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Kumis: useful properties of the drink


Today in the shops you can see a huge variety of products from different countries. There is no difficulty in buying delicacies from different parts of the world - fruits from hot countries, all kinds of cheeses and meats. Many of us are no longer surprised at what shops can offer, but they are still trying to find something new. Strangely enough, surprising and unusual products can be found in the open spaces of our Motherland - for example, koumiss.

A drink well known from childhood to many peoples of Russia. And it is not only tasty, but also incredibly useful: for centuries it has been used to treat many diseases. The article describes the beneficial properties of various types of koumiss, as well as all the features of its use to achieve the best results.

What is it and how is it done?

The name comes from the Turkic languages. This is a fermented milk drink, obtained as a result of alcohol and lactic fermentation from horses milk. It turns white and frothy, its taste is special - it is both sour and sweet. The quality of koumiss very strongly depends on the conditions under which it was prepared. It may vary the alcohol content, which can lead to a slight intoxication when consuming large amounts of the drink. But this can only happen if the alcohol content is high. Sometimes koumiss is made in such a way that it, on the contrary, produces a calming effect, then this drink can be used to fight insomnia and bouts of aggression.

The drink can be made from different types of milk, for example, cow, goat or mare. There is also a camel drink. Koumiss may also have names such as Bashkir or Yakut. The benefits of koumiss for both men and women are simply indisputable. It can be used by pregnant women and diabetes. The main thing is to always look at the shelf life on the packaging.

Composition and calorie

Due to the characteristics of the preparation of this drink, the milk protein in it is easily digestible, but the milk sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol, lactic and carbonic acid during the preparation process. Because of this, the nutritional properties of koumiss are incredibly high. It is used for weight loss to control appetite. In addition, it has a unique pleasant taste and aroma that allows you to use it in the preparation of various dishes.

The alcohol content in the drink varies from 0.2% to 4%. The exception is the Kazakh, whose fortress can reach 40 degrees. Anyway, regardless of the method of preparation, koumiss contains many vitamins, for example, thiamine, B12, vitamin C, folic acid. A calorie is very low - less than 50 calories, so that this drink is suitable for all slimming.

Types of drink

Many wonder why they don't make cheeses or cottage cheese out of horse milk. Everywhere they write about the beneficial properties and the unique taste of horse milk, but they do not prepare any products that are usual for us. It's all about the qualitative composition of this type of milk: it contains a lot of albumin, and when adding a starter, acid is released, which destroys proteins in milk. Therefore, the preparation of cheese and cottage cheese from horse milk is impossible. But the sugar content in it is much higher, therefore, when cooking koumiss, a lot of gas is formed, as a result of which the drink foams very well. In this case, the drink is often also prepared from the usual cow's milk. It is stored less than traditional, but compared to the cow’s milk, koumiss is absorbed from the body much easier.

Calorie koumiss from horse and cow milk is the same. If you are allergic to casein, it is better to give preference to koumiss from horse milk. Many are interested in whether it is an alcoholic drink, but it depends on the method of preparation. Kumis is divided by strength into weak, medium and strong depending on the alcohol content. A special type is the Kazakh, which is distinguished by its greater strength - about 40%, you can really get drunk of it.

Useful properties and harm

As mentioned above, koumiss is very easily absorbed by the human body. When compared to milk, there are many more beneficial properties. This is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, so regular use of koumiss can have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and even cure diseases. There is an opinion that they can even replace meat in a vegetarian diet, this drink is so nutritious. For example, koumiss can help with dysentery and typhoid fever.

It has been scientifically proven that by consuming this drink, the secretion of gastric juice is greatly enhanced and the process of splitting fats improves, which contributes to an easier course of the disease and speedy recovery.

Thanks to some properties koumiss can even be used in place of the antibiotic. With a very high rate of life and the presence of constant stress, its use will help to significantly strengthen the immune system. Recent studies by scientists have shown that koumiss can be useful for fighting against putrefactive germs and E. coli. With a lack of sleep or insomnia and the presence of sudden attacks of aggression due to constant stress, you can try to add koumiss to the diet. Many peoples traditionally considered him one of the best remedies for dealing with nervous disorders.

The use of koumiss also has a beneficial effect on the composition and properties of blood, which positively affects the immune system of the body. After you have suffered a serious illness, you can always try to add koumiss to your diet. It will help the speedy recovery of the body. It would be best if it does not contain a lot of alcohol. But the healing properties of this drink do not end with a beneficial effect on the internal state of the body. Quite successfully, you can treat and acne, and skin diseases. The drink has a rejuvenating effect.

