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How fashionable to wear black jeans?


Another basic thing that can be the basis for a variety of images, while being comfortable and be well combined in color with other things. What is best to wear black jeans.


One of the main advantages of black jeans in women's basic wardrobe is that they are suitable not only for walking, but also for the office or even for an elegant set. In addition, a well-chosen model can make you visually slimmer and taller. I think that these are significant advantages in order to acquire such a wonderful thing.

Jeans from thinner material are well suited for summer, and in cooler weather you can wear a version of a more dense fabric.

Today, there are many models and each woman of fashion can choose for itself the most suitable - skinny, flared, shortened, high-waisted, torn, jeans, boyfriend, etc. But, if you want this thing to become really universal, I recommend, stop at the classic model of direct cut or skinny without unnecessary decorative elements and additional details.

What shoes to wear

Black jeans are a versatile thing and almost any kind of shoes fits them. This may be elegant shoes with heels, and sneakers, and ballet flats.

Shoes, sandals.

Shoes with high heels paired with jeans will make you more elegant, slim and feminine. This is a very good option for the office or meeting with friends in a cafe, for example.

Boots, boots.

In the cooler seasons, jeans can be worn with boots of various models or boots. Naturally, the top of the dress should harmoniously complement the whole thing and look whole inside the kit.

Sneakers, sneakers, slipona.

For all lovers of shoes on a flat course, this option is likely to become the most beloved. Especially now is the combination of narrow skinny with slip-ons.

+ White top

Well, of course, how could I start with something else ?! Only with white! This is the most versatile and the most basic option for the top of our jeans. Want to to work → White shirt (+ white jacket), to the walk → Light blouse or T-shirt. Shoes of black or beige color will complement your outfit in the best way.

+ Black top

Black total look with black jeans is an up-to-date look, so you should put it into service. This will give us a mysterious and elegant image. Although it’s still not worth walking around every day, or sometimes add a bright accent in the form of a handbag or a bright shade to such an outfit.

+ Black and white strip

A classic vest, shirt or black-and-white striped shirt is one of the most ideal companions when it comes to what you should wear black jeans with. This kit looks very impressive.

Images and bows with black jeans

And a little more variety of options with our so versatile denim trousers. See and choose what you like best, and to bring it to life is just a matter of technique.

Shoes on a flat course is perfect for many images.

A soft and feminine look can be obtained by combining black with shades of brown. Another interesting option is jeans + white shirt for graduation + black cropped sweater upstairs, shoes - slip-ons or high-heeled shoes.

More stringent and business options are obtained if you combine jeans with different jackets of business models and neutral colors and high-heeled shoes. A simple black and white pattern on things will help create a mood and diversify your outfit.

In the cooler seasons, denim pants can be worn with voluminous sweaters, while shoes can be matched with a sweater or a neutral black and brown one. Create an elegant image with black jeans is quite simple. To do this, pick up a massive original necklace and put it on under a black blouse with a short sleeve. White or soft pink top of this outfit will also look good.

Videos for those who want to transform their old jeans and make of them trendy - torn. ↓↓↓

Black jeans - universal must have

Why black jeans are called a real must have for any of the fair sex? The main reason to get this thing is its absolute universality, and in everything. First of all, black jeans organically fit into most styles: they complement the office image, fit for casual bows everyday, emphasize the elegance of the classical style and the boldness of grunge, bring a touch of elegance to the original boho.

Versatility applies to age criteria: black jeans are suitable for young girls, women and women of even balzak age, which is achieved due to the restraint of a dark scale. They do not restrict the right to wear such a thing and body features: since black has the ability to slim and stretch a silhouette, it can hide volumes and play around puffy shapes.

How to choose black jeans?

How to choose fashionable black jeans? If the color option is the only one, then other criteria provide freedom of choice. Consider the most basic:

  1. Style. It must be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of its shape. The happy owners of a slim and almost perfect body are very lucky, because absolutely all models are suitable for them. Skinny jeans can safely choose girls with slim and not very short legs. A good option for the full - straight not too tight fitting. Hide wide hips allow jeans, expanding almost from the top - the so-called "pipe". And owners of full or relief calves should choose models of flares, which, by the way, are back in fashion.
  2. Length. If you choose it correctly, you can skillfully mask some defects in appearance. For example, if you have long legs, feel free to wear cropped jeans that visually balance the lower and upper body. If you do not consider yourself leggy, then choose a standard length, but at the same time consider the style of the model. So, narrow women's jeans should reach the ankle, but not gather in the folds around it. Straight cut models should completely cover the heel, and if you prefer shoes with heels, then half the heel. And if the purchased jeans are very long, then it is better to shorten them, as the legs that reach to the ground quickly tear and make the image sloppy and careless.
  3. Landing. The optimal and, perhaps, universal option is an average landing. Only slim girls can afford inflated jeans, because such models focus on the hips and pay attention to the waist zone, which makes these areas close to perfect. Excessively low landing not only looks ridiculous and vulgar, but also causes a lot of inconvenience and when trying to sit or bend down suddenly exposes places that must remain hidden from prying eyes.
  4. Additional details. In principle, they are not required, since the black color implies restraint. Therefore, embroidery, rhinestones and other unnecessary little things will be superfluous. But perforation will add notes of rebellion and mischief.

