their achievement: your princess must understand that life is made up of aspirations and desires, which you need to be able to achieve independently, without someone's help. But at the same time, do not forget to remind her that when it is difficult and difficult, there are always relatives who will help her.

Control what your daughter reads and what interests you, what books and what kind of music you listen to, of course, you can’t forbid watching or reading everything that you don’t like. Но старайтесь позаботиться о том, чтобы перед ней оказывались фильмы или книги об успешных людях, сюжеты должны чему-то учить, давать почву для размышления, обогащать ее сознание достойными примерами для подражания.

Кстати, этот момент касается и ее родителей – мама с папой должны стать лучшим из таких примеров, а для этого необходимо воспитывать девочку личным примером.

Constantly develop, it will teach your growing up lady that it is never too late to learn and learn, show that any life stage is another step in personal development and self-improvement. And most importantly, do not forget to communicate and be interested in the affairs of your child, because attention is what our children need most.

Raising a girl from birth to 3 years

Do not think that up to three years to develop any qualities in a child is meaningless. Yes, freedom is needed, but within reasonable limits. Remember that it is at this age that the baby begins to explore the world and how positive this experience will be for her depends on her parents.

Up to three years, the girl needs to be surrounded by care, affection and love, at the same time unobtrusively helping her practically master the elementary skills of behavior and self-service. Have patience and day by day with your daughter to conquer new peaks.

The first steps, the first word, the rules of behavior at the table, self-dressing (undressing) - the child must learn to do all this himself at the age of three with his parents. Feeling their support and attention, he will be able to quickly get used to unworked and as yet unfamiliar actions.

The formation of the personality of a girl aged 3 to 5 years

In three years, communication with my daughter begins to acquire new colors, becoming more saturated, interesting and sometimes unpredictable. On the one hand, it seems that there is nothing difficult in raising a baby, which is already capable of clearly expressing thoughts and correcting behavior patterns, on the other hand, new problems appear.

Girls at the age of three learn to manipulate adults, clearly recognizing their originality. Under the spell crumbs often get grandparents, at risk, mom and dad.

During this period, it is important for parents to teach their daughter to use charm for their own benefit without having to bend adults to their tricks.

Love and caress - a panacea for girl troubles

Remember about the emotion of girls, which with age will only grow. Feel free to show feelings, talk to your daughter about love, do not neglect bodily contact - a strong hug, a girl needs kisses like air. Do not be afraid to spoil your daughter, openly expressing feelings and emotions.

Love can not be much, and the lack of its manifestation will only lead to the fact that the child will go to himself. Show love in relation to relatives - a husband, brother or sister of a daughter, thereby demonstrating the correct pattern of behavior in the family, which will later become an example for her.

Caution and responsibility for actions

Girls aged 3 to 5 years are extremely cautious. Here we are not talking about cowardice, just the little ones are already able to assess the danger and consequences of their actions.

Talk with the girl about the danger of certain actions, trying not to intimidate her, but only to prepare for the fact that not everything in this world is as good as we would like. It is important to teach the girl reasonable care, and not to cultivate in her a sense of inertia.

Homework pleasure

Wishing to bring up a hostess from a baby, many mothers have been trying, from the age of three, to take on their shoulders a mountain of homework, thus accustoming women to work. This approach is wrong, because an oversupply of affairs can cause a baby to protest against any homework in one case and the unshakable confidence that the female lot is endless housework - in another.

Responsibilities at home should not be for girls something boring and uninteresting.

If you are determined to teach your daughter to the household, then make sure that she really likes this occupation. Choose only the game form of training. Teach your daughter to sculpt out the dough, make daddy's sandwiches for breakfast, or make healthy fresh juices.

Believe me, at this age, the baby will appreciate such “entertainment” in the kitchen much more than boring sweeping the floor or wiping dishes.

Mutual understanding and trust - the key to the formation of a holistic personality

Listening and hearing a child at this age is another important rule. From nature girls are flexible, gentle creatures with a share of cunning, therefore the task of parents is to develop personal qualities in her without depriving her daughter of flexibility.

Revise your views if you have to be too hard to influence your daughter. It is possible that the child’s protest is only a reaction to the unshakable will of the parents.

Remember that you are raising a successful and happy woman. Remember yourself often at this age to understand your own mistakes and desires of your daughter, because most of the secrets are kept in your own childhood.

Subtleties education primary schoolgirls

Properly educating a girl aged 6 to 9 years is not so difficult, given that during this period girls are just prone to displaying accuracy, friendliness and patience.

Girls of primary school age need approval and encouragement and support of adults most of all, so they try to behave in such a way as to get it to the full.