The drink will help to significantly improve not only the skin, but also contribute to the strengthening of nails and hair. To make a great skin scrub, you just need to mix koumiss with sea salt. It is enough to use such a scrub only once a week, and hair masks can make hair stronger. There are even special koumiss production farms for using it exclusively for cosmetic purposes. Since the drink is made from horse milk, it is worth remembering about its beneficial properties.

Scientifically proven that such milk has an incredible nutritional value, it can help even with anemia, for example, during pregnancy. Taking antibiotics is strictly contraindicated, but koumiss can help get rid of the disease.

What is koumiss

Compared to a cow, a mare gives little milk - only to her child. And in order to get it, they bring a foal to it, which sucks the udder. After this, the baby is taken aside, and the milkmaid is taken to work. This procedure is carried out every hour, and per day one mare gives about 5 liters.

What is the difference from cow's milk? The mare's fat and protein content is much lower, and the amount of sugar is higher, therefore, it is more suitable for fermentation than cow's.

The resulting drink cannot be stored, which means that it is impossible to obtain real koumiss on an industrial scale. Its price is high (from 300 rubles per 0.5 l), as it is prepared using a special technology.

In the old days, milk was poured into a leather bag and tied to a horse's saddle. After which they drove her, and under the influence of strong shaking, he was saturated with oxygen and acquired his airiness. There is a belief that to make real koumiss, you need to mix it at least 5000 times.

Even now, many families put a fermented milk drink in a bag and hang it over the front door. Each person, before crossing the threshold, had to shake the waterskin.

The Legend of Loulé

Like other drinks, koumiss has its own history of popularity. The beneficial properties of the nutritional product became known in the 18th century. When spring began to decorate the steppe with its outfits, a beautiful daughter was born in a rich Kalmyk Balzanov family. But soon misfortune came to the family - Lola became sick with tuberculosis. Doctors and elders in one voice asserted that only koumiss would save her. Since in the Kalmyk steppes no one knew the recipe for making, Lola's father ordered the soldiers to be sent to the right detachment of soldiers to the threshold of his house. By force and deceit, but the Kazakhs were brought. They taught Kalmychek the secret recipe for making a drink with the strange name “koumiss”. The beneficial properties of a fermented milk product helped Lola to defeat tuberculosis, while the experts were thanked with gifts and delivered to the native steppes intact.

There was a tuberculosis sanatorium on the territory of Kalmykia, where kumis treatment was actively used. Today it is no longer there, but thanks to the initiative of the activists there are 130 horses, 36 of which provide milk for the preparation of a therapeutic nutritional product.

Kymysis treatment in Russia

Silence, tranquility, blooming flower beds, around the gazebo, benches and cleanliness - this is exactly how the first kumy therapeutic hospital, opened in 1858, looked. Before that, people knew about this drink and came here to enjoy its excellent taste every day. Even L. N. Tolstoy himself was among the people who enjoyed not only the dairy product, but also the atmosphere away from civilization.

Terms of Use

Unfortunately, many doctors of our time do not know what koumiss is useful for, and some even hear this word for the first time. But this did not make the drink worse. In order for him to help cope with the disease, you need to follow some rules:

- It is desirable to use it in places of its preparation. As mentioned earlier, it cannot be stored. Therefore, the best option would be kumysolechebnitsa or sanatorium, where they practice this therapy. The dairy product, which lies on the shelves of all supermarkets, is not koumiss. Useful properties in it are absent, even the taste itself is far from true.

- The treatment should last at least a month, only then you will enjoy its effect all year round.

- It is necessary to use koumiss only as prescribed by a doctor. Only a specialist is able to develop an individual scheme for the prevention or treatment of diseases. The drink has an unusual property: after drinking 1 glass, a healthy person is filled with strength and feels a surge of energy, but it is worth increasing the amount of koumiss as it immediately envelops the state of weakness and drowsiness.

Read more about the beneficial properties of the divine drink.

Note losing weight: this drink is considered a dietary product. If you drink a glass of koumiss before eating, it will create a feeling of overcrowding, which means that the reception of the main course will be reduced several times.

Here is a whole list of its advantages:

- due to the fact that he copes with hunger and thirst, it can be taken as a snack,

- helps to digest heavy food,

- contributes to the full recovery of the body after an illness,

- has a calming effect on the nervous system,

- along with the brine, koumiss can become an excellent remedy for a hangover.

Useful properties of this fermented milk drink can be listed indefinitely, but, like others, it has its own contraindications. If you use koumiss in unlimited quantities, it can cause diarrhea or gas formation. Also, they should not get involved in pregnant and lactating women - 1 tbsp. per day will be enough.

