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Original and most popular ceiling design ideas


This article will help you how to choose a design for a new ceiling, what material is better to use, and also you will learn a lot of interesting and useful things.

Before the start of repair work, choose the color scheme of the room, finish all surfaces and do not forget about the cost, because comparing them in different stores, you can save a lot of money.

Ceiling options

Even if you decide to make cosmetic repairs, then it will certainly begin from the ceiling, and the final result will depend on it. Currently, there are many types of beautiful ceiling designs.

His choice depends on the desires of the owners, the purpose of the room and, of course, the price. The budget ceiling can be simply painted or whitewashed, or covered with wallpaper or foam tiles. The average cost is a suspended ceiling, and the most elegant and expensive is considered to be a beautiful stretch ceiling.

We will try to tell in more detail about each of them. Below are various photos of beautiful ceilings.

Painted or whitewashed ceiling

They are among the very first, laborious and fairly branded, because many know how difficult it is to wash everything around after whitewashing. It is still not very easy to make the entire surface completely flat and smooth.

But if you look at the cost, it is the most inexpensive repair option. And one can not agree that the final result looks clean and comfortable. In addition, the light color can be tinted.

Wallpaper on the ceiling

This is not so easily soiled as the previous type of repair, then the same budget, if we compare it with the others. Wallpapers on the ceiling can be stuck in various versions in color and pattern.

Specially designed liquid wallpaper, they long retain the original appearance, but the bath and the kitchen for them is contraindicated. The only drawback of this method of finishing may be the unevenness of the ceiling, it will create inconvenience when pasting.

Plastic panels

PVC panels are a good option for the ceiling, because they have many advantages: durability, durability, sound insulation, moisture resistance and heat resistance. This makes it possible to use LED and halogen lamps. The panels smooth out uneven surfaces and they are not so expensive.

Plasterboard ceilings

This is one of the budget and universal ways of finishing. Only there is one major drawback, this material is afraid of moisture, so it is not acceptable for a bath.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Hides all the flaws
  • Gives a smooth and smooth result.
  • Can create a multi-level ceiling
  • Involves embedded systems
  • Thermal insulation material
  • Safe,
  • Heat resistant,
  • Enough budget.

Before installation, you will have to make a frame, and then install panels. One of the downsides is a slight loss in height. But thanks to this there will be an excellent and beautiful ceiling in the room.

Dropped ceilings

This is a very popular way of finishing and with an average price policy. They are mounted on a built-in frame. Suspended ceilings hide all unnecessary flaws. There are the following types:

  • Cassette ceilings - very easy to use, used in public places.
  • Armstrong type is an inexpensive option for dota and other premises.
  • Rack ceilings - just as easy to maintain, durable.
  • Mirror ceilings - visually expand the room, increase the luminous flux.

Beautiful ceiling design can be obtained due to the suspended view.

Ceilings for certain rooms

For this room most of the species will suit, they will create the necessary coziness and comfort.

For a small area, a mirror one is suitable, the most inexpensive is wallpaper, and on the contrary, it is stretched.

Here, as in the living room, any of the options will do, just so that it does not attract too much attention to itself.

Here it is necessary to take into account the constant evaporation and temperature change. The most successful will be PVC materials and polystyrene tiles, as well as suspended and stretch ceilings.

Modern preferences

Recommendations of experts when creating a beautiful ceiling:

  • Light colors expand the space, so when choosing a pattern, do not make the room tasteless, but place it on a small surface.
  • Multi-level ceilings will help to divide the space into zones.
  • Glossy and mirror surfaces will create a 3D effect.
  • Visually increase the height of the plasterboard ceiling light shades.
  • The ceilings lined with wood will create a natural and cozy interior.
  • Glossy walls in the bath look good with a frosted ceiling.

We hope that our advice will help you when choosing the right look and beautiful design of the ceiling.

Color solutions

Considering the fact that we are all more accustomed to the standard white ceiling, we sometimes do not even think about the possibility that the ceiling can be any, even black. Do not be surprised, all the frameworks can be limited only by your imagination and desire, and through the efforts of progress, which covers all branches of our life, any dreams come true.

