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What can be made of batteries


It is not necessary to have a special gift in order to make something beautiful and unusual. If you know some tricks, it is quite possible to make a beautiful decoration for a house or a gift, making a minimum of effort and using very few materials.

Here are just a small part of the simple crafts that can make absolutely anyone:

Simple crafts with their own hands

1. Autumn candles

- leaves (real or artificial)

- PVA glue (glue for decoupage)

- brush or sponge

* Alcohol wipe the jar to get rid of fat.

* Apply glue to the jar.

* Use straight leaves to decorate the jar.

* Glue for decoupage can grease glued leaves.

* Add a thread and a candle for beauty.

2. Painted cup

* Cut a stencil of any pattern or letter out of cardboard.

* Attach the stencil to the cup and start applying points around it with different color markers.

Just do it yourself

3. Painted jars

- alcohol (for cleaning cans)

* Clean the jar with alcohol.

* Paint the jar in any color and leave to dry.

* You can add a marker with a marker (in this case a bank is applied to the bank, which is erased).

* Insert the flowers in a vase.

- white (light) sneakers

* Pencil draw the desired pattern on the sneakers.

* Circle the drawing with a marker and start coloring as you like.

The most simple crafts

5. Crafts from wine corks

* Draw on paper any simple form - in this example it is a heart shape.

* Begin to glue the corks to each other (apply glue only on the sides, do not apply at the ends, so as not to glue them to the paper), putting them on the drawing in order to finally get a heart shape.

6. Infinity scarf from old T-shirt

- thread and needle (sewing machine)

* Cut off the left and right edges of the shirt (see picture). The width of the shirt after that will be 35 cm.

* Cut a small part from the bottom and top (where the neck).

* Sew both halves from the inside, and you get a scarf.

Easy and simple do it yourself

7. Bright vases from glass bottles

- bowl and tassel (if necessary)

- syringe (if necessary)

* Pour some paint into the bowl. You can mix several colors to get a different color.

* Pour paint into the bottle. It is more convenient to do this with a syringe - draw paint into the syringe, and then inject it into the bottle.

* Turn the bottle to paint covered all the glass inside.

* Turn the bottle over and leave it in that position in the sink - excess paint will leak out.

* When the paint is dry, you can add water to the vase and insert flowers into it.

8. Towel dryer

If you have an old staircase, you can clean it, if necessary, treat it with emery paper and even paint it. After that, you can put it in the bathroom to hang towels.

Simple paper crafts

9. Garland of paper cups

- knife or scissors.

* Make a cross-shaped incision in each cup.

* Insert a garland light bulb into each hole.

* Decorate the garland room.

10. Golden canvas

Even if you are not able to draw at all, you can make a very beautiful project and decorate the interior with it.

- gold, blue and orange acrylic paint

* Paint each canvas with 2-3 layers of gold paint - after each layer, let the paint dry.

* Using a sponge brush, start painting canvases. One will be blue and the other orange. Make some lines shorter, others longer.

11. Multicolored keys

If you have several identical keys from different locks, use nail polish to paint them. Thereby you will know what key from what lock.

What can be made of batteries

The simplest games with many batteries are the construction of letters, numbers, and pictures. Entertainment is suitable for children over three years old. The game must be attended by an adult who will monitor the integrity of the battery case and will not allow the child to lick or disassemble the batteries.

Batteries can be used as a designer, making up of various shapes.

With schoolchildren, you can repeat the course of physics, using old and new batteries. Crafts can be used not only for experiences. Knowledge and skills will be useful in case of contact with extreme conditions.

Materials for the product:

  • New or used, but still in working condition battery
  • a piece of foil 8 cm long and 6–10 mm wide. You can use food or foil from chewing gum,
  • flammable material (scraps of newspapers, cotton, hemp).

Instructions for making:

  1. The foil strip is cut so that its original width remains the same at the ends, and a 2 mm jumper remains in the center. Depending on the power of the battery, you may need a strip of foil with a larger or smaller width than the declared one. This can be established empirically.
  2. On the battery determine the location of the positive and negative terminals.
  3. The battery and foil are brought to the material that they plan to set on fire. First, apply the foil to the negative terminal, then to the positive.

The design is held with two fingers, a thin part of the foil is heated and ignites the prepared material.

This experience is preferably carried out with gloves so as not to burn your hands.

When conducting the experience you need to comply with safety. At hand, hold water and trash.

Do not use leaked and deformed batteries. Battery fluid is toxic. In addition, damaged batteries may ignite or explode before the experience is completed.

Motor or "helicopter"

For good contact with the battery, the ring is lowered a little lower.

Materials to create a kind of perpetual motion machine:

  • new battery
  • fine wire
  • two paper clips
  • small magnet
  • sandpaper,
  • reinforced adhesive tape.