How to wear: the most successful options

What is the best way to wear black jeans? The choice is huge, but the most successful options are the following:

  • To create a strict office look, a white fitted blouse will fit without unnecessary details.
  • The stylish tandem that has already become classic is black jeans and a checkered loose shirt. But instead it is quite possible to wear a denim, and better light.
  • Trendy denim jackets are relevant, and light blue hues are best in harmony with black jeans.
  • For everyday wear, use hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves, jumpers.
  • In summer, you can wear a loose asymmetrical T-shirt, jersey or top.
  • Tunics fit well with skinny jeans, especially shirt-cut or loose oversize models.
  • In cool weather, you can wear a blazer or jacket.
  • Black cardigans with black jeans look harmoniously, especially the loose cut, which are especially popular now.
  • In the fall or spring, wear a leather jacket: classic or rebellious "jacket".
  • In the cold season, by the way will have a straight or trapezoid youth coat.
  • Trench coat or trench coat will make the image more feminine and elegant.
  • Try to create multi-layered kits, which are often found in the photo of fashionable bows. So, under the jumper you can wear a blouse. And over a T-shirt or top, wear a denim shirt.

Tip: for sure you know that black is universal in terms of combination with other shades, and this is a fact. But it looks most harmonious and interesting with such tones as white, red, yellow, mustard, mint, gray, coral, peach, blue and olive. A variety of prints may also be appropriate: animalistic zebra and leopard, contrasting stripes, polka dots, flowers, cage, inscriptions.

We select shoes and accessories

What shoes to wear with black jeans? Virtually any, depending on the style of the set. So, everyday images can be complemented with slip-ons, converse, snickers. For a meeting with friends, put on more ballet flats. Mules, stiletto pumps or models with a stable heel or wedge heel are suitable for a date.

To study or work in the office, you can go in shoe boots, lofers or oxfords. In winter, such a thing can be combined boots, especially with wide tops and cowboy. And lovers of shocking and brutal or rocker images can afford rough shoes. As for the color of the shoes, the most successful will be brown, beige and black tones.

The choice of accessories is also huge, and it should also depend on the given concept and style of the image. Complement black jeans with thin contrasting straps, wide bracelets, thin beads, hats and caps, and scarves. You can choose different models of bags: elegant clutches, discreet briefcases, everyday and comfortable shoppers.

Be sure to buy black jeans if you still don’t have them and make stylish looks for all occasions!

Overview of men's jeans

  1. Classic jeans straight cut.
Classic men's jeans straight cut

Maybe someone will find such a style old-fashioned and irrelevant, but, according to stylists, the classic is eternal and straight, inflated jeans are undoubtedly a must have in a man’s wardrobe, regardless of his profession, style preferences and age.

Properly chosen classic jeans fit snugly to the waist and reach the middle of the backdrop of a shoe. A characteristic "accordion" forms in front. Lightly tapered jeans are also considered classic.

Jeans bootcut

In this model, the legs are flared from the knee and their length reaches the heel, the front visually gives the impression that the bottom of the leg is cutting shoes.

Fashion secret: this model of jeans perfectly corrects such a flaw as wide hips.

3. Skinny or skinny jeans.

Skinny skinny jeans

Men's jeans are several degrees of narrowness, the skinny ones are considered the narrowest. The model follows the contours of the legs, tightly fitting the figure. Tight trousers are often worn, tucked at the bottom, or shortened - such liberties are permissible only with this style.

Fashionable advice: choose skinny, if you are confident in yourself and will not be complexes. Skinny legs visually make a thin leg even thinner.

Color palette

Two classic colors that are perfectly combined with clothes and fit into different stylistic images - blue and black. Also this season, gray, white and blue are popular.

In the fashion collections of famous brands are jeans green, burgundy, yellow, beige shades.

If you prefer shocking and love to attract the attention of bright, extraordinary images, pay attention to the models, decorated with prints.

The jeans decorated with a print, for the most courageous

Fashionable advice: the basic thing in the men's wardrobe is classic dark blue jeans.

For sewing jeans, regardless of style and model used durable, cotton fabric. Of particular importance is weaving - it must be diagonal. If the jeans are sewn from a fabric consisting solely of cotton, they shrink after washing.

The optimum material is considered to be slightly stretched - with the addition of elastane (from 2 to 5%). This model sits perfectly on the figure and does not stretch on your knees.

