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How to choose the perfect broom for a bath?


Bath - a unique place to relax, rejuvenate and heal the body. Her visit has a beneficial effect on the skin, nervous system and overall immunity. Undoubtedly, everyone has their own ideas about the ideal temperature of the air, aroma or humidity, but in one of them lovers of steam agree on the fact that a bath besom is an indispensable attribute. In order for its use to improve health, and not harm, you need to take into account several features.

First of all, you need to consider what kind of species there is a broom for a bath. First, the well-known and beloved birch. It is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and durability. Because of the special structure of the sheet, it adheres perfectly to the body, while absorbing moisture and sweat. It has long been known that birch leaves contain a variety of useful substances, because a decoction from the parts of this tree was used to treat all kinds of wounds, skin diseases and other diseases. Bath broom is better to make from branches of curly or weeping birch. Leaf should be velvety.

Secondly, correctly steamed oak broom is quite popular. Due to the wide leaves in the steam room steam is easily injected. Ancestors believed that this tree gives strength and gives health. It is better to harvest a broom for a bath at the end of summer or the very beginning of autumn.

Thirdly, the eucalyptus broom is very useful. Even if you spray a few drops of tincture from this plant on the walls in the bath, you can cure respiratory diseases. It is better to harvest it at the end of autumn, at this particular time the leaves of the plant have the greatest healing properties. It would be more correct to add several eucalyptus branches to a birch broom, it will become not only durable, convenient, but even more useful.

Fourthly, it is impossible to disregard coniferous trees, especially fir. Brooms of them have healing properties. They will relieve inflammation, headaches and skin diseases. Broom needles from pine needles have one major drawback - rigidity, therefore, people with sensitive skin are not recommended to use them.

Fifthly, I want to say a few words about nettles. This plant can relieve rheumatism, pain in the lumbar spine and many other diseases. Nettle broom can be steamed in different ways. It is necessary to harvest it from the end of May - the beginning of June, it is used only once.

Sixth, very exotic, but no less useful is a bamboo bath besom. It contains a large amount of silicic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, skin and hair.

In addition to brooms, there are other accessories for the sauna and bath. They bring comfort and give pleasant moments. So, it is pleasing to the eye and bathing utensils made of wood (buckets, tubs, mugs and others) are good for health. All kinds of cosmetics (oils, creams, scrub masks and others) are necessary for skin care. Well, how to do without a nice bathrobes and towels? All these little things can turn an ordinary trip into a bathhouse into a real fairy tale.

Which broom is better to choose for a bath?

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Birch broom.

It is durable, flexible, comfortable. In addition, the healing properties of leaves, buds, bark, birch sap in folk medicine have long been known. Birch buds tincture with 90% alcohol (1: 5) is recommended for compresses and rubbing for inflammation of rheumatic and gouty joints. Especially good effect such compresses give after visiting the steam room. Birch sap is used to treat long-healing wounds. The crushed birch bark is applied to the torn wounds. Birch sap is often quenched thirst in the bath. Chemical analysis of birch leaves showed that they contain essential oil, tannins, vitamin C, provitamin A.
All these healing properties, discovered by our ancestors and confirmed by medicine, made the birch besom the most popular among bathers.
You can make a broom from the branches of any birch, but it is best to use curly birch - its branches are well preserved, they are thicker and more flexible, and the leaves do not become slippery under the influence of steam.

Oakwood more suitable for people with oily skin. It makes it matte and elastic, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The aroma of oak prevents excessive increase in blood pressure in the steam room. Therefore, people prone to hypertension, use mainly this broom. In addition, he calms the nervous system after practicing jogging and walking.

Linden broom perfectly removes headaches, conducts a soft "gymnastics" for the kidneys (diuretic effect), accelerates sweating, has a calming, wound healing, bronchodilator, antipyretic effect. With colds, he has no equal!

Alder broom used in the steam room for colds, aching joints and muscles.

Fir and juniper whisk They are rich in resinous substances that stimulate sweating, increase blood circulation deep in the muscles and - reflexively - even in the internal organs. This broom is good for a kind of segmental massage. For example, with pains in the spine, neuralgia, radiculitis, not giving exercises. It perfectly disinfects the air and prevents respiratory diseases: laryngitis, bronchitis, influenza. All the above brooms contribute to good sleep, restoring strength and it is better to use them in the evening.

