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Choosing a cabinet for shoes


No wonder they say that the hallway - the face of the apartment. This is the first thing that a guest sees when crossing the threshold of your home. Therefore, the proper organization of the space of this room should be given a lot of attention. If the issue of outer clothing can be solved with the help of various wall and floor hangers, then with shoes all is not so clear. As a rule, for its storage requires a lot of specially designated place, which is not always possible to do in a small hallway. In this case, the best solution would be a versatile shoe cabinet, which can be both very simple and concise, but at the same time very functional.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of furniture for the hallway: a variety of models of pedestals, galoshnits, vertical lockers, etc. But how to make the right choice?

If you really have a lot of shoes, sandals and boots, it is better to purchase a special closet for shoes. Roomy and well-designed, this piece of furniture does not take up much space in the room, but will be an ideal option for long-term storage of seasonal shoes. And it is not necessary to place it in the hallway. This piece of furniture perfectly fit on the loggia or in the pantry.

Cabinet for shoes can be made of various materials. But it is better to opt for models made of wood or plastic. In this case, the furniture will serve you for a long time and will not require special care. If your hallway has non-standard dimensions, you can make a corner or a narrow closet for custom-made shoes. Of course, such furniture will cost a bit more expensive than the finished models, but it will help solve all the issues related to the ergonomic use of the space of the room. Such a cabinet will not only fit perfectly into the overall design of your interior, but also save a lot of free space.

If you are faced with the task of short-term storage of shoes, the best option would be a small but roomy galoshnitsa. This is a kind of cabinet, equipped with closed or open shelves or drawers. Such a peculiar shoe cabinet is the most practical way to organize an entrance hall space. Often galoshnitsy get in pairs - so they make up the original element of the interior of the room and allow you to place all the necessary items.

Often, instead of such a traditional piece of furniture as a classic shoe rack, owners of large hallways or spacious halls get a cabinet with a seat. This is the most convenient and functional type of shoeboxes. Depending on the configuration, such a model, if necessary, can accommodate several pairs of shoes at once, but it is only suitable for accommodating frequently used shoes.

Thus, choosing a closet for shoes, you should focus not only on the design of the model, but also on the dimensions of the hallway, the number of shoes you have and personal preferences. Make your home more comfortable with functional and beautiful furniture.

Criterias of choice

The choice of shoe cabinet should be based on several criteria: cost, size, appearance and functionality. First you need to focus on the price of the product. Budget cabinets are of low quality material and sometimes build quality. However, such models will last for quite a long time, they will simply be worse than expensive products.

Small shoe rack

The dimensions of the shoe cabinet should be chosen according to the amount of free space in the place where it will be located. For large hallways silt corridors fit large and roomy products. If the apartment is small in size, then the shoebox should be appropriate.

Small shoebox for small rooms

The wardrobe in appearance should fit into the overall interior of the room and the apartment itself. This is the aesthetic side of choice, so it is not so critical. The buyer can choose a model that he likes. However, in budget decisions, the choice will be significantly less. After all, the cheapest shoes can not always be called very beautiful.

Choose a closet for shoes in the right style.

An important criterion for choosing a shoe cabinet is its functionality. It includes capacity, form and other aspects. Depending on the price of the product, the functionality will vary.

Functional shoe cabinet

Brief advice on choosing a shoe rack:

When choosing a closet for shoes, it is first recommended to push away from the budget and destination. The appearance of the product plays a secondary role. It is important to correctly select the desired cabinet model that fits in the room.

Varieties of shoe cabinets

The functional component when choosing cabinets for shoes is determined by the variety. There are many of them. Such cabinets differ in their design, capacity and opening mechanism. Some solutions are small in size and suitable for small hallways. There are also medium and large cabinets. They are better placed in spacious apartments.

Medium Shoe Cabinet

For a competent choice of a shoe cabinet, you should be familiar with the design features of a particular type, the shape and capacity of each of them. And after that, it is more appropriate to determine the most suitable for specific housing conditions and preferences of the buyer. Consider the most popular and interesting varieties of Obuvnits.

All types of shoe cabinets have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Plus, each option has its own purpose. Some cabinets are more designed to store everyday shoes, because they have good ventilation. In others, it is better to put shoes that are used quite rarely or according to the season. Depending on this factor, the purpose of the shoe cabinet is determined. And it is important to consider when choosing a suitable model.

Low chest of drawers

For small apartments, a low chest of drawers is best suited as a shoe cabinet. It is characterized by its appearance and spaciousness. In height, such a chest of drawers is small, but large in length. It turns out as a flat cabinet. It is best to place a chest of drawers in the corner of the hallway. Then he will occupy a minimum of space.

