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Subtleties of the most popular drink: what is the difference between granulated coffee and freeze-dried coffee?


What is a drink made of? If powdered or granulated coffee is often made from waste coffee production, then for the preparation of freeze-dried whole coffee beans are used. As for the variety, it is mostly robusta.

This variety is worse than many Arabica favorites, but using the latter is unprofitable. First, the price of arabica is higher. Secondly, in any case, the characteristic taste and aroma of Arabica is not preserved in full. Thirdly, Robusta has more caffeine.

How to make freeze-dried coffee? Manufacturing technology is quite complicated, which largely explains the high cost of such a drink. The main stages of production:

  1. First, the coffee beans are roasted and ground to a powder.
  2. The coffee powder obtained after grinding is dissolved in water and boiled for several hours. In the process of cooking, under the influence of high temperatures, essential oils are evaporated from coffee. They leave with the steam, so that it is discharged through the pipe. The resulting condensate is oil. They are going to be used in the future.
  3. The resulting coffee mass is frozen in special freezers. The freezing process is very fast, so the temperature is extremely low. A vacuum is also created in the chamber. And under such conditions all the liquid is completely removed from the mass, only the concentrate remains.
  4. Then the dried coffee composition is crushed into small pieces, resulting in particles of irregular shape.
  5. To return the coffee aroma and specific taste, the coffee mass is again combined with the previously evaporated essential oils. But unscrupulous manufacturers can use not natural, but artificial oils, which, of course, will affect the aroma and taste of the drink.

Is it useful?

The advantage of freeze-dried coffee is due to the fact that the production technology allows you to save not only the aroma and taste, but also most of the ingredients in the grain. Instant instant coffee, like natural coffee, has the following useful properties:

  • Caffeine increases heart rate and thereby improves blood circulation.
  • Coffee stimulates brain activity, improves the state of brain tissue.
  • This drink helps to cope with drowsiness and to feel a charge of cheerfulness, even sutra after waking up.
  • Coffee can help cope with pain, especially headache.
  • The composition of coffee beans include antioxidants, which not only prevent premature aging, but also protect tissues from the effects of free radicals (such an effect can trigger the development of cancer).
  • Coffee is useful for hypotensive, as it increases blood pressure.
  • This drink increases appetite and stimulates the production of gastric juice.
  • It has been proven that moderate consumption of coffee can protect against such a serious illness as Alzheimer's disease.
  • This drink will help get rid of edema.

Is this coffee bad?

The harm of freeze-dried coffee (like any other) is explained by the following properties:

  • Drinking on an empty stomach can lead to the development of gastritis and even ulcers.
  • Excessive consumption of coffee can disrupt the nervous system and cause increased excitability.
  • Coffee increases the pressure, which is dangerous for hypertensive patients.
  • Due to the diuretic effects of coffee, it can lead to dehydration and potassium deficiency (and it is necessary for the heart muscle).
  • Caffeine helps to flush out calcium from the body.
  • Uncontrolled drinking can damage the liver.

How to make a choice?

How to choose freeze-dried coffee, which one is better? When buying, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Packaging. It must be sealed and intact. It is best to give preference to soft packaging or glass jars. Plastic may spoil the aroma and taste of the drink.
  2. Information on the packaging. It must indicate the country of origin, contact details, conditions and periods of storage. By the way, pay special attention to the country. If a state is indicated in which coffee, in principle, does not grow, then it is better to refuse the purchase. This plant is now cultivated in Asia, Africa and South America, such as Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hawaii, and the Philippines.
  3. Examine the particles. They should be rather small, approximately the same in size and have an irregular shape and light brown color.
  4. At the bottom of the package should not be powder. Such a precipitate will signal a violation of production technology.
  5. Particles should not break down and turn into powder when pressed.
  6. The aroma should be pronounced and pleasant.

Enjoy the taste of quality freeze-dried coffee!

Types of instant coffee

Instant coffee is divided into three types, which for the average person are not very different from each other, however, each of the types (powder, granulated and sublimated) is produced according to a separate technology.

The article considered only the two highest quality species. So, how does granulated coffee differ from sublimated coffee, which one is better to choose for morning cooking, to cheer up and enjoy all the same exquisite quality, taste and aroma?


Powdered and granulated coffee are made under the action of high pressure, which strikingly distinguishes the technology of their production from freeze-dried coffee.