Fashionable advice: feel the fabric of jeans, it should be slightly velvety.

Decor and accessories

Since this is a low-key men's fashion, stylists recommend refraining from bright colors, a large number of decorations and accessories. A man should always look perfect and most importantly - by age. Appliqués, embroidery and bright prints are fashionable, appropriate in adolescence. The more solid the age of a man, the more conservative the jeans model should be.

What can I wear with classic blue and black jeans?

First of all, jeans are an integral part of casual style. They are perfectly combined with white shirts, plaid shirts, warm cardigans and pullovers. Some stylists believe that you can not wear jeans with a denim shirt, however, if all parts of the image are matched in one tone, it looks stylish.

Light-blue jeans are combined with white jerseys, light-colored shirts, sweatshirts and thick-knit sweaters. As for outerwear, jeans look quite harmonious with a leather jacket.

If you want to give a certain severity and restraint to your image, wear a white or blue shirt and a jacket over the top.

Trendy looks with classic jeans

Accessories complement the image - a belt, tie or scarf, it is important that they overlap with a touch of shoes.

Black jeans harmoniously look with sportswear, with things in casual style and even classics. Combine them with shirts of different shades, bright sweaters and cardigans, high-neck sweaters, jumpers and turtlenecks.

A very bright and contrasting image is obtained in combination with a white T-shirt. Try to add a classic set - black jeans and a white T-shirt - with white sneakers and a black leather jacket. You can replace the shoes with brown shoes and dilute the image of a white hat.

Black jeans with a shirt and a jacket with a classic cut look stylish and strict, and a tie is used as accessories. From above you can wear a coat.

Classic jeans in business style

Shoes to black jeans pick up the most different - stylish shoes, rough shoes, sneakers, loafers. Just pick up comfortable shoes for you.

Fashionable advice: on black jeans do not smooth down the hands, because they only vaguely resemble classic trousers.

What to wear with torn jeans

Every year, designers offer new models of men's jeans, because things in denim style are so practical that they will never lose relevance. Ripped jeans are a special niche in men's fashion. The secret of the popularity of this extravagant model in a combination of practicality and showiness.

Many guys use ripped jeans for dating with the opposite sex. The paradox is that girls are attracted by slightly careless and brutal young people. That jeans with signs of aging emphasize the style and originality of your inner world.

These jeans fit perfectly into a comfortable and always fashionable wardrobe casual. The slits on the pants may be small, or vice versa - to open a significant part of the leg. Everything is determined by individual preferences and specific conditions.

Today, ripped jeans are present in the fashion collections of all designers and are produced by global brands of denim clothing.

Check out the models from Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana, Frankie Morello, Diesel, Just Cavalli and LTB.

Trendy Looks With Ripped Jeans

Among these brands you can choose models of different styles, colors that differ in the number of slots, their shape and size.

Fashionable advice: this season actual jeans classic length and length of three quarters.

With trousers with slits, it is appropriate to look:

  • hoodies,
  • sweaters fine knit,
  • T-shirts and T-shirts.

The optimal set for a casual look is ripped jeans and a shirt that is one tone darker than trousers.

In cold weather, you can add a sweater.

Male look with ripped jeans

You can also wear a denim shirt over a black T-shirt. If you are going to a noisy and fun party, feel free to choose shirts of bright shades and with original prints. Complete the look with a leather belt and high-quality sunglasses.

Fashionable advice: spectacular ripped jeans perfectly complement the club or casual images. You should not use them for a business style. As for footwear, sneakers with white soles, leather sandals, oxfords or loafers are perfectly combined with slots.

How To Wear Skinny Skinny Jeans

Before turning to the question - what to wear skinny jeans, let's see what skinny is different from slims. Many mistakenly use both terms to name one model of men's trousers, but this is not entirely true.

Скинни – это очень узкие джинсы. Слимы – классические брюки зауженного кроя. Первоначально скинни считались частью женского гардероба. Благодаря демократичной современной моде зауженные брюки стали частью и мужского гардероба.

Узкие джинсы предпочтительно выбирать мужчинам с хорошим телосложением, ведь скинни подчеркивают все недостатки и лишние сантиметры на фигуре.

Jeans with a slim fit are combined with T-shirts, which also emphasize the figure.

Ripped jeans with a white T-shirt - stylish and practical

Don't wear a skinny shirt with jeans. Another worthy option is the classic shirt. You can also use a shirt and shirt in the kit, and in cold weather it is enough to put on a jacket.

In order to make the pants of a narrowed cut fit perfectly on the figure, it is important to choose the right model and color. Remember that tight pants will demonstrate your interest in modern fashion. This season the most relevant are models of blue, black, brown and gray shades, khaki skinnits are also popular.

To create stylish, comfortable images, it is enough to purchase:

  • several shirts - white, blue and checkered,
  • several jumpers and sweaters.

