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Candy Mozart - a real treat for gourmets


If you are going on a long trip, especially abroad, the desire to bring something for memory and for your loved ones, either useful or tasty, is quite understandable. Consider several options for what can be brought from Vienna.

Busts of famous people of Austria

If you are going on a long trip, especially abroad, the desire to bring something for memory and for your loved ones, either useful or tasty, is quite understandable. Consider several options for what can be brought from Vienna.

In the souvenir shops you can buy pipes of famous Peter Mattschold, pipe master from Austria, who are known worldwide.
Purely Viennese are considered souvenirs with the image of Empress Elizabeth. For Vienna, this kind of cult and such souvenirs are sold literally on any corner. On plates of all sizes, on prints can be found portraits of Princess Sissy, her busts are literally everywhere. For the lover of such souvenirs Vienna is Klondike!

Another traditional Vienna souvenir - statuette of a white horse Lipizzaner breed - the symbol of Vienna. Also sold literally everywhere.

Apricot Moonshine "Marillen Schnaps" (schnapps) do in the town Wachau not far from Vienna. You can buy it at any supermarket or liquor store. However, this drink is not for everybody as an amateur and as a souvenir.

Candy "Mozart Kugel"

Another symbol of Vienna and all of Austria - chocolates "Mozart Kuegel" with marzipan.Sell them at supermarkets and the United colors of shocolade dessert shops. A box of these sweets costs from 4 to 10 euros. However, some consider them too expensive.

Eiswein (Eiswein)- This is a traditional white dessert Austrian wine, "Ice wine". It is made from grapes, cut in frost at -7 degrees. You can buy it at any liquor store and supermarkets. It is possible that the same wine you can buy in Hungary, and cheaper.

Manufactured by from flower petals candied pralines can be purchased or directly at the factory, at ul. Schmalzhofgasse, or in the store and cafe "Demmel" on Kohlmarkt. This brand is directly related to Princess Elizabeth: this was her favorite treat.

Famous Viennese Manner waffles with chocolate, lemon and nut fillings, on a pink wrap which is a silhouette of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, have been known since 1898. These waffles have a memorable, rich taste. It is best to buy a package of three types of wafers sealed in cellophane. The branded shop called "Manner" is located right at the foot of the Cathedral of St. Stephen (street Stephansplatz 7). It also sells various souvenirs - caps and T-shirts, backpacks and bags, made in the same colors as Manner waffles. A pink background and a picture of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the corner is a must.

Liquor "Mozart" - This is the only chocolate liquor in the world. It is produced in several types: “Mozart Original Chocolate” - shololad cream, or milk chocolate liqueur, “Mozart Black Chocolate” made of black chocolate, and “Mozart White Chocolate” - from white. By tradition, this liqueur is poured into round bottles, which are sold in supermarkets and wine shops. Perhaps the chocolate cream is the most delicious: thick and with a delicate flavor, it looks like chocolate sweets with alcohol-flavored berries. You can drink it in pure form, or you can add it to coffee or ice cream. We sell such liqueur in ours too, but it will cost three times as much. Yes, and a copy is likely to be.

Sacher Cake, photo by Pawel-Malinowski

Cake "Sacher" ("Original Sacher Torte") - This is a real business card of Vienna. Sell ​​it in the cafe "Sacher", located in the hotel "Hotel Sacher". Sign of this cake - round chocolate print. If the seal is triangular, it is a competitor's cake, the Demel firms, however, they taste exactly the same and are simply excellent. The dark cake is saturated with rum, because of the presence of alcohol, it remains fresh for a long time without any preservatives. You can safely buy the road home - he will survive the move. When you arrive, you can put the cake in the fridge and eat it after thawing - it will not lose its taste. Forms and sizes of the cake are various, you can always choose both in price and in size.

And as without the Austrian Milka's chocolate? This is a brand of Austria, they are proud of it - chocolate made from milk of cows that graze in alpine meadows. Compared to the Milka, which we sell, the taste is much better. There are shops in which entire departments are allocated to Milk's chocolate - you can really choose for every taste.

