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Alsace - a magical region for relaxation


Time relax: june 2017

The main attraction of Alsace is “Wine Road” (“La route des vins”)stretching for 170 km and passing through 67 towns and villages, including several included in the list of the “100 most beautiful villages of France” (“Les plus beaux villages de France”, http: //www.les-plus-beaux- villages-de-france.org/fr) It is here that the world famous white wines are produced - Riesling, Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, and only one red wine - Pinot noir.

Traveling along the “wine road” will appeal to everyone who loves nature, half-timbered houses, village landscapes with fields, vineyards and small towns scattered between them ... And, of course, fans of tasty food and tasty drinks)) I liked VERY MUCH.

The only problem is transport accessibility.
It is most convenient to travel, naturally, by car, but you need somewhere to find a driver who doesn’t drink, because there are tasting rooms in settlements at every step, and between villages almost every 100-200 meters.
Some people choose bicycles, they are based in one town and every day they go around the district, especially since the distances between settlements are quite small.
Public transport is also there, but the French are not big fans of work, buses run only 3-4 times on weekdays, a couple of times on Saturday and do not go on Sunday at all.
Before the trip, I wrote a letter to the post office of the Tourism Office in Colmar ([email protected]) with a request to send me the current bus schedule to Egisheim and Rikvir with Riboville. The answer came on the same day, and the attachments contained schedules of all the necessary routes; all that remained was to print them and take them with us.

The first town "wine road" was Eguisheimwhich is easily accessible from Colmar by bus 208 in just half an hour and 5.3 euros (there and back from the person).

And it turned out to be love at first sight! Absolutely magical place, not without reason included in the list of “100 most beautiful villages of France” and received the “Golden Flower of Europe” medal (“Entente Florale Europe”) a few years ago - an award for which about 20,000 locations each year claim! When you walk along its bright streets, you get the feeling that only gnomes, fairies or some other fabulous creatures can live here, but not ordinary people! And besides, they are all secretly taught landscaping, otherwise I can’t explain all this beauty in every street, near every house, even a barn, every window, even the tiniest!

Picturesque province with a rich history

Alsace is located almost in the center of Europe, hence its incredible multiculturality. Most often, people come here to try the wines in local wineries (it is really worth it), enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful nature, and, of course, see real historical monuments with their own eyes.

What to see a traveler in this French province?

This city is the capital of the region. It is located at the crossroads of major trade routes, so those who love shopping will have something to do here. Shopping centers and markets here a huge amount. And Strasbourg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Everything is very neat and prudish - beautiful houses, well-kept territories, plenty of greenery and friendly locals.

The historical part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this is where you can almost touch the history. The most famous landmark of the city is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Tourists often spend as much as two hours visiting it, because many agree to overcome 332 steps to get to the observation deck.

It is called the "city of romance." Incredibly beautiful and cozy narrow streets and ancient buildings built in the valley of the Rhine River, reminiscent of Venice. But still, the main reason for tourists visiting Colmar is its location right in the middle of the Wine Route.

And also - the famous Unterlinden Museum, which houses objects of medieval art, as well as the Bartholdi Museum - the sculptor, author of the Statue of Liberty, which was donated to America by France.

Mulhouse is also one of the largest cities in Alsace. Despite its small size and almost no historical charm, it attracts travelers with its modernity. On the outskirts there is a large number of industrial facilities, and in the city center there is a 100-meter European tower.

One of the most interesting places in Mulhouse is also a museum of retro cars. A Mecca of lovers of modern architecture is the building of the Cultural Center, erected in 2013, which is a building with a black and crimson façade, which you can see in the photo.

In addition, in Alsace, about 20 castles that can be visited. These buildings date back to the 12-19 centuries, and even the ruins here have a very attractive appearance. Proof of this - hundreds of people who want to take pictures.

And, of course, something that is impossible to forget. Alsace is a very "tasty" region, and is a great place for gastrotura. This is a definite plus trip to France.

In local cafes and restaurants you can try something that you will not be treated anywhere else. For example, shukrut. At first glance, this is such a complex dish that it is unlikely to be able to repeat the process of cooking it at home. But in fact, under this mysterious name lies a dish of potatoes and sauerkraut, generously seasoned with wine sauce, with the addition of different varieties of sausages and meat.

Fish in Alsace is also loved, as the region is located near rivers where trout, pike and carp are found. The easiest option for their preparation is baked with lemon.

But the locals believe that the main product of any meal is not fish, but bread. Here his baking is almost a magical process, on which each housewife “conjures”, adding various spices, chopped olives, nuts and even bacon to the dough.

Gourmets from all over the world come to Alsace to also try cheeses, the most famous of which is Munster with a pleasant wit. The French are especially fond of serving it hot with a side dish of potatoes.

Another delicacy that has been produced in this region since the 17th century is world-famous foie gras. It is served as a separate dish, as well as used as a filling for pies and rolls.

Well, you can not forget about wine in Alsace. The province grows a large number of grape varieties, of which Riesling is special.