Combining them, you can create stylish images.

Trendy Looks With Ripped Jeans

Remember fashionable recommendations that will help you better navigate the fashion world:

  • if the bottom of the outfits is dark, the top should be light,
  • in order not to disturb the proportions of the body to skinny jeans, it is better to choose a volumetric top.

Straight jeans - with what to wear and how to choose

Classic jeans are a great choice for the office, business meetings and casual wardrobe. To skillfully hide some “streetness”, that is, a casual look, you have to figure out what to wear inflated jeans.

Stylish looks with jeans with a classic cut

Stylists pay special attention to this issue, because we are talking about the most practical and popular wardrobe parts.

  1. For office work, choose jeans of dark shades. Such models look restrained, businesslike, but at the same time very democratic.
  2. To maintain a business style in the wardrobe, pay attention to the jeans cut. Excessively narrowed models in the office look inappropriate.
  3. For office, business meeting and a visit to the institute, choose a classic shirt. After this, the image acquires some formality. For an informal meeting with friends or a city walk, instead of a classic shirt, you can wear a polo shirt or a flannel shirt.
  4. A great addition to jeans for a strict look will be a jacket. It is selected saturated blue, black or brown.
  5. Shoes - the most important element of your stylish image. It is appropriate to choose classic shoes and any variations of them - oxfords, brogues or loafers.
  6. Another element of the business kit is a stylish black belt. This detail adds a touch of elegance.
Classic jeans in a business style

Thus, jeans of a classic cut are quite admissible and practical clothes for office and even a business meeting, the main thing is to harmoniously choose shoes and accessories.

Choosing jeans for this stylish man

The ideal man should remain so in any clothing. For this little to know what to wear with jeans, it is important to know how to choose the right clothes. The ideal proportions for a man are legs, longer than the body, hips are already shoulders. Any minor figure flaws can be hidden and corrected with things.

Three main criteria for the selection of pants:

  • length - jeans should not form an accordion at the bottom,
  • volume in the waist - trousers should be fastened easily, without dragging the waist line, trousers that are too big in a belt form extra volume and ugly folds,
  • thigh volume.
Criteria for the selection of men's jeans

High, long-legged men can afford jeans with a low waist and narrowed at the bottom. It is permissible to choose cuffed trousers.

Jeans for tall and slim men

Not too smooth legs perfectly hide jeans of a light shade, with a slight flare and without a vertical print.

Disproportionately short legs are visually lengthened by high-waisted trousers. It is appropriate to choose models without scuffs and cuts. The style should be straight, avoid overly narrow and wide models.

Clothing also helps to adjust the volume of the body. Thin men, it is appropriate to choose a model of light color and straight cut. Holders of a dense figure is better to pay attention to the model with a small flare, of lightweight material and in dark colors.

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Which model to choose

When choosing a model of black jeans, it is extremely important to take into account your proportions, features of your body, preferences, age and much more. For example, if you have wide hips, then boyfriend jeans are absolutely not suitable for you. They only highlight the flaws. But then flared jeans with wide hips are quite possible to allow, because flare at the bottom will balance the width of the hips and it will not be so conspicuous.

High waist

Special attention deserve jeans with high waistline. This style perfectly hides the fullness of the hips, masks flaws and makes the figure more visually elongated. In addition, if you have a small tummy, then black jeans with a high waist are created especially for you. But remember that this model is not combined with all things.

If you are a slim girl and you do not have extra pounds, then you can safely fill in jeans of various shirts, blouses and shirts. But the fair sex with some flaws is better to fill the outerwear only in front, and behind it to keep it released.

Jeans with high waist perfectly harmonize with all sorts of shirts, ranging from the classic white and finishing options in the box. If you want to visually stretch your silhouette, then add to the image an elongated jacket or cardigan, as well as shoes with heels.

Separately, it is necessary to say about the model with the high waistline, which simulates a corset. They blend well with pin-up style and sleek cut-out blouses.

As for shoes, it is better to give preference to elegant options, devoid of massiveness and rudeness. It looks very interesting model, supplemented with iron buttons in two vertical rows. But these jeans should not be worn by girls with very curvy hips. Otherwise, you risk highlighting your shortcomings.

With cuts on the knees

Black jeans with cuts on the knees became a real hit and flooded all the fashion blogs. They differ in that the incisions are present only in the region of the kneecaps and nowhere else. They particularly liked the young ladies who love to combine jeans with sneakers and shirts.

You can pick up a T-shirt with an interesting print or a cropped sweatshirt. A bright backpack will help to complement their style. This accessory today won the fashionistas of the whole world with its versatility, practicality and unusual appearance.

As for shoes, the jeans with cuts on the knees are best combined with models without heels. Of course, there are exceptions, but heels are much less suitable for such jeans.