What is the difference between granulated and freeze-dried coffee? First, the production technology. The technology of freeze-dried coffee is the preparation of coffee broth, which is frozen at a very low temperature. The resulting substance is dehydrated under vacuum, and then crushed. This is how particles of various angular forms are obtained. The composition and other characteristics of this type of coffee as close as possible to the natural freshly brewed.

Granulated coffee has a cheaper technology of exposure to ground coffee beans with high pressure and temperatures. They destroy some useful properties of coffee, including reducing the content of caffeine and essential oils in the coffee mass.

Technology is not the only thing that distinguishes granulated coffee from sublimated coffee. They differ in their effects on the human body. An important role is played by the differences in their fortresses.

Sublimated and granulated coffee. What is the difference

The price indicates the complexity of the production technology, but also the quality of the product, because it is quite difficult and expensive to keep all the qualities of the drink close to natural.

Granulated coffee, like powdered coffee, is prepared under high pressure, at the end of the process knocking the resulting sand into granules with the help of hot steam. That is, this species is also affected by high temperature.

It is the sublimated drink (due to the most careful technology) that turns out to be the most saturated and high-quality. Therefore, the question of which coffee is better: sublimated or granulated, can be unambiguously answered. Sublimated is better in taste and in its effects on health.

You can see in the photo how granulated coffee differs from sublimated coffee. From left to right: sublimated, granulated and grain.

Tips for choosing

There are no clearly described rules for choosing freeze-dried coffee, but you can rely on the basic properties of soluble, necessary for a person who cares about his time and his health.

It is best to give preference to glass containers or a special soft metallic type of packaging, which retain all the properties of freeze-dried coffee in a reduced amount. It is better not to take plastic packaging. Pay attention to tightness.

Check expiration date. The product, which is stored for more than 2 years, is likely to be full of preservatives, destroying the beneficial substances contained in coffee.

If possible, you need to examine the state of the coffee pyramids. Each of them should be large enough, not fragmented. The broken integrity indicates the violated rules in the production technology.

The price also indicates the quality of the coffee, as it depends on the number of control stages in the preparation of the drink.

Carte noire

Coffee maker Carte Noire is Kraft Foods LLC, Germany. It ranks first in quality, flavor and taste and second in value: for 100 g 346 rubles.

This drink compares favorably in flavor and taste, despite the fact that they are not perfect, but perfectly balanced. Carte Noire has a pure coffee aroma, without impurities, and a moderately tart taste. The test for cold water solubility of coffee passed for 1 minute, which indicates a good solubility of freeze-dried particles.

Coffee manufacturer Moccona - LLC Interkafe, Mytischi. This is also one of the most expensive products: for 100 g 274 rubles.

Externally, the coffee looks pretty good - large pieces of dark color. Therefore, it seems that this coffee is dark roasted, which means it has a stronger and bitter taste. However, the packaging does not say anything about the type of coffee. The finished drink Moccona is characterized by not too expressive aroma and empty taste. Coffee feels quite a bit. The granules dissolved in cold water in less than one minute.

Coffee producer Bushido - HACO Ltd., Switzerland. This is the most expensive instant coffee, its price per 100 g is equal to 415 rubles.

Bushido granules are quite large, but smaller than Moccona. On the packaging of coffee indicated that the composition - 100% Arabica, as far as this is true is unknown. The aroma of the finished drink is quite “coffee”, and the taste is very strong and slightly bitter. Coffee passed dark roast, so it is better suited for those who love strong coffee drinks. The cold coffee test failed because it did not dissolve even after 3 minutes, in accordance with GOST.

Nescafe gold

Coffee producer Nescafe Gold - Nestle Kuban LLC, Krasnodar Territory. In comparison with all the others with all the others, this is the most inexpensive coffee, its cost per 100 g is 222 rubles.

Nestlé company did a great job on the aroma of the drink - both dry and brewed coffee smell the same and like coffee, despite the fact that the grade of the used beans is not specified anywhere. Regarding the taste, they are clearly losing in flavor. The taste is rather weak and inexpressive, there is a slight bitterness. Cold coffee test passed in 2 minutes.

Coffee, like oil, can rightly be called black gold. This comparison is not accidental, because coffee products ranks second in the world in sales after hydrocarbons. Hundreds of millions of people are ardent fans of this bracing drink, and therefore its popularity remains at a very high level.