It is important to remember that the overall impression of the repair will depend on the color scheme of the room, and even more so on the ceiling, especially if it is made in color.

For example, if you select colors for a living room, kitchen or study, then rich and deep shades of the ceiling will be suitable, which must be combined with furniture or the rest of the decor.

But for the bedroom or child it is better to choose soft and pastel shades that allow you to relax and rest, too bright colors excite the psyche, so they are not advised to use in rooms designed for relaxation. If in your apartment there are no such number of rooms, then in this case the room has to be zoned.

It is not necessary for this to build any partitions or to hang screens - all this can be done with the help of the ceiling, which is divided into separate zones with the help of color.

LED strip and recessed lights

Today, plasterboard designs allow you to create any miracles with the rooms - the ceilings, with their help, can be suspended, both in one level and in two or even four, it all depends on your desire. So that such “steps” do not just hang over their heads, but also carry some kind of function, they build in spot lighting, which, again, helps to divide the room into certain zones.

For example, in your apartment there is only one room that performs both the function of the living room and the function of the study. In order to isolate a computer desk with bookshelves in a separate area, we will erect a separate tier of plasterboard over it, into which we will insert a couple of lamps. Thus, you get a separate area for work and a separate area for relaxing with friends.

In the same way, allocate parts of the kitchen or nursery, smashing the room with the help of ceiling levels and lighting. By the way, the cosmic sky on the ceiling looks very original, which can also be done by means of drywall and stretch ceilings. To create a special effect during the installation process, decorative panels with stars are used, as well as LED lights.

If you decide to decorate a room using a stretch ceiling, then you may have to taste pearl ceiling panels that harmoniously fit into different styles of the room, for example, minimalism, hi-tech and others. Due to the reflective abilities of such a canvas, to create specific lighting effects, they use luminous LED cords, which are hidden under the stretched film.

Painting and photo printing

Another interesting variant of the ceiling decoration is painting it with paint or using photo printing. The main thing is that when selecting a drawing for the ceiling, before printing it is important to ensure its good resolution, so that in the finished version it looks good and rich.

If you do not have enough creative abilities to portray the desired, you can use pre-made stencils. It is important to note that photo printing on the stretch canvas is not suitable for small rooms with low ceilings, since the effect may worsen the real state of affairs.

Use of stucco

If you are an adherent of classics, then perhaps you will like the decoration of the ceiling in the form of stucco, which is inherent in the Empire style. Traditional classics are mixed with modern ideas, resulting in interesting and truly unique premises.

In addition, the elements of stucco can help hide unnecessary irregularities and flaws in the surface of the ceiling, however, it is important to remember that this finish does not fit all design styles.

Figured ceiling

As we have said, with the help of drywall, you can create multi-level ceilings, but this is not the only thing that will fit such material. Extraordinary and creative people prefer curly and multi-level ceilings, which can take the most bizarre and non-standard forms, be decorated with other finishing materials, and, in tandem with lamps of different colors, are able to create real works of art!

Refresh the decor using the herringbone ceiling decoration

In this cozy living room in one of the Auckland houses, architect Michael Osallivan emphasized the ceiling using a herringbone pattern. This approach can be considered special, since it is not often that you find such a bold finish that challenges the interior of the room.

Geometric balance creates elegance

Geometric balance creates elegance

Finding a balance between decorative interior elements is a common problem that often gets in the way of designers and architects. Richard Hallberg demonstrates a room in his California home made in Moroccan style with elements of Spanish, which are based on a combination of geometric decoration of the wooden ceiling with other elements of the interior.

The painting on the ceiling - for the most stylish rooms

The painting on the ceiling - for the most stylish rooms

You will surely remember the ceiling painting in this luxurious room for a long time. It is made by Spanish artist Ramon Caneta with the help of multi-colored Venetian plaster. If luxury is your weakness, then use the services of an artist.

A glass ceiling will fill the room with light.

A glass ceiling will fill the room with light.

Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to solve the problem of insufficient lighting in the room, then the architects go to the trick and install a glass ceiling. That is what architects Ion Popusoy and Bogdan Preda did when working on the design of the apartment Cetatuia Loft in Brasov, Romania.

Give depth to a boring ceiling.

Give depth to a boring ceiling.

Try to improve the ceiling, as architects did in a penthouse in San Francisco in the Millennium Tower skyscraper. Using metal sheets and lighting, they in an interesting way created a pleasant atmosphere based on the principles of the game of color and reflection.

Origami ceiling

Origami ceiling

In modern homes, the decor today focuses on the use of concrete, such as in the house of La Peña House, Mexico City. But in this case, the architects of the company R-Zero Architects presented the ceiling in the form of origami, with clear straight lines, made of wood. Light, a combination of natural and artificial materials, the play of shadows on the ceiling created a dynamic atmosphere during the day and a static image in the evening.

The ceiling, as one of the elements of the overall composition

The ceiling, as one of the elements of the overall composition

In order to create a perfect and complete image of the French designer Jean-Louis Denois in the embodiment of conceived in the style of modern maximalism and under the concept of Imaginary Voyages (Imaginary Journey), paid special attention to the ceiling decor. It looks like something unreal, unconventional and unexpected. That is, as it was intended.

The tile on the ceiling reflects the color scheme of the interior.

The tile on the ceiling reflects the color scheme of the interior.

You see a wonderful example of how a visual effect is when colors are combined with shapes and textures in a sophisticated combination. The author of this idea, architect Anthony Lindsney, perceives the room as the embodiment of glamor from ceiling to floor. The bright colors of the decor and the gray walls are perfectly combined.

Like a cruise ship under a starry sky

Like a cruise ship under a starry sky

In the attic-type apartment in the Moscow house, the architects created the illusion of being on a luxury cruise ship, and the high curtains emphasized the pomp of the decor. Archduet specialists worked on the design and successfully decorated the open-plan living room, not forgetting the ceiling, which resembles a starry sky.

We break stereotypes

Perhaps you are a supporter of the traditional combination, when the color of the ceiling to some extent repeats the color scheme of the interior. But by adding color to your ceiling, you will attract attention to it, and your room will appear larger. This ceiling will help you create a unique image.

Wooden ceiling with painting

Wooden ceiling with painting

How do you look at the painted ceiling and the bold color of the walls? In this apartment, the design of which was worked by Emma Person Lajerberg, the dining room is decorated with a wooden ceiling with paintings, and the walls are dark green. This is a stylish and beautiful combination.

Awe-inspiring design

Awe-inspiring design

This place, which forces to represent yourself in the royal palace, is the office, on the design of which Valentin Yudashkin worked. The walls in the study are painted deep blue, and the elegant ceiling is painted white.

Lunch under the elegant ceiling

Lunch under the elegant ceiling

The idea of ​​creating a charming ceiling belongs to the architect Nikolai Tsupikov. This dining room under the geometric ceiling surprises with its aristocratic atmosphere, elegant furniture, clarity of lines, materials and colors.

Magnificent high ceiling geometry

Magnificent high ceiling geometry

The geometric ceiling built by Akke Woodworks caused a number of problems that the architects successfully solved. 43 cells of the ceiling together create a unique image. The design team has deployed its headquarters under this ceiling.

Tiled ceiling inspires romance

Tiled ceiling inspires romance

This kitchen ceiling deserves attention due to its decoration with beautiful tiles and a concave shape. Architects from the Design Galleria and William Stewart Designs companies were inspired by the Paris Metro station.

Original plastered ceiling with lighting

Original plastered ceiling with lighting

If you want to play with the space, then use the idea of ​​the original ceiling, the visual effect of which is achieved by the original layout of the plates and the lighting. This gray ceiling is the main object in the bedroom; it proves that eclectic grace is achieved through the realization of fantasy.

Texture is everything

Texture is everything

This elegant place is distinguished by a dark-colored bed and a soft satin-covered ceiling in gilded color. The use of rich fabrics to create a graceful headboard, which flows smoothly on the wall and ceiling, suitable color scheme creates a feeling of complete relaxation.

