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Orsini eggs


According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Orsini's eggs were served in the house of Claude Monet, a great artist and gourmet.

How many eggs do you know? Not with the participation of eggs, but of them themselves? If three dozen - consider yourself a professional chef. In everyday life, we prepare a small number of dishes from them: scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, various omelets, less often - eggs cooked without shells (poached eggs).

Orsini eggs are a French way to make an omelet. The French added cheese to their eggs, their traditional ingredient, and their aesthetics. It is said that such an omelet was served in the house of Claude Monet, the great French artist and gourmet, and at least for this recipe should be immortalized.

Orsini eggs look like a virtuoso, and cooking them is not difficult. All you need is a simple set of products - eggs, butter, cheese and salt. But it turns out a real delicacy, and it’s not by chance that the dish has another name - “Breakfast of the Aristocrat”.

How to Cook Orsini Eggs

For baking you will need a uniform with sides. It must be thoroughly lubricated with oil, so that later it was easy to remove the eggs. Use the entire batch of oil for lubrication.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Proteins pour immediately into the bowl, and leave the yolks in the half of the shell. The main thing: the yolk should remain whole!

Next, beat the eggs, adding a pinch of salt, into a strong foam (it should not fall out if the container is turned over).

Lay out the foam of proteins in a blurred form and smooth, it is better to do this with a spatula.

Make small indentations on the number of yolks.

Gently pour the yolks into the grooves of the proteins. Put the eggs in the oven.

Bake for about 15 minutes.

Finely grate cheese.

Take out the form from the oven, spread the eggs in plates and thickly sprinkle with cheese. Serve "Orsini" eggs and eat them quickly, while they are hot.

Only half an hour of time, and you have a delicious, simple and refined breakfast or treat.

Take eggs fresh and large.

Cheese can be put not only in the plate, but also directly in the cooking process, at its very end, to give the cheese a little baked.

Serve the Orsini eggs on a slice of bread (toast, toast), buttered. Or grease a slice of bread with butter, place a thinly sliced ​​slice of ham, and a ready-made egg on top.

Bake eggs conveniently and in portioned tins.

Do not overdo the eggs in the oven, so as not to overdry the protein.

Cooking Orsini Eggs

I propose to cook the baked eggs in the form of nests, in the Russian-speaking Internet this method is called “Orsini eggs”, breakfast of the aristocrat. The dish turns out spectacular, quite simple in execution, lovers of fried eggs and eggs in the pouch can pay attention to it, the yolk turns out to be liquid. Found several cooking options: at 150-160 ° C for 12-15 minutes and 6-8 minutes at 230 ° C. Alternatively, you can add cheese to the protein.

Recipe "Eggs" Orsini "":

Separate the whites from the yolks. Yolks should remain whole.

Protein whip with salt until cool foam.

Put sliced ​​sausages in a baking dish, sprinkle with grated cheese.

Lay out the protein, smooth it and make a recess in the middle.

Carefully lay out the yolk in this well, on which to put a piece of butter.
Bake on the lower level of the oven at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Sprinkle with cheese and herbs.

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These eggs are just a miracle!
I wanted to try it for a long time, but there were no molds, but I recently got the right ones)
The guy really liked me too, a very unusual and very large field for fantasies with filling and decoration
I think you can experiment with crackers, cheese, bacon or other meat product, spices for protein.

Thank you so much for this recipe!

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How to cook a dish step by step with a photo at home

Eggs by the number of servings, butter for lubricating the form, salt.

Carefully separate the yolks from the proteins, leave the yolks in the shell.

Whip proteins with salt, gradually increase the speed of the mixer, achieve persistent peaks.

Lubricate the form of oil, you can cook without forms, lubricate the paper.

We spread the foam in the form, make the grooves.

Put in preheated to 230 ° C oven for 3 minutes.

We take out the whites from the oven, pour the yolk into the hollows.

We put the whites with the yolk for another 4-5 minutes, choose the lower heating, serve warm. If cooking without the form, reduce the heating time to 3-4 minutes.

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Well, how wonderful! Pamper so next weekend)

Katyusha, very gently and sure that it is tasty!: + 1:

I never came across this recipe. Thank you +1

It's nice that interested

Wow, how exquisite!

very interesting breakfast option! Tell me, please, and what kind of protein is obtained by consistency? what does it look like? thank :)

Most of all, the protein looks like a tender omelet, the consistency depends on time and temperature, I chose a higher one from all recipes, increased the time from 2-3 minutes, the protein is more baked. If you do not like liquid yolk, then there are options when everything is put in the oven at the same time.

effectively and so easy!: + 1:

How beautiful it looks.

thank you for rating

Great, but I want to bake it a bit more

The recipe is variable, and you can try, I think, the appearance will not be affected

Thank you, it's nice to read praise from the docks of simple and effective recipes.

Katya, and who is Orsini? 😊

My husband, when ordering eggs at the restaurant Benedict, always says: "I will be the eggs of Benedict." As much as I neither swore nor explained that these are not Benedict's eggs, it doesn't matter! 😄

Thank you, I rummaged through the whole Internet, scored in English, but I found Orsini. Is that the Italian author of the culinary collection, was published in the 2000s, found excerpts in references. Mb are the same translation games as with poached eggs

Let me insert my "five kopecks"! )))) Here everything is in fact. quite prosaic. The recipe for these eggs belongs to Y. Vysotskaya (in any case, under this name. As in Italy, and on the Internet, this egg-making recipe can be found with other names!) And under the recipe she writes that during the first pregnancy "I often went to the hospital for various checks on an empty stomach, went out from there ready to eat an elephant and ate such an omelet. They served this beauty in the Orsini cafe across the street from the hospital." 😄 Well, and Orsini himself (after whom the cafe was named) is Giulio Orsini - an Italian poet! I guess the cafe was Italian. 😏

Cooking stages

Prepare the necessary set of ingredients.

Carefully separate the whites from the yolks. Proteins can be poured into one bowl, and each yolk should be in a separate container. Beat the whites with a mixer with a pinch of salt to a thick, persistent protein mass.

Smear ceramic molds with butter. I cooked three servings, so I used three eggs and I needed three baking dishes.

Spread whipped squirrels in molds. In each mold in the center of the whipped whites with a teaspoon make a depression for the yolk.

Send molds with protein mass to the oven preheated to 190 degrees for 2-3 minutes. During this time, some protein peaks will have time to become covered with a golden crust.

Then in each mold in the hole in the baked whites carefully lay out the yolk. Add salt and pepper to taste. Send the Orsini eggs to the oven for another 3-4 minutes, do not change the temperature in the oven. If you want the yolk to harden, you need to increase the baking time for a couple of minutes.

Orsini eggs are not only beautiful, but also very tasty dish.

The yolk is liquid, so it is best to serve Orsini eggs with croutons. It is very tasty, try it!