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Movies about football fans and hooligans watch online


In a nutshell: a film about real football hooligans.

In the UK, a lot of pictures about football fans were shot, or rather hooligans (for example, "Football Factory"). However, this picture was the best among them and loved by the audience even 13 years after the release of the screens. The film "Hooligans of Green Street" tells the story of an American, Matthew Buckner, who had to quit his studies in America and move to London with his sister. It is in London that Matt recognizes the world of English football hooligans from within and is imbued with their philosophy.

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In a nutshell: it is based on a real life story.

Another picture of football hooligans, or rather one of them. The film tells the story of the life of a real person - Carol "Cashier" Pennant. Cass was an orphan until he was adopted by a wealthy family in England. Pennant began to root for the English football club West Ham United, and in the 1970s Cass organized the football group Inter City Firm of West Ham United.

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Pennant became the first football hooligan who served three years in prison for organizing riots. The film "Cass" is based on the autobiography of Kass Pennant himself, who wrote it while in prison. Now Pennant is almost 60 years old, he continues to write and act in films and on television.

Goal / Goal 2

In a nutshell: a film about ordinary guys who love football.

The first two parts of the Gol trilogy were remembered most by the viewer. In the first part of the film, the main character Santiago Munez is trying to fulfill his dream and is fighting for the chance to play in the English club Newcastle United. In the second part of the film, Santiago moves to a new club, Real Madrid. After moving to Real Madrid, the life of a football player changes dramatically. Santiago is starting to show new interests that have nothing to do with football ...

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"In Search of Erik"

Eric Cantona is a legendary football player of the French national team and the football club Manchester United. His game admired all the fans of the team, they even gave him the nickname “King Eric”. However, this film is not about the famous football player of the “Red Devils”. This picture is about the usual postman Eric Bishop. Eric is one of the many fans who admired the game of the legendary Canton. Bishop is going through difficult times, but everything changes when King Eric is himself a postman.

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Perhaps this picture can be added to the list of films about football hooligans. Vinnie Jones, a former professional football player, is known to football fans for his tough temper. The film "Bonebreaker" - one of the first works of Vinnie as an actor. In the film, Jones plays the role of former football player Danny Mian, who goes to prison. “Bonebreaker” is an unusual story about a criminal who managed to put together a football team in prison and play against prison guards.

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Pele: The Birth of a Legend

Important to know: based on real events.

The painting “Pele: The Birth of a Legend” was released in 2016, but now it can already be called one of the best in the genre of “near-football” films. The film describes the growing up and life of one of the greatest and most famous Brazilian footballers - Edson Arantes do Nascimento or simply Pele.

This film is not only about the life of Pele. This picture is about the people of Brazil who needed a miracle. About parents who believed in the talent of his son and, of course, about a simple Brazilian boy who loved football with all his heart.

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“United: Munich tragedy”

Important to know: based on real events.

On February 6, 1958, the players and the coaching staff of the English football club Manchester United, as well as several journalists who were on the plane, got into a plane crash. As a result of the tragedy, almost all the main players of the club were killed and seriously injured, and only a few people were able to continue their performance after.

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The Red Devils head coach Sir Matt Busby and his assistant Jimmy Murphy were able to make the team win again.

"Damned United"

Important to know: based on real events.

The film tells about one of the most famous football coaches in the UK, Brian Clough. After completing his career as a professional footballer, Clough decides to start a coaching career and becomes a coach of the English club Derby County. To the surprise of many, the novice coach, along with his team, wins the English Championship. However, Brian leaves the post of head coach of Derby County. After that, he begins to train Leeds United, who at the time was the leader of the Championship of England ...

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"Lethal football"

Features of the genre: near-football comedy.

What happens if you mix two opposing sports - kung fu and football? The answer to this question, you will learn in the comedy "Deadly football." The story of the “Kung Fu Master” Sina, who by chance decides to assemble a football team and play in the Hong Kong Championships, has fallen in love with many football fans, and it is worth noting not only them.

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"Play as Beckham"

Features of the genre: near-football comedy.

David Beckham - the idol of millions, including the main character of the film Jessica. Jess is an Indian girl whose family moved to London. Since childhood, she dreams of only one thing - to play football at a professional level, as well as her idol. However, the parents of the heroine are categorically against it, they see their daughter as a lawyer, but not a football player. Once in training, Jess meets Jules and the heroine’s dream slowly begins to come true.