Conventionally, this product can be divided into natural and soluble. The name of the first variety speaks for itself - for the preparation of such varieties of coffee using grains that are simply crushed. There are three types of grinding: large, medium and fine. The product obtained in this way is of higher quality, has a rich taste and aroma, but for its preparation requires a certain amount of time. Everyone knows that ground coffee must be brewed, following a certain technology. This is not very convenient in our dynamically developing world.

Quite a different situation with instant coffee powder. This drink is prepared very quickly, you need only boiling water. A lot of time is saved, but tastes noticeably suffer. That is why sublimated coffee occupies an intermediate position, being a kind of golden mean.

What does freeze-dried coffee mean and how to get it?

At its core, the coffee substrate obtained by sublimation, is soluble, but it has completely different taste than the usual soluble. It differs in price, which together brings it closer to natural coffee.

Quite an interesting way to obtain a product called "instant coffee sublimated." Initially, the grains are subjected to thorough roasting and grinding, and this is extremely fine. After that, the resulting powder mass is placed in special containers in which it is boiled for several hours. As a result of this procedure, components such as essential oils that are removed from the tank through special shafts are separated from the product.

The next step in the manufacture of natural instant coffee is to quickly freeze the resulting mass in a vacuum. This technique allows you to dry the substrate as well as give it a crystalline appearance. But that is not all. In the production of this type of coffee product used and abstracted essential oils, as mentioned earlier. It is with this product that the obtained pyramidal crystals are impregnated, as a result of which they acquire a characteristic odor. But along with oils, chemical compounds (flavoring agents) are usually used.

Natural instant coffee and its effect on human health

According to the assurances of reputable researchers, freeze-dried coffee, contrary to public opinion, is still harmful to the human body. The most vulnerable are the digestive system and the liver. The coffee product obtained by sublimation irritates the stomach and pancreas, which can cause ulcers and the development of pancreatitis. The liver reacts to a coffee sublimate as something poisonous. As a result, she begins to work hard, removing a liquid that is dangerous for her from the body. The consequence of this process is the gradual deterioration of the liver and the occurrence of problems with it.

The use of artificial flavors also does not add points in favor of such coffee. Given the ability of coffee to remove calcium from the body, which is so important for bones, the question of whether to use this drink involuntarily arises. But in fact, not everything is so bad - the negative consequences are possible only with the unlimited use of the above described product. In everything, as they say, the measure is important.

What is freeze-dried coffee

Of course, everyone knows that freeze-dried coffee belongs to instant drinks, but what does this mean if we consider the product in more detail?

The fact is that even instant coffee is divided into several types.

He might be:

  • granulated,
  • powder,
  • and sublimated.

It is the latter that is considered the most delicious, and with it, and more expensive.

It is produced according to the technology called “dry freeze”. Invented it back in the 60s of the nineteenth century.

It turns out the drink after vacuum evaporation of the liquid from the coffee beans. But note that only the lowest quality grains are used for this.

How to produce freeze-dried coffee

The process of obtaining this refreshing drink is quite lengthy, time consuming and costly. Therefore, the output is a product that is much more expensive than the powder version, but at the same time more fragrant.

Let's take a closer look at how freeze-dried coffee is made.

  • First, the coffee beans are roasted, and then ground to a powder.
  • What happened is sent to special hermetically sealed tanks and boiled for at least three hours under pressure.
  • During digestion, essential oils are formed. They are collected for further use with the help of special tubes that output pairs.
  • The next stage is freezing. The product is sent to freezers, where it manages to completely freeze in a record short time. If this is not done as quickly as possible, the quality of the coffee will significantly deteriorate. At this stage, the mass is completely dried.
  • It is carefully crushed into small pieces and as a result, granules are formed, which we are used to seeing.
  • The final stage is the saturation of coffee with taste and aroma with the help of collected essential oils.

Composition and calorie

Instant coffee contains 100 grams of about 250 calories.

As for nutrients, it contains almost 15 grams of protein, three grams of fat, and 40 grams of carbohydrates. This is not so little, but we do not use the product with spoons, which means that with one cup, the body receives a minimum of calories.

In addition, this coffee has water, ash, B vitamins, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and niacin.

What is the benefit and harm of the drink

Many people simply do not represent their morning without a fragrant and invigorating drink. Unfortunately, freeze-dried coffee has practically no positive sides. Is that some amount of caffeine, nicotinic acid and antioxidants in the composition. But this applies only to a truly quality product.

Much more at instant coffee cons.

