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How to originally congratulate women at work on March 8: the script, in verse and in your own words


If you work in a cohesive and friendly team of women, you can make gifts to your colleagues as you wish.

Gift options for colleagues:

  • Sweets. And it is not necessary to give banal chocolates or candies in boxes, you can approach the choice of gifts creatively and present, for example, bright colored macaroons, gingerbread cakes with icing, cupcakes, cake pops, original cakes or something else.
  • Personal hygiene products are needed by everyone and are usually spent quickly, so this is not exactly the most original gift that will be useful. You can buy for each employee a shower gel, liquid soap.
  • Cute little statues. It is best to give something cool, for example, figurines of girls in different images or funny animals (dogs, taking into account the symbolism of 2018). You can give everyone the same statuettes, or you can choose a gift for each colleague individually, using your own associations or bright distinctive features of the recipient.
  • Flowers Moreover, small modest bouquets are allowed, as well as indoor plants in pots, which recipients can take home or leave in the office for ennobling and room decor.
  • Stationery and accessories that will be useful in the work: pens, notepads, organizers, markers, and so on. You can pack all this in an original way.
  • Low alcohol, for example, regular or sparkling wine, liqueur, vermouth, champagne. But drinks should be of high quality, well-known and not very cheap.

Congratulations for girlfriend

On March 8, many friends make each other surprises and celebrate the holiday together. It is not necessary to give something grand and expensive, because the most important thing is attention and pleasant emotions, so the gift can be symbolic. Here's how you can please your beloved girlfriend:

  • Any accessory, for example, a new belt, wallet, scarf or gloves. You probably know the tastes of a girlfriend or even her specific desires, so you can definitely please a loved one.
  • Cake, which can be eaten together for a holiday. It can be original and thematic: decorated with voluminous figures made of mastic or inscriptions.
  • Symbolic souvenirs: a frame for a photo, a mug with a picture or an inscription, a holder for a handbag, a flash drive in the shape of a figure, and so on.
  • Certificate in the cosmetics shop.

How to congratulate the International Women's Day girl or spouse?

Surely all men think how to congratulate women in 2018. If a gift is meant for a girlfriend or spouse, then his choice should be approached especially responsibly, in order not only to please the recipient, but also to please her, give pleasure and show her feelings.

  • Romantic dinner. You can invite a soul mate in a good restaurant: if she has not been in such places for a long time, then she will definitely be glad of such a surprise. But also a man can cook dinner with his own hands: the beloved will certainly appreciate the efforts. But this option is suitable if the male representative has at least basic culinary skills. As a last resort, order ready-made meals at home to enjoy delicious dishes in a familiar cozy atmosphere.
  • A trip to some beautiful and picturesque place: a park, a forest, a neighboring city or something else.
  • Certificate for visiting the spa. The recipient will be pleased to relax, go through several useful procedures and relax with body and soul, forgetting about the daily bustle.
  • Flowers - a must-have addition to any gift. But you can present a luxurious bouquet of roses, attaching a note and a soft toy to it. Such a surprise will definitely please the girl in the early stages of a relationship.
  • All women love jewelry, and it is better to give jewelry, not jewelry.
  • A man can give a beloved chic expensive set of underwear, if he knows her options and preferences. You can choose a gift together.

Congratulations to the closest people

A gift for a loved one, for example, a mother or daughter, should be chosen with a soul. Try to find out what your close relative is dreaming about, what he needs. Gifts for native people can be useful, it will definitely be appreciated, because it is not always possible to purchase something necessary.

For mom, you can arrange a grand celebration, setting the table and, for example, inviting girlfriends or arranging family gatherings. Other options are going to the theater, tickets to the concert of your favorite singer, a certificate to a store, a piece of clothing (if you know the exact size and suitable styles) or an accessory.

Useful tips

  1. If you can not congratulate a woman or girl in person, be sure to call her. If it is registered on social networks, send a message. It may contain a poem, themed emoticons or greeting images found on the Internet.
  2. What matters is not only the gift itself, but also how it is presented. Be sure to say pleasant words, think up an original or sincere wish, read heartfelt or, on the contrary, funny and humorous poems dedicated to the holiday.
  3. Distant relatives or girlfriends who live far away can be mailed postcards. But do it in advance, taking into account the time required for delivery.
  4. It is impossible to congratulate a woman personally, but I want to please her? Order a flower delivery or use the services of a courier who will bring the gift you bought and hand it to the recipient.

Having adopted the useful information stated above, you can congratulate on March 8 with a soul and an original approach.

How to originally congratulate women colleagues on March 8, 2018

March 8 is a long-awaited day off, a spring holiday filled with the aroma of first flowers, warmth of the sun and women's smiles. The majority of male office workers on the eve of the holiday think about how to originally congratulate 2018 women colleagues from March 8. Most cost simple classic version of the presentation of flowers and souvenirs. However, there are groups in which it is customary to celebrate holidays unusually, therefore, on March 8, each time passes extraordinary. Of the most original greetings for women from male colleagues, there are several.

Ideas of original greetings for March 8 for the female part of the team

  • A trip out of town. Ladies will be especially pleased to visit the spa or beauty salon in a hotel in nature
  • Handing out tickets for a performance, for example, to the theater. Well, if the performance will match the tastes of women.
  • Certificate. Pick up cosmetics or jewelry in the store would be nice to any woman, regardless of age.
  • Photo session right in the office. To do this, invite a beautician, makeup artist and photographer. I assure you, such a gift will appeal to any employee. And if you accompany the event with flowers, souvenirs and a banquet, they will remember this March 8 for a very long time.
  • A song with a guitar. The words are converted to a working theme, the verses are distributed between the sermon a few lines per person. Such a greeting is original and unexpected, it can be made funny.
  • "Dance of white swans" performed by men. Here you can have fun, the main thing is to have the appropriate attitude.
  • A collage of photos. Here they give vent to fantasy, replace faces in pictures or insert photos of female employees into frames with images of goddesses or fairy-tale characters. You can make a caricature of the whole team and send it out.
  • On the evening of March 7, ask the sysadmin to make a greeting screen saver on the desktops of the employees.
  • Bowling, karting, billiards. Women also love this kind of occupation, but not always they manage to have so much fun.
  • Restaurant with live music. Here, ladies can not only have fun, but also show evening dresses. The main thing - to warn about the event in advance.