School girls: in pursuit of praise and approval

At school, in class, the girls are agreeable and diligent, they gladly make contact with the teacher, receiving rewards for working in the classroom.

Houses are happy to talk about their achievements to parents, receiving satisfaction from their reaction. The task of parents at this age is not to disappoint the girl, supporting her good beginnings.

Friendship at school: delicate control and support

Girls at the age of 6-9 years especially begin to appreciate friendship, choosing a girlfriend who can tell the most intimate secrets. Relations with a girlfriend at this age are of great importance for a girl, so you should not in any way interfere with friendship.

All that parents can do is to learn more from my daughter about her friends, delicately correcting her behavior towards them. It is important to teach the daughter not to depend on the opinions and behavior of her close friends, to keep her adequate self-esteem through praise and love.

A girl should understand what real friendship is, what can be expected from her friends and how to strengthen this bond. Even if the children's problems associated with friendship seemed insignificant to you, take the time and opportunity to talk about it with your daughter.

Support her in a difficult situation and tell me how to respond correctly in certain situations, saving face and not offending her friends.

Romantic hobbies: first experience

At the age of 6-9 years old girls are already beginning to be interested in boys. Let this interest be childishly naive so far, but it is there and you cannot close your eyes to it. If your daughter liked the boy and he reciprocated to her (there was an exchange of gifts, notes, or something else like that) you should not panic, scoff or ironic.

Daughter tries on the role of women, modeling relationships in the adult world and this is normal. Tell her how to behave with the boy, help me choose a gift for him and be sure to support him if all this is followed by love disappointment.

Sport and active lifestyle

School, girlfriends, sympathy - all this is for a girl aged 6 to 9 years old is very important, but do not forget about healthy physical development. Think of a lesson for your daughter - write it in the sports section. Tennis, dancing, swimming - these are great options for gentle and sensitive girls.

Daughters with a share of adventurism and boyish mischief in character can be offered to try their hand at typical men's sports: volleyball, football, martial arts.

Secrets of friendship with parents of a teenager

For a teenage girl, parental authority is very important. Find time to communicate with your daughter, share with her the secrets and in return have the opportunity to be privy to her secrets. If your daughter trusts you, then under no pretext resist the temptation to tell her secret to anyone. The only way you save your friendship.

Balanced assessment of a teenage girl

Excessive or low self-esteem in a teenage girl is normal. Teach the girl to adequately assess themselves, not praising, but not blaming and not speaking with disdain for her.

Keep a balance, preserving parental authority, instilling in the daughter the basic rules of behavior in a relaxed and friendly manner without moralizing.

Stories about your life at this age, about possible misunderstandings with friends, parents and teachers have a great effect. The teenager will appreciate the frankness and the reward for this parents will be almost unconditional trust in them.

Duo of mother and daughter: the correct work on the image of the father

It’s difficult for a mother to raise a girl without a father, for the most part from the fact that it is in her father that a girl should feel the main support and protection, which in future will help her to build happy relationships with the opposite sex.

However, if it turned out that the family fell apart, you need to remember the main thing - the daughter should not take on the negative of the mother's disappointment with her father. Such behavior will cause the girl to form a negative attitude towards boys and men.

The task of a mother raising a daughter without a father is to create in the imagination of a daughter a positive image of a strong, decent and reliable man. First and foremost, the positive should be the father who left the family. In the eyes of the girl, he should not become bad, and this will be it or not - depends on the mother.

In order to consolidate the image of a positive man in the head of a girl, psychologists recommend to pay her attention more often to good examples in normal full-fledged families.

Receiving friends living in a happy family marriage, watching films with the participation of happy spouses - all this will help her daughter learn to hope that she will not follow the example of her mother and will be able to create a happy and strong family with her beloved man.

Father's pride: growing up without mom

Cases where a girl is raised by one father are rare, but they exist and require attention. A man without a wife and daughter should not only perform the main duties of a woman at home, but also compensate for the tenderness, warmth and caress in the volume in which the daughter would receive them, living with her mother.

The lack of communication with the mother, with the woman is especially acutely felt by girls in their teens, which can negatively affect the formation of their personality.

Dad can influence the situation in two ways:

  • become a true friend to your daughter
  • find an adult friend for her (sister, aunt, trainer).

In the first case, the pope will have to assume the duties of the mother, try to win the trust of her daughter, penetrate her inner world and become a true reliable friend with whom you can share secrets.

If this is not possible, it is worth trying to push the girl to an adult friend, in the role of which the coach, teacher, or close relative can act.

There are things that it will be easier for a girl to tell a woman and the dad's task is to make sure that she is near at the right moment.

In general, if a girl and dad have contact, their life is colored with bright colors and filled with positive, it is very good for forming a positive image of a man for her, based on which she will choose her life partner.