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How to care for a beard: types of haircuts and styling


Many men prefer to let go of their beard to avoid having to shave every day and worry less about skin condition. In this case, they have another problem - how to properly care for a beard.

Soon the man begins to realize that he was greatly mistaken, hoping to make his life easier. Indeed, in order to maintain attractiveness, a beard requires care and haircuts.

Care for the beard at home

How to care for a beard

How to properly care for a beard at home? The main rules are regularity and thoroughness. The beard must always be washed, it depends on how it will look. It is best to wash with shampoo or soap every other day. More frequent washing will only remove grease, which can deprive the beard of a beautiful shape.

Here are some tips on how to properly care for a beard at home:

  1. To soften hair, use conditioners or balms, but do it no more than 1 time per week,
  2. Do not dry your beard as well as your face. It is best to use a terry towel for this purpose, since it absorbs excess water remarkably. Just blot them, but don't rub them on purpose,
  3. You should not use a hairdryer to dry the beard. On dry skin may appear dandruff. Hairs from strong drying can start to bulge and puff up, and it will look untidy,
  4. Comb your beard daily, this will help to keep the shape. She needs care every day in order to look well-groomed and beautiful.

For styling, you can use the following tools:

  • Conditioner and balm are needed to nourish hairs, and they also make combing more comfortable and easy,
  • Gels, mousses, varnishes and foams for styling. These tools will help put the correct form and fix the result
  • Clips, ribbons and hairpins, designed specifically for the beard.

Sometimes men are so skillfully coping with their beard that any girl with long hair can envy their styling skills. Lush beard can be a real masterpiece.

Essential oils

Beard Essential Oils

Men who have long been owners of a beard, begin to use essential oils to care for it. What is the use of these care products?

  • Oil gives hairs shine and silkiness,
  • Possess a pleasant aroma. This is especially true for smokers
  • The effect of essential oil affects not only the state of the beard. You can use them to improve brain function, increase overall body tone, relieve stress, and more.

In order for the beard to have always a great look and the right shape, you can turn to professionals in the barbershop. However, most prefer to care for her on their own. Listen to important tips on how to get the right shape:

  1. Use a large mirror, even better if it is magnifying. So you definitely do not cut off the excess.
  2. Use a comb to cut off excess hair, not just scissors. Having spent all beard, cut off uneven tips on the outside of the scallop.
  3. Cut only a dry beard. The fact is that when wet hair becomes longer. That is, you can trim the excess, and when the beard is dry, it will be shorter than you expected.
  4. For the correct symmetrical shape, start from the ear, and move towards the chin. Repeat the procedure on the other side.
  5. Try to cut in several directions. This will help the hairs to keep their shape and avoid indiscriminate growth.
  6. The border of hair growth should serve as a face edging. On the neck of the hair line highlight the razor.
  7. Carefully shave off all excess vegetation, just so you will get a neat look.

How to trim a beard?

Here is a list of necessary items in order to know, how to care for a beard:

  • Scallop for a beard. Serves for daily combing hair. Scallop teeth are thicker and less common than with a regular comb.
  • For lush beards, hair scissors are best. The special beard razor is also irreplaceable.
  • The clipper will help give the correct shape to the beard and mustache.
  • The trimmer will cope well with bristles having a complex intricate shape.

Now sold special sets for the care of the beard. If you plan to be the owner of the beard for a long time, we recommend to buy them. It is not necessary to buy expensive professional care items. Enough conventional trimmer to facilitate the process of cutting. For example, good options are: PHILIPS GT 4000, PHILIPS BT9290 15, BABYLISS, MOSER 1574 and others.

How to properly care for a beard and carry out its styling?

  • Massage the skin with a special brush, both against the growth of hair, and on it. By all means in two directions.
  • Get special waxes, gels, which not only help in styling, but also provide the skin with vitamins.
  • If you decide to dye your beard regularly, you will achieve that it will look thicker.
  • If you are tired of the shape of the beard, then do not try to correct it, it is better to change immediately.

How to accelerate hair growth and make them thicker?

The more time and attention you pay to your beard, the better it looks. It is not necessary to buy expensive products for care, you can increase the density of hairs through the use of ordinary burdock and castor oil.

Apply burdock oil with a scallop on the beard before going to bed, simply combing it. The next morning, wash the oil with water.

A good option is a mixture of burdock and castor oil. Keep it should be no more than a couple of hours on the face, so do not sleep with her. Apply with a gauze compress. Before applying, steam the compress.

You can add a pinch of red pepper at seven. But be careful. If burning, immediately flush the mixture. If skin reacts normally, soak for 15-20 minutes. Pepper will speed up the blood circulation process.

You can use creams and ointments to accelerate hair growth. As part of the ointment may be hormones, so be careful to avoid side effects. Cream for hair growth should be composed of butter, nutmeg, green tea, etc.

How to care for a beard: the basic principles

Men who want to let go of the beard should understand that the hair on the face can emphasize the merits of hiding some flaws (warts) of the "stronger sex" or "emphasize" the flaws of the human face.