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Movie List:

original name: The Hooligan Factory

Actors: Jason Mazza, Nick Névern, Tom Burke, Ray Fiaron, Steve O’Donnell, Morgan Watkins, Joseph Altin, Ronnie Fox

Description: Danny has always been expecting more from life. After dropping out of school, he became friends with football fan Dastre, who sends Danny to the Football Hooligans Factory. These guys oppose the grouping of Baron, which is in close.

original name: Varvari

Actors: Zeljko Markovic, Nenad Petrovic, Jasna Djuričić, Marina Vodenichar, Aco Cirovic

Description: A young boy named Luka is the leader of the second league of football fans in the city. Together with Luka, this company also includes his closest friend, Flash, who is arbitrarily free. Luke is now not the best period in life, because recently.

original name: Top Dog

Actors: Jason Fleming, Vincent Reagan, Leo Gregory, Susan Penhaligon, Ryan Oliva, Ricci Harnett, Tom Davis, Lorraine Stanley

Description: A young man named Billy, it would seem, does not stand out. Moreover, in addition to the name, he has a typical British (even, one might say, English) surname Evans. There is, however, one feature. The hero himself does not consider himself an ordinary at all. Who.

Comments: 1

Actors: Alexander Ratnikov, Ivan Fominov, Grigory Ivanets, Pavel Erlykov, Daria Mingazetdinova, Yulia Mankovskaya, Evgeny Berezin, Nikita Kukushkin

Description: Football is a game that drives millions of men and women together, the incredible excitement that your favorite team will win or lose, makes your heart beat faster and the blood boil. But there is an ideological group of people who come to all.

Comments: 2

original name: White Collar Hooligan

Actors: Nick Névern, Simon Phillips, Rita Ramnani, Peter Barret, Rebecca Ferdinando, Ricci Harnett, Roland Manukyan, Billy Murray

Description: Mike loves football and, with his broken friends, attends all the matches of her favorite team. The most interesting thing for the hero begins to happen after the match, when fans arrange fights to prove that it is their team that is the best, as well.

original name: Gegengerade

Actors: Timo Jacobs, Denis Mosquito, Fabian Bush, Mario Adorf, Natalia Avelon, Dominic Horvitz, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Andre Ezermann

Description: Everyone is well aware that almost every club in the world has its loyal fans who defend the honor of their club in street fights and at stadiums. But in recent years, more and more right-wing fans have begun to appear.

original name: Skrzydlate swinie

Actors: Pavel Malashinsky, Peter Rogutsky, Olga Bolondz, Karolina Mustard, Caesars Pazura, Agata Kulesha, Erik Lubos, Witold Dembitsky

Description: Even a small football club, which thanks to offensive defeats moved to the lower division, has its loyal fans. These people follow idols everywhere, for them there are no unattainable places. They are ready to perform ambiguous actions.

original name: Skinning

Actors: Nikola Rakochevich, Victor Savic, Natasha Solak, Nikola Coyo, Boyana Novakovic, Predrag Eidus, Dragan Michanovich, Srdjan Miletic

Description: The hero was an ordinary guy. He went to high school, where he made some progress. Moreover, his participation in the life of the institution and good study led to the conclusion that the boy would go far. True, all this has changed dramatically literally.

original name: L'ultimo ultras

Actors: Francesca Antonelli, Sabrina Bertachchini, Niccolò Calvagna, Stefano Calvagna, Julia Gorietti, Rossella Infanti, Giancarlo Lombardi, Mauro Mekoni

Description: Everyone knows a popular sports game called football. But few people know what is happening behind the scenes of fan life. And not every inhabitant is familiar with the world of football hooligans, in which violence reigns. This movie is told.

original name: The Firm

Actors: Paul Anderson, Calam McNab, Daniel Mace, Doug Allen, Joe Jackson, Richie Campell, James Kelly, Jaff Ibrahim

Description: The action takes place in the sixties of the last century. Then in Britain the fan movement was gaining more and more popularity. Many clubs had their own “gangs” of hooligans, opposing each other. Members of these groupings c.

Watch free the best Movies about football fans and hooligans

How many people in the modern world are addicted to football! Some play it professionally, others play football as a hobby, and some prefer to be spectators. Most football fans watch this game on their television screens, but true fans prefer to watch this spectacular and gambling sport directly in the stands of the stadium, where their favorite team plays. There are different people among these people, hooligans, sometimes “professional”, are not uncommon among them.