Dormer window in the bedroom

Dormer window in the bedroom

Do you dream of lying in bed looking at the starry sky? Then you should take advantage of the idea that was embodied in the design of one of the penthouses in the SoHo area. There is nothing better than to install a window in the ceiling above the bed to watch the stars at night and admire the blue sky in the morning.

Stretch ceiling

The tension structure can have a different texture and original color. The material for the stretch ceiling are of two types: PVC and fabric. PVC material is stretched under the action of high temperatures and fixed in a profile, pre-fixed on the walls. Installation of a fabric cloth is carried out by the same principle, but there is no need for heating, the material has an elastic composition.

Unusual shapes

In addition to the usual flat surface, the ceiling may have an original shape.

  • Dome. The side parts are smoothed, the shape resembles a dome. This option is suitable for high rooms.
  • Wavy surface. The number of bends can be any, depending on personal preferences.
  • Relief can be beaten with original lighting fixtures or unusual decorative details.

The photo shows the original interior of the kitchen-living room. The ceiling combines the finish in two ways, the classic smooth surface and bright glossy cone-shaped inserts.

Photo printing

The installation method is no different from the usual flat surface. The emphasis in this case is on the image applied using photo printing.

In the photo, the ceiling in the bedroom has an unusual geometric shape. Интерьер выполнен в космической тематике. Однотонное напольное покрытие делает интерьер светлым и не перегруженным деталями.

Оригинальный рисунок

Не менее интересный способ сделать дизайн комнаты необычным. The picture can overlap with other interior items or become a bright and unusual accent.

In the photo, the design of the living room is made in a black and white palette. The main idea of ​​the design - geometric patterns that are present on all surfaces.

Two-level constructions

Adjust the space. The unusual shape will not only make the interior unusual, but also help to zone the room, for example, to highlight the seating area.

In the photo, the kitchen ceiling in a modern style, due to the light background and backlighting, it does not seem low.


Original designs suitable for high ceilings. The color and shape, similar to other elements of the interior, will concisely support the overall design idea.

In the photo, the bedroom is finished in a bright color with the addition of bright accents in the form of decoration, furniture and accessories.

With inserts from various materials

Original elements of wood, metal or glass will support the style in the interior and help to adjust the space. For example, a mirror insert will visually make the room higher.

The photo is a stylish living room in gray. Wooden inserts on the ceiling have something in common with pieces of furniture and decor.


Wood will always remain relevant and noble material for decoration. The main advantage is environmental friendliness, besides each breed has its own original pattern.

Caissons are depressions in the surface of the ceiling, which can be of any shape, most often squares or rectangles.

In the photo, the ceiling finish is made of natural varnished wood. The floor covering repeats the pattern.

Perfect for interior decoration in a modern, eco, Provence, country styles. The direction of the rails will help visually make the room wider or longer.

In the photo, the figured wooden slats form the original bunk surface of the ceiling. One of the walls is made in the same way.

Picture beams

Decorate the ceiling of the room in the style of Provence or Country. For a room with high ceilings, you can choose a three-dimensional structure; for a room with low or standard ceilings, a drawing in one plane will be suitable.

The photo shows a spacious kitchen in country style. The wooden structure of the beams is complemented by spotlights.

Raw wood

As well as possible will emphasize design in Russian or eco style. It is this original design that will become the main object of attention.

On a photo a bedroom of a country house in eco style. The sloping ceiling is decorated with an original structure made of untreated birch.

Wood carving

Decorate the interior in a classic or oriental style. Finishing looks unusual and spectacular, but the cost of manual work is quite high.

The photo shows a complex bunk construction of caisson type with carved elements.

Multicolored boards

Beautiful and unusual solution for the design of a child's room. Such a finish will look bright and cozy.

In the photo children's room in eco style. The accent wall is covered with slate film, which allows you to draw on it and leave cute notes.

Unusual wallpaper

Another original home design option. Wall-paper can have an unusual relief or the image, for example a world map on all surface of a ceiling, imitation of a snake skin or multi-colored fragments.