Skinny black jeans should be in the wardrobe of every girl. This model is considered universal. As a rule, it is devoid of various decorative elements, scuffs and cuts. This style is a find for almost any event. With them you will not be wondering: "What to wear?".

This is a basic piece of clothing that fits both a classic style, and for walking with friends, and for dating. Remember that skinny jeans should be chosen very carefully so that they do not play a cruel joke with you. This is especially true for women with extra pounds. Choose only those options that fit perfectly on the figure, do not pinch, do not constrain movements and do not interfere with walking.

Skinny jeans are good because they can be worn at any time of the year. You can not think of a better option for shoes, boots, boots or boots.

Ripped jeans - this is the present invention of designers of the twenty-first century, without which it is simply impossible to imagine the catwalks and collections of famous designers. Today there are a huge number of options for this model, so every girl can find the perfect jeans for themselves. For example, for ladies with small stature and short legs, it is better to choose models with not very frequent and vertical cuts. This will lengthen the silhouette a bit and make it slimmer.

Thin women of the fair sex can not limit themselves in choosing, especially if you have long legs. You can use any interpretation of fashionable ripped jeans.

When choosing an image with black jeans, shoes play a huge role. It depends on how exactly the model will look, and what style will be chosen. Therefore, the choice of shoes should be given due attention.

Today, a huge number of stylists offer to wear black jeans with beautiful shoes with heels. It looks not only elegant, but also very sexy.

The most common shoes are shoes, which are the benchmark of femininity. This combination is suitable for a date, and for a solemn occasion, it is important only to choose the right things companions. You also can not think of a better option for a business meeting or for work. Elegant black jeans, pumps and a white blouse are a combination that has been proven over the years and has become traditional.

To dilute the overall range of colors, you can wear red shoes. So you definitely will not be left without attention.

With the onset of autumn, graceful shoes can be changed to stylish shoes. This shoe is not only comfortable, but also very beautiful. Shoes can be completely different, because today there are many models. It all depends on your wardrobe.

Ladies with extravagant taste can pick up shoes in grunge style, decorated with metal details. Fans of everyday style fit Timberland lace-up. But girls who prefer sporty chic better to buy shoes that resemble sneakers. All of them and many other models look harmonious with black jeans.

In the season 2016-2017 sneakers have become very popular. They are worn with almost everything, even with skirts and dresses. But the most acceptable option is a combination of jeans and sneakers. Under this type of footwear perfectly fit and torn, and narrowed, and models with high waistline.

High waist

Black jeans with a high waist - a favorite of the coming year. They perfectly mask the flaws of the female figure, especially in the abdomen. Also with the help of such models, you can visually increase the length of the legs. Perfectly combined with shirts and blouses of any colors and prints that need to be tucked under the belt. And wearing a jacket or coat on top, you get a great classic bow.

With the help of high waist, you can hide figure flaws.

Tapered black jeans will create a perfect fit and make her look more feminine and slimmer due to the color. There are options of different lengths: from fashionable in 2019 shortened to classic. What to wear? Such models can be perfectly combined with elements of sport chic, such as hoodie and bomber, as well as with shirts and blouses. And wearing a top and studs, you can go to a club or a party.

If you have beautiful slender legs, then it is worth emphasizing their narrow models.

Ripped jeans have not lost their relevance for many years, and in 2019, black ripped jeans will be at the height of fashion. You can find these in any variants: from skinny to boyfriends. With their help, you can create a bold and hooligan image. Various sweatshirts, voluminous sweaters, leather jackets perfectly complement the image created by jeans with holes. And the color of the model will allow you to choose any bright and contrasting version of the top.

Flared jeans are a trend that is gaining momentum in 2019. By purchasing black flared jeans for yourself, you can be sure that you will undoubtedly be in the trend for the next few seasons thanks to the actual style and color.

What is to wear such jeans? The main recommendation for such models is to balance the top and bottom harmoniously. If the flare is small, then you can afford both classic adjoining top and voluminous things. If your jeans have a large and wide flared from the hip, it is better to refrain from the top, which will compete with the volume of the bottom. But they will look great with T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses, complemented by a jacket or leather jacket.

Flared jeans always look stylish.

Cropped jeans are also widely featured in black next year. They can be straight, tapered and flared, with or without pockets, a classic model or any other design. What to wear? Any T-shirts, shirts, voluminous sweaters, turtlenecks - all this will be perfectly combined with this model. The main thing that these things go and like you.

As you can see, this style looks great with massive shoes and with stiletto heels.

Black has taken its active positions in such popular models. Due to their cut, they perfectly fit almost everyone, and the color gives them a certain respectability and expands their capabilities. In addition to the standard denim top in the form of sweaters, T-shirts, etc., it is black boyfriends that can be adapted to the office style. And this is a great opportunity for those who go exactly this model, but in the classic blue color is not allowed according to the dress code.