So, the frequent use of the drink has the following effects on the body:

  • способствует выведению кальция из костей и зубов,
  • может вызвать различные нарушения в работе желудка и сердца,
  • оказывает мочегонное воздействие, которое не всем идет на пользу,
  • может вызвать бесплодие у женщин и негативно сказаться на состоянии мужской потенции.

Кроме того:

  • слишком много кофе приводит к бессоннице и раздражительности,
  • It is not recommended to use the drink for people with heart problems and hypertension,
  • acidity increases, which may aggravate the course of stomach diseases,
  • contributes to the formation of ulcers, as well as kidney stones and pancreas,

In addition to all this, you should not drink coffee on an empty stomach.

It also adversely affects the appearance, accelerating the aging process due to the removal of fluid from the body.

It is no less harmful to the teeth, as it causes darkening of the enamel and plaque.

Strong coffee is strictly forbidden to women carrying a child. Three cups a day significantly increase the risk of abortion.

And, of course, do not forget about the possibility of developing addiction. Trying to get rid of such a habit, do not refuse sharply from coffee, just start reducing the amount of alcohol consumed and gradually reduce it to zero.

What distinguishes freeze dried coffee from granulated

Everything is very simple here - the difference is one, and it lies in the production technology. In fact, granular and powder variants are almost the same. A liquid is evaporated from the grains, and then the powder is packed or granules are formed with the aid of moisture.

The process of obtaining sublimated drink allows you to bring its taste and aroma as close as possible to the indicators of ground coffee.

What instant coffee to choose

If you still do not have time to prepare this coffee and instant is the most suitable option for you, then you should at least learn how to choose a good drink.

Instant coffee, of course, is considered the best among its soluble counterparts.

There are no specific criteria for choosing, but there are a number of rules that help to buy a quality product.

  • Do not buy drink in plastic packaging. Such packaging poorly preserves the properties of the product in it. Much tastier, he will be in a dense paper packaging or in a glass jar. Moreover, it should be sealed and does not allow foreign odors.
  • Be sure to look at the expiration date. And even though the coffee is long enough, still do not take it if it has been standing for more than two years.
  • The granules should be even, and if you, besides them, noticed a powder, it means that the norms of production were violated.

Pay attention to the cost of the drink. Low price immediately speaks of poor quality. Properly processed sublimated coffee cannot be cheap.

Top brands of freeze-dried coffee

On the shelves in the store you can see a lot of different types of coffee, so that the eyes diverge. But even among this variety there are the best representatives who have been engaged in the production of an invigorating drink for many years.

  1. Bushido. There are not every supermarket because it is quite expensive. But then it is considered the best dark roast coffee. It differs slightly bitter, but natural taste and very strong aroma. It is dissolved only in hot water.
  2. Carte noire. French version. It has a wonderful balanced taste. The price for it is also quite high, but the assortment is wide. The granules dissolve in both cold and hot water.
  3. Tchibo Exclusive. One more, not less qualitative drink possessing good, saturated taste and aroma. Previously, its cost was high, but recently it has significantly decreased, which in no way affected the properties of the product.
  4. Moccona. Not as tasty as other options, but much cheaper. It does not have a pronounced taste, but it dissolves well at any temperature.
  5. Nescafe. Perhaps the cheapest among freeze-dried coffee. He has a strong attracting aroma, but the taste, frankly, let us down. But this disadvantage is more than offset by the price.

Freeze-dried coffee is much better than other instant options, but it still can not be compared with a natural drink brewed from ground beans. Therefore, if possible, do not abuse it and do not save on quality.

Which product is better?

It all depends on your preferences. The advantages of natural ground coffee are undoubtedly, but the drink is made from it for a long time. Soluble varieties are quick to prepare and cheap, but less aromatic and tasty. That is why, in our opinion, the golden mean is coffee obtained as a result of sublimation. In this case, combine these positive characteristics, fast cooking and good taste.

Instant coffee - what is it?

The term “sublimation” is derived from the Latin word “sublimo,” which means “ascend,” and means the rapid transition of a substance from a solid to a gaseous state. In this case, the phase of the liquid state is skipped. In the processing industry, freeze-dried products are those that are obtained using the technology of rapid loss of moisture. Modern technology for the production of freeze-dried coffee includes two stages: freezing and vacuum drying.