For beauty gourmets

On the basis of koumiss, wonderful and effective hair masks are prepared. For example, you can mix 1 glass of drink with one yolk. The resulting mixture, first rub into the roots, then spread over the entire length. The mask should be kept for about half an hour, then rinse the hair with a solution of koumiss and boiled water (1: 1 ratio). The only drawback of this mask is the “special smell”, but if you wash your hair with regular shampoo, it will disappear.

Also, whitening face masks are made on the basis of a fermented milk product. Take 1 cucumber, pre-crushed in a blender, and mix with koumiss. Apply for 20 minutes on the face and décolleté. We wash off with warm water and enjoy the effect, which is noticeable after the first time.

For oily skin, it is recommended to wipe your face twice a day with a cotton pad dipped in mare's milk.

Good to know

Many luminaries of medicine, who know about this product, insist that drinks from cow, camel or goat milk are also considered koumiss. They have never been to the steppe, but they chat! The drink made from camel's milk is called shubat, cow's - katyk. No one argues about the usefulness of these dairy products, but they have very different useful properties.

Before you begin kumysoterapii, be sure to undergo an examination and learn about their diseases. No matter how miraculous koumiss is, for people who are allergic to dairy products, it is absolutely contraindicated.

And finally, do not buy it from random and dubious people. Such manufacturers often do not comply with basic sanitary standards. The consequence of the acquisition and use of this drink may not be a treatment, but an infectious disease.

Unfortunately, many kumysolechebnitsy, not having received support from the states, ceased to function. But the nomadic peoples of Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, Yakutia and Buryatia still use this drink in the treatment of many infectious diseases, including tuberculosis.

What is this drink?

Kumis is a fermented milk drink, which is especially common among such ethnic groups as Karakalpaks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other residents of Central Asia. It is prepared from traditional mare's milk, although goat or cow milk can also be used, but the properties will be somewhat different. Presumably the name comes from the Turkic "kymyz", which translates as "milk".

The drink has a white or slightly yellowish tint, usually foams heavily due to fermentation. The taste is usually sweet and sour. It should be noted that alcohol is present in koumiss, the content of which is usually about 1-2%. But it depends on the duration and conditions of fermentation, as well as the starter used, therefore, in some cases, it reaches 5 or even 8-10%, which is comparable with high-grade alcohol.

Cooking koumiss is a very interesting process. Along with milk, components such as yeast, lactic acid sticks are also used. They provide fermentation, and after fermentation, the beverage is actively whipped and periodically stirred, which makes it frothy and uniform. Moreover, in the homeland of koumiss, all manipulations are carried out manually and take a lot of energy. But today, production in some regions has become industrial and put on stream.

The composition of koumiss is unique, it can detect components such as ascorbic acid, riboflavin, B12, thiamine, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, fats (usually a little, especially if skimmed milk is used as the basis), protein, sugar, calcium, magnesium , phosphorus, vitamins D, PP, A.

Useful properties of such a unique drink as koumiss:

  • Since the main component is milk containing calcium, the drink is very useful for bones and helps to strengthen them.
  • The drink has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it can be used for various infections, especially intestinal. Externally, it can be used for purulent wounds or ulcers and accelerate their healing processes.
  • Koumiss, firstly, increases the appetite, secondly, it increases the secretion of gastric juice, thirdly, it promotes the regeneration of the mucous membranes, fourthly, it normalizes the digestive processes and motility of the intestinal walls. And so it is often recommended for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Drink can both tone up, invigorate and increase the charge of energy, and, on the contrary, soothe, eliminate increased nervous irritability and noticeably improve sleep. It all depends on the strength of koumiss, the amount used and the individual reaction of the body.
  • With regular use, you can significantly strengthen the immune system and increase the body's resistance to attacks of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • This is an excellent general tonic, which is useful to use with increased loads, as well as after illness during the rehabilitation period.
  • Koumiss can contribute to weight loss, because, firstly, it is low in calories, secondly, it perfectly satisfies hunger, thirdly, it accelerates metabolic processes and, therefore, stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits.
  • Напиток полезен и для сердечно-сосудистой системы, ведь он питает сердечную мышцу, очищает и укрепляет сосудистые стенки.
  • Кумыс улучшает состав крови, например, увеличивает количество красных кровяных телец.

Всем ли можно пить кумыс?

Несмотря на то, что кумыс очень полезен, в некоторых случаях он может навредить. Так, при чрезмерном его употреблении могут наблюдаться нарушения пищеварения: вздутие, диарея, гастралгия, отрыжка, повышенное газообразование. If koumiss is strong enough, then after several glasses it may be drunk.