The background color in the interior is white. The ceiling is decorated with multi-colored triangular fragments and thin slats.

Unusual or bright painting

The interior will look spectacularly painting the ceiling in a bright and non-standard color. Paint is applied on a previously prepared flat surface. The ceiling can be in one or several levels, decorated with plinths, stucco or beams.

In the photo interior with a lot of original details. The ceiling is decorated with beams, stucco and unusual figured panels.

Painting, painting

Hand-painted ceiling allows you to recreate not just an unusual, but a truly unique interior. The painting can be in different styles, from ethnic patterns to real paintings.

In the photo is an extravagant living room, the ceiling of which is decorated with many paintings. The color palette is sustained in one range.

It is made of plaster, polystyrene or polyurethane. The form can correspond to both classical and modern style.

The ceiling is decorated with large stucco. The room remains spacious due to the white color and LED strip lighting.

Cloth decoration

Decorating with a fabric will make the eastern interior more colorful, and a classic more original. The material hides bumps and is easily mounted. This method is suitable for finishing the bedroom, nursery or living room.

Original tile or mosaic

The best place for the tile will be the bathroom and toilet. Rich colors on the background of light wall decoration can overlap with the decor and textiles. Another variant of the ceiling tile is suitable for decoration of the living room, office or hallway. This is a tile of PVC or foam. The material is lightweight, may have an unusual shape and texture.


Mirror surfaces and unusual inserts will visually increase the space of the room, pulling it out due to the reflective properties. Glossy and mirror surfaces are suitable for interior design with a modern design.

In order for the stained glass to look as impressive as possible and every detail was viewed, it is worth installing a backlight under it. For example, a two-tier ceiling, in the upper tier of which lighting is installed and on top of it is an insert made of stained glass.


Exceptionally modern way of finishing. The design may consist of flat plates or small fragments. The metal ceiling will harmoniously look in the design of high-tech or loft.

The photo is a stylish and original bedroom with metal trim.

Unusual decor

Even a simple ceiling in the form of a white flat surface can be made original with decorative details. The material for the decor can be anything, it all depends on the imagination and the stylistic direction of the room.

Bedroom-room in bright colors. The ceiling is decorated with many details, but due to different lighting does not seem low.

Photo in the interior of the rooms in the apartment

The interior of the kitchen should use materials that do not absorb odors and easy to clean. A good interior solution will be a suspended ceiling with a photo printing or an unusual shape. For example, the original undulating surface above the dining area or bar.

Living room

Living room or room give more opportunities for the realization of fantasy. A ceiling of complex shape, panels and inserts of various materials, as well as three-dimensional images will be appropriate. The size and color of the design should be chosen depending on the height of the ceilings and the area of ​​the room.

For a bedroom in the style of country or Provence, a composition of wooden beams is suitable, for classic design a beautiful stucco or multi-tiered construction, and the modern interior will look harmoniously painted ceiling in rich color.

The interior of the children's room can be played up and made more interesting due to the original photo wallpapers on the ceiling, unusual lighting or decorative elements.

In the photo a bright children's room with air design. The ceiling is decorated with plastic grille, forming an imitation of a cloudy sky.

For the bathroom, you should choose a moisture resistant material. Stretch ceiling, tile or glass will do the job well.

Corridor and hallway

Compact corridor can be visually made more spacious due to the reflective surfaces, it can be a glossy stretch ceiling, unusual mirror inserts or lights. For open and light hallways, you can use bright colors and original multi-tiered structures.

Non-standard ceiling in a country house

A country house due to a larger area and high ceilings allows to embody even the most daring ideas. In a wooden house, an original composition of ceiling beams will highlight the atmosphere of comfort and warmth. In open space, from the height of the second floor, the ceiling will be decorated with unusual decor or low lamps.

Separate attention is worthy of mansard ceilings, they can fit several tiers or a variety of inserts.

Originality due to lighting

Unusual low chandeliers will decorate a spacious room with high ceilings, for a room with standard dimensions the best option would be flat models.