How to congratulate women on March 8 at work in 2018 - office scenarios

Working days in the office are monotonous, so the holidays can come off in full, turning the gray business space into a bright and colorful world. You can decorate your office at work by March 8 with a fantasy, and any unexpected idea will suit the subject of a congratulatory scenario, starting with the journey of women to Paris or to an uninhabited island and ending with movements in time. Contests and gifts should also be relevant. For example, if you choose the theme of a trip to Paris, the office is decorated with photos of sights, mimes and jugglers meet the ladies, men organize a corridor of flowers, French songs are played. A gift can be a certificate to the store perfume or good cosmetics.

Ideas on how to congratulate women on March 8 at work and scenarios for the office can be found below.

Scenarios by March 8 for the original congratulations of women at work

  • The office is decorated with balloons, rose petals. When it comes time to celebrate, employees are put at the table. Then, disguised men appear, claiming gifts and greetings. The facilitator offers to check the newcomers to belong to the weaker sex. From the female half they recruit a team of volunteers and competitions are held. For example, you can offer to make evening makeup disguised men. The second competition is to milk the cow. Gloves are filled with water, which must be squeezed into the container through a small hole. The third competition is to guess the groats by touch. All competitions are accompanied by fun poems and jokes.
  • In the morning, the ladies will be met by men with flowers and champagne. Then they are offered to pull out tickets with numbers. A volunteer is selected from the male team, who plays the role of a doctor. By lot girls called in a separate room. The doctor makes the ladies massage, hair removal, treats the teeth for fun. All this is accompanied by pre-recorded sounds that are heard from the doctor’s office and shock the other employees.
  • Master class on cooking sweets. During the lesson process, ladies can show their culinary talents and enjoy the taste. You can continue the feast by organizing a cocktail party. The name for cocktails is also thought out with humor.
  • Disneyland in the office. Ladies are greeted by the growth figures of cartoon characters, from treats - fast food.
  • Men dress in costumes of magicians and organize a show of soap bubbles, invite clowns.

Congratulations for women at work on March 8 in verse

As you know, women love to hear beautiful words in their address. Especially nice to receive compliments that emphasize personal qualities. You can easily pronounce good congratulations for women at work in verse or prose, if you make them targeted. Take a closer look at the merits of your female colleagues: some of them are very beautiful, some are distinguished by an excellent sense of humor, and some by prudence. Suitable greetings for March 8, 2018 in a poetic form for female colleagues are listed below.

Variants of cool greetings in verses for women in the organization for March 8

Joy to you, our dear ones
Women, beloved hearts!
Would you drown now in bouquets,
And in the most gentle compliments!

You work hard
Forgetting fatigue, and suddenly -
Spring single day
Eyes light up fire!
And we compose couplets,
And giving bouquets with this!
Because no life is more beautiful
What are you - our beloved women!

Thanks for your work,
Our lovely women!
For your great care,
For the fact that nowhere you are more beautiful!
In the spring we congratulate you
We give you flowers and bouquets,
And we sincerely dedicate to you
Our best couplets!

In our production
There are very few women
And we respect them all,
But do not judge strictly -
From the heart of pure
We wish you happiness
And the mood is radiant
Hugs, love and passion!

Beautiful floor want to congratulate
And wish them a sea of ​​compliments!
March 8 is wonderful to celebrate
In perfume, flowers and sentiment!

Original greetings for women with the March 8 words of great people

If you want to be original on March 8, you can make women an unusual greeting in the words of great people. At all times, inspired by feminine beauty, poets and writers, architects and artists created their best works. Famous creators were real experts in the female heart and mind, translating their knowledge into works of art. Original greetings for women on March 8 the words of great people are perfect for a toast during a feast.

Words of great people about women by March 8 for original greetings

A beautiful woman likes the eyes, and a kind heart, one is a wonderful thing, and the other is a treasure. Napoleon I

If God appointed a woman to be the lady of a man, he would have made her out of his head, if he was a slave, he would have made it out of his leg, but since he assigned her to be a friend and equal to a man, he would create it from a rib. - Saint Augustine

The kingdom of a woman is a kingdom of tenderness, subtlety and tolerance. - J. Rousseau

Respecting women is a duty that every honest person must obey from birth. - Lope de Vega

In some cases, one woman is much more perceptive than hundreds of men. - G. Lessing

The true beauty of a woman is in health, in the ability to be energetic. - Jane Fonda

There is nothing sadder than the lives of women who could only be beautiful. - B. Fontenel

How to congratulate women at work on March 8, if there are many women

If you are in a situation where there are much more women in the team, and by March 8, congratulations are not ready yet, do not despair. Can still be fixed. After all, women value not the cost of a gift, but the attention given, so a couple of original ideas and your artistic abilities will be enough to make the holiday memorable. We can draw ideas on how to congratulate women at work on March 8, if there are many women. On the eve of March 8, the office should be beautifully decorated with balls, flowers, rose petals.

Variants of organizing the March 8 holiday at work for groups in which there are more women than men

  • Dress up jokes. Suits fit any heroes or fairy tale characters. You can dress in cleaners and walk to wipe dust around the office, at the same time handing gifts.
  • Sweet roll making lesson. Bring mats and organize a cooking lesson during a feast.
  • Treating pancakes. Find a crepe maker, bring it to the office and make pancakes and coffee for the ladies during the working day.
  • On the morning of March 8, meet the ladies at the entrance in a knight's costume and say compliments.
  • Before the start of the working day, arrange flowers and cakes with postcards on tables.

How cool to congratulate women on March 8 in their own words in prose

As you know, the most pleasant congratulations for a woman from March 8 - a toast said in his own words. This option remains win-win if there are fewer women in the organization. If more than men - you can always emphasize the dignity of the fair sex and give photo frames, scarves, name cups, and other pleasant things. How cool to congratulate women on March 8 in their own words in prose read below.