At this time, a beard is very popular with men - “two-week unshaven”. To look after such a beard at home - there is nothing easier. To do this, you must have a standard hair clipper with a set of nozzles. Once a week you install a nozzle of the desired size (0 or 1), navigate through all the “vegetation” - and the beard is ready to fascinate the female sex.

Hygienic manipulations with a beard "two-week unshaven" are held every day during the morning and evening water treatments.

The most attention men require beards with large vegetation: Russian (full), skipper (without a mustache), Suvorov, Garibaldi, etc. But for all types of beards, there are general principles that must be strictly followed:

• After eating, it is necessary to inspect the face - if there are crumbs on the beard. After ingesting greasy food, wash the hair around your mouth with soap / shampoo,

• Follow the appearance of the beard once a day and, if necessary, trim / trim facial hair,

• If necessary, apply cosmetics for the beard (gels, shampoos, varnishes), which will give the beard the desired size and shape for a man.

How to care for a beard at home: mistakes beginners

The main mistake of a man who decided to grow facial hair is the wrong choice of beard type. Rarely, when a man grows a beard "just like that, nothing better to do." As a rule, the “stronger sex” beard grows to attract the attention of a specific woman, draw the attention of the collective to itself, express / emphasize its individuality, become more courageous / sexual. Or, as stylists are expressing themselves now, to assume the appearance of a “brutal alpha male.”

Having chosen the wrong type of beard, a man can take not a manly, but a stupid look, over which women / acquaintances will “giggle”, tease. What kind of man might like this?

Therefore, a man cannot simply “make a beard”; it is necessary to approach the choice of the type and shape / length of the beard very scrupulously, taking an interest in the opinions of relatives and close friends.

Suppose a man chose the type of beard correctly. The following basic mistake of the stronger sex with facial hair is not regular grooming of the beard. Hair sticking out in different directions on the mustache and beard, obvious stubble on the face in places where it should not be 100% will cause negative emotions in a female / familiar woman, such as unwashed shoes or wrinkled pants / suit on a man.

Therefore, to take care of a beard at home should be regularly, with the use of modern cosmetic products: hair spray, shampoos, soaps, waxes, balms for the desired type of hair.

How to care for a beard: haircut options (photo)

For many centuries of human existence, men were not afraid to experiment with their appearance in general, and with facial hair, in particular. Please review only the most common types of beards worn by men all over the planet. Some names "cut off hearing", but goatee his entire adult life was worn by F.E. Dzerzhinsky and not "complex" (as historians say) on this issue.

Modern men are in a better position than their ancestors - the cosmetic industry fully meets all the needs for hygienic means to care for a beard at home. And our ancestors cared for facial hair with primitive hygienic means: rainwater, which after the procedure makes the hair “silky” without any shampoos / balms and other modern means. Who has the opportunity, wash your head and beard in rain water with the help of the simplest soap and compare the result with the procedure carried out with the help of cosmetics from leading world manufacturers.

How to care for a beard at home: professional advice

The recommendations of professional beauticians / hairdressers for the care of a beard at home are reduced to the simplest formula: washing, combing, cutting.

These recommendations require some clarification:

• It is necessary to wash with means that will not cause irritation of the skin of the face, to form dandruff in the hair on the face. Start washing the beard with those shampoos and balms that you use for hair on your head,

• Combing. "Two-week unshaven" does not have to comb, and the other beards require constant combing. If you do not carry out this procedure regularly, it will be unpleasant for a man to look at himself in the mirror, not to mention the people around him,

• Swatch. If the hair on the beard is not regularly trimmed, the man will gradually take on a “homeless” look. Although, men - big originals can present such an appearance as “a new trend in stylistics”, developed personally “on the basis of the world's innovative technologies of leading design houses”. Even supporters will find their "homeless" mind, which is based on human laziness and disregard for the people around them.

From our resource we can recommend to men who do not know how to care for a beard at home the following:

• Do not be afraid to experiment (in moderation) with cosmetics: try to apply cosmetics that you have not previously used,

• After releasing the beard, the man is obliged to look in the mirror more often and watch the beard. The male version of combing hair on the head: “with a hand I ran from right to left” with a beard will not work. If a man, of course, does not want to look sloppy (such a trend).

• The main thing while wearing a beard - she should like her owner. Even if his beard does not like others.

High-quality cleansing

To the vegetation had a neat appearance it is necessary to properly wash. It is recommended to do this every other day, paying special attention to the root zone.

Means for washing: shampoo, soap. On the skin and hair can easily hide the remains of food, thread, etc., so after each meal it is important to carefully examine the mustache, chin. Alien small elements look untidy and create the effect of untidiness.

Daily washing is not recommended, as the natural fatty lubricant that gives shape is lost. For softness of hair, it is recommended to apply balm once a week. Care, therefore, is important systematically.


For effective combing a good comb or brush with natural bristles is used. The use of a comb facilitates the process of scratching, the long one is easy to confuse. The brush is useful for even distribution of oil, just as it makes massage. The process of combing should be carried out at least once a day, in the direction of growth of hairs.

Regular haircut

To cut a long beard, use scissors or a straight razor. It is better to cut it in a dry state, wet hair does not give a correct idea of ​​the length, it is drawn out, imitating a false length.