The chandelier can be both the only lighting device and the main one. A chandelier will also help to zone the space, for example, in a studio apartment, the living room area is lit up with an original chandelier, the rest of the room with spotlights or spots.

In the photo, the spacious living room is divided into zones with a figured ceiling and chandeliers.

The LED strip, hidden in tiers and decorative panels, creates the feeling of a floating ceiling and makes it taller.

On the photo kitchen with a natural theme. The ceiling is decorated with original plastic panels and hidden LED strip. Despite the bright background, the ceiling does not seem low.

For a children's room or bedroom, a glowing stretch ceiling, for example with a starry sky image, will become an unusual interior solution.


In high-tech or minimalism style, the decoration in the form of an unusual figured stretch canvas, suspended plasterboard construction with original lighting or mirror and metal panels will look harmonious.


In the classic interior, the main decoration will be a wooden coffered ceiling or decor in the form of stucco and stained glass inserts.

The cozy design of the country will complement the decoration of wood, in the form of panels or wooden beams. The unusual design from an raw tree will effectively look.

The lack of decoration or its imitation best describes the original design of the loft. Panels with imitation of concrete, stone or brick, wooden beams and metal structures made of ventilation pipes will highlight the interior idea.

Types and types of stretch ceilings

The design of any design is, above all, a creative and individual approach to each implemented project, a single design is expensive, so when choosing, you can focus on the proposed examples.

To simplify the selection, it is necessary to understand what types of suspended ceilings exist, because the PVC fabric allows to embody even the most courageous design ideas and solutions, such as the type of construction can be divided into:

Simple, single-level. An immaculately smooth and smooth surface is accented with a competent and harmonious choice of color or tint, lighting system, emphasized by strict classics or modern modern.

Two-level and multi-level. A conceptual solution that embodies the sophisticated elegance of a textured or glossy film, combined with a complex geometry and the construction of several levels of plasterboard.

Multicolor and combined. Overlapping or contrasting color palette helps to create a unique design that will become an exclusive accent, emphasizing the stylistic decision chosen for the design of the room.

Stylish and modern design of ceilings is the embodiment of the general idea and themes of the interior, a special role in choosing a design project is given to a practical and high-quality lighting system.

There are not enough natural sources of light for it, and artificial ones are selected on the basis of the principles of energy saving and effective lighting of residential and business premises, separate functional zones.

Kitchen and dining area

With the help of suspended structures, you can fully transform any room; it is important for the kitchen to choose a dense and high-quality canvas that will retain its attractive appearance for a long time.

Matte and satin textures will help to emphasize the individuality of the room, rich colors and shades of light palette visually expand the space and saturate it with light.

The ceiling can be installed across the entire ceiling area or in separate, functional areas where the main cooking processes take place, and the ceiling surface is most often contaminated.

Choosing the design of ceilings for the kitchen, it is necessary to be guided by the principles of the increased quality of the canvas and its increased wear resistance, color solutions chosen for the facade of furniture and walls.

Stretch ceilings for a large or compact hall

The common room is used for recreation and leisure activities, meetings with loved ones or invited guests, so much attention is paid to their interior, and the selection of the ceiling design must be approached responsibly.

Beautiful and practical designs will effectively decorate the ceiling, the glossy surface will be the most optimal solution for decoration, complex geometric shapes will look great in the hall.

Thanks to the excellent light-reflecting effect, even the smallest room can help to transform a mirror or lacquered stretch ceiling in the hall into a luxurious living room decorated in any style.

A variety of lighting options for multi-level ceilings with spotlights or raster lighting create a unique atmosphere that will delight the owners and their guests for a long time.

Dormitory or private boudoir

Relaxing and comfortable interior of the bedroom helps to really relax after a difficult working or working day, rejuvenate without being distracted by bright and rich colors.

A good and attractive stretch ceiling in the bedroom can be decorated in any style, but be sure to keep the overall design concept, aimed at styling all surfaces.

For this room, bright and sparkling colors are best replaced with warm and calm shades, which help to restore emotional balance, get positive emotions and raise the mood.