Words for congratulating women on March 8 in prose

We are happy to congratulate you on March 8! We wish you incredible luck, tremendous success, sincere smiles, magical mood and unforgettable impressions! And good news and great events! Stay always the same irresistible and stunning!

On International Women's Day, we wish you happiness and well-being! Let the spring bring many great ideas, hopes for their fulfillment and faith in the result! And most importantly strength, patience and good luck for their implementation! Happy holiday!

Congratulations on March 8! Be always loved, desired, irresistible, giddy! May health, luck, and prosperity always be with you! May all desires be fulfilled, and life be filled with moments of endless happiness!

On this wonderful holiday - March 8, we wish you unsurpassed beauty, incredible joy and only the best mood! Let your loved ones always be surrounded by attention and care, and all the most incredible dreams will surely come true! Life will be full of luxury and endless happiness!

Spring and woman - of one nature! Exciting, light, dizzy and charmingly gentle! So let this day worry only men's hearts, your head is spinning from passion, and dear and loving eyes shine with tenderness. Since March 8!

Today is a truly beautiful day, which is fraught with tremendous beauty and enchanting femininity, and this day is the Eighth of March. I would like to sincerely wish for this date all the most beautiful things that lurk in your heart and live in your heart. Happy holiday!

When winter is waving goodbye to us, spring comes! And the month of March together with the sun gives its wonderful holiday - International Women's Day! It is so charming that once a year we praise the female gender, because if it were not for pretty women, the planet could have perished from men's hands, only you know how to make us softer and more patient, thank you!

Please accept our warm words! Пусть этот солнечный день подарит вам истинное счастье! Исполнит все мечты, воплотит все сокровенные желания! И станет — счастливым талисманом!

Сегодня, в Международный женский день, мы желаем вам всего самого светлого и прекрасного! Пусть весна расцветает в душе и наполняет ее радостью и красотой! Пусть этот праздник оставит множество ярких впечатлений и красивых, романтических моментов! Пусть невозможное — станет возможным! Успехов и радости во всем!

О как же прекрасен день – 8 Марта! Повсюду аромат цветов, лучики мимозы и нежность роз, красота тюльпанов и радость ромашек. But I want to give you not only these flowers, I want to give you all the colors of the world, and make it the main artist! Happy holiday!

The best words of congratulations for mom

Mommy love
You have a holiday.
Be you beautiful and
Always happy!
Let the sun shine
Let the smell of flowers.
And let it come true
All your dreams.

International Women's Day
Accept congratulations from your son!
The sadness of the shadow disappears from the face
And instantly cheer up
A bouquet of flowers in my hands -
Scented and beautiful most.
And I do not express in words
How I love you, Mom!

On the Women's Day, March 8,
Mom smile
And congratulate better than anyone.
Very try.
Be always so beautiful
Sweet, cheerful
Charming, happy.
Congratulations on the holiday!

I'm on holiday mom
I will give a flower.
I will make her happy
I am her son!
Let my beloved
Mom smiles
Mom - beloved,
Mommy is a beauty!

The best, the most ...
No people are better than my mom!
Care and caress surround me,
From troubles and misfortunes you protect.
There is nobody kinder in this world
You will scold and regret in an instant.
Happy female congratulations to you
Health, my dear, I wish you!
From the pure heart I promise you
That I will live, not grieving you.

Dear Mommy,
You are our little beautiful girl!
Better you are not in the world
Even children know this!

What do you want for us?
Never lose heart!
Always be young
And, of course, clockwork!
And on the eighth of March,
Sadness will fly away from home!

Favorite mommy! I congratulate you on March 8 and want to wish you just happiness! What is it? First of all, to rejoice in what you have, to never lose heart and not be sad, to be able to appreciate what you have! Be always smiling and happy life!

By many signs I recognize spring.
She will not be long in coming.
These moments love much.
And I love my mother. It is hard to hide.

I have become attached to her for a long time and seriously
And I always cherish friendship like this,
I dream that there was no grief and tears
This woman has it. I beg you!

Funny and funny greetings from March 8

March 8 - Women's Day,
Men are all at your feet.
Flowers, surprises, decorations -
Give you their sacred duty.
A trip to Nice or Gagra,
And maybe tours to the spa,
Ile just a fur coat, diamonds
He will help us get it.

This day is March 8
Wish you a card!
Only the card is not simple,
A gold credit card!
By attaching a man to her
On a beautiful car.
If this idiot
Will marry you -
Do not waste female years,
Answer rather "yes"!
Here is a wish
(And thanks for the attention).

Eyes shine, faces shine,
Men hover on the right, left.
Today, each is a queen,
The Empress, the Queen.
Here is the weaker gender gives orders
And the stronger sex is powerlessly weak.
Hurry to do everything at once,
She is a goddess, he is only a slave.
March 8, glorious holiday,
Marks more than one century.
And this holiday is the most important
Not like your 23rd!

Congratulations on March 8
And I wish life-raspberry:
Fur coats, dresses, diamonds
And tolerant man.

To be calm
He, wandering around the shops,
To feed only in restaurants
And drove only in limousines.

I wish to bring men
One look before a heart attack,
I wish you a queen
Congratulations on March 8!

Conquer gently, but with pressure
Don't take off your crown,
Drags let fur, diamonds
Your king straight to the throne.

And God forbid you do not know sadness
From malicious jokes of fools.
And God forbid you do not know sadness
From swords, uniforms and mustache.

And so you do not overshadow the age
Rivals of false beauty.
And so at your feet always lay
Uniforms, swords and mustaches.

Oh, women! We are drunk with delight And congratulations on the holiday of spring! Hurry hurry to give without bargaining, Floating on the brilliance of tempting baits. Without feeling the land, we run to meet, To protect from everyday worries. And the burden of your business is on your shoulders ... What you can’t do for you once a year ..

Spring - minx came. The eighth of March women are praised. Who will love il oslavit, Or give two wings? The woman herself will decide everything, Lead him out of his way and be mad !.