In places where it is impossible to cut with scissors, the trimmer copes with ease, so the barber must have this tool in the arsenal.

Symmetry in trimming is the key to regular shape. Cutting should be from the temples, going down to the chin. If at home it is impossible to achieve symmetry, you should contact a barber for help, such a master will easily cope with the task.

Care for a short beard:

  1. Regular washing.
  2. The use of special care products.
  3. Using a trimmer.

Over time, a professional trimmer will do its job, with it using the hairline to line up.

Care for a mustache is not difficult. Care involves timely framing, washing and styling. With the help of the trimmer, the right angles on the whiskers are trimmed, giving a neat, presentable look. With wax, the whiskers are fixed in the desired shape.

Care products

For men, a great achievement is to grow a beard, and, in turn, it is necessary to take care of it properly, special tools help in this matter. They are divided into:

  1. Cleansing (shampoo, soap). They are aimed at cleansing hair.
  2. Moisturizers, firming (balsams, conditioners, nourishing oils, masks). They simplify the process of combing, strengthen and nourish the hair.
  3. Modeling (foams, waxes, clay, gels, varnishes). They help to set the correct shape, fix a neat look.
  4. Coloring (hair dye). This cosmetics is used to change the color, giving thickness.

How to care for a beard and mustache: the main stages

Care for the beard and mustache includes the following steps:

  1. Choosing the right shape depending on the features of the face:
  • chubby men are encouraged to wear a small mustache and beard from temple to temple, without sideburns,
  • if the face is triangular, a square, slightly rounded beard or a horseshoe version will do,
  • with an elongated face a goatee is contraindicated, but sideburns or a round beard will do,
  • holders of a massive chin should wear a skipper's beard,
  • most of all opportunities for experiments with their image in men with an oval face - almost all vegetation variants on the face are suitable for them.
  1. Growing a beard and giving it the desired shape. When the length of hair on the face is about 5 cm, it is advisable to visit a universal hairdresser or barber. He will help to choose the optimal shape of the beard, trim it, remove excess and give it a perfect look.
  2. Daily styling - so that the beard "remembers" the shape, you need to put it every day after you sleep using a comb, comb or brush.
  3. Regular shampooing, once every 2-3 days. Due to this, the hair on the face will be soft and smooth. After washing the facial hair should be wetted with a towel.
  4. Moisturizing - to protect against itching and peeling of the skin after washing, it is necessary to moisturize the skin with special oils or balms.
  5. Keeping your beard and mustache neat with a trimmer. For beginners, it is better to use a nozzle, leaving hairs of maximum length.
  6. Haircut - care for a long beard implies its periodic trimming with sharp scissors with a sling. Regular cropping gives the beard a contour and a neat look. The mustache also needs to be trimmed with scissors.

What you need to care for a beard

Consider what constitutes caring for a beard, what are the means used in this case, and what benefits they bring. Rules for the care of facial hair depends largely on what type of "male accessory" you have chosen. Это может быть и свободное отращивание длинной бороды, и ношение прилегающей бородки с длиной волос до 3 см. При выборе полной бороды волосы на щеках остаются, а при неполном варианте – сбриваются.

Самая неприхотливая в уходе неполная борода. Чтобы поддерживать ее в ухоженном состоянии, достаточно раз в 1–2 дня сбривать щетину на щеках и симметрично делать окантовку. When wearing a free beard, you should regularly wash it, comb it and put it down with a comb.

The main assistants in the care of the beard are:

  1. Special scissors with spacious finger holes and short blades. They are indispensable when wearing a long or medium beard, are used to trim the regrown ends and to correct irregularities.
  2. Comb with rare and wide teeth - it is needed to comb long facial hair and maintain its shape throughout the day.
  3. Trimmer with nozzles - used for cutting adjacent bristles and adjusting the desired length. This machine makes it easy to cut and trim short facial hair. Large sets are designed for professional use, and for household use, appliances with a pair of nozzles are used.
  4. Tweezers - for getting rid of ingrown hairs.
  5. Special soap - for gentle cleansing and nourishing of the skin.
  6. Shampoo - it cleans and softens the hair, gives the beard softness and obedience, prevents the occurrence of dandruff. Such tools are suitable for daily use.
  7. The conditioner - means for food and a hair reconstruction. It allows for a minimum of time to turn dry and dull hair into a spectacular beard, providing her with deep moisturizing and care. The conditioner makes the bristles soft and shiny, and also facilitates further combing.
  8. Nourishing oils and balms - they are used to moisturize and nourish the skin, give the beard a beautiful shine and help it keep its shape well. Means with vitamins and natural oils help strengthen hair follicles, soften and soothe the skin, prevent the appearance of itching and other unpleasant sensations.
  9. Wax for styling - with its help it is easy to give the desired shape to the mustache and beard, which will surely hold on throughout the day. In particular, with the help of wax, you can give a beard a forked shape, twist it or assemble it into a cone. This tool perfectly pacifies disobedient hair and is successfully used to experiment with style.
  10. Means to accelerate hair growth - Minoxidil-containing preparations help to grow a beautiful thick beard, and for their unhindered delivery to the hair follicles, mezorollers are successfully used.