Low shoe cabinet

Dressers happen closed and open type. In the first case, they have hinged doors that store shoes. In the second they are absent. With door doors the dresser is more expensive than without them. In this performance he has a more attractive appearance.

Low chest of drawers for shoes closed

However, variation without flaps has its own advantage. In an open type chest, airing is better. Shoes there will dry out faster and also deteriorate less. Best of all, this variation is suitable for outdoor shoes, which are often used. And the closed type of a dresser is more acceptable for storage of seasonal shoes that are not currently used.

Low chest of drawers for shoes open type

There are variations of a low bench with a bench. There is a soft surface on top of the product on which it is comfortable to sit. This solution allows you to further save space in the hallway. But it looks usually not very presentable.

Open shoe cabinet with bench

Low chest of drawers for shoes has a low price. This is the basic version of the shoe cabinet with a simple internal design. For its manufacturing materials are used not of the highest quality, but the service life is more than ten years.

Showcase for shoes

A very unusual solution for storing shoes would be to choose a display cabinet. This type of new, however, is rapidly gaining popularity. The cabinet itself is of a closed type, and its distinctive feature is that the doors are also with sections for shoes. Because of this design, the product is small in size, but very roomy. Typically, showcase cabinets in height and length do not exceed one meter.

Spacious display cabinet for shoes

When closed, the shoebox resembles a small closet. When opened, it becomes larger in size. In its standard form, its doors are shifted by 90 degrees. But there are variations where they open up to the wall, then the length is doubled.

The depth of the showcase type cabinets are usually small. This is due to the fact that shoes are stored in them base to the wall, and not to the floor. And between the shelves are installed limiting poles. They keep shoes from falling. Because of this arrangement, the shoes are better ventilated, and therefore dries faster.

Showcase for shoes does not take up much space.

Cabinets showcases for the price of the average, this is not the budget class. This is due to the design of the product. Size and capacity - a clear advantage of the product. This cabinet will take up little space, so it is suitable for apartments of small sizes. And thanks to the internal structure in it it is possible to fit many pairs of shoes.

The cabinet can be selected in any style and size.

Another advantage of the product is its appearance. Showcase design looks quite unusual. However, in such a closet it will not be possible to place large boots along the length. They just won't fit inside. This is the main disadvantage of this variety.

Retractable Vertical Cabinet

Additionally, you can save space in the hallway by choosing a closet for shoes of vertical type. And because of its size, it can also be placed in the corridor. The cabinet is small in length and width, but it is long in height. This design allows the most intelligent use of free space.

Vertical Sliding Wardrobe

The cabinet is divided into two parts. The first one is larger in size, it is static and stands on the floor, it is the product frame. And the second part is retractable, it is in it there are shelves for shoes. When opened, the cabinet is doubled. And access to the shelves on the left or right side. If desired, it is quite easy to change. This is convenient, since a vertical closet can be placed in any corner of the hallway or corridor. The price of such a product is average, the purchase is quite fit into not the largest budget.

Vertical shoe cabinet perfect for small hallway

Dimensions can be attributed to the benefits of a sliding vertical cabinet. And also its appearance is quite pleasant. There are many colors, so that the product will successfully fit into any interior apartment.

Low capacity - the main drawback of the cabinet. In addition to all of it is not always convenient to get shoes, especially from the lower shelves. And also in the cabinet of the sliding type there is insufficient ventilation. It is more suitable for storing seasonal and unused shoes. Drying is not possible in it. Raw shoes in such a closet only begin to deteriorate.

Cabinet for shoes "Slim"

This version is designed for small or downtrodden hallways. The case for the Slim shoes differs in very small sizes. In width, it usually does not exceed thirty centimeters, and even less in length.

The product has a folding opening mechanism. And the shoes themselves are stored in fasteners on the doors. There are two variations of the “Slim” cabinet: with an opening of 45 or 90 degrees. It has a horizontal compartment under the shoes on the inside of the door leaf. The cavity is very small in size, so winter boots or boots cannot be stored there.

Cabinet for shoes "Slim"

The main advantage of the cabinet "Slim" is its size. Due to the small size it can be placed even in a very small hallway. Also, the product is characterized by a premium appearance. These cabinets are made of expensive wood species or chipboard. And after they are additionally painted and varnished. Due to the variety of colors, it will turn out to choose an option for any type of apartment interior.

Thanks to a variety of colors, the slim shoe cabinet is easy to match to any interior.