March 8, Women's Day: Girlfriends, tulips and laziness. I wish to catch this day A bald man with a bubble. So that he wore shaggy on his hands, Bablo so that he raked with a shovel. Built a royal house And the queen made in it. Babies slobbering without measure, Love, hope and faith ..

With all my heart I want to congratulate On the International Women's Day! A little more amuse Spiteful joke, but with fire! I wish you in the floral sea Do not find your bed. With your loved one, soon you will have a little flower until morning! And let the soul from the pleasures of Oryot be like a skinny cat in March! I wish new sensations - on March 8, all the year round !.

What to wish you, girlfriend, International Women's Day? Always a pleasant leisure, To celebrate not too lazy. Men are beautiful and rich, A husband - only one, And more, in general, is not necessary For happiness, the woman is nothing!

Short greetings for girlfriend

Congratulations on March 8!
I have no tea in you
You, friend, better than anyone,
Waiting for you in all the success
Happiness, laughter and beauty,
Inspiration, warmth!

I wish you a bad luck
That in the eyes of the excitement caught fire!
Because the eighth number!
Because it's March!
Congratulations, girlfriend, loving!
Let the good life be yours!

Let the first snowdrop give you tenderness, the spring sun will bring warmth, and the March wind will bring hope, happiness, joy, and only good!

Happy Women's Day!
Let life be eternal spring, and the mood, like a sunny summer!
May there never be a place of disappointment in your soul, and your heart will always be calm and warm!

A blizzard has long ceased, Spring is knocking at every house. And I congratulate my girlfriend on International Women's Day! Happy spring congratulations to you! I wish you happiness, health, fun! May this spring bring for you Many smiles, warmth and kindness!

What in the world of women of all ages is necessary, valuable ?! Share all your joy With a friend without fail! Let the husband get you Do not timid! I wish you happiness and love, Good luck and prosperity!

A holiday burst with them
And he is loved by the whole country
This solemn prankster
With a penetrating soul!

I congratulate you on him
And I want to say seriously
I know you for a long time
Therefore, you need more stars!

And success, happiness
A lot of good days!
Since March 8 you! Nastya!
And the joy of all friends!

Tulips, forget-me-nots, roses
Men quickly raked
So that the feminine look was without frost,
Flowers give us for love!

So let you, my friend,
The flowers will be delivered by the gentleman,
So as not to rustle in the heart of the blizzard,
Open to him soon the door!

My beloved and dear friend,
Today is the day of spring has come for us!
With you we congratulate each other
I want to tell you now:
May this tender day of spring
Will give a lot of colors
People from all over the country will congratulate
After all, you deserve the best words!

I wish you more meetings
Happy best
So that you could save
The life from unlucky.
That spring knocked at home
And the love in the eyes shone,
So that girlfriend you me
Never forgot!

Ideas for funny greetings for March 8 in prose

Dear colleagues, I would like to call you the weaker sex, but alas! You crush all the "rubble" at work with the strength and power of the throwers of the nucleus; Keep it up, girls! I wish you new records and deserved medals. Happy March 8!

Our dear young ladies, the entire male half of the team has been preparing for this day for a whole year. We practiced cuddling, rehearsed mental words, practiced gallantry and trained our nervous system so as not to precipitate your beauty. We wish you to continue to remain for us a powerful incentive for self-improvement. Since March 8!

Charming and attractive, talented and intelligent, hardworking, like bees, and bright as stars, our beautiful ladies colleagues, on March 8, we wish your energy to be keyed and charged us positively, to make your head spin and inspire us to win so that flowers, compliments, bonuses and a shower of happy moments will fall on you!

Since March 8 - the day of tenderness, rebirth and femininity, my dear colleagues! And may you, our lovely, charming, wonderful our women today, turn your head to enormous attention, incredible reverence and charming love, and not sparkling champagne, which we open in your honor!

Dear beautiful colleagues, with the magical day of March, transforming us, men, into one hundred percent gentlemen! Thank you for this metamorphosis - we like to change. Let this holiday in fullness be equal to a month so that you can wonderfully rest from work, enjoying the increased and well-deserved attention of the entire male population.

With the arrival of spring, a large number of men begin to wonder how to congratulate women on March 8, 2018. It is not always possible to make a wish original, because very often this is not supported by corporate culture. But you can always congratulate women with the words of great people or make a toast in prose. Of course, not all employees write the script of the holiday, in many firms they are limited only to congratulations in verse or in their own words and handing out flowers, especially if there are many women at work.

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Beautiful short congratulations on March 8, 2018 to all women

International Women's Day is considered a real "universal" holiday for all women - regardless of age and social status. Those days long passed when the day of March 8 was held under the loud slogans of champions for “gender equality”, and on the postcards depicted a harsh female worker. Today, March 8 became the personification of spring and beauty, completely losing its original political color. In addition to flowers and gifts, on this spring day, women get a completely “legitimate” reason to take a break from everyday worries and household chores. We picked up the most beautiful short greetings from March 8, 2018 in verses and prose - the men will only have to choose a few options, complementing the touching appeal in their own words. If you do not know how beautiful it is to congratulate your beloved or colleague on International Women's Day, use our festive selection.

Variants of beautiful short greetings for women on the day of March 8

I wish from the sky bright stars
Love and happiness a whole cart,
Flowers, surprises and gifts
On a beautiful day March 8.

Congratulations on International Women's Day! I wish to enjoy this spring holiday, get a lot of attention, pleasant surprises. May all your cherished wishes be fulfilled!

With the first holiday of spring, with the bloom of nature, with the triumph of femininity, from March 8! I wish an abundance of emotional colors, vitality, kindness, sincerity, uniqueness, self-realization, the discovery of new talents, love and good luck in everything!

March 8 may give happiness
Smiles, the mood is wonderful.
Well-being, joy spring,
Success and great inspiration!

May spring bring happiness,
Life will be joyful,
So that all cherished dreams
Easy to carry out you!