This section of the site provides the viewer with the opportunity football fan movies and hooligans watch online for free. This selection is particularly relevant in the offseason, when the football season ends, and interesting games, if they happen, it is extremely rare. For such cases, it will be useful to watch one of the films on this subject. And although football fans are often shown in the cinema in a negative way, they will still be really interesting for fans, because, though not always accurately, they convey the atmosphere they love so much.

Some of the films proposed have contributed to the development of not only this subject, but also cinema as a whole. Some of them had a serious impact on football fans. Most of the films contain scenes of cruelty (because they are not recommended for viewing by minors), but this often attracts fans. In the end, this is more likely to have a positive effect, since such films allow you to blow off steam and throw out the accumulated emotions of a football fan while watching a movie.

Movies about football hooligans and fans to watch online for free on our website is convenient and pleasant, since their choice is wide enough. These films are about notorious hooligans who, with the help of (or hiding) a fan-like movement, realize their complexes or remove their hatred. Others demonstrate, besides football, the life and life of young people; football is the main interest and way of life. Part of the films of this collection is a call for fans to observe the honor of a football fan, and some of them demonstrate how scary and dangerous football hooligans can be.

In football pro films (as well as hooligans) there is football, fights, and a storm of feelings and emotions. Here the despair of the main characters brings them to extreme actions, here football helps people to find themselves. European youth and British gangsters, simple guys and kings of the drug mafia, Italian ultras and simple football fans, who became heroes of the stories ironically, are involved in the thick of events.

The cinema of this topic is contradictory and difficult, but it’s definitely worth watching. Far from this topic, people will be able to get acquainted (at least in general terms and not quite comprehensively) with the life of football hooligans and fanish currents, but spectators who are interested in this topic will be able to feel the atmosphere of the film, to feel part of the events here demonstrated.

10. Dream team

  • Year: 2012
  • Country: France
  • IMDb Rating: 5.3
  • Age Rating: 12+

Let's talk about a difficult choice. The choice between satire for connoisseurs of English humor and coarse French humor for a wider audience. After such an introduction, one should pretend to be an intellectual and talk about the superiority of the British film “The Coach Michael Bassett” ... But I will not dissemble - this funny movie is rather specific. He has good grades, a lot of positive feedback, but not everyone can get pleasure from watching “Coach”, you need to get in the mood. But for those who wish to look at the ironic English banter over English football (and near football), it is possible and necessary to recommend.

Making a polite curtsy, you can go to the "Dream Team" - a rustic story, designed for a wide range of viewers. The main character is Patrick, a former football star whose career ended in complete failure. In order not to lose the custody of his daughter, he needs to find a job. And the only vacancy available is a trainer in an amateur team of fishermen from Brittany who was on the verge of extinction. To help her, Patrick remembers the old connections and attracts former pros who have long been retired and are not in the best shape.

Despite the age rating of 12+, it is difficult to say that the “Dream Team” can be recommended for family viewing. She tells about a male team of stars who went into circulation - one decided to go into show business, another fell under the heel, the third one did not get out of the psychoanalyst's office, and the fourth got carried away with drugs and prostitutes. So, coarse gags and a couple of vulgar jokes could not have done without. Not to say that there are many of them - but the general atmosphere of the film is perceived as a product, designed exclusively for a male audience. As a result, we have an amusing comedy “like a beer” with a simple-minded plot, but simple and understandable humor.

9. She is a man

  • Year: 2006
  • Country: USA, Canada
  • IMDb Rating: 6.4
  • Age Rating: 16+

There are a number of similar films telling in a youth manner about the complex relationship between girls and football: “Play as Beckham”, “Gracie”, “Best Strike”, “She is a Man” ... The last film is probably the most popular of this company and quite worthy to represent paintings of this kind. The plot without excesses: the main character, after the dissolution of the women's football team, is trying to get into the men's team. Since no one wants to take her “in an amicable way,” she has to impersonate her brother.

At first glance, one may suspect that we have a silly youth comedy with predictable vulgar humor. But in fact, everything is not as bad as you might think. To begin with, this is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare's play “The Twelfth Night” - that is, the idea that inspired the creators belongs to the pen of the great master. Humor is pretty good and, in general, leaves a light and positive impression of the film.