The satin and matte texture will additionally muffle the colors and the selected palette, and spotlights with energy-saving lamps will create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

Ceiling decoration in the living room for any apartment

Stretch ceiling in the living room will last a long time and help decorate it with an unusual design, for such rooms you can choose multi-level and multi-color designs.

Modern photo printing technology is particularly popular, which allows you to recreate any pattern on the ceiling with an original and unusual composition, imitation of water space or a cloudy sky.

The unique and beautiful design of the ceiling in the living room can be achieved using not only the play of colors and combinations of textures, but also through the use of complex geometric shapes, waves or angles with several levels.

The harmonious choice of the lighting system with the possibility of using the central chandelier in combination with wall sconces allows you to saturate the room with light and emphasize the ideal flatness of the ceiling.

Transfer lanes to another level

Transfer lanes to another level

This bedroom, presented by SunaInterior Design, demonstrates how to surprise in a simple way. Multi-colored stripes adorned the ceiling of a compact bedroom with high walls.

Movie Stars and Design

Movie Stars and Design

The home theater boasts a creative ceiling that creates a predisposing atmosphere. There is a balance between the elegance of black and white cinema and the future, which will be dictated by the needs and limited space of the spacecraft. This is a design with no time limits.

Worked - pause, look up and dream

Worked - pause, look up and dream

Researchers travel the world with open eyes. This incredible ceiling with a map of the world will take you in imagination on a journey of your dreams. If the apartment does not have a panoramic view of the surroundings, you will at least have a panoramic view with a perspective.

Diamond-faced ceiling

Diamond-faced ceiling

The owner of this house in Taipei works in the field of fashion. In order to visually expand the space, H2o + Co2 Design found a solution, using the concept of a diamond face.

Curved line of light on the ceiling

Curved line of light on the ceiling

This idea is suitable for those who prefer round shapes in design. A curved split on the ceiling, filled with light, softens the feeling that "something is missing." This creative idea belongs to the company MCK Architects, which they used in developing the design for a spacious living room.

Curved ceiling in the living room of Michael Jordan

Curved ceiling in the living room of Michael Jordan

This living room, which belongs to basketball star Michael Jordan, is another example of how curved forms look delicately on the ceiling. The color scheme and the backlight help to create a complete image.

Dinner on the ceiling with a modern design.

Dinner on the ceiling with a modern design.

On the other side of the fireplace in the apartment at 1232 Sunset Plaza is a dining room, in which the ceiling is also decorated with a decorative chute. Использование нескольких видов дерева в декоре гостиной играет роль связующего звена во всем интерьере.

Под желобом из бетона

Под желобом из бетона

В этой спальне представлен потолок с бетонным желобом, обрамленным рядом встроенных светильников. Дизайн потолка дополняет цветовую гамму, выбранную для интерьера.
Один из самых простых и доуступных строительных материалов — дерево. In addition, it allows you to maximize your creativity and give free rein to your imagination. 19 stylish ways to decorate the ceiling with wood.

Multi-level ceiling

For those who decided to make the ceiling a special design element, a multi-level design of the ceiling space will do.

Such ceilings have such a wide variation in geometric and color solutions that ceilings of this type become masterpieces of architectural thought.

Glue ceiling

The most economical design option ceiling - glue. Tiles of various textures are attached to the glue. They are easy to clean when used. And with the help of different combinations of tiles can get very interesting ceiling solutions.

Ceiling tiles can imitate wood, mat or mother of pearl. Looks great and laminated version.

Stretch ceiling

Now it is one of the most popular finishes. They attract buyers with the opportunity to create a perfectly flat surface. The textures of such ceilings are also very diverse.

Matte and semi-gloss versions with glossy are the leaders in the selection of conventional stretch ceilings. But decorative marbled or imitating metal, suede, are widely used by designers for stylish living room interiors.

Each canvas stretch ceiling, any texture, can be selected in any color, which makes the possibility of implementing design ideas just limitless.

Stretch glossy ceiling has a reflection effect. Due to this, the volume of the room and its height increases significantly. Even in small and dark living rooms, such a ceiling will emphasize the elegance and excellent taste of the owners.