  1. The wire is wound on a battery, make 5-7 turns.
  2. Remove the resulting ring. The tips of the wire are folded around the ringlet and cleaned with sandpaper.
  3. Clips are straightened and secured with tape one by one on each side of the battery.
  4. Bend the clips at an angle of 90˚, fix the ring on them.
  5. Put a magnet on the battery - the ring rotates.

If the engine does not immediately start working, it is possible that the distance between the wire ring and the magnet is too large.

Similarly, you can make a "helicopter" or a motor in the form of a moving spiral.

The wire can be bent in the form of a spiral, heart, rectangles, etc.

To do this, bend the wire into the desired shape, which is fixed on a round magnet. A battery is installed on top, that is, the structure is made vertical. The wire must be in contact with the battery and the magnet at the same time. For the wire frame, it is important to correctly determine the center of gravity, then as a result of experience, it will rotate.


This magnet can be used to attract small metal objects.

Materials for the manufacture of electromagnet:

  • battery,
  • copper wire - about one and a half meters,
  • big nail or bolt.

Instructions for making:

  1. The wire is wound on a bolt, leaving loose ends on opposite sides of it (they are needed for contact with the battery).
  2. Fix the wire at the battery terminals. Magnet is ready!

What can be made from used batteries

A discharged power source can be charged for a short time if you cannot purchase a new one at the moment. To do this, carefully deform the body, preventing it from being damaged. If the shell is cracked, then the battery is no longer placed in the electronics, as corrosive liquid will flow out of it and ruin the device.

From the battery, which has served its time for its intended purpose, you can make a lamp, making it on their own.

Bulb for crafts take small to the remaining battery power enough for the appearance of light

To make sure that the battery is discharged, it is thrown on the table "minus" down from a height of three centimeters. A new battery falls with a dull sound, the dead woman falls loudly and rebounds.

For the manufacture will need:

  • used but not damaged battery
  • light bulb
  • fine copper wire
  • Scotch,
  • paper and clay for creativity.

Instructions for making:

  1. The wire is divided into two parts.
  2. Scotch glue one piece of wire to the terminal with a negative charge.
  3. The second part is wound on the metal area of ​​the lamp.
  4. The free end of the wire (the one on the lamp) is attached to the second terminal of the battery.
  5. In order for the lamp to catch fire, you need to close the circuit.

The light from the lamp is quite bright.

You can turn the product into an interesting craft by pasting the battery with cardboard or clay. The resulting flashlight can be a lighting device in the dollhouse or become a bug with antennae. Play the product under the supervision of adults.

Similarly, you can make the backlight glass.

Disposal of old batteries

In the cities, they organize collection points for old batteries, where you can find out from the Internet.

Throwing away used power sources along with the rest is not worth it, it pollutes the environment. Batteries consist of the following elements:

  • steel shell:
  • manganese oxide,
  • electrolyte,
  • zinc,
  • graphite,
  • paper and plastic.

The release of harmful substances begins after the metal body rusts. Chemicals penetrate the upper layers of the soil, and together with the sediments fall into the groundwater. Together with them, hazardous compounds are in the seas and rivers.

For the content of chemical elements in water, air and soil, a safety threshold is set. Exceeding the norms means that being in the territory is dangerous for human and animal health.

For these reasons, a battery recycling system has been developed. Elements of products are used in various fields: in metallurgy, the production of pencils and fertilizers. After recycling only 5% of the total mass of the battery is recycled.

The only plant in Russia that processes power sources is located in Chelyabinsk. All collected batteries are delivered for recycling to this plant. The city has a developed metallurgical industry, so the resulting metal is used in local factories.

Video: what can be done from a battery

It should be remembered that conducting experiments with batteries should not cause harm to others. Therefore, do not trust this job to the child. An adult should also assess his level of training so that he is able to assemble the chains correctly.

Turn on the fantasy

In addition to the fact that the old idle batteries can be used to play letters, words, and also put together various figures, such as a rocket, a house, a little man, something more interesting can be made of them.

Schoolchildren will be interested in this process in that it will be possible to see the principles of physics through an example. But for younger children, such a flashlight will be a great addition to a toy house, city or garage with cars. One has only to show a little imagination in the design.

For the creative process will be needed:

  • battery,
  • little light bulb
  • fine copper wire
  • cardboard,
  • dough or clay for modeling.

The first thing you need to do batteries and lighting. Since the power of the miniature light bulb is not at all great, and the old battery still has a small power, you can be sure that the light will appear if the circuit is properly connected.

To do this, using adhesive tape, attach one part of the wire to the "minus", and winding the second piece of wire on the bulb, glue it to the "plus". For convenience, you can do this with a small piece of clay.

Then it is already a matter of fantasy. To make the flashlight glow, you will need to connect the two ends of the wire. Therefore, such a simple design can be turned into a beetle with a mustache and wires, and the power source can be pasted over with cardboard, or stuck with dough or clay to make wings and legs.