But the price of it will be high. Despite the small size of the cabinet for shoes "Slim" is much more expensive than the usual variations. Another of the shortcomings can be noted the fact that the product is not intended for storage of wet shoes. Because of the design features in the closet, there is not enough good ventilation. As a result, the shoes do not dry out, but only blots the remaining pairs.

One of the budget options shoe rack is galoshnitsa. It is an open stand for shoes of small sizes. Shoe store is more suitable for drying shoes used every day. It uses several lattice supports as shelves. Due to this, nothing prevents shoes from drying out quickly.

Shoes for shoes

Due to its small size it is possible to install it not only in the hallway, but also in the corridor. In some cases, a good location will be a balcony or loggia.

The galoshnitsa differs in quite low price and usability. However, it is not suitable for long-term storage of seasonal shoes, and is also characterized by low capacity. Therefore, galoshnitsa not always a good option, however, and it must be considered when choosing a closet for shoes.

Built-in wardrobe

This kind of shoe cabinet is designed for installation in the pantry corridor. This allows you to maximize the use of space without taking up space in the hallway itself. The sizes of such products are typical, it will turn out to fit under a certain pantry.

Built-in closet for shoes in the pantry

The rest is the same cabinet as the rest. By the type of opening, there are pull-out variations with drawers, as well as folding. In terms of capacity and internal design, they are the same. The only difference is the appearance of the cabinet in the open state. For storage rooms, a more convenient option would be a retractable opening mechanism, where the drawer is attached to the sash.

Built-in wardrobe has several advantages compared with other varieties:

  • Ergonomic. This cabinet is installed inside the pantry, so it does not occupy the outer space of the corridor or hallway.
  • Spaciousness. It is not as big as a full-length wardrobe, but it will be possible to place more than six pairs of shoes inside the built-in variation. And because of the large sizes of the boxes, big shoes and boots will fit there.
  • Independence from appearance. The cabinet is hidden on three sides by the walls of the storage room, and for the most part of the time the front side of the door is closed by a door leaf. Therefore, the appearance is not so important, deliberately select it is not necessary.

Spacious built-in closet for shoes

However, the disadvantages of the embedded solution are present. Because of the location of the closet in the hallway, shoes are harder to get than from the hallway. A lack of lighting will complicate the choice of the desired pair. Due to the general closeness in such a closet, there is insufficient ventilation. It is suitable exclusively for storing unused shoes at the moment. Dry it there will not work. And the price of the built-in wardrobe will be quite high. This product is not a budget solution.

Built-in shoe rack

But the advantages of a built-in cabinet overshadow all its disadvantages. Therefore, it is quite popular in our time, as well as extremely comfortable and functional. The integrated solution is ideal for storing seasonal shoes.

Roomy variation

When choosing a closet for shoes in a large hallway, it is best to pay attention to roomy variations. So it will turn out to take the space of the room as efficiently as possible. Roomy shoe racks are very similar to clothes. Large sizes, many compartments and shelves - all this is in both versions. However, they have one key difference. In the shoe cabinets, the intermediate shelves are not wooden, as in clothes, but mesh. On them, shoes are better ventilated, so they dry out faster. The number of mesh shelves will depend on the size of the product.

Spacious shoe cabinet

In some capacious closets for shoes there is an additional row of sectors. For example, with a special pole on which you can hang boots. Or with a shelf on which it is convenient to put a bag or a box of shoes. The internal structure will depend on the final price of the product.

The main advantage of this cabinet is its capacity. The number of shelves allows you to sort shoes in the correct order, putting all of it there. And thanks to their mesh design, ventilation is well established in the closet. The shoes will dry faster and will deteriorate less over time.

Shoe cabinet storage system

But such a variation of the shoe closet cannot be placed in a small hallway. This is due to its dimensions. And in the open form the cabinet becomes even larger. Another product has a high price. Such cabinets are made of high-quality and expensive materials. Therefore, roomy variations are not suitable for a small purchase budget.

Cabinet for shoes with drawers

You can choose a cabinet instead of the classic shoe rack. It is distinguished by its size, appearance, and spaciousness. В некоторых ситуациях данное изделие подойдет больше, чем обычный шкаф. Например, в прихожую с обилием различных ящиков и полочек.

Тумба для хранения обуви

Почти все тумбы под обувь с ящиками средней ширины меньше пятидесяти сантиметров. Основные различия состоят в размерах длины и высоты. For small apartments, such products will not work, since they will occupy a large area of ​​free space.

Drawers in thumbs are of three types:

  • Retractable. This is a classic variation, the drawer extends horizontally from the drawer.

Drawers for shoes with drawers

  • Folding. This type is nonstandard, the drawer folds down to show the drawer space.