Matte canvas stretch ceilings are chosen for classic interiors. This is the most affordable option of all textures.

You can choose the right color for the overall design of the living room.

The lighting of the stretch ceiling can be as varied as its color. You can install on it a lot of flashing lights in the form of stars and get your own starry sky.

You can combine several lighting options, each of which will correspond to different moods - from a party to a cozy evening.

Stretch ceiling may contain photographs and drawings. Images on the ceiling are obtained using photo printing.

Often, designers advise to combine different types of ceilings. For example, such solutions as a false ceiling with an insert from a stretch ceiling with photo printing look great.

Stretch ceilings are quickly mounted, do not require additional preparation before installation and cleaning after it. The material has high ecological cleanness characteristics and is absolutely fireproof.

Does not require special care, but you should be careful when using in children's rooms. Cutting objects on the ceiling is better not to throw.

Suspended ceiling

A great finishing option - ceiling multi-level, suspended. It looks luxurious in any interiors, despite the fact that it can "eat" a bit the height of the room.

Multi-level suspended ceiling design opens up many possibilities for lighting. With the help of directional lamps and LED strips, you can create a special ceiling that will shake guests with its originality.

The owners will always feel themselves owners of this designer ceiling.

You can also decorate such a ceiling with exclusive designs.

Ceiling color

The color palette of ceilings depends entirely on the imagination of the owners of the premises. It is important to choose not only the design of the ceiling for the living room, but also its color. Both color and design must be combined.

If the living room walls are decorated in white, then the ceiling is better to use light green colors. It will look fresh and elegant. The green itself is now in fashion. Especially popular is the shade of pistachio.

Ceilings from unconventional materials

Non-standard solution of the ceiling of brick (or brick) is suitable for country houses or apartments with a large area.

A unique designer ceiling with a finish of steel or bronze can be implemented in combination with other solutions.

Also often create original ceilings made of copper, the use of brass is possible.

Usually accompanies the interiors of living rooms in the Oriental style. It goes well with wood or skin décor.

Time boring, monotonous, white ceilings have passed. Now we can create our own ceiling space, embody all our plans and ideas. From a star galaxy to a camomile field!

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Popular trends and ideas

The ceiling in a modern room should be functional, hide defects, be interesting and be in harmony with the overall design.

Basic advice from experienced designers:

  • Use proven materials that will last you for many years and will be able to hide all the flaws of the ceiling. Wallpaper can not be used in any case.
  • Eco and this options are popular and look very good when you make a ceiling.
  • It is recommended to use saturated colors. They do not have to be very challenging, but boring ones are not relevant either. Make a soft blue ceiling, and it will look original and modern.
  • If the space where you decorate the ceiling is large, then do not be afraid to combine materials and play with the levels, these can be done by zoning the room.
  • The design of the ceiling should not look brighter than the rest of the interior in the room.

Next comes information about better materials.

Natural wood: choose economical options

Natural wood will always be in demand. And this year will not be an exception. The demand for this material is large, because it is eco-friendly, serves for a long time, is practical in use, easy to handle, and aesthetically pleasing.

The wooden ceiling harmoniously looks and conveys the tranquility of nature.

Economical wood veneer will always come first, this material includes:

  • Lining. Not expensive material which resists to moisture and does not pass excess noise. The paneling can be painted and easy to install.
  • Block house. Beautiful boards that look stylish, similar to logs or bars. The material is cheap and practical.
  • The panels. Also not expensive material for decoration. This is MDF from different wood species. This option looks like a tree.

We also recommend:

These types of stretch ceilings are popular:

  • Soaring.
  • Glowing.
  • Ceilings with ethno motives.

Color palette

The most common color in the design of the ceiling - white. This shade will give lightness and airiness of the room. The white ceiling is suitable for any interior and will be combined with any shades in the design.

So - the same popular color ceilings, it is burgundy. This option is suitable for a bedroom or office. Soft burgundy colors are elegant and give comfort, especially if you add warm lighting.

What - to make a modern ceiling does not need a lot of work. Simply select the appropriate material and color. Listen to the tips from the article and you will succeed.