The best care products for male beard

When choosing care products for beard and mustache, pay attention to products from reputable manufacturers with an impeccable reputation, such as Borodist, The Bearded Man Company, D. R. Harris. Their products are known, respected and successfully used by bearded men in many countries. Another tip - when choosing the right cosmetics, consider the rigidity and density of facial hair, your skin type and the tasks that the remedy should solve.

In particular, they have proven themselves well:

  1. Shampoo and conditioner for the beard of The Bearded Man Company - it provides a thorough and delicate cleansing of the skin and hair, softens, moisturizes and makes it obedient.
  2. Oils D. R. Harris, Borodist, The Bearded Man Company - they are on sale in a variety of products based on natural oils. They have a powerful moisturizing effect, eliminate dryness and itching of the skin when growing a beard, soften the bristles, make it obedient and well-groomed.
  3. The Bearded Man Company Balsam Line is a great choice for nourishing and fixing facial hair. These tools combine the best properties of oil and wax - soften the bristles and skin, give the hair the desired shape, provide texture and easy fixation without greasy marks. The line includes balsams with many pleasant men's aromas (black coffee, bergamot, freshly cut grass, rainforest, Spanish orange, tobacco, etc.) and an odorless option.
  4. Balsams Asian Tree, Citrus Splash, Sea Storm brand Borodist. They give the beard silky and shiny, pleasantly refresh the skin, strengthen the hair, provide them with protection from harmful factors, strength and obedience. The aromas are presented for every taste - woody with spicy notes of sandalwood, citrus or a bright combination of lemon, bergamot and rosewood.
  5. Wax for whiskers Borodist, The Bearded Man Company, D. R. Harris - products based on oils and beeswax, easily taming unruly facial hair. In addition to resistant styling, they provide a soothing effect.
  6. Preparations based on minoxidil. If you grow a thick and lush beard without the use of stimulants does not work, come to the aid of minoxidil-containing drugs. They are manufactured under the trademarks Kirkland, Rogaine, Lipogaine, MinoxidilMax (Dualgen, Essengen), Azelomax, DS Laboratories (Spectral drugs, Ideal Image Solutions, Equate, Foligain. When choosing a suitable option, its composition and the percentage of minoxidil are taken into account.

Care for the beard and mustache requires no less effort than regular shaving. Therefore, modern men do not wear beards because of laziness or unwillingness to shave. Quite the contrary - they are willing to put a lot of effort and diligently take care of the vegetation on their face to emphasize their charisma, masculinity and sexuality.

What if you can not grow a beard?

Most often, the problem may be due to a lack of vitamins or the hormone testosterone.

  • Try changing your diet, eat protein-rich foods.
  • Play sports. With heavy physical exertion, testosterone is produced.
  • Give up smoking and alcohol.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid stress.

If you are thinking about buying a screwdriver, we recommend reading the article: Which screw driver should you buy for your home? A deliberate choice.

Professional advice on how to properly care for a beard:

  1. Do not forget about the right balanced diet. The amount of protein in food affects hair growth.
  2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
  3. A full sleep is important, because protein is best absorbed in a dream.
  4. Do not touch the beard at the initial stage, when it only begins to grow. Your face and skin will itch around, but you need to tough it out.
  5. Regular care can make even a small beard very attractive and give a well-groomed look.
  6. If hair growth is intermittent, use a thickener for evenness. This problem is typical for many men, do not be ashamed of it.
  7. If you stop caring for a beard for a while, you will have to shave it off and start over. Therefore, regularity should come first.

The very process of growing can give you pleasure, and the right care and beautiful results will give the appearance of masculinity and attractiveness.

How to care for a beard at home?

How to properly care for a beard at home? Care for the beard and mustache should be regular and thorough, especially at home.

The beard must be washed regularly, it is one of the most important factors affecting its appearance.

The best way to wash - washing with shampoo (soap) and carried out every other day.

You should not do this more often - natural fatty grease will be removed from the hair, and the beard will not have a beautiful shape.

Several recommendations for the care of a beard at home with the use of various means are offered to your attention.

  1. Conditioners and balms that are used to soften hair, should be used no more than once a week.
  2. You can not shave them with every beard wash. It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the entire face as a whole, washing it in the morning and in the evening, not only with plain water, but also with soap. The face and beard are not wiped dry, but blotted with a clean towel, preferably a terry towel. It should contain most of the water left on the skin and hair.
  3. Do not use the dryer to dry the beard. It strongly dries the skin of the face and contributes to the appearance of severe dandruff. Externally, the dried beard also looks untidy because of the large number of hairs, which, drying out and fluffing out, begin to puff up in different directions.
  4. Having grown a beard, you need to monitor its condition daily, otherwise the entire hair can turn into something ugly and untidy on the face. Comb the beard should be at least once a day, the only way to keep its shape.

You can lay it using various tools.:

  • conditioners and balmsused to simplify the process of combing, as well as nourish the beard,
  • gels for styling beards, varnishes, mousses and foams to help create the desired shape of the beard and fixing this shape,
  • specialized clips, ribbons and pins.

Men, as a rule, are very highly valued by their beards, are seriously concerned with their styling and appearance, and often achieve great skill in this work. Sometimes lush beards turn into masterpieces of a level that even a skillful girl with long hair is hard to achieve.