The only disadvantage that can darken a little travel through the picturesque lands of Alsace is the rather high cost of travel. For the entrance to the castles and museums you need to pay from 5 to 15 euros, and the night in the hotel will cost about 50-100 dollars. But experienced tourists still find ways to save money and come to rest in Alsace without spending a lot of money.

Alsace is a place where you can enjoy modern cities and authentic villages, see historical monuments and experience the atmosphere of the province’s historical past, discovering new gastronomic horizons. Enjoy your holiday!

Do not know where to go for Christmas ?! Where fairy tales come to life! The magic of Europe! The most comfortable towns of France in the province of Alsace. Unforgettable impressions!

November is in the courtyard, and it is time to think about where to meet the most awaited and spiritual holiday of the year.

Alsace created for Christmas!

Traveling around Europe for a long time on the eve Christmas - this Province turned out to be Most beautifully decorated! In each village there is a city festival with warm gluvain and tasty treats, and no less interesting shows! If you get into fabulous countrywhere everything is wrapped up with magic.

Pogodain Alsace in winter comfortable for European tourism. But the morning mists add a slob. To dress better warmer in something not soaking wet! Humidity at times such that not waterproof mascara can drain from the eyelashes. Because this region is wine-making for this area is the norm!

On the tops of the hills it can snow and lie drifts (for example, when climbing to the Temple of St. Odile), while in the cities (Obernai located at the foot of the Temple) there are warm flowers and blooms.

Be careful with dates!Christmas for Europeans home holiday! The main fairs and festivities open long before the day of Christmas! As a rule, in all European countries, fairs begin as early as November! And Christmas Day is the last day of fairs, with rare exceptions!

New Yearit is no longer so decorated and celebrated on a large scale, and right after the city they clean and prepare for weekdays! The streets are deserted! Everybody is celebrating at home, visiting the family. And after a couple of days, they return to normal mode — working weekdays.

Based on this, go to Christmasholidays it is better withNovember last weekend to Christmas Day! If you want to celebrate and NG, then it is better to worry about your leisure time in advance: many attractions do not work these days. Often, public transit also has a rest, especially in non-large cities! Those. if the journey is not on a car, then you can get stuck in any village before leaving the driver's weekend! (We had such a case in Italy in the town of Orvietto)

Alsace is popular Wine roomDearstretching over 170 km. Is famous for 7 types of wine - Gewurztraminer,Pinot blancSuylvanerRieslingPinot noirPinot Gris,Muscat -and they all deserve tasting, everyone will find their own,)

Actual and - Kraman d'Elsace - A sparkling wine,which is the second most popular among the French after Champagne.

Half-timbered housesthe streets of Alsace are rich in

By the way, in the Alsace Province every time you are amazed at the decorations of streets and houses. Probably there is nothing that does not fit for this role, even a sausage!

Towns amaze with their charm! As if time has stopped here and we are in the scenery of historical films. and here the Musketeers of the famous Dumas will run through the streets.

Traditional dishes, including beer,50% of which from all of France is produced here - these are all echoes of the German past of this province and the proximity of the border to this day.

Cook and Christmas beerwhich can be found at fairs.

The capital of Alsace, Strasbourg on Christmas days turns into a glowing light! Christmas Fairs are located on each square of the city.

Colmar and his romantic district Little Venice represents the luminous water ..

On the central platform of the Christmas Market is replete with treats

Celestewhere Heinrich Kramer was born - the man who wrote the main guide to the Witch Hunt.

Egisheim with fairy tale castle Château Saint-Léon Pfalz 8v. right in the center of town and Fashion Winery,)

Rikevier with gingerbread streets

city ​​of Ribeauville patronizing the street musicians and the view of the Three Castles, built by the powerful Family Rebopière.

Unimaginably beautiful Kaysersberg with the Temple whose construction was sponsored by Barbarosa himself!

Some towns choose the Country every year and celebrate Christmas in her paraphernalia, Russia didn’t manage without Russia)

But most of them just warm the soul! They make you believe in miracles.

In a word - Towns Caskets, with rivers of hot mulled wine and fiery pies - flammkuhenami.

Castle Path Dagsbourg, WahlenburgWeckmundand Château du Hohlandsbourg.

Even small and inconspicuous villages on ordinary days turn into a Christmas Tale! Where magic is emphasized by warming bonfires, and the central action of the Christmas Fair is often the usual barn barn!

In contrast to the rustic color, Santa Clauses distribute gifts to children riding motorcycles.

HISTORICAL ATTRACTIONS so did not avoid this luxurious part of France!

During the day it is interesting to visit CastleHaut-Koenigsbourg 12v.

Nearby is and CastleChâteau de kintzheim from the show of birds of prey

And, of course, tasting foie gras, which in 1780 came up with the Strasbourg chef, Kugelhofthat the Alsatians bake in memory of the Magi, Coconut Cookies,baking fills all the streets with a magical smell.

But the mightyRaineit is better to leave for a visit at a more appropriate time: in winter there is almost 24 hours fog.

If you are wondering WHERE to meet the Christmas holidays so as to find yourself in the Fairytale Edge, then this place will charm you!

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