Mom's jeans are also a versatile model of recent years, while the black version is a new season find for those whose choice is free-fit jeans, straight and with a high waist fit, but not hip-bending lines that accentuate the curve. This is a universal model for moms of active kids. You can play with your baby in black jeans and a t-shirt with your kid in the street.

Jeans mom as a symbol of freedom and independence!

Classic black jeans

Another mast of hev of the next season is classic denim straight trousers, but due to the black color they become not only comfortable, but also universal, they can be worn anytime and anywhere. Such jeans should be smooth and without scuffs, and combining them with a laconic top, stylish accessories, you can easily create classic elegant images.

They are distinguished by an oval cut, wide hips and narrowed trousers. This model fits very much due to loose fit, hiding figure flaws. A black color of bananas will give a special piquancy to the image. In combination fit voluminous things, fervent and unusual, with them you can create multi-layered images, for example, a T-shirt and cardigan, a cropped top and a leather jacket.

This model is becoming more popular, and goes well with biker things.

Jeans with stripes. Another trend of 2019 that we could not ignore was jeans with stripes. Black jeans with stripes are trendy, they will enliven any, even the most casual look, models with stripes are presented in skinny models, boyfriends, and many other variations. If you like these jeans, then you will certainly find your option.

For those who love sports, created such an interesting model - jeans with stripes.

Classic black jeans - ideal for office work. Smooth jeans from high-quality fabric in combination with a classic top will pass the most strict dresscode. And you will be more comfortable and more comfortable to work in your favorite jeans.

If you are just a student and office rules do not make you look at more classic models, then black jeans like boyfriends, bananas, skinny will be a great solution for creating daily looks that make you feel comfortable traveling around the city, studying, and meeting friends.

Jeans have become not just a fashionable subject of women's wardrobe, but the main basic element.

The choice of black jeans is so large and varied that you just have to choose your own, and see the options with which to combine them.

We pick up the top to black women's jeans

Black top - the excellent decision, both for every day, and for a special case. A black sweater, black jeans and a bright accessory are well suited for every day. A black jeans and black velvet top is a good idea for a special occasion. Total black is always in fashion!

Black is always in fashion. The perfect combination for all occasions.

Black and white top - it is always stylish and fresh. White details in clothes, black and white print, for example, peas, refresh the total black look and add a highlight of severity. With the help of a two-tone blouse, you can create a concise and trendy look.

This is how two classics can be combined in stylish and fun pieces.

Strip - The trend has several seasons in a row. Surely every girl in the wardrobe has a striped thing. It will be perfectly combined with black jeans, and also helps to create links to Parisian images, where there is always a place for a strip.

Black and white stripes are always stylish to complement your bow.

Gray top - Another absolutely safe option in combination with black jeans. Neutral color, many shades make gray color in clothes universal. Volumetric sweaters and tunics look very gently and gently in a bright shade. If you have not tried this combination, be sure to try to wear!

Denim shirt - Another version of what will be perfectly combined with black jeans. Сочетание черного цвета и оттенков классического денима — одно из самых запоминающихся, а сочетание одинаковых фактур, но разных оттенков — это всегда модно и интересно.

Яркий верх и черные джинсы — это ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ вариант для того, чтобы попробовать необычные цвета! Топы, футболки, блузки, свитшоты любых, даже самых экстремальных расцветок и принтов. Темный низ сгладит и скомпенсирует любое цветовое безумие сверху!

Не бойтесь экспериментов, добавляйте к черным джинсам яркий верх, выразите свою индивидуальность.

Рубашка в клетку - Another absolute mast of hev in the question of what to wear with black jeans. The shirt can be any color combinations of the cell. The main thing that she went to you, but that she will look great with black jeans of all models - no doubt!

Dark jeans and a checked shirt have a high profile in the selection of fashionable women.

Animal prints 2019. The most relevant in the new year will be animal prints such as leopard, and, of course, the cell. Plaid things, whether shirts or sweaters, are always a win-win with black jeans. Leopard is a more complex print, but you can easily put it into your wardrobe, thanks to your favorite black jeans.

Create a festive style is also not a problem. Enough to add animal prints.

With jackets. Black jeans are a perfect base to create images with jackets and jackets. Classic or skinny jeans will fit perfectly, as part of a pantsuit or base bottom for a bright and original jacket. Bright and stylish business image you always provided.

Small jackets with jeans look feminine and at ease.

With outerwear. Black boyfriends and bananas will look stylish with winter short down jackets and jackets, and classic models can be worn coats, fur coats, down jackets.

Perfect and warm combination in a cold season.

Romantic image Easy to create with black jeans and a gentle feminine top. Light, flowing fabrics, such as chiffon and silk, etc., will enhance the effect. For example, black skinny with a high fit, blouse with ruffles, pumps and coats, and here you are a romantic person, hurrying to date.