Sublimation is considered an advanced technology, as fruits or vegetables that have frozen and dried do not lose their beneficial and nutrients. But in the case of coffee, things are a little different. It is not the coffee itself that is subjected to sublimation, but an extract that is obtained by prolonged digestion of ground coffee beans. Cryogenic freezing and subsequent vacuum drying ensure saving only the little that remains in the coffee broth after three hours of cooking.

The term “freeze-dried coffee” means instant beverage granules obtained using freeze-drying technology and vacuum drying, in which the liquid evaporates almost instantly.

How to make freeze-dried coffee?

We have already written about the technology of making freeze-dried coffee in our articles, but briefly recall the main stages.

  • Green coffee beans are roasted.
  • Load in containers.
  • Ground coffee is poured with water and brewed for three hours or more. The resulting condensate is removed in order to subsequently obtain natural flavors from it.
  • The finished extract is subjected to rapid freezing.
  • Then dried in vacuum chambers.
  • After that, gently crushed, getting a light brown granules.
  • At the last stage, the granules are treated with artificial or natural flavor and aroma enhancers.

Instant coffee is ready. It remains to be packaged.

What makes freeze-dried coffee?

The raw materials for the production of instant coffee are natural coffee beans. As a rule, these are mixtures of low-grade or substandard grains, which were rejected by purchasers or sorters. In any case, for the production of instant coffee take the cheapest raw materials, albeit of natural origin. The opinion that the best varieties of grains are used for freeze-dried coffee than for the production of granulated or powdered is not justified. The production technology of any instant coffee completely discourages the taste and smell from the beans. The bouquet that the customer feels in the cup depends on the quality of roasting and the aromatic compositions with which the granules are processed at the final stage of production.

Coffee producers did not disclose the composition of flavors, referring to a commercial secret, which means the composition of freeze-dried coffee is not fully known to the buyer.

The benefits of freeze-dried coffee

Instant coffee is very popular in our country. It is believed that it is more useful than ordinary powder or granular. Is it so?

  • The caffeine content in instant coffee is less than in natural. 200 ml of the drink contains about 54-56 mg of caffeine. There is no particular difference between the types of instant coffee. So a cup of freeze-dried coffee will still help cheer up.
  • The presence of caffeine will help release adrenaline and serotonin, so a surge of positive emotions is also possible.

As for the other properties of coffee, which the drink has from natural grains - improved digestion, antitumor prevention, increased stamina and muscle tone - then freeze-dried instant coffee does not produce such effects. The reason is simple: in a sublimate, except for a modest dose of caffeine and flavors of dubious origin, nothing remains. The unique chemical compounds of coffee beans remain on the share of natural coffee.

Harm of freeze-dried coffee

The use of freeze-dried coffee, like all other types, requires moderation. Too much dose of the drink can lead to short-term, but unpleasant consequences.

  • Palpitations.
  • Nausea
  • Increased pressure.
  • Insomnia.

Regular consumption of freeze-dried coffee on an empty stomach can trigger the onset and development of gastritis and stomach ulcers. The reason is in synthetic flavor enhancers, which have a detrimental effect on the gastric mucosa. Due to the fact that manufacturers do not indicate the exact composition of flavors, one cannot be 100% sure that there are no synthetic compounds even in expensive coffee.

Any instant coffee is harmful during pregnancy. Researchers have found that drinking instant coffee by future mothers increases the risk of having a premature baby.

Top 3 brands of freeze-dried coffee

Ratings are a thankless task, since it is difficult to compare all the available trade samples and brands of freeze-dried coffee by the same parameters. We use the data of the “Test Purchase” program, which compared 6 popular brands of freeze-dried coffee. "Ambassador", "Jardin", "Moccona", "Nescafe Gold", "Tchibo" and "Black Card". The samples were first subjected to "blind" tasting, then the leaders of the qualifying stage were tested for the content of moisture and caffeine.

Three winners is as follows.

  • 1st place went to the brand "Moccona". It was identified as balanced and pleasant to the taste, with an optimal caffeine content, made in full compliance with technological requirements.
  • 2nd place was taken by "Jardin". He received the tastes' sympathy prize for excellent taste, however, after checking for technological fit, he lost the lead. Therefore, behind him remains an honorable second place.
  • 3rd place - "Ambassador". He entered the top three winners on the results of the "blind tasting." Technologists considered that it was slightly inferior to the leaders in terms of caffeine content and compliance with technological requirements.

Nescafe Gold, Tchibo and Black Card dropped out of the tasting competition.