Products with Viennese motifs

Homeland of sweets "Mozart"

The history of candy began in 1890. Exactly one hundred years after the death of the great composer, confectioner Paul Furst invented this marzipan-chocolate creation. In general, Salzburg is famous for the fact that the great composer was born, lived, worked and ended his days there. To this day, the townspeople cherish the memory of him and proudly demonstrate everything related to the life and work of the genius. So, in the city you can meet a lot of souvenirs, spirits, liqueurs, hotels, street names with his name. And even the local airport is called "V.A. Mozart".

Candy is the most popular and world-famous Austrian brand, which in Salzburg, of course, can be purchased at almost every turn. Candy "Mozart" in its recipe is quite simple: it is ground nut mix, mixed with sugar syrup and generously filled with a delicious composition of bitter and milk chocolate. Since Paul Furst and all his followers did not bother to patent their creation, a lot of various fakes continue to appear on the market. It is easiest to make the right choice, of course, in Salzburg itself. But here, it is more profitable to buy sweets not in numerous personal stores, designed mainly for tourists, but in the Market Square. The quality of sweets "Mozart" there is the same, and the price is much lower.

These sweets "Mozart"

When purchasing sweets outside Austria, even in specialty stores, you may be surprised that their taste may vary. All this is due to the fact that the recipe was not patented, and therefore each manufacturer adds its ingredients to the treat, while the candies have a quality mark and an obligatory inscription: echte Mozartkugeln, which translates as "Mozart's real candies". The main candy manufacturers:

By purchasing these companies' candies, you can be sure that you pay for Austrian quality, and the taste will not disappoint you. Such candies can have a red, yellow or silver package with a constant profile of the great composer on the package. In addition to the various ingredients used by confectioners, the taste may differ from one manufacturer due to the fact that each of them makes several varieties of sweets. For example, it is customary to add fruit liqueur to the Ribs (Mozart) sweets, which makes their taste a little tart.

Historical original

The real Mozart sweets are always made by hand at the confectionery factory in Salzburg, which bears the name of the inventor of the dessert Paul Fürst. Such products always have a round shape and silver-blue packaging. Their availability is much lower than the product from other manufacturers, and the price is several times higher. The original Mozart candy is made according to the classic recipe, which remains unchanged for the second century.

Ingredients used in the manufacture of candy:

  • cocoa, refined sugar, powdered milk, cocoa butter, a mixture of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios), vegetable fat, cream, wheat flour.

Also, Mozart can contain alcohol, cherry syrup or berries, candied orange or pineapple, puffed rice, honey, natural flavors.

Thanks to a century of experience and the efforts of Austrian confectioners, this delicacy can rightly be called an exclusive and exquisite souvenir. Chocolates "Mozart" have an amazing taste in all its diversity.

What are these candies, how did they appear?

Mozart sweets are a real culinary symbol of Austria, in particular Vienna. The story of their appearance dates back to the end of the XIX century (to be more precise, 1890). Round small chocolates with marzipan filling were developed by a Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürst, and this dessert was timed to the 100th anniversary of the death of legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Paul Furst arrived in the Austrian city of Salzburg a few years before his triumph and opened his own pastry shop in the city. Initially, this amazing dessert was called "Mozartsweet" (translated as "Mozart's sweetness" or "Mozart's sweets"), but for some reason it did not stick, and later the delicacy was called "Mozart balls". But real popularity came to Paul and his dessert only a few years later, namely in 1905, when the confectioner presented the invention at an exhibition in Paris, for which he received the highest award.

Interestingly, the Mozartkugel sweets inspired the Austrian chefs for another culinary masterpiece, and a rather unusual one. From the delicacy they began to prepare another dessert - “mozartknedl”, which is a traditional knedl (according to rumors, the composer loved him very much) stuffed with “Mozartkugel”.