Add romanticism to your image with the help of such models.

Informal image clothes can be easily assembled using various models of ripped black jeans, bananas or boyfriends. Volumetric sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, leather jackets, parks, in combination with coarse boots will help you to create an informal hooligan image.

Informal style? Well, where in it without jeans!

Office Style - the need to stick to it is experienced by many working ladies. And if pants are acceptable in your office, then you can perfectly use classic models of black jeans to create your own unique office style. The main condition is that the jeans fabric that you are going to wear to the office, as an alternative to trousers of similar colors, should be as uniform and qualitative as possible without scuffs and torn elements. These jeans can be combined with office shirts and blouses, jackets and jackets.

Black jeans will also fit perfectly into office bows.

Casual style - to look stylish and comfortable to feel every day, in any weather, many women of fashion are helped by jeans. And in the fashionable season of 2019, it will be black jeans. They can be worn with oversized things, with sneakers and riding sport chic, with blouses and stilettos, because everyone has their own idea of ​​everyday fashion.

As you can see this is the perfect thing in the wardrobe, which can be used for a wide variety of styles, even to wear every day.

Spectacular looks with black jeans - in the life of every person there are times when you need to create the most effective image by simple means. Black jeans are a great base to create this look. Bright and unusual top, studs, accessories and you are the star of the evening.

Be bright, sexy and unusual with similar fashion models.

Black jeans shoes

The choice of shoes with which you wear your black jeans, is of great importance. After all, shoes are a huge part of the overall image, it depends on what message we want to convey to others around us.

Video advice on how to choose the right jeans

Sneakers, sneakers: I am athletic, fast, I appreciate the convenience, I care about health. Athletic shoes are at the peak of popularity, it mixes well with all models of jeans.

Classic shoes, studs: I'm feminine, fragile, sexy, I need to be protected. Girls who prefer to wear jeans with high heel shoes, position their image in this way. After all, even ripped jeans stud will make a feminine outfit.

This style emphasizes the fragility of the owner of such a bow.

Boots, ankle boots, loafers: I am bold and confident, I appreciate comfort and beauty, I can stand up for myself - they say your shoes, worn with jeans. But in general, an excellent choice for every day: stylish and comfortable.

More experienced women of fashion can go even further and combine with boots and ankle boots.

Accessories. No matter how fashionable your jeans are, you can complete your look correctly only with the help of accessories. Black jeans are so versatile item in your wardrobe that almost all accessories fit it. In the summer you can complete your look with a bright handbag and glasses. In winter - a comfortable bag or backpack, bright gloves, hat or hat. In this case, everything will be appropriate.

It is important to choose the right accessories so that the image comes out beautiful and natural.

Fashion trends 2019 years in denim fashion are represented by flared jeans and jeans with stripes. These models will be at the peak of popularity. With flared jeans, you can perfectly create gentle and businesslike images. Wearing a suitable jacket, you get a great office suit. Jeans with stripes are perfect for fans of sport chic, and those who love bold combinations of things. But the entire model range described above will also always be relevant, but in 2019 - especially in black.

With their help, you will collect almost any fashionable image. Trouser suit, which is easy to mix with the shirts of current prints, as well as the trend of the upcoming season turtleneck. Layered images with cardigans, sleeveless jackets, black leather jackets, coats of current models. With black jeans you can wear any fashionable shoes: sneakers sneakers, loafers, platform shoes, classic stilettos, and this will be a good combination.

Fashion does not stand still, choose unusual or classic models to your liking.

Brand black jeans. Black jeans are not denied to jeans armani jeans and leading brands of type manufacturers levis. AT armani jeans You can find both classic models with an average fit of superb quality, and fashionable Rwanki in the black version. AT levis An excellent choice presented by models of tabernacles, shortened versions, rvans, trend flares.

Fashion designers do not stand aside and offer you their stylish jeans models.

Stars in black jeans.

Many famous girls wear black jeans with pleasure in everyday life. Images based on such jeans can be seen on Victoria BeckhamShe skillfully combines them with a fashionable cap and stiletto to create a total black loock. The only bright accessory in this image is a bag with contrasting inserts. All these simple but successful combinations make Victoria an icon of style.

Jesica Alba In her image with black jeans she also chose another win-win option: jeans and a gray jacket look very stylish. A print T-shirt adds freshness to the image.

Jessica Alba wisely and elegantly picked up her bow with the inclusion of black jeans. Well, Victoria Beckham is always in no competition with her stylish images.

Black jeans in online stores

If you are a supporter of shopping in online stores and know exactly your size, then we advise you to look into WildBerries, this multi-brand store will be pleased with an excellent choice, it presents both top brands and the budget segment. A lot of high-profile models, shortened versions, all trends in denim fashion. Shop online Lamoda It also provides many of the most trendy jeans in black. In general, if you do not have time to go shopping, but you decide to buy yourself black jeans, we recommend to look there.