How to care for a beard at home look at the video.

Photo beard and care

What is necessary?

If the beard is grown, and now it is necessary to cut it and generally care for it, then you need a certain minimum of items that allow you to do it easily and correctly.

  1. Special comb for beard - it needs to be combed at least once a day with a special comb, the teeth on which are less often located than on a regular one. They are also usually broader.
  2. Men whose beards are long and bushy, Hairdressing scissors will be useful, with the help of which it is possible to easily trim a grown-up and out-of-shape beard. Also useful will be a razor for a beard.
  3. Modern men also solve the problem of modeling the shape of a beard and mustache using a clipper.
  4. The complex shape of the bristles tidy and keep it going to help trimmer constantly , the best of which you can choose by reviewing the list of top. You can purchase beard care kits.

What are the necessary combs for a beard and how to use them you will see on our video.
Of course, this is not all items that are used by men, professionally engaged in styling their beards, as well as hairdressers. Simple care at home with the help of appropriate products will be easy to implement.
It is not necessary to purchase professional trimmers or other devices for clipping for home care, the ease of the process will be ensured by ordinary ones.
Beard trimmers available for purchase The following models of these devices:

How to choose a trimmer for a beard and how to shave, watch the footage.

How to lay a beard? There are certain rules by which the beard is laid.

  1. To maintain the clarity of the beard shape daily massaged with a special massage brush.
  2. Massage is carried out in two directions - against the growth of hair and on it.
  3. There are a large number of specialized cosmetics, gels and waxes that will put a beard, provide it with a well-groomed appearance and in addition, saturate it with vitamins.
  4. If you regularly paint a beard, which should be done in a hair salon, it will look much thicker than it actually is.
  5. The boring beard shape is not worth adjusting.. It would be wiser to change it immediately.

Ways to accelerate hair growth and increase its density

A beard will look the better, the more time and attention it is willing to spend, while there is no need to acquire elite means and highly specialized drugs.

Usually, quickly make a beard more thick and well-groomed the usual castor and burdock oils help to look. They can easily be used at home.

One of the most useful hair products is the use of burdock oil. On the beard it is applied before going to bed, with the help of comb, with which it is combed.

In the morning burdock oil should be completely washed away. It acts not only as a running means, but also one of the ways to accelerate the growth of a beard.

  1. Another good remedy is a mixture of castor and burdock oils. It is applied with a gauze compress on the skin of the face, thoroughly steamed beforehand (at least five minutes). Keep such a mixture on the face longer than a couple of hours is impossible.
  2. A mixture of castor and burdock oils (on average, no more than two teaspoons of each) is needed, as well as a pinch of red pepper. Such a face is smeared for a quarter of an hour or half an hour, after which it is washed off with warm water. In addition to the nutrients that are contained in the oils, the benefits here are more pepper, which increases the speed of blood circulation. Carefully, the skin can get a reddish shade for several hours. Burn out immediately after burning.
  3. Cream and ointment for hair growth. Creams must contain special ingredients: oils, green tea, nutmeg, triple clitoria. With ointments you need to be very careful: they contain hormones, which often provoke a change in the natural hormonal background of the body. This creates a variety of side effects.

How to grow a beard? Some men can not grow a beard because of the individual properties of the body or if they lead a lifestyle that prevents it.

Watch a video on how to use oils for beard growth.

Such causes can be identified and corrected, as a rule they are related to a lack of vitamins or testosterone. You can solve the problem by the following changes.:

  • change existing power scheme, to bring in a greater number of products containing a high percentage of protein,
  • do sports, for example, sign up for a gym. Testosterone is produced better in the presence of serious physical exertion, and it also affects how a beard grows,
  • eat more fruits and vegetables
  • stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  • whenever possible, avoid or care for stress relief.

Beard Care Oils

They help to properly care for your hair. They soften the skin, make hair silky and docile, help to avoid dryness and dandruff.

They give a pleasant aroma that can come in handy when an unpleasant smell arises, for example, from smoking. Used for care: oil of tea tree, rose, coconut, chamomile, almond, avocado, orange, grapefruit, jojoba, ylang-ylang, patchouli, incense.

You can choose it based on personal preferences and portability. Apply the oil with a pipette and spread it with a brush made from natural bristles.

Beard styling cosmetics

These include: gels, waxes, foams, modeling clay, varnishes. They help to give a neat, well-groomed appearance, some of them are enriched with vitamins.

For a long beard, wax is best suited, as it retains its modeling properties for a long time, even in wet conditions. Lacquer is used for one hundred percent fixation, for example, to preserve the shape of curls. They are applied without special preparation, the entire length of the hair with their own hands and the advice of professionals helps them to apply them correctly.

Hair dye products

Painting is used to give a visual thickness of hair. At home, staining is difficult, but possible.

To do this, you need to choose a special paint from the male line, as close as possible to the natural hair color. Test for sensitivity to components before painting. Apply dye evenly to the desired area, maintain the required interval, wash off.