Shoe cabinet with hinged doors

  • Horizontal. The general principle is reminiscent of folding. The door of the pedestal door is pushed aside. And on it is a box under the shoes.

Shoe cabinet horizontal

The third type is the least popular, so you can not meet it as often as the other two.

Due to its width and internal design, the drawer of the drawer is quite roomy. Even winter boots or women's boots will fit there.

For the manufacture of shoe pedestals often use MDF or chipboard. And then painted in the desired color and varnished for a longer life. These materials are distinguished by their low price. In this regard, the cabinet relates to the budget segment of furniture.

There are few drawbacks to such a product, but they should be considered when choosing a closet for shoes. The negative features include the dimensions of the stand. Because of its width, it can be comfortably placed exclusively in the hallways of medium and large sizes. And inside there is insufficient ventilation. Therefore, in such a cabinet is not recommended to keep wet shoes.

After getting acquainted with the types of cabinets for shoes, you can proceed to the selection. It is important to take into account the capacity, cost, appearance and dimensions. A large cabinet will interfere in a small hallway, making it difficult to move along it. And also do not forget about the appointment of a cabinet. After all, not every option is suitable for drying shoes or storing large shoes. The appearance of the product depends solely on the preferences of the buyer, as well as the interior of the home. Properly choose a closet for storing shoes will, given all these factors, along with the purchase budget.


According to the designers, the secret of the perfect interior of the hallway is to hide from the field of view the maximum number of things. Optimally, when storage of shoes you can organize several sections - for everyday use and for seasonal long-term storage of winter boots or summer sandals. The main function is to ensure order. Putting your favorite couple on the shelf, you can not be afraid that pets will damage it or it will cause injury to a small child. Convenient and practical when the shoe cabinet is able to perform additional tasks:

  • helps keep bags, accessories and shoe care items, for example, in small drawers or on open top shelves,
  • provides a small seat on which it is convenient to put on shoes,
  • a mirror placed on the doors visually increases the size of the room, performs its direct function and saves space in the hallway for other useful things,
  • cabinets of unusual design or with an interesting decor, made with your own hands can become a highlight of the interior.

Modern obuvnitsa in the hallway can be absolutely any size. You can find a compact model designed for just a few pairs, or give preference to a massive structure that can hold all the shoes of a large family. Shoe cabinets are made taking into account various styles and directions of design, which allows you to choose the best option for each case.

A quality option for shoes must have a compartment for boots, where there are hangers with soft clothespins. They are attached tops, which does not allow boots to crease during storage and allows longer preserve the original appearance of the product.

There are the following types of designs for shoes:

  • Bon is a curbstone with shelves, closed with or without vertically positioned doors. Shelves can be both deaf and trellised. The advantages of this design include the absence of deformation of the shoes and good ventilation. This model can be quite roomy. Due to the different height of the shelves available to store a variety of shoes, and the depth of the cabinet is designed for a pair of the largest size. Usually the height of such a cabinet is about 1 meter, however, custom-made furniture may be under the ceiling,
  • Slim - this is the narrowest version of the furniture for the hallway, but with a large capacity. Cassette boxes do not allow dust to enter and provide storage of a significant amount of footwear in a relatively small area. Shoes placed in the doors, which, with this design recline at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees and have a width of not more than 30 cm, and even less in length. Such cabinets are popular among owners of small apartments, because they can be placed behind the entrance door or in any corner of the hall. The standard depth of the slim cabinet is only 13 cm. It is not recommended to keep dirty or wet shoes in such a closet, because only one untreated pair can contaminate all other shoes on the shelf. The only minus of the closet with a similar configuration is that you will not be able to store boots or high boots without deforming the tops. Also, with slim cabinets, ventilation is possible only when the shelf is opened,
  • the compartment for shoes is identical to the closet compartment for clothes, only the depth of the shelves is calculated on the size of the shoe box (recommended depth is 60 cm). The doors of the storage of this type move aside thanks to a special mechanism. Shelves can be retractable or stationary, their configuration has a lot of options. The most popular ones include high sections with hangers for boots and storage space for off-season shoes, bags and accessories. Metal mesh for low shoes are usually arranged horizontally or at an angle to each other. The sliding wardrobe occupies a significant area of ​​the hallway and is capable of storing a large number of diverse shoes. Also popular are combined designs with mirrored doors, when shoes and clothes are stored in the same cabinet, but in separate sections. A nice bonus can be the presence of additional lighting in the closet, which is important, because in the hallways of typical apartments there are usually problems with natural light,
  • pedestal - a small model exclusively for seasonal shoes. It is impossible to place the entire collection of shoes in such a product, because here, as a rule, there are only a few shelves. However, such cabinets can simultaneously perform the functions of a bench on which it is convenient to put on shoes. Choosing a cabinet should take into account the dimensions of the room, it should not block the passage,
  • The galoshnitsa is completely open support with 2-3 regiments. The model is comfortable and functional, but is intended more to store everyday shoes that you do not need to wash every day. For long-term storage, it is better to choose other configurations. This model is often used as a shoe dryer and can be easily made with your own hands.