But brooms of rowan leaves and grass with tansy inflorescences enhance the processes of excitation in the nervous system. Therefore, if you want to be “fresh as a cucumber” after a bath, these brooms are just right: they eliminate the relaxing effect of the bath procedure, prepare a person well for work during the second shift and are successfully applied in the morning.

Eucalyptus broom possesses the most valuable healing properties. Infusion of it is used as an antiseptic. If the wooden walls of the steam room are sprinkled with this infusion, and then succumb to the hot stones, you can feel the inhalation effect: the larynx, the trachea, the bronchi soaring warm up with fragrant steam (you need to breathe through your nose). This method of inhalation is very good: any broom (better, of course, eucalyptus) is moistened in eucalyptus infusion, pressed to the face and breathing through the nose.
Eucalyptus oil also has analgesic properties. It is used as a compress for neuralgia, muscle inflammation, bruises, sprains, pains in the joints. Mixing eucalyptus oil with turpentine, put a compress on a sore point or rub the mixture into the skin. In case of sore throat, it is enough to drop two drops of eucalyptus oil on a piece of sugar and hold it in your mouth until it melts. With a cold - to anoint the nose inside 2-3 times.
The most healing leaf of eucalyptus at the end of autumn (in November). A broom is better to cook in August. The disadvantage of the eucalyptus broom is that the branches are too thin - when splicing you have to spend extra efforts on waving your arms. And in the bath you need to save power. Therefore, experts prefer a combined broom: two or three eucalyptus branches are added to a birch or oak broom. And the healing effect remains, and it is convenient to bathe.
Recently, in the city baths have ceased to steam a nettle broom. Perhaps many today will be surprised: you can burn with nettles, how to bathe with it? If the nettle broom is prepared correctly, he will be grateful to those who have low back aches, aching joints - that is, people suffering from radiculitis, rheumatism, and gout.

Nettle Broom It is small, it is specially prepared before bedding: it is shifted from hot water to cold water for 2–3 minutes. After that, you can even whip the stomach - there will be no burn. If it is necessary for medicinal purposes that the nettle burns, a broom is lowered into boiling water for 1-2 seconds, and steamed only after the skin has warmed up well. They need to be fastened easily, then the effect will be better.
A pine broom is brewed for 15–20 minutes in boiling water to make it soft. For such a broom, the skin should be prepared, after lying for 5-7 minutes in the steam room. If the skin is very sensitive, it is better to refuse a coniferous besom at all.
For a broom, you can use maple, walnut, ash. If there is no broom and there is nowhere to get it, you can replace it with a terry towel no longer than a meter in length. Take it in the hand in the middle and worry.

Birch broom

The most popular is birch sauna broomwhich is flexible, durable and comfortable. The birch broom contains enzymes with wound healing, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic action.

How to harvest: according to the ancient custom, such brooms are harvested on Troitsyn day (early-mid-June). Choose for this only a dry day. When preparing such a broom, choose a more fluffy young birch, as its branches will be well preserved, and the leaves, even after a very hot steam will not be slippery.

Benefit: The use of a birch broom helps to relieve muscle and joint pain after physical exertion and exercise. Essential substances that emit birch twigs and leaves, contribute to the secretion of sputum and the expansion of the bronchi. It perfectly cleanses the skin with tendencies to pustules and rashes, heals wounds and abrasions, soothes and improves mood.

Special advantage - greatly expands the small bronchi. That is why it is very easy to breathe after using such a broom. For smokers and asthmatics, birch broom will be an indispensable tool. Birch leaves contain essential oils, vitamin C, tannins, provitamin A. Broom infusion can be used for washing the head, it will strengthen the hair and eliminate dandruff. This infusion is obtained after you brew broom "hot" way.

Oak broom

Differs great strength.

How to harvest: harvested in August - September. Before the bath, soak a dry oak broom in cold water for 15-20 minutes, and then steam in boiling water for three minutes. Since oak leaves are rather dense and wide, they will easily catch steam. They will also be easy to stitch.

Benefit: Oak foliage and bark contain a large amount of tannins, which is why oak infusions and decoctions are used for skin diseases and for excessive sweating of the feet.

Oak broom should be used by people with oily skin, it will make the skin elastic and matte and will have an anti-inflammatory effect. And with the help of the aroma of oak in the steam room, the blood pressure will not increase much - therefore it is excellent for people prone to hypertension.