To avoid irritation of the area around the chin, apply a cream on this area. For poor staining, the procedure can be repeated after 15 minutes. It is necessary to care for the painted vegetation as well as for the natural one.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies, like purchased ones, can have a beneficial effect on hair growth. Therefore, you can not be afraid to experiment, combine funds, until you find a convenient and effective solution.

Burdock, castor, olive oil will help to care for hair. These oils accelerate the growth of hair, they are used separately and together. They are applied before bedtime, comb, and washed off in the morning.

Mask recipe: apply a compress from a mixture of castor and burdock oils on previously steamed skin, rinse off after 1 hour.

2 mask recipe: mix two teaspoons of castor and burdock oils with a pinch of red pepper, apply the mixture to the beard for 15 minutes, rinse with water. This mixture stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, and the oils nourish the skin with nutrients.

Hair growth can be stimulated by ointments based on green tea, oils, nutmeg. Apply hormonal ointments and creams should be with caution so as not to disturb the body's natural hormonal balance.

For lovers of natural ingredients populists have developed a homemade shampoo. Ingredients: burdock root, hop cones, birch leaves, calendula, all this is poured with hot beer, filtered and used as a shampoo.

To get rid of dandruff used beet water.

Vitamin therapy

The structure of the hair coat characterizes the state of human health. Slow hair growth, lack of density indicate a lack of vitamins or male hormones.

To rectify the situation it is necessary:

  1. After consulting a doctor, conduct vitamin therapy.
  2. Revise the diet, saturate it with organic vitamins and minerals, eat more vegetables and fruits.
  3. Увеличить потребление белка, воды.
  4. Отказаться от вредных привычек.
  5. Для выработки тестостерона заниматься спортом, с серьёзными физическими нагрузками.

Правила ухода во время отращивания

How to care for a growing beard at home and at the same time achieve a professional result?

  1. Observe a smooth contour, a clear form of a beard, mustache.
  2. Grow a beard moderately long. Trend length - 12 mm.
  3. Use professional trimmers.
  4. Wash and comb in a timely manner.
  5. Use styling tools.

A man who possesses dense vegetation should not spare time and money for caring for a fashion accessory.


The style of a person is read in detail. A beard is one of the important details of a fashionable man. Ignoring care leads to a repulsive effect. Caring at home is not difficult, for this special tools, care tips are available.

Prices for care products are in the affordable range. So one can enter into a “bearded” life safely and without the risk of disappointment.

If you do not grow a thick beard, hair on your cheeks is missing, hair is thin and sparse,
- There is a tool that is valid for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting entirely of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

Beard care tips for beginners

The main task for bearded men - regular and proper care. The process takes time and patience. Obtaining the desired result is possible with the following tips:

  1. Get a trimmer. Electric shaver evenly equalizes the beard and mustache, will help maintain their shape. If there is no experience with the trimmer, use a nozzle that leaves long hairs. Over time, plug in other nozzles.
  2. Use a comb comb. She aligns naughty hair and gives shape to a beard. Daily treatment is an integral part of basic care.
  3. Use sharp scissors for cutting. Give the outline of a male beard, trim overgrown hairs or bring to the desired length.
  4. Do not disregard the mustache. They also need a haircut and timely care. Trim the lower part of the mustache with sharp scissors. If you cut the upper part, you can spoil the shape. For a perfect mustache look, use a modeling tool.
  5. Wash your beard and mustache with craft oil. Its special properties will make hair soft and easier styling.
  6. Special aromatic oils for the care of vegetation will help eliminate odors, soothe irritated and sensitive skin. The beneficial properties of the oils will add shine and silkiness to the scalp.
  7. After all the procedures, dry the beard with a towel. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer, as it promotes dry hair and dandruff. In case you need to go outside in frosty weather, be sure to carefully dry the hairs, otherwise the vegetation will suffer from hypothermia.

To master the whole technique of phased care for facial hair, you can view various videos that provide useful materials.

Care for a long beard at home

Long and thick hair on the face should be regularly and promptly cleaned. Follow the step by step instructions to achieve the desired result:

  • For an attractive and tidy look, vegetation needs to be washed every other day. Special attention should be given to the root zone, since after a meal, leftover food and other garbage can remain in this part. Late cleansing will create an unpleasant impression of the owner. The man with the garbage on his beard looks messy and sloppy.
  • It is not recommended to soap beard. You can easily damage the shape due to leaching of natural fat grease.
  • After washing the hair, use a balm that will soften the hairs.
  • Do not blow dry your beard. Apply a well-absorbing towel to the chin and blot the hair.
  • Shampoo for washing has the ability to overdry the skin. To avoid unpleasant sensations, use emollient oils.
  • Comb long and voluminous hair once a day. To facilitate the procedure, choose a brush with a natural bristle. It is better if it is made from animal hair, and not from artificial fibers. A high-quality comb will facilitate the combing process and prevent hair from tangling. This accessory is convenient to use for massage and even application of emollient oil.
  • Shave off vegetation with sharp scissors. Before clipping, do not wet the hair too much, as they may stretch, and this may affect future length.
  • Include in the arsenal of tools for the care of the beard trimmer. It easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places and corrects the shape.
  • Observe symmetry during trimming. If you feel insecure, do not cut the beard yourself. An experienced barber will easily add symmetry and bring vegetation in order.