When standard furniture from stores can not meet all the requirements, it is necessary to resort to individual production. Based on the photo of the models that the customer likes, an experienced craftsman can make a closet for shoes in the hallway, which will combine several design solutions. For example, to connect the bon system with the slim cabinet, to provide a seat and mezzanines for bags and accessories.

1. General cleaning

Start with the most difficult: decide to get rid of unnecessary clothing. Divide all your belongings into three categories: leave, take away until the next season, get rid of (throwing away is not necessary - you can donate to charities). In the last category, send items that you have not worn for more than a year. Remember: according to statistics, people regularly wear only 20% of all their clothes.

Wardrobe for shoes Bona

Such shoe cabinets are very comfortable. They are made on the principle of shop windows, only with doors. A big plus for wardrobe cabinets is their large capacity. In such cases, the sole of the shoe does not deform and dries well.

If you have a dressing room, then shoe rack Bona can be without a door. A display rack with shoes in this case would be an ideal option.

Bona shoe rack

Bona shoe rack

Bona shoe rack

Cabinet for shoes slim

The slim cabinet for shoes is very compact and roomy. It is manufactured with hinged doors that open 45 ° or 90 ° depending on the model. The width of the cabinet does not exceed 30 cm, so it is ideal for even the smallest hallway.

In the closet-slim shoes are not gathering dust and compactly placed. But it should be noted that the shoes can be put in slim can only be dried and clean, otherwise other pairs of shoes, and the wardrobe itself, will be contaminated. Therefore, without a dryer or an open shelf for shoes you can not do.

For the manufacture of slim cabinets usually use wood or chipboard. Their color range is very diverse, so you can easily choose the option of a shoe cabinet that fits perfectly into the interior of any hallway.

Cabinet for shoes slim

Cabinet for shoes slim

Cabinet for shoes slim

Sliding wardrobe for shoes

The most popular today is the wardrobe for shoes. Modern, aesthetic forms, a variety of design solutions make it possible to perfectly equip the space of the hall, hallway or corridor. Such a shoe cabinet is practically no different from an ordinary wardrobe, only shelves for shoes that can be stationary and extendable are built in instead of sections for clothes. Shelves for shoes can be as long as necessary, and with it, you can store other things in your shoe closet as well - shoe boxes, shoe care products, handbags and other accessories.

There are also combined wardrobes. This option is very original and quite practical. On one side of his shoes are conveniently stored, and in the second half - clothes and hats.

Sliding wardrobe for shoes

Sliding wardrobe for shoes

Sliding wardrobe for shoes

Sliding wardrobe for shoes

Furniture manufacturers today offer a lot of options for mirror cabinets for shoes. Such a wardrobe will become an indispensable attribute of furniture, if you do not have a dressing table or dressing room with a mirror. In addition, the mirror surfaces always visually increase the space and make the interior design more light and comfortable.

If you store shoes in the dressing room, it will be appropriate to place there not even a wardrobe, but several original shelves for shoes that will be a stylish addition to the interior of the dressing room.

Obuvnitsa for a hall

Shoe shelf photo

Shoe cabinet photo

Open shoe rack

Open shoe rack

Unusual cabinet for shoes

Shoe cabinet

The cabinet for shoes is usually small in size and is designed for seasonal shoes. The doors in this cabinet are hinged, and inside there are 2-3 shoe shelves. Almost always shoe cabinets are sold together with a set: cabinets, dressing table or hangers, and can be made in the form of a padded stool with a soft seat, or cabinets on which you can put perfume, cosmetics and decorative elements - a vase with flowers, photos in frames, decorative seashells, ekibany of wild flowers and spikelets, especially often used in the design of the autumn interior, and much more.

Shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinet

The simplest option for furniture for storing shoes is the wardrobe, or the shoe-case. This option is perfect for storing and drying everyday shoes. This is an open stand with shelves that can stand in the hallway or corridor, and if you use it as a drying cabinet for shoes, then you will not find a better place than a balcony or loggia. Galoshnitsa is an excellent alternative to a shoe cabinet for small apartments.

Shoe cabinet

Shoes for shoes