Eucalyptus broom

How to harvest: it is better to work out a broom in August The only drawback of eucalyptus - too thin branches, which are uncomfortable when overlapping. The ideal option would be to combine eucalyptus twigs with birch or oak branches. Having made yourself such a broom, you will not only conveniently bathe, but also feel the whole healing effect on yourself.

Benefit: Eucalyptus leaves have the most valuable healing properties, and the extract from it is used as an antiseptic. Sprinkle with this infusion the wooden walls of the steam room, and then submit them to hot stones, and then, in addition to the antiseptic, you can feel the inhalation effect: the trachea, bronchi and larynx will be heated with fragrant eucalyptus vapor.

Nettle broom

How to harvest: Nettle branches are cut at the beginning of summer and dried in a dark place. Broom nettle should be small, before using it you need 2 times for three minutes to immerse it from hot water in the cold. And only after such manipulations, you can safely lash them so that there is no burn. Use less frequently.

Benefit: It has a powerful local irritant, anti-inflammatory, distracting effect. It helps to reduce blood pressure, perfectly relieves nervous tension. Eliminates pain in the lower back, joints, is useful for people suffering from rheumatism, radiculitis, gout.

Coniferous broom (juniper, fir)

How to harvest: brooms from coniferous breeds can be harvested all year round. To broom was soft, brew it for 15-20 minutes in boiling water. Lie for 5-7 minutes in the steam room, and only after that use such a broom. And if the skin is too sensitive, then it is better to refuse coniferous broom.

Benefit: Stimulate sweating, increases blood circulation in the muscles, with constant use helps to eliminate pain in the spine, well helps with neuralgia, radiculitis. It perfectly disinfects the air and fights respiratory diseases.

As eucalyptus and coniferous twigs can be added to the birch or oak broom. A tincture of pine broom can be poured over stones in the steam room and used for washing.

Ashberry broom

How to harvest: dried rowan branches in a well-ventilated dark room. Spread fresh brooms on the floor or hang on the wall and turn over every day. After they dry, after about a week, tie them well and place them in a ventilated room.

Benefit: mountain ash broom enhances the processes in the nervous system, eliminates relaxation after a bath, the body after using such a broom will be well prepared for work, so it is recommended to use it in the morning.

Broom from a wormwood

The broom from a wormwood possesses the mass of useful properties.

How to harvest: cut off the branches of wormwood immediately after its flowering - this is done so that the stems of wormwood are not very rough.

Benefit: The stems and leaves of this plant contain essential oil, tannins and organic acids. People have long used wormwood for diseases of the joints, liver, stomach, gall bladder, to treat rheumatism, jaundice, and obesity.

For the preparation of healing bath broom, also use linden, maple, walnut, alder, fir, tansy, ash. It is necessary to cut off branches accurately, and not from one tree, and gradually and from several. It is better to cut off not the crowns, but the side shoots.

A dry broom is better for steaming in cold water, but not for long, otherwise it may lose its flavor. It will be better if you quickly take out a broom from the water and put it on hot stones. So from the wet leaves steam will rise, which will disintegrate the broom and will be able to soak the whole steam room with the useful aroma. But make sure that there are no leaves on the stones, they will only burn, which will cause the burning.

So, now you know how to choose a broom, so that bath procedures bring maximum benefit, and you can have a good rest and be filled with fresh forces! Go to the bath for health!

Top 10 brooms for Russian bath

The most popular broom - birch, it can rightly be considered a symbol of the Russian bath. Birch is a miraculous tree, in its leaves there are useful essential oils, tannins, vitamins A and C. Volatile substances secreted by the leaves kill disease-causing microbes, disinfect the air, and when heated, this property increases.

Want to improve the condition and color of the skin, reduce rashes and wrinkles? Do you have lung diseases or do you smoke? Is your immunity and overall tone weak? Then choose a birch broom! By the way, an infusion of birch leaves helps strengthen hair and get rid of dandruff.

The second most popular broom - oak. Choose it if you have oily skin and there are inflammations; oak “antiseptic” will help to make it clean and matte. Such brooms are shown to hypertensive patients and athletes as pressure lowering, relaxing and soothing. Due to the presence of tannins in the leaves, steaming with oak brooms is especially useful for those who are inclined to sweating.

Oak broom is larger and heavier than birch, especially when wet, but it gives more steam and more durable, it is enough for several trips to the bath.

Very popular in the Russian bath broom lime. Липа, как известно, обладает противопростудными, противовоспалительными, укрепляющими иммунитет свойствами - потому липовый чай всегда рекомендуют как одно из лучших народных средств.