Most of all, the team of actors is pleased: still young Amanda Bynes looks cute and artistically - the faces that she manages to pose as a guy cause a smile. She is assisted by the well-known Channing Tatum, and all this action is complemented by Vinnie Jones, who took on the secondary role of a coach.

  • Year: 1981
  • Country: United States, United Kingdom
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6
  • Age Rating: 16+

This film can also be found under the title "Escape for the sake of victory." He tells about the prisoners of war of a German concentration camp, among whom is a professional football player named Colby. He creates a team of prisoners who agree to play with the German national team. True, for some such an event is only a convenient excuse for trying to escape.

Associations are clear, but not true - this is not the domestic "Match". The attitude to British prisoners of war is completely different than that of the Slavs, which is honestly and repeatedly mentioned in the film. Поэтому те, кто рассчитывает увидеть героическую драму о нещадной борьбе с нацистами, испытают разочарование — нет, в первую очередь, это фильм о футболе, а не о фашистах, подвигах и т.д. Тем не менее, в фильме собрана приятная актерская компания: Майкл Кейн, Сталлоне и Пеле. И уже ради них стоит посмотреть этот фильм.In the end, where else can you see the game of the King of football in good quality?

7. Bonebreaker

  • Year: 2001
  • Country: United Kingdom, United States
  • IMDb Rating: 6.5
  • Age Rating: 16+

You understand that if Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones (the main role is assigned to him) are listed in the cast, then this movie will not be a pretty family comedy? This is evidenced by the plot: the main character, Denny Mikhen, goes to prison for a drunken fight with the police. Once he was a bright star in the England team, but now he is an ordinary prisoner. To his happiness (or misfortune), the prison director is keen on football and for years has invested money and strength in his own team of prison guards.

The director makes Danny an offer he cannot refuse - he must help the guards to gain invaluable experience. To do this, it is necessary to assemble a team of prisoners who can adequately resist the prison guards. Maybe they do not have enough skill, but the motivation will be prohibitive.

The film is brutal in places, but funny. Not a masterpiece, but for a one-time viewing will come down. Fans of prison films and Winnie Jones fans are encouraged, and football fans will find this interesting.

6. Killer football

  • Year: 2001
  • Country: Hong Kong, China
  • IMDb Rating: 7.3
  • Age Rating: 16+

Undoubtedly, Shaolin Football awakens nostalgic feelings. Like "Police Academy" or "Mask" - comedies, which in childhood caused an incredible delight. However, the idea of ​​re-viewing inspires some fears: after all, it is known that children's memory often draws in the imagination of the picture is much brighter than they deserve. Is this the case with "Deadly football"? Fortunately, no.

The main thing to remember is that we have a parody, which kindly makes fun of many of the classic antics of Kung Fu movies. Therefore, it is better to leave logic and common sense in another room - the film is imbued with kind and naive irony, and does not pretend to seriousness and authenticity a priori. Humor is very diverse - at first glance it may seem that we have a kind of fairy tale about kung fu masters who succeed in any business ... But the scriptwriters are tearing down touching moments and pretentious monologues with the help of breaking expectations, replacing any hint of elevation with ironic replicas .

Verdict: we have a pleasant oriental comedy, although to the extent that it is meaningless (in the good sense of the word). The age rating of 16+ is clearly overstated. Although the protagonists play a solid part of the timing on the field, football (in its classical sense) is not much here - at least, the severe fans of this game will feel deceived, because the show shown is far from the real game ... But do not be snobs, because Fu + football - really fun sight!

  • Year: 2005
  • Country: United States, United Kingdom
  • IMDb Rating: 6.8
  • Age Rating: 12+

“Goal!” Is a classic, one of the most famous movies about football. Partly simple, but sincere history of a Mexican boy from a poor family, Santiago Munez, who decides to fight for his chance to break into the world of professional football. Such good football stories should be like that - to talk about romantics who are willing to take risks for the sake of a dream, even when the chances of success are 1 to 1000. An excellent soundtrack, which will qualitatively complement the action, will be familiar to FIFA fans.

Another advantage of this film is its versatility. For less than 2 hours, football is shown from all sides: from the fans' stands, through the eyes of the players, the whole football kitchen. Views, the path to the main line-up, injuries, fame, medical examinations, parties, paparazzi, decisive matches - the creators of the film did not miss anything. And the appearance in the frame of such guys as Zidane, Beckham, Rafael Benitez, Raul and others, only adds credibility to the whole football action.