Rules for the care of a beard at home

It is much easier to care for a short beard at home than for a long one. Frequent washing, the use of trimmer and the use of caring means are the main components of the beautiful and neat facial hair.

In the first days of growing up, itching and irritation appear. This is the first sign of stubble growth. Be patient and try to soothe your skin with moisturizing oil or balm.

If you have a mustache, wash, trim and style hairs in a timely manner. Trim the corners with a trimmer and add a well-groomed and presentable look to your mustache. Fix them with wax or gel.

Basic beard care products

To grow a beautiful beard is a great achievement for a man, but she still needs to learn how to care for her. With the help of special tools you can easily cope with the task.

All care products are divided into four groups:

  1. Cleansing - soap, shampoos.
  2. Moisturizing - masks, balms, conditioners.
  3. Modeling - wax, gel, foam, varnish, powder, paste.
  4. Coloring - hair dye.


Any shampoos and soaps are cosmetic products for hair care. They help care for the beard and keep it clean. To care, use a special soap. Regular soap dries the skin and weights the hairs. The special soap contains components that cleanse and nourish the skin of the face.

Shampoo for washing facial hair is different from the usual shampoo for the head. Therefore, purchase a special beard care shampoo. It has a positive effect on the condition of the hairs, gives them softness, makes them obedient. This tool prevents dandruff and is suitable for daily use.


All moisturizing cosmetics have a calming effect. It gives a pleasant smell and softens the skin.

Oil - a great assistant novice bearded. During the growth of the bristles, the skin becomes irritated, there are uncomfortable sensations, itching, redness. Oil with a vitamin complex perfectly copes with this ailment and soothes irritated skin. Common care oils are: coconut, orange, frankincense, tea tree, almond oil, jojoba oil and others. For smokers, owners of beards suitable aromatic oil with rosemary or lavender, as the hair absorbs odors, including tobacco smoke. Apply 2-3 drops of this tool and using a comb spread along the length of the hair. If you do not have a comb on hand, rub the oil in your hands and rub into the skin until completely absorbed.

Masks, balms, conditioners strengthen the hair on the face and nourish it, facilitate combing and prevent dryness. Use nourishing masks to strengthen the root system. For example, treat facial hair with a mustard mask. Mix mustard powder and regular shampoo. Apply the mixture onto the beard and rinse with warm water.

Modeling tools

Wax, lipstick, paste, gel to fix the hair will help to give a beautiful shape and pacify the naughty beard. When choosing the right styling product, pay attention to the hair structure.

Wax indispensable for fixing the shape of a haircut. To add volume, use a paste or lipstick, for shine and elasticity - a gel, for elasticity with no shine - clay.

Lipstick - A means for styling complex models of haircuts and "chaotic disorder." Lipsticks have a light texture, do not allow hair to stick together and strongly fix.

Paste - cream, giving volume without highlighting the strands. The paste contains components of natural oils that nourish the hair. They do not glue the strands and do not add shine. Pasta fixes and keeps the shape throughout the day.

Gel - styling styling product. Allows you to make beautiful and clear waves on curly hair. Gel is applied exclusively on dry hairs, otherwise they will stick together and lose shape.

Clay - cosmetic rich in vitamins and minerals. Clay is divided into white - moisturizing, green - drying, black - healing.

Powder gives volume, removes greasy hair, makes them obedient.

Varnish - used only for fixing curls.

Modeling agents should be applied in moderation. If you overdo it with these tools, you can get a completely opposite result.

Coloring tools

It is not recommended to dye the beard at home to a man; otherwise you can dye the hair poorly and damage the skin. But experienced bearded men are able to carry out this procedure without the help of a master on their own.

To paint the beard is necessary with the help of a special professional paint for the beard, as close as possible to the natural color. This paint is designed specifically to ensure a lasting effect, does not cause allergies, quickly paints hair and does not harm the hair. It is advisable to choose paints on a gel basis. Such paints have a wide range of shades. For shading gray hair, use paints of gradual action, which with each dye enhance color.

Use environmentally friendly products for staining: henna or basma. Due to the natural ingredients, they do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin. Mixing among themselves Basma and henna, you can get several shades: red, brown, blond. Another advantage of this choice is an acceptable cost, not exceeding one hundred rubles per package.

Remember that natural shades look more attractive than rich black. Black color looks rough and is not recommended for guys with soft features.

How to paint a beard

Refusing the services of a master in the salon, you can carry out the staining procedure at home as follows:

  1. First, wash the hairs and dry them.
  2. Cover the surface with an oilcloth or newspaper, and use gloves and a cape.
  3. Pour the contents of the tube into a container, mix with a brush and apply paint over the entire length of the hair. Smear the roots and tips. Each paint comes with instructions and time for coloring.
  4. After a seasoned period, wash off the paint with warm water.
  5. In case of contact with the skin, wipe it gently with alcohol or lemon juice.
  6. Dry your beard naturally. If there are unpainted areas, repeat the procedure with residual ink to even out the color.

For a harmonious and beautiful color dye your beard a tone darker than the hair on your head. Repeat staining every 3-6 days as the bristles grow. Reuse one tube of paint as it is designed for several applications.