То же относится и к парам липового веника, причем они помогают при головных болях и нарушениях сна. Using a lime broom for cosmetic purposes, you can get rid of acne, various rashes and even whiten the skin, for example, removing freckles and spots after pimples. Linden decoction is useful for brittle, splitting hair.

Very helpful and pleasant to steam. bird cherry broom. It is “delicate” for the skin and has an amazing aroma. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties are also found in bird-cherry leaves. The substances in them help fight pimples, heal wounds and ulcers, strengthen hair and expel cold.

Very "soft" and fragrant cherry and currant brooms. They have less pronounced healing properties, but they are a pleasure to take a steam bath! But, unfortunately, these brooms are very fragile.

Softwoods (fir, cedar, spruce) brooms are less popular, though not less useful. The fact is that they are rather “rough”, and it is better to use such brooms only to experienced bathers who are able to tolerate possible scratches during the blows. Set this broom aside if you have delicate skin and especially if you have skin diseases.

The rest of these brooms are shown in the treatment of lung diseases (including tuberculosis) and rheumatism, frequent colds, with head and ear toothacheto calm the nervous system. One of the advantages of brooms from coniferous trees is that you can use a fresh broom at any time of the year.

Indispensable thing

The blows with steaming brooms act akin to massage, improving blood circulation, sweating and metabolic processes. Moderate temperature drops allow you to clean the body of harmful substances and effectively clean the pores.

In addition, the nutrients contained in the leaves of the brooms are excellent antimicrobial agents to help cope with colds and increase the body's defenses. And essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin, making it more elastic and taut.

How to choose a broom that will make the procedure of visiting a sauna or a bath not only pleasant, but also useful?

Connoisseurs recommend, if possible, to use a thing made of fresh branches, so all useful substances will be preserved in it. Those who are going to harvest such attributes on their own, do it better in the middle of summer and always in dry weather.

If you go shopping, then pay attention to a few important points:

  1. Proper design. Inside should be thicker twigs, and thin them to frame.
  2. Leaves, if they are fresh, should be clean, free from damage and plaque. Dry sheets should also have a uniform color without mold.
  3. Weight. Try to lift and wave a few brooms, choosing a lighter one. So you will not get tired hand, and bath attribute does not leave painful marks on the skin.

Having come to the bath, it is also important to properly prepare the "tool". To do this, you need to know how to steam it. To broom was quite flexible and soft, and the leaves did not fall off after a few strokes, you need to follow several rules:

  1. Fresh broom steam can not be, it is enough to rinse with water.
  2. Dried can be done in two ways:
  • Before use, rinse with water, put in a container with hot water, cover with a lid or a bowl, and let stand for 20 minutes, turning over periodically,
  • put in a container with hot water, pick up after 15 minutes and hold over hot stones in the steam room.

The water remaining after steaming is not poured, but used as a hair rinse. It helps to eliminate dandruff and make hair stronger.

Main varieties

Now let's find out what brooms are like and what to choose:

Birch. It is quite light and flexible, which allows for an active massage in the steam room. When buying it, look for the branches to be “fluffy”. Using a birch broom will help relieve pain in muscles and joints (especially effective after exercise and sports), reduce the appearance of purulent rash and heal wounds.

Particularly useful whipping procedures will be for those who smoke and have chronic respiratory illnesses. Essential substances that make up the leaves and branches of birch, expand the bronchi, facilitating the process of breathing, and removing stagnant sputum.

Oak. It absorbs sweat worse, but it gives an opportunity to sweat enough, as it provides a strong heat. Among other advantages, they also note the beneficial effect of tannins in dermatological diseases and excessive sweating. And the owners of oily skin, such procedures will help eliminate inflammation, give haze and elasticity.

Conifer (spruce, cedar, juniper, fir). These are natural, useful, but at the same time dangerous “tools”. Since most of them have needles, during the procedures they can not only prick, but also injure the skin. It is best not to whip, but gently lead over the skin, like a washcloth. Resins released during the process have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and help with various inflammations and rashes.

Lime. It is not as popular as the previous ones, but also has a whole list of useful properties. Using a broom of lime helps to get rid of headaches, promotes healing of wounds, helps in the process of treating kidney disease.

Bath - a good way to become healthier. Let such procedures give you real pleasure, and whipping with a broom will help get rid of ailments.