Later, the world saw the second and third parts of this film, which, as often happens, turned out to be weaker. And if “Goal 2” can still be viewed, then the third part, after the change of director and screenwriters, turned into something completely indecent, earning an estimate of 3.5 out of 10 points.

  • Year: 2011
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • IMDb Rating: 7.0
  • Age Rating: 12+

“Will” is a unique film about football, because the game itself is practically not shown in it. There are no fan fights in it, which are characteristic of near-football films like “Hooligans of Green Streets” (whatever you say, but this is a separate genre, therefore such pictures are not mentioned in this rating). And what about "Will"? This is the story of a small fan of Liverpool, who, having lost his parents, turned out to be completely alone. And it seems that the love of football is the only thing he has left.

After watching me, one seditious thought does not leave me - the beginning of this film turned out to be rather boring ... And it becomes much more interesting only after the death of Will’s father. Yes, it sounds monstrous, but the storyline is so built: first you have to watch quite a lot of sentimental scenes that are designed to show how much the son and father love each other - so that the viewer can feel the tragedy more acutely. And only after that the action is transformed before our eyes - funny moments appear on the screen with glimpses of good humor, and the action begins to unfold much more dynamically.

"Will" is perfect for family viewing. The fan movement, for once, is shown not in the form of reckless football hooligans, but ordinary people united by their love for football. The appearance in the frame of Gerrard, Carragher and Dalglish ideally crowns this story.

3. Damned United

  • Year: 2009
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6
  • Age Rating: 16+

The screen version of the book about Brian Clough - one of the most successful and odious coaches in the history of England. He had his ups and downs, one of which, lasting 44 days, Clough spent at Leeds United. This period is dedicated to the “Damned United”. Although the main events of the film are true, the release of the picture was accompanied by several lawsuits on the protection of honor and dignity - the real participants in those events claim that many facts are twisted, and some are simply invented. But what does it matter to the audience? Before us is an interesting and unusual football piece - that's enough. And how it really was, let those who are interested in it understand.

Strangely enough, there is not a lot of football directly in the “Damned United”. Basically, the film shows hidden corners inside the football kitchen, in the depths of which reflections emerge about the destructive power of excessive ambition and friendship. All this is saturated with English flavor and rainy atmosphere of foggy Albon. True, we warn you right away: you have to try to find a translation without a mat - oh, England, where are your manners?

“Damned United” is not like the usual sports dramas and probably deserves high ratings from the audience. No "cine" noble and exalted heroes. Before us are ordinary people, with their weaknesses and considerable cockroaches in their heads, who sincerely, to the best of their understanding, are trying to do their work (people, not cockroaches). If you wish, in this strange, but pretty narrative, you can easily see the moral: you should not let obsessive ideas prevail over what is really important.

2. United. Munich tragedy

  • Year: 2011
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • IMDb Rating: 7.5
  • Age Rating: 16+

Many football fans have heard of the Munich air crash on February 6, 1958, in which 8 key players of the star staff of Manchester United were killed. It was a crushing blow for the club, which, one after another, produced brilliant victories with an unusually young composition - the average age of the players was only 21 years old (not for nothing they were called “kids Busby ").

The film most accurately reflects the development of those events - at least, according to open sources. The viewer can only watch the scene through the eyes of the legendary Bobby Charlton, who was lucky enough to survive this catastrophe. But the tragedy is only the plot of the plot - to a greater extent, the film tells how Sir Alex were able to turn over one of the most difficult pages of their history and save their club.

1. Pele: Birth of a Legend

  • Year: 2016
  • Country: USA
  • IMDb Rating: 7.4
  • Age Rating: 16+

It would seem, what could be interesting in a biopic? Everyone knows the story of Pele. Consequently, the plot twists can not surprise: the boy from a poor family makes its way through the thorns to the stars. In fact, it sounds dry and predictable only in theory - in practice we have an excellent picture, which is far from the mean biographical narration. The “birth of a legend” incredibly vividly and sincerely conveys the spirit of Brazilian and world football of those years - including, thanks to the chronicles of real matches of that time.