Check out a variety of models in the online store WildBerries. Lamoda presents you with interesting options at an affordable price.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you do not yet have a pair of black denim sitting on you, then 2019 is the perfect time to buy it! After all, winter is ahead, and with their help, you will create many unique images. And with the arrival of summer, you will find how and with what to wear black women's jeans!

What color shirt to wear with black jeans?

H Black jeans can look good with shirts and tops in many colors. For example, an excellent choice would be a white shirt, as it will provide a stylish monochrome look. Similarly, gray can be an attractive choice and provide a softer contrast than white.

T However, white and gray are not the only colors that can be worn with black jeans. Black and brown are well suited in winter, as well as other rich colors such as wine or khaki. Creamy winter will look good too, while shirts from denim and chambray will be stylish all year round.

What shoes to wear with black jeans?

H Black jeans can look stylish with different shoes, depending on the style and occasion. Boots are an exceptional choice and are suitable for a variety of outfits. Try casual heels for boots and boots for a nice winter outfit. If you don’t want to wear boots, try sneakers for a relaxed casual look or pointed toe pumps for special occasions. In the summer, try combining your black jeans with sandals or slaps with a closed toe.

Summer jeans with black jeans

H Do not leave black jeans for the winter. They can look amazing in the summer. To create a fashionable bow, follow everyday and light aesthetics. To do this, choose black skinny jeans and match them with a T-shirt, a light denim or a cotton jacket.

E If you choose the top in light shades, for example, nude or pale blue, your style will definitely be summer. To complete the look, just add comfortable, but elegant shoes, for example, a pair of mules on a flat sole or white sneakers.

Images with black jeans for winter

B Due to the dark color and thick fabric, black jeans are perfect for winter outfits. They seem especially stylish in a pair with black leather shoes and something voluminous top. Regardless of whether they are wearing a knitted sweater made of thick yarn or a down-padded oversize, black jeans will look chic and stylish. So you can safely experiment with different images and add additional layers on top.

Looks with black ripped jeans

H Black jeans look bold by themselves. But, if they are also torn, they will look very rock-n-roll. Ripped black jeans are perfect for rebellion and add stylish rudeness to any outfit. To create such an image, you can choose between more restrained black jeans with a torn edge or bolder designs with large cuts and large open holes. Then complete the bow with a combination of coarse and chic things, for example, aviator jacket with a torn border and a T-shirt with the inscription.

Black Skinny Jeans

X Although black jeans exist in many styles, skinny designs are one of the most versatile. So, if you are new to the world of dark denim, this model will be your best choice. Thanks to a chic and uncluttered look, black skinny jeans can be worn for every day or for special occasions. In addition, black skinny jeans look very attractive on the figure and create the impression of long, slender legs. To enhance the effect, you can add black shoes with heels.

High-waisted black jeans

E Another great way to visually lengthen legs is to choose a pair of high-waisted black jeans. These jeans will look good, visually reducing the body and extending the legs. To take advantage of this with full force, show the waist. To do this, choose a cropped top or tuck a longer top into the pants. Heeled shoes will also make your legs longer, and a loose jacket will complete a nice balance.

Casual Looks With Black Jeans

X Although black jeans fit most cases, the easiest way to wear them is everyday. When you wear black jeans for a casual look, keep in mind that they should look relaxed and minimalist. Wearing a denim jacket and sneakers, or a comfortable sweater and boots, black jeans can look amazing. Therefore, there is no need to add too much color or decoration for such an image.

Images with black party jeans

TO When evening comes, you can prepare your black jeans for a party in several simple ways. For starters, change your shoes or ballet shoes to stilettos. Then find a chic top that will take your image to a new level. A black model with decorations will be a particularly suitable choice for evening events. Finally, add flashy accessories, such as large earrings, and apply bright lipstick or eyeliner.

Cute outfits with black jeans

H Only blue jeans can look cute. Images with black jeans can also look like if they are worn in a youthful and feminine style. All that is needed for this is to play with your things. To do this, choose a less common silhouette, for example, wide. Then add trendy catchy elements such as a ruffled top, faux fur jacket and cap.

Black jeans with blazer

AT Blazers have become one of the most popular pieces of clothing in recent seasons, and it so happens that they look amazing with black jeans. This combination is perfect for a chic style bow. smart casual, combines timeless style with mundane denim. Simply add square-heeled shoes, or boots and a t-shirt or turtleneck to complete a stylish outfit.

Full bow with black jeans

H Black jeans are perfect for a full black bow. This outfit is ideal for creating a daring style and can be suitable for a casual and elegant look. In order to make it up, you can choose worn black jeans to diversify the outfit a little. Also try mixing textures. Even something as simple as black jeans with a leather jacket, a knitted top and suede shoes can look great thanks to a mix of different materials.