Short congratulations to women on March 8, 2018 in verse by name

It is pleasant for every woman to feel special, exceptional, not like others - and this is not surprising. Even on such a “common” holiday like March 8, you can give your beloved mother or friend a “personal” greeting in the form of a verse, chosen by name. We will gladly come to the aid of men, having collected on our pages short, personalized greetings on March 8, 2018 in verses - touching quatrains and long works. Here you will find several poems with the most common female names, in order to congratulate your beloved, colleague or good friend with a wonderful holiday of spring. If you have a distance between you, send in the morning of March 8 a short SMS greeting with the name of the addressee - undoubtedly such a “personal” message looks more original and attractive than the usual “universal” poem on March 8. With the International Women's Day, all the best to you!

A selection of short nominal poems to congratulate women on the occasion of March 8

Anna, Anya, Anyuta,
Let lucky you in everything
Let everything in life be cool!
Congratulations on Women's Day!

On this bright women's holiday
We are in a hurry to congratulate Nastya.
Want to want her in life
Sea of ​​tenderness, love.
Let it be bright every day
Let life give her gifts.
You, Nastya, do not be sad,
Smile and blossom!

I wish you joy without measure
To you on March 8th, Vera,
I wish in life not to be sad,
And just to be real.

Himself stay
And only sincerely falling in love,
Let in all matters lucky,
Good luck and health is waiting!

How good is Catherine!
Let women's day be yours
Love beautiful pictures,
Let all lucky you!

Mary, in your name
So much tenderness and passion!
We congratulate with the Women's Day
And we sincerely wish you happiness!

Sincere congratulations on March 8, 2018 in prose in your own words

With the approach of March 8, the air is filled with the elusive scent of spring primroses, and the streets turn into real flower gardens for several days. In addition to traditional bouquets and sweets, men congratulate women on March 8 with their own culinary masterpieces. Treat your beloved spouse on International Women's Day with a delicious breakfast or at least coffee served in bed. Such a touching sign of attention and love can be accompanied by spiritual congratulations in prose - from our holiday collection. Remember that not only on March 8, but on any other day, women are pleased to hear compliments and confessions. Beautiful short greetings from March 8 in prose will be a great addition to the “main” gift or just a dedication to the woman you love. For a work colleague, you can express in your own words the very best wishes - love, kindness, happiness and good luck. We sincerely congratulate you on the main women's day!

How nice to congratulate on March 8 with the words of prose

My beloved heart woman! You, like the first spring breeze broke into my life and filled it with love and warmth! I want to sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful day, and once again tell you that you are the best, beautiful and beloved! You deserve all the colors on this planet and compliments! Stay the same gentle, loving, understanding, beautiful, kind and just the best!

On March 8, I want to wish you fulfillment of all your dreams, because I love you and I want you to be the happiest. Blossom, smell and never indulge in despondency, let only love, faith and hope live in your heart!

Congratulations on March 8, friend. I wish you to become the one you want to be and at the same time remain a real woman: to possess female wisdom, which you can never understand men, be beautiful and naughty. Happy holiday to you!

Warm greetings on March 8! We wish you smiles and always spring mood! Decide once and for all to be only the happiest and most beautiful, and we will help to achieve this!

On this magical women's day, I congratulate you on the occasion of March 8! I wish you warmth and joy from family and friends and optimism in every day. May your beauty never pass, may the eternal spring always reign in the soul, and a sunny smile shines on your face and warms everyone with gentle rays.

Official greetings in prose from March 8 to colleagues and boss

Today, March 8 is widely and extensively celebrated in the work collectives - the most sincere words of congratulations and wishes are heard on behalf of the leadership addressed to women. As a rule, in such official congratulations in prose, they thank the beautiful ladies for their professionalism, conscientious attitude to work and dedication to the common cause. Congratulating employees on March 8, it is important to add a few warm words "from yourself" - good luck, love and women's happiness. In turn, male colleagues can prepare congratulations on March 8 to a female leader, as well as present a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers or “traditional” roses. On our pages you will find the best official greetings in prose on March 8, 2018, which touch even the most strict boss.

Examples of official greetings in honor of March 8 for colleagues

Dear manager (or just colleagues). Allow me to congratulate you on the occasion of March 8. We men (company name) wish you only love, only happiness and only good. It is wonderful to work under the authority of such a talented, courageous and honest woman. May there be more clear days in your life. We promise to please not only on March 8, but on every weekday.

Congratulations on the bright holiday of March 8! We highly appreciate your business skills and professional opportunities, multiplied by creative ingenuity and hard work. We wish to preserve the inherent ability of you to combine career growth with femininity and attractiveness. Spring mood, smiles and a sea of ​​flowers!

Dear (First Name)! We are pleased to congratulate you on the spring holiday of March 8. These flowers, compliments and smiles today sound just for you. We wish you an easy and simple life, but interesting and rich. Let only good people meet on the way, the relations get stronger, and we, your courageous employees, will always be a reliable support in any matters. Let luck be smiling to you, and you, please, smile to us more often with your charming smile.

We wish our beautiful colleagues professional success on the International Women's Day. Moral and material satisfaction from work. Плюс к этому, женского счастья, настоящей дружбы и достаточно свободного времени, которое можно потратить на себя.

Дорогие коллеги! Мы хотим с день 8 марта сказать «спасибо». Not only for the fact that you are such wonderful professionals, but also for your smiles, ideas and works to make our office and our work more interesting. Continue to be just as confident, and our company will do everything to work comfortably for you!

Touching congratulations on March 8, 2018 for the beloved in verse

Spring is the most romantic time of the year, when nature wakes up and blooms under the warm rays of the sun. On such days, the soul is filled with joy and a wonderful expectation of change - every woman knows this feeling. For girls and women, the arrival of spring means that it’s time to prepare for surprises, compliments and congratulations - ahead of March 8! Indeed, it is so pleasant to please a beloved woman on such a wonderful spring day, fulfilling her dream in the form of a ringlet, an e-book or a bottle of perfume with a refined aroma. Choosing a gift for your beloved, it is important to take into account her tastes and preferences, and congratulations on March 8, 2018 can be chosen from our collection. We offer you the examples of touching congratulations in verses for the International Women's Day - it is enough to choose the most suitable option and print it on a beautiful card. We are sure that every woman will appreciate such a touching poetic greeting for the holiday of March 8 from a loved one.