Pele's childhood is famously shown - American directors (albeit with a somewhat Ukrainian surname), Jeff and Michael Zimbalists, managed to skillfully weave an exciting act combining elements of humor and drama. Also pleased with the appearance in one of the scenes of this Pele. It seems to be a trifle, but his smile is perceived as such a final chord - they say, everything, now this is definitely the best film about Pele. And at the same time about football.

List of top 10 best movies about football hooligans

Top 10 films about the best football teams and their desperate fans. Many are ready to devote their whole life to football, and some even give it away for the sake of the game. To win the battle, you need to become a real bully who will stop at nothing.

Brave guys will show how to play, and their fans will tear anyone for the impartial word in their address. The fight between football clubs can quickly turn into a mess, into fighting without rules. A player's dream can come true, most importantly, do not break. The fight promises to be hot.

We present you a list of the 10 best movies about football hooligans.

Winged Pigs (2010)

Often we do things in life that we regret later. Often, our fanaticism gives such terrible consequences that it would seem there is no way back. The main characters of this story were avid fans of one of the Polish teams.

However, they have unforeseen financial difficulties, which pushes them to betray their club. The football team begins to rapidly decay. The comrades could not come to terms with this, so the life of the heroes turned into hell.

Will the guys start a new carefree life?

Football Gladiators (2009)

Under Margaret Thatcher, almost all young people stopped making plans for the future, because they didn’t see any sense. Many began to indulge in drugs, to promote free sex life, to participate in various fights.

Young guy Paul was no different from the main mass. After the death of his mother, he decided to get involved in a group of football fans. He was not frightened by the recklessness and anger of his new comrades. It seemed to him to walk steeply with a knife in his pocket and participate in a fight.

Only the hero didn’t have a relationship with the leader, now the guy has big problems.

Certification (1995)

In the 1980s, a decree was issued to the English police to organize a particularly important operation. Their task was to get into the confidence of football fans. This was done in order to pacify the men, who after each match participated in a fight with their rivals.

Thus, a group of several police officers were successfully able to infiltrate the Psy football club. They managed to improve relations with the ringleaders. It would seem that the operation should be successful, but it was not there.

The cops themselves are so attached to the football showdown that they themselves felt the freedom and decided to support their new friends with enthusiasm.

Hooligans of Green Street (2005)

Journalism student Matt Buckner is expelled from Harvard for a crime he did not commit. His promising career went down the drain and, in search of refuge, he flees to London to his sister Shannon.

Her husband Steve introduces Matt to his younger brother Pete. Befriending Pete, Matt discovers the world of football fanaticism.

Here he finds new friends, new troubles, and turns out to be in the company of crazy football fans who are ready to drop any sacrifice on the altar of their passion.

The past days (2009)

The action takes place in the town of Birkenhead in 1979. The dreary situation in the country, the beginning of the reforms of Margaret Thatcher.

Seeing no prospects for themselves, young people are looking for an outlet from the routine work from 9 to 5 in the way of life under the slogan "sex, drugs, rock and roll, fashion, football and fights." The film’s protagonist, Paul Carti, is one of those middle-class employees.

In search of thrills, he joins a group of a cache called ‘The Pack’.
You can watch the film, although it is obvious that only the English people living in those times can fully understand it.

Cell (2003)

This documentary is about fights between football fans. Opponents are fighting for their favorite team to die. Any unflattering word in the direction of the club can have terrible consequences.

Fans gather at the sites for the purpose of a tough fight. And no one can stop this chaos, because he is afraid to get himself, and do not want to interfere with such a show. Fans are not harmless fans of their teams.

Their endless strikes are equal to the real struggle without rules.

Ultra (1990)

According to the plot of the film Ultra, Ricky Tognazzi, an authoritative bully of the Italian football club called Roma (Claudio Amendola) is released from prison. This hooligan is nicknamed the Prince, which alludes to his "coronation."

And after his release to freedom, the Prince sees that everything has changed quite a bit while he was sitting behind bars - his fans are doing absolutely no matter now, and the main thing in Prince’s Brigatte Veneno was Red, his old friend, who he began to walk with his girlfriend.

In addition, hooligans and the Prince among them will have to leave for the match with Juventus in a hostile Turin, which is unlikely to end peacefully and do without disorder.

Firm (2009)

London, 80s. They have a job, there are families, they are fans of football ... And they are also a gang. There are several such groupings throughout Britain. They have their own codes and concepts that they honor and - they also violate.