Manufacturing technology

Traditionally, Mozart chocolates are prepared exclusively by hand, and pastry chefs put their whole soul into dessert. First, a small ball is formed from marzipan - a peculiar heart of candy. Then it is covered with nut nougat.

Then a round billet is placed on a stick and dipped into dark chocolate glaze. Then the stick with the ball is placed vertically so that the shell is completely dry. After that, the candy is removed from the rod, and the remaining hole is sealed with icing. Next, the dessert is wrapped in foil packaging, traditionally performed in a blue and white gamut.

Interesting: at the moment confectionery "Fürst" produces about 1.4-1.5 million candies annually.

Manufacturers Overview

Real, traditional and, accordingly, the most delicious are sweets made by confectionery "Fürst", which is considered the birthplace of this amazing dessert. But the inventor of the delicacy Paul Fürst did not patent the recipe, therefore there are other manufacturers who also produce the famous Mozartkugel sweets.

Most popular brands:

  • “Reber” is a Bavarian company that produces sweets under the name “Echte Reber Mozart-Kugeln” (the word Echte is translated as “real”, and this mark is put on the wrappers of almost all brands, which can mislead customers).
  • Mirabell is an Austrian candy maker making Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln.
  • "Hofbauer". This chocolate factory was originally Austrian, but in the 90s of the last century it was bought by a Swiss company. Candies are called succinctly - "Mozartkugel".
  • Holzermayr. This company is located in Salzburg, and the famous dessert is called “Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel”.

Where to buy?

Where to buy sweets "Mozart"? If you want to buy a delicacy made in the confectionery "Fürst", then you will have to go to the city of Salzburg, it is in it there are several branded stores. But if you try, you can find them in specialized stores. Candies of other brands are more accessible and common, they are sold even in large supermarkets, and not only in their homeland in Austria, but also in Germany. In addition, tourists can buy a treat at the airport.

The price of real sweets “Mozartkugel” produced by Fürst is 1 euro per unit. A delicacy of other manufacturers is somewhat cheaper, but still it is difficult to call the price affordable, because the minimum is 0.50 euros for one candy.

Is it possible to make “Mozartkugel” at home?

If you find the right ingredients and make an effort, you can cook your own deliciously delicious “Mozartkugel”.

List of required ingredients:

For the preparation of marzipan:

  • 120-130 g pistachios
  • 120-130 grams of powdered sugar,
  • egg white.

For walnut nougat:

  • half a cup of hazelnuts,
  • half a glass of sugar.

  • 200-250 grams of dark chocolate.

  1. First you can cook marzipan. To do this, peeled pistachios with powdered sugar should be placed in a blender bowl and chopped thoroughly. Next, add egg white to the mix, continue grinding to achieve perfect uniformity.
  2. Take a nutty nougat. Peel the hazelnuts and bake in the oven for about fifteen minutes at 170-180 degrees. Then pour sugar into a saucepan or other container with a thick bottom, turn it into caramel or thick syrup. Into the resulting mass, enter the nuts, chop everything together in a blender and cool slightly.
  3. Make marzipan small balls. Their diameter, in principle, can be any, but it is desirable that it does not exceed 2-3 centimeters (although everything depends on your preferences).
  4. Now roll each ball in a nut nougat, level it so that the candies remain round.
  5. Next, put all the blanks on toothpicks or thin skewers, so that it is convenient to cover them with glaze.
  6. Melt chocolate in any way, for example, in a water bath or in a microwave.
  7. Dip each ball in the glaze and place the stick vertically so that the chocolate hardens.
  8. Done!

Tip: if you want to give someone a cooked treat, then each candy can be wrapped in foil so that the icing does not become dusty and does not absorb extraneous odors. By the way, this gift will appreciate not only the sweet tooth, but all lovers of tasty food.

And also: the shelf life of candies does not exceed 8 weeks, that is, approximately two months. But this dessert is unlikely to be stored for so long, it is eaten almost instantly.

Please yourself and your relatives with such an amazing delicacy as real legendary “Mozartkugel”.