If you want to create a semblance of a street lamp, make it vertical, and from a cardboard, cut a simple cylinder that you need to put on the battery. It will serve as a lamppost.

Electric motor in miniature

If you use new batteries, it is quite possible to build a small motor at home. Items needed to create this small “miracle of technology” will be found in almost any home:

  • battery,
  • Neodymium magnet (it is he who conducts the current),
  • wire,
  • paper clips
  • sandpaper.

Wind the wire on the battery, then carefully remove the power source and secure the ends, tying them into a knot on each side. It should make a ring with postings on both sides. These ends need to be stripped with sandpaper.

Next, unbent clips are attached to both ends of the battery with the help of a reinforced adhesive tape, and a ring-rotor is passed through them.

A magnet is placed on the power source, and at this time the rotor should start to rotate. If this does not happen, you can gently push the ring with your finger. "Eternal" engine is ready!

These are some simple inventions can be built from batteries at home. It is a good option for the study of physics and experiments.

Crafts from simple materials

12. Colored candlesticks

- wide glass and narrow glass (or vases of different sizes)

* Put a small glass in a large one, and fix both with glue - apply glue on the bottom of a small glass.

* Pour water into the gap between the cups and add food coloring.

* Put a candle inside a small glass.

13. Vase of light bulbs

- wire (if necessary)

- cover for the base of the vase (if necessary)

- gloves and specials. glasses (to protect hands and eyes)

* Pliers remove the tip of the light bulb.

* Use a screwdriver or pliers to remove excess glass at the base. You may have to get rid of several layers of glass - be careful and attentive.

* Glue the bulb to the base (plastic cover).

* The light bulb can also be hung up - use wire for this.

* You can complicate the task and add an LED light bulb. For this, in addition to the light bulb, you will need small batteries. All instructions can be seen in the video:

T-shirts and men's shirts

Instructionhow easy it is to make beautiful pillow cases out of old shirts.

So just you can make a top of the old T-shirt. The whole process is shown here.

WITH such spacious bag is very convenient to go to the beach.

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Old clothes

From the old T-shirt you get a great house for your pet.

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Old toys

This is how unnecessary toys can be used as a decor.

If your jeans are rubbed or torn, do not rush to throw them away - turn them into the original handbagin which you can put anything.

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You can please your baby here so denim kitenkom.

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Remnants of material

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Tree branches

Really nice and impressive, maybe you this the idea will appeal to you.

Usually they lie under our feet and we don’t think about what extraordinary beauty we can to create from these branches.

Here is such amazing and simple pictures of buttons can be made with your own hands.

Old service

Those who have accumulated small coffee cups can make such original clock.

Do not throw away even inconspicuous cups, because they can easily turn into pots for indoor plants.

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Plastic dishes

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Picture frame

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By inserting the magnetic board into the frame and gluing the magnetic tape under the jars, you will make convenient holder for their cosmetic accessories.

From the frame of medium size you can to make nice tray for small things.

Time sheet from the old picture will appeal to both the child and mother.

Shoe boxes

Wonderful option for those girls who have accumulated a lot of jewelry!

It turns out that shoe boxes can not only occupy space in a closet, but, for example, decorate the wall.

Very comfortable, roomy and cute. basketsin which you can store everything - from toys to kitchen utensils.

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LEGO Constructor

The very moment when packaging may be more original than a gift.

No stand for the smartphone? Do It from lego.

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Board games

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Use letters from scrabble and create unusual coasters for the hot, encoding messages in them.

Waste jars

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Vinyl records

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Plastic bottles

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Bottle caps

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Such jewelry will appeal to many fashionable women.

Original the way slightly transform the home interior.

WITH so key fob your key will never drown.

Cutting board

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You can write down the list of products or leave cute wishes for your family on such original slate board.


It turns out that cans make excellent candlesticks! Do not believe? See for yourself here.

To the needles do not roll anywhere, make the original large needle bed do it yourself

Pot of chips

An elongated can is literally created for storing spaghetti.

A small terrarium right in your light bulb. Instructions for creating this miracle can be viewed. here.

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Old locks

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Simple suitcase can be supernakhodkoy for the interior in almost any style.

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Old tires

Table of tires - a great option for your problem.

To turn an old tire into such trendy table, you need a few meters of thick rope and a little effort.

You can make a bicycle tire mirror.

Bicycle wheel

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Coin crafts are excellent the ideato diversify your interior or make an original gift to friends.

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Yes, yes, simple bottles, special paint and your imagination. Try - and you will not regret.

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Original soap containermade from old jack daniel’s bottle.

Simple crafts for children

14. Ghost pattern on T-shirt

- wide adhesive tape

* Cut out the details of your ghost from masking tape (eyes and mouth, for example)

* Glue all the details carefully to the T-shirt.

15. Congratulations from the keyboard

Such a greeting is very easy to do.

To read the detailed instructions, go to our article: How to make souvenirs with your own hands.