But nothing lasts forever ... Violent fights - “wall to wall” - because of the territory, because of the power, because of revenge ... You will fall just once into this quagmire, and it will not be easy to get out of it. This simple and cruel rule is very quickly learned by a kid named Dominic (actor Kelam McNab), who was eager to gain credibility.

Faced with various aspects of the life of fans, he begins to part with teenage illusions.

Factory football hooligans (2013)

From the British school, the guy Dan flew in disgrace, who by his nature was an ordinary, unremarkable schoolboy, but he liked to pamper a little. The hero did not despair, because he believed that life does not end there.

He decided to try himself as a bully and randomly hit the football hooligans factory. There, he meets with Dexter, with that still smash his head. Their gang is struggling with the main rivals of the Baron, but not in fists, but in the role of fans.

The fight promises to be tense, since the two main gangs will never yield to each other.

Okolofutbola (2013)

It is not always possible to imagine what the fans of your favorite team can do if someone decides to throw an impartial word in their address. It is better not to encounter such, otherwise the legs just do not carry.

Quite different in their life positions and preferences, the four men decided to team up to take part in fights with their opponents. Ardent - the head of the gang, who is an ordinary car mechanic.

The razor is a lover of grass and loud youth music, Major prefers to spend money on entertainment and girls, and Ticher is an ordinary teacher. Together they will have to go through a lot, but soon their group will rapidly disintegrate.

The best movies about football 2018

Such a sports game as football has long ceased to be just a competition between two teams. He belongs to one of the main categories of real men's values ​​and dedication. This fact is confirmed by the best films about football and football fans of the top 10, reflecting all the fine lines of the favorite, unpredictable and most popular game in the world.

At first glance, it is often difficult for an uninitiated observer to determine the cause of interest of a multimillion-dollar army of fans to twenty-two men who are kicking a ball across the field.

However, once in the stands of the stadium, even the biggest skeptics immediately dive into the game with their heads, forgetting about their problems, and gradually begin to identify themselves as football fans.

Main themes…

It is worth noting that the films reveal various football themes around. Most films can be categorized as “for those in the subject.”

After all, people are absolutely not fond of football, not always ready to understand the thread of the plot of psychology football fans, the experience of the fans in the stadium and the desire of the ordinary yard guy to devote his life to this sport.

Ниже приведён список наиболее популярных и рейтинговых фильмов о футболе, которые дают ответы на многие вопросы и смотрятся на одном дыхании. Что наиболее важно: процесс или конечный результат, забивать мячи или поддерживать команду на трибунах, определение сильнейшего с помощью мяча или кулаков?

Хулиганы зелёной улицы

(Green street hooligans) Великобритания, США, 2004 год.
За два месяца до получения диплома журналиста в Гарварде, главного героя фильма Мэтта Бакнера отчисляют за преступление, которого он не совершал. Having forgotten about the promising career of a journalist, Matt is looking for a temporary shelter with his sister in London. Here a different, unexplored life opens up for him.

Being far from football, he meets an avid West Ham fan and gradually enters the life of football ultras, becoming one of the members of the Green Street elite. They do not miss football matches, both at the home stadium and in other cities, and also regularly participate in football matches with fans from other football clubs.

The main goal of these guys is devotion to their beloved work.

(United) United Kingdom, 2011. This film is based on non-fiction events.

In the winter of 1958, the plane, with the English team "Manchester United" on board, crashed. Killed many team members, journalists and staff of the football club. Age of football players averaged twenty-two years. This team all called by the name of the coach "kids Busby."

Despite the tragedy, the assistant to the head coach was able, at the cost of incredible efforts, to restore the almost destroyed great club in a short time.

One of the survivors was footballer Bobby Charlton, who in 1966 won the Golden Ball.

"Goal" and "Goal-2"

(Goal) United Kingdom, United States, 2005 and 2007.
These are films about a young Mexican guy who lives in a poor family in Los Angeles and dreams of becoming a great football player. Accidentally, his game is noticed by former Glen Fot player and organized for him to watch in English “Nkasle”.

After going through many difficulties, Santiago is consolidated in the first team and becomes a professional player. In the second film, the leadership of Real Madrid draws attention to Muniesa and the footballer is in the team of his dreams.

Big salary, high-class cars, parties - can this all replace his true friends and true love ...?

Of particular interest is the presence in the film stars world football: Raul, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo and many others ...