A collection of touching congratulations to his beloved woman on March 8

I wish you to be beautiful
Always welcome, young,
In the family circle - always loved
In a circle of friends - always simple.

I wish you happiness many, many
As well as light and heat,
And so that the fate of your road
It was covered with flowers!

Happy Women's Day, my love!
Stay young
Charming, beautiful,
Good, sweet and simple!

I wish you happiness and love, -
They are more expensive than all the gifts.
And let all your dreams come true
On a beautiful day - March 8!

Today you are especially beautiful -
Like the first morning dawn!
And the whole earth is yours alone.
March eighth on the calendar ...

And on this holiday, and at any time
In my soul and in my heart you are.
And every hour I love more!
I congratulate you on Women's Day!

You conquered me a lot -
And tenderness, and beauty.
I want you to always love
Me. And forever I am yours.

And I congratulate you on women's day
I want to wish you:
So that, bravely walking through life,
Could you achieve everything!

On the feast day, I am you
Best wish:
Only luck in fate
And love without an edge!

For me, you are the ideal
Be always beautiful!
The one you have always dreamed of
Gentle, ardent, passionate!

Congratulations to colleagues on the occasion of March 8, 2018

The celebration of the International Women's Day in the circle of the native team has become a good tradition in many modern companies. On the eve of March 8, domestic offices are literally transformed, sinking in clusters of bright balloons, and colored paper paper garlands lend an unusual fairytale look to work spaces. Preparing for March 8, men create a festive surroundings - that fantasy will tell! As a general congratulation to all female colleagues, you can order a light or sand show, as well as take care of food and symbolic gifts. Beautiful congratulations on March 8, 2018, it is better to prepare in advance, issued in the form of a bright postcard with a touching inscription. Use our selection of greetings in verse and prose on March 8 - colleagues will be pleased to hear such kind heartfelt words on their holiday.

Choosing congratulations on March 8, 2018 for female colleagues

Nature dissolves buds
Fresh dawns and clear ...
Congratulations to you, mothers, daughters,
With a wonderful holiday of spring!
These hands
We love the sparkle of cheerful eyes.
What would we do in the world
Kohl would not be in the world you ?!
Let the sun shine in the sky,
Each will have bread and shelter
And everyone on the way happy to meet
Hope, Faith and Love!

We want to congratulate you, beautiful,
Happy spring holiday.
And the sun's light, and your glance is clear
We are equally needed.
May luck come to you
In work, in life and love.
Live cute, not hiding
Smiles proud of their own!

Dear, dear, dear, beautiful and such kind of our women, patient colleagues! Happy March 8! We wish you sunny smiles, joy in your soul, love in your heart, excellent mood, strong and faithful friendship, as well as great, just tremendous, warm and very earthly love! Love yourself and be loved by your men! Let them appreciate you at work, add a salary and give out an award more often! And home help in everything and every day they confess their love to you!

You, colleagues, congratulations
With a gentle holiday of spring.
I wish you happiness, joy.
Be just as good.

Smile more often
Up the mountain let them go.
Wish you good luck
And spring heat.

Congratulations on March 8!
With all my heart, I wish you
Big happiness
Good health,
And just all the best of luck!

Best greetings on March 8, 2018 daughter

In the life of each person, the most important place is occupied by his closest friends and relatives - parents, wife or husband, daughter, son. So, many families have their own traditions of celebrating the 8th of March, as well as their own entertainment “program” on this wonderful spring day. However, all women, without exception, are pleased with beautiful words of congratulations from their beloved households - orally as a toast, in a card with a touching bright “figure eight” or original note enclosed in a luxurious bouquet. Looking at our website, you will find the best greetings on March 8, 2018 daughter - from a loving father. After all, for any girl dad is an example of a real man, the main protector and support. Therefore, a beautiful greeting from the Pope will be the most desired gift to his beloved daughter on March 8, on the spring day, with wishes of happiness, success and fulfillment of the cherished dream. Of course, for a little girl it is better to pick up short poems with a simple clear meaning, pronouncing them during the presentation of the gift. But the adult daughter will be glad to hear congratulations on March 8, 2018 in the form of heartfelt speech in their own words. Congratulating her daughter on International Women's Day, Dad can hand a bouquet of delicate spring flowers - as a sign of unlimited fatherly love.

How best to congratulate my daughter on March 8 verse and prose

Dear sweetheart, clear sun,
The best child in the world!
On the Spring Festival, the mood is beautiful
It will be with you, even if not joking all day.

Let people please you passersby
Let Esemeski fly into the phone
Cute daughter, only good
News will be on this day with you.

Daughter, you are the most wonderful and the most beautiful of all girls! May all your cherished dreams come true, and every day you bloom like spring flowers and become brighter, like the sun! You deserve the best, and I wish you to meet the same worthy prince on the snow-white horse!

The world's best daughter
I congratulate you from my heart,
Happy be, and loved, and the point!
I really appreciate and love you!

A sea of ​​flowers, many were fabulous,
A heap of gifts, surprises mountain,
To be respected, appreciated,
To spin around kids!

My dear daughter,
Your holiday comes!
Women's day we celebrate
And today with all my heart

I want to wish good luck
So that you were beautiful!
The eyes let your not cry,
Dreams come true!

Happiness, happiness, happiness again
I wish for you!
Be fun and successful
My beloved daughter.

Laughter, joy, smiles
And cloudless love,
So that you and your husband
One heart for two!

In the house always be the mistress
And the mistress of fate,
On March 8, my bunny!
Know that I am always with you.