Beard trimming at home

If facial hair grows quickly, do not be afraid to cut off unnecessary and unnecessary. Long and rounded hair fix hairbrush. Pull and cut off the extra length and attach the contour. Be careful and do not rush, otherwise you can spoil the shape, making it uneven.

To simplify the process, use a shaving machine. It is convenient to remove unnecessary vegetation on the throat or cheeks, as well as remove hairs sticking in different directions. If the beard is not very long, trim it with a trimmer. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days for dry hair. Do not even the beard before bedtime. Possible irritation will not let you fall asleep.

How to shave a beard without irritation

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex do not know how to shave properly, as a result of which they experience discomfort and suffer from skin irritation.

Shaving preparation begins with the following procedures:

  • It is necessary to steam the skin well, thoroughly lather the desired area. The soap mass will penetrate the pores of the skin, and the razor will slide easily.
  • The direction of shaving plays an important role. Shave in the direction of hair growth. A common mistake of guys is to hold the blade from the ears to the chin, and vice versa, from the chin to the ears. With this technique, dust and microbes enter the hair follicle.
  • After shaving use a balm. Apply a small amount of liquid, massaging light movements rub the skin. This process has a calming effect.

What do men prefer to shave their beards and mustache

To keep your beard in tidy condition, purchase special shaving tools. Guys prefer to use an electric razor and a straight razor. Both tools have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric shaver is absolutely safe, it can not be cut. This tool is indispensable on the go. Before shaving with an electric razor, you do not need to apply shaving gel or other moisturizing agents.

Despite its advantages, the tool has significant drawbacks:

  • Requires regular blade cleaning after use,
  • Causes frequent irritations.

Dangerous razor or blade - it is an open blade, so it should be kept in a place out of reach of children. Before use, you must learn the technique of shaving. Shaving from the first straight razor without a possible risk, most likely, will not work. Unlike an electric typewriter, the straight razor shaves cleaner and lasts longer.

When choosing a tool, do not follow the fashion, but build on such factors as usability and the achievement of the desired effect. You may have to try out several tools before you figure out which one is right for you. Select a shaver designed for your bristle structure and its rigidity.

To make facial hair look beautiful, remember about proper and balanced nutrition. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, eliminate alcohol. Any products affect the appearance of the hair. Eat healthy foods and drink more clean, non-boiled water. Eat more fish, meat, nuts. Also remember that poor sleep worsens the condition of the hair and slows their growth. Thus, sleep is reflected in the state of the beard.

Use beard care tips, as improper care can become a huge problem for a man and instead of a neat beard, you will get unattractive and sloppy vegetation. By following the simple rules of care, you can easily grow a pleasant and well-groomed beard.

How to care for a short beard at home

In the first week of the bristles in the care and cutting does not need. It may disturb the feeling of itching on the chin and cheeks, this is an indication that the beard grows. Relieve discomfort can be using aromatic oils that you will need and later getting rid of extraneous odors.

The rules for the care of a short beard are simple:

  • Wash regularly.
  • Use care products such as balm, foam, or mousse.
  • To get rid of excess vegetation, maintain a clear contour, use a special device - a trimmer.

How to care for a long beard at home

In addition to systematic washing and combing, you should put a long beard every day in the morning. So the hairs will “get used to it” and will themselves lie as it should.

When cutting long beards, it is better to use scissors with a pull function. This is the best way to preserve the contour and prevent a neglected beard.

Whiskers should be trimmed periodically with scissors, removing only the edges above the lip. To lay the hair perfectly, use wax for styling.

Bristle trimming

Beginners, who only recently acquired a chic beard, have questions: what to do with the line of the cheeks and neck?

For those who want to keep up with the times, it is better to purchase a high-quality professional beard trimmer, equipped with several nozzles. Each of them is designed for a specific area - cheeks, whiskers, mustaches and even hair on the head.

To choose the best beard trimmer, you should visit a special salon where you will find several brands and models of this desired product at once.

According to stylists - bradobreev, the list of brands of the best beard trimmers includes: Dewal, Moser, Hairway, Oster, etc.

Purchased funds

Care products that can be purchased at the store include shampoos and soaps, balsams and oils, as well as mousses, beard waxes, gels, varnishes.

You should not save on these funds - this is how you risk getting stiff naughty hair, skin irritation and even dandruff.

Not suitable for washing beards and ordinary soap - experts advise to use a special craft. В его состав обычно включены всевозможные полезные добавки – березовый деготь для смягчения и укрепления, уголь и глина против раздражения, ароматические компоненты.

Масло для бороды

Хорошее средство для смягчения волосяного покрова, увлажнения кожи лица, предотвращения ее сухости и раздражения. The oils will give your beard a pleasant smell, eliminating unwanted odors - for example, tobacco or onions.

Choose aromas such as orange, ylang-ylang, patchouli, almond, lemon, grapefruit or incense. Apply the fragrant substance with a pipette, and distribute the comb with thin frequent teeth.

Means to give shape

These are all kinds of varnishes, gels, beard wax, modeling clay and mousse. They help to give and keep a stylish, well-groomed and neat beard look. As part of many of them are vitamins and other useful ingredients.