What does freeze-dried coffee taste depend on?

Taste bouquet determine several parameters.

  • Roasting. If the grain is burned, then the taste of the coffee will be too bitter, pungent and sharp.
  • Observance of production technology. The caffeine content, size and consistency of the coffee granules depend on it. If in an unopened can of coffee you find a large amount of sediment (debris), this means that there were irregularities in the production of freeze-dried coffee, and the taste may suffer.
  • Final processing. It is difficult to guess how the composition of this or that sublimate, but you can focus on the smell of dry coffee. It should be bright, but soft, enveloping. Too sharp aroma unambiguously testifies to an artificial origin of an aromatic composition. Drink from such coffee, most likely, will have unpleasant synthetic smack.

Preparation of instant drink

Connoisseurs advise for the best disclosure of the bouquet to apply the following technology of coffee preparation: take two tablespoons of freeze-dried coffee with one spoonful of sugar and a few drops of hot water. Mix the mixture thoroughly with a spoon until a homogeneous mass of light is formed, and then add the necessary amount of hot water to it. The drink turns out the most fragrant and tasty.

How does freeze-dried coffee differ from granulated coffee?

There are no particular differences between types of instant coffee, except for a slightly improved appearance and taste. Granulated and powdered coffee differ from sublimated coffee only in that when they are made from coffee extract under the action of high temperature liquid is evaporated. After that, the powder or granules are packaged.

Of course, freeze-dried coffee favorably differs in appearance, since it is more similar in shape and color to coffee beans. In addition, it is more fragrant, has a pleasant, soft taste.

Is there caffeine in freeze-dried coffee?

How much caffeine in freeze-dried coffee: a cup of freeze-dried coffee is about 60-80 mg of caffeine, depending on the manufacturer and the variety used. In the production of coffee extract from technical varieties of Robusta, caffeine is always more. There is practically no caffeine coffee - no more than 0.3%.

The benefits and harm of freeze-dried coffee

The benefits of freeze-dried coffee. If we talk about the benefits of freeze-dried coffee, then this is a moot point. Since it contains a large amount of caffeine, it will help overcome morning drowsiness. In addition, a positive effect on performance, brain activity, adds energy, improves appetite, improves mood. Drinking a cup of coffee before exercise contributes to weight loss. Coffee contains antioxidants that are beneficial to humans, and in hypotensis it normalizes blood pressure. But all is not so clear.

Harm of freeze-dried coffee. According to scientists, the uncontrolled use of coffee in large quantities can bring a person more harm than good. This is especially true of instant coffee, including sublimated.

What is the danger of excessive consumption of coffee?

  1. When consumed on an empty stomach: it has a bad effect on the stomach, it can provoke the development of gastritis, in the worst case, stomach ulcers. The indicator of such a negative impact is heartburn after drinking coffee.
  2. In 60% of cases, pregnant women provoke premature pregnancy (according to the American Journal of Epidemiology).
  3. Increases blood pressure, use of hypertensive patients is contraindicated.
  4. It has a diuretic effect. When drinking coffee, you need to drink plenty of water in order to fill the water balance.
  5. It flushes out potassium from the body, which negatively affects the work of the heart. It flushes out calcium from the body, causing osteoporosis.
  6. It has a negative effect on the nervous system, provokes increased irritability, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, irritability.
  7. Poor effect on the potency in men.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the use of instant coffee, as well as insoluble coffee, should be limited.

In any case, it must be remembered that freeze-dried coffee is not a completely natural product, the content of natural coffee beans in such a surrogate does not usually exceed 13-15%. Like any product, instant coffee is of different quality.

Below are a few recommendations for choosing freeze-dried coffee:

  1. Choose the best coffee among famous brands. Promoted trademarks have long been in the sales market and are responsible for the quality of their products.
  2. Hermetically sealed packaging. Coffee is better to buy in glass or cans. Tara affects the taste and aroma of coffee. In addition, the structure and color of the granules can be examined in a glass jar.
  3. The label should contain information about: manufacturer, sort, degree of roasting, production date, shelf life.
  4. When pressed, the granules should retain their shape, not crumble.
  5. The aroma should not be harsh, but with a pleasant smell of coffee.

Instant coffee cannot be called a natural drink. It is better to use coffee beans in everyday life - it is both healthier and cheaper. In some circumstances, this drink is simply indispensable, for example, on a trip. And the benefits or harm depend on the volume and frequency of use of the product.