Cool congratulations to a friend on March 8, 2018

March 8 is an excellent occasion to meet your best friend or just send her a beautiful SMS greeting in verse and prose. Moreover, in 2018, the state will “give” us four whole days off, from March 8 to 11, which means that we can pay attention to all friends and girlfriends. When choosing a gift to a friend, it is better to give preference to the “universal” options - a certificate to a spa salon or a beauty store. If your girlfriend is a business woman, make her happy for March 8 with a good pen or organizer, and a young mommy on maternity leave will distract a set of fashionable bijouterie or a scarf from the “harsh” homemade everyday life. In addition to the gift, we offer a cool greeting on March 8, written in verse - your beloved girlfriend will be delighted! In our festive collection you will find the coolest congratulations on March 8, 2018, which will lift your spirits and bring a touch of spring humor to the atmosphere of the main women's holiday.

Collection of funny greetings from March 8 for a friend

On the eighth of March, I wish
More money and friends
That called favorite "Zaya",
That the house was bursting with guests,

To fans a lot,
Always bouquets, pearls,
To have enough attention,
And happiness generous river!

What would you like, friend?
To make your dreams come true
Millionaire, as a spouse,
And Brad Pete for love.

To protect yourself
From different life concerns,
To sadness you did not know
Let just luck in life!

I give you the sun's light!
Health for a hundred years!
A basket of Fridays and Saturdays,
To rest from worries.

I give you a special magnet
Let happiness lure a lot!
Good luck compass golden -
Be you rich and cool!

I give you an ozone layer,
Breathe easy and be awkward!
Let everything be okay in life!
Give me some champagne
March 8 fix
And talk heart to heart!

My friend is fighting,
I congratulate you on spring!
Let all year round -
Not only in March
Men bring gifts
They surround you with attention ...
Believe and it happens.
But seriously: success,
Fun and ringing laughter,
Prosperity, ideas of creative
And thoughts are always positive.

Dear friend, dear,
Women's Day has come today
I congratulate you heartily
Since March 8 - the holiday of spring.

Be the same fabulously beautiful.
May spring love present.
Do not lose the fire in the eyes of playful.
Let your life flow like a brook.

Beautiful congratulations on March 8, 2018 - a great opportunity to share joy and good mood on this spring day with loved ones. In connection with the upcoming Women's Day on March 8, we made a selection of the best greetings in verse and prose of the woman we love, mother, daughter. Send on March 8 a short personalized congratulation to a friend or colleague - such a sign of attention will give a charge of cheerfulness and positive for a long time. The boss will like the official words of congratulations on International Women's Day, expressed on behalf of the whole team. Congratulations on March 8!

Congratulations on March 8 for the grandmother

Women's Day - a holiday that is celebrated with family. Be sure to remember the closest women who gave you spiritual warmth and love, pleased your favorite sweets and supported in all your endeavors. Grandmothers have a special place in everyone’s heart.

Of course, not every grandmother will be able to read SMS or reply to an e-mail, so for Grandmas in 2018, it’s better to prepare traditional greetings from March 8 in the form of a beautiful card (possibly in a retro style) and warm rhymed lines.

On women's day accept gifts.

Let it get hot in your soul

From heartfelt greetings,

From the pleasant emotion.

Delighted with compliments

And happy moments

Let them wait for you today.

Past sorrows will pass.

No trace

From sorrows. Let always

Peace reigns in your soul

Let your heart burn with passion.

Only with the best mood,

From gifts to impressions

With a flash of fire in the eyes

Enjoy this day.

Passed all the cold.

Bright sprig of mimosa

Spring knocks on your life,

Having risen from a dream.

And let the spring day

The best will be the mood

Festively the soul sings,

Happiness in your life is coming.

Let it be full of flowers

There will be beautiful words

Tenderness and warmth

Laski, the sea of ​​kindness.

Agree in everything

Let with you this day.

Be loved by fate

Well, we are always with you!

Congratulations on Women's Day!

Bright joy I wish

To this beautiful day

The sky was not rainy.

That vigorous, frisky you were,

About problems forgotten.

From adversity so as not to hurt

And over the years did not grow old.

Never to be sad

They let their joy into life.

To every moment

A lot of bright moments.

So that in the soul reigned comfort

That dream come true,

So that life sparkles with happiness.

May the holiday of March 8 become a day of transfiguration. Let the springtime enthusiasm, which enlivens all the fun around, be with him everyday life. Let greetings and compliments ring out today.

Congratulations on March 8 for mom

March 8 - the day when every man remembers his mother! No matter how far you bring life in 2018, send her not just short sms, but beautiful congratulations in the form of a bright card with a beautiful bouquet by March 8 and warm wishes.

An excellent addition to the universal design postcard will be rhymed lines:

You are all flowers today,

To make you happy,

To all admired you,

To become amicable with fate.

Let spring reign in the soul.

Let you not be sad

Let your eyes burn with joy.

Let life always gives you

Delight, fun, beauty,

Support loved ones, kindness.

You bloom every moment

And do not consider the days of beauty.

Life will always be successful

And happiness will not frighten trouble.

May this day spring come happiness!

Let the wind of change rustle,

Let him blow away from the fate of your bad weather

And the sun will light your everyday life.

With a fair wind you go through life

Do not change the way, do not be disheartened.

May happiness for you wonderfully erupt.

You do not forget about your dream.

Let luck does not leave you,

Let luck never betray

Let only the chances of success provide

And let not one step behind.

Let the desired be possible!

Let your life be aloof.

Keep being masculine shoulder reliable.

Love and be always happy!

On this spring inspired day, I wish you a sunny mood and unrestrained, inexhaustible fun. Let every next day continue to present pleasant surprises and gifts, reward you for your sensitivity, tenderness and love.

On the main day for every woman, I wish you an incessant celebration of the soul! May your life be filled with a positive mood, invincible optimism, anxious love and an inexhaustible feeling of happiness.

Congratulations on March 8 to my sister

Who supported you and took part in all the children's pranks - of course, this is your favorite sister. And on a wonderful holiday - the Day of March 8 in 2018, we offer to give our sister warm heartfelt congratulations in verse, complementing them with funny comic cards.

Let this beautiful holiday

Spring breeze - prankster

Drives away the bad weather

Fills the soul with happiness.

Let only the sun's heat

Your house lights up.

Let the drops ring,

In the heart let comfort reigns.

Birds let hymns sing

The beauty of your soul.

The smell of spring breathe.

The heart requires surprises.

Let the whims come true,

This march day

Let the snow of sorrows melt,

For the dream of calling in the distance.

On this most important day

Feel loved.

Not even a shadow will touch

The beauty you kept.

Let today and always

Shines bright on you

Let the hearth burn hot.

Happiness let you spin

And success does not change,

Let problems smash everything

And the disaster does not tempt.

Congratulations on the feast of femininity! I wish you to be sincere and immediate, to give others touching smiles and tenderness, a feeling of comfort and happiness next to you.

On a beautiful women's day I wish colorful moments and freshness of feelings. I wish your heart to beat in unison with those for whom you are the most precious in this vast world! I wish you to feel irresistible, necessary and really happy.

Congratulations on March 8 to colleagues

On the eve of International Women's Day, many companies hold corporate parties for groups. We offer beautiful cards that can be printed and hanged in the office for employees, as well as beautiful greetings that can also serve as an original toast.

On this day, for women, the main,

With congratulations we hurry.

Our kind, sweet, glorious

We wish from the heart

Laughter, joy, enthusiasm,

Beauty and long years

To live with others without contention,

Happiness win a ticket

For hand to keep luck

Enjoy every day

That the eyes should not cry,

That love is lit with fire.

Let it come true today

All cherished dreams!

Holiday will be excellent.

You gifts and flowers.

Finally it is beautiful

Day for every lady.

Girls involved in it,

They will give gifts now,

And tell the best

How to honor them.

Only joyful let it be

This day in their lives.

Let hardship forget

Happiness in the heart of sprinkles.

Let the fun bird trill

Let spring drip

In the year there is a beautiful women's day,

Radiant, joyful and clear,

When smiles shines

All female gender. Congratulations!

I wish you all the best and luck

I want to raise your mood.

Let this holiday a momentous

Everything will be great in life!

Let spring sings around.

May life be full of miracles.

Let the sun ray golden

Marvels female beauty.

Lucky case faithful companion

Let it become a loyal ally.

Let him admire

Male source of inspiration!

On this day, I hasten to admit

What can not be admired

Your kindness, reduce

All problems find a solution

Your tenderness, warmth,

Create a comfortable home

Your sensitive care.

I wish to stay

Miracle, little surprises,

Indulge your whims,

Do not turn off the path to the dream,

Do not get stuck in one mile

From the cherished desire.

Faith, vigor, daring!

Women's day is unique.

Women we idolize!

Regardless of the year

They are always good.

День за днем, из года в год

Пусть не знают ни хлопот,

No problems, no troubles

Just the joy of winning,

Only benefit and success.

Let them be the most beautiful of all!

Become a dream for men

Let their life a complete surprise

Will and give them a prize

For love and kindness -

Suddenly come true dream.

Greetings in prose

Congratulations on International Women's Day! Let now and forever in your sensitive soul blossoms transforming one and all spring. Let the well-being in all its spheres and harmony become permanent in your life.

Congratulations, dear ladies, on March 8! I wish to continue to please us with our femininity, to illuminate our everyday life with our radiant smiles, to encourage us to perform knightly deeds and to fulfill your every desire.

Dear Colleagues! Please accept sincere congratulations on your wonderful celebration! Let extraordinary events, significant moments, great successes and accomplishment of grandiose plans await you in life.

Dear Colleagues! May our admiration of your sense of purpose, energy, and success be with you on this momentous day. We wish you unexpected, but pleasant discoveries, the implementation of the desired plans, the goodwill of luck in any endeavor.

Charming of the fair sex! Congratulations on March 8! Do not waste your charm. Infect us with your inspiration and enthusiasm. Live in anticipation of miracles and extraordinary accomplishments.

Congratulations on March 8 to a friend

On March 8, it is customary to give a good mood and make surprises to all women, so in 2018 we prepared not only touching congratulations for the closest ones, but also beautiful short poems that can be presented to a friend.

On a piece of calendar

Today is women's day.

Joy eyes burn

She moved to the second plan:

Each of the friends.

And surprises only give.

Be happy you are!

It will be eternal spring

Be beautiful like her

Let spring come into your life.

Let it be a great day

And every moment - as if from a dream,

And happiness - unlimited.

Let the eyes shine with joy,

And the heart beats with passion.

Bypassing you let thunderstorm

Let tenderness surround you,

Warm, cozy, attention.

Live beloved and loving

Let them accompany you

In all success, good luck.

Be thankful you fate

And never the other way!

Congratulations on March 8, beloved

Happy is the one in whose heart love lives! And it does not matter whether you shot your darling just a few days ago, or have been with your beloved in the asshole for many years. March 8 is an excellent occasion to talk about your feelings and create a romantic atmosphere, giving your beloved unforgettable moments.

Even if you are planning a luxurious greeting, do not miss the opportunity to make a small pleasant surprise. Send your beloved girlfriend or wife a beautiful e-card and gentle rhyming wishes.

Happy holiday for women

From the heart we shout: “Hurray!”.

To execute us smoothly

Their desire is time.

Be yourself enchantment

Like the first flowers,

Imitation pattern

And an example of beauty.

Good, sweet, beloved,

The heart of the devotees kept

What lives alone with you.

Congratulations and greetings

Send you from all sides.

Be the eighth you wonder of the world

And worthy of all the crowns!

Congratulations on the feast of female charm! I wish to be full of spring novelty and tenderness. May this pleasant day only pleasant surprises and enchanting impressions await you.

I heartily congratulate you on Women's Day! I wish to be a bright personality, not inferior in its magnificence to the stars in the sky. I wish to experience in relation to myself only the admiration and love of others.

Congratulations on the holiday of spring and femininity! I wish you to be uniquely beautiful and delicate, like spring primroses! I wish you to illuminate the lives of your loved ones with a bright and warm smile, giving birth in souls of peace, joy and genuine happiness.