There are some contraindications, which include early childhood, lactose intolerance, allergies to milk, as well as diseases of the digestive system, which are in the acute stage.

How to cook?

Although the traditional cooking of koumiss is long and rather complicated, there is a more simplified recipe.

List of ingredients:

  • liter of milk (it is best to use skimmed or at least nonfat),
  • three teaspoons of sugar or natural honey,
  • a glass of plain pure water
  • five grams of compressed yeast,
  • two or three tablespoons of any leaven, such as kefir, yogurt, or yogurt.


  1. Milk should be boiled. Then mix it with water, add honey or sugar and cool the mixture to about 25-27 degrees. Next, add the leaven, and close the container tightly with a lid and store in a warm place (the temperature should not be below 30 degrees) for several hours or even overnight. It is also desirable to wrap it, for example, in a blanket.
  2. When the mixture is squashed (it thickens, starts to bubble), you should actively beat it up so that the liquid part separates. The formed lumps should be removed by filtering through a cloth or gauze folded several times.
  3. Next, prepare the yeast. Dissolve them in warm water, add a little sugar to activate the fungi and start the fermentation process. Add the prepared mixture to the filtered sour milk, mix everything actively, pour it into separate containers (in principle, you can use one common one, but this can slow down the ripening) so that about a third of the free space remains (otherwise an explosion occurs). Leave the drink at room temperature.
  4. When you notice that the fermentation has become active, that is, bubbles have formed, then remove the containers in the fridge to enjoy the light refreshing koumiss. If you want to get a stronger drink, then keep it longer.

What can be made of koumiss?

What to cook from koumiss? It can be an excellent fermented milk base for almost any baking, for example, pies, pancakes, fritters. You can also cook from it various savory sauces. Try adding it to various casseroles, especially sweet ones. Fermented milk shakes with berries and fruits are no less useful and tasty.

If you have not tried koumiss yet, be sure to try this drink and enter it into the menu as often as possible to improve your health.
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Preparation method

Kumys is made from mare's milk. At the same time, horses are milked throughout the day, as their udder is small and they do not give much milk. As a result of milking, one mare gives about five liters per day.

Milk is placed in a special barrel for churning koumiss. It should be from a natural tree, for example, from a linden. This is necessary so that the resulting drink does not have any impurities and odors. Fresh milk is knocked down with a special wooden spoon, which is called Bishkek. After that he is left to wander for several days. During this day, good bacteria appear in the milk, and it noticeably thickens. Depending on how seasoned koumiss, there are three types of it: weak, medium and strong.

The drink is very popular, so lately the production of koumiss has appeared at the plants. But since this process is quite laborious, few companies take on it. In addition, experts say that koumiss cooked at home is much tastier.

Koumiss is rightly called a "live drink", as it has a number of medicinal properties. Scientists agree that this drink is the most useful among fermented milk. There is a direction of traditional medicine called "kumysotherapy", the essence of which lies in the dosage use of koumiss in combination with climatotherapy.

Koumiss contains a lot of vitamins and microelements. Among them are A, B1, B2, B12, C, E, D, copper, iodine, iron, titanium. Regular consumption of the drink stimulates the digestive, cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Kumis helps to cure liver, stomach and lung diseases. The drink has a sedative effect on the nervous system, pacifying the person. In addition, koumiss has a rejuvenating effect, slowing down cell aging. It improves body tone and immunity. Koumiss is a great hangover cure. It reduces cholesterol and increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Regular use of koumiss is one of the pledges of longevity among mountain people.

There is a separate culture of the use of koumiss. Long since the right to be the first to taste a freshly prepared drink was at the most revered highlander. Since then, little has changed. The first koumiss is tasted by the head of the family, and then the rest of her members. The drink is not drunk alone, as it is believed that at the same time loses its properties. It is best to drink koumiss in a large company in order to fully experience its life-giving power. Shed koumiss is considered a bad sign, so its safety is carefully monitored. Need to drink the drink to the last drop. So, before pouring out the remnants of koumiss was considered a sin.

Useful properties of koumiss are known for a long time. If earlier the drink was popular among the inhabitants of Central and Central Asia, now it is gradually spreading to other countries.

Kumys: from history to modern times

It is known that koumiss is over five thousand years old. Pretty long time for a drink. It is produced by pickling mare's milk. Recently, goat or cow's milk is often used, but the taste of such koumiss differs from the present. Due to the fact that mares give a small amount of milk, they need to be milked at a certain interval several times a day. Kumys has a slightly sweet-sour taste, white with foam. Depending on which sourdough is used in the manufacture of koumiss, is determined by the alcohol content. The weakest koumiss contains 0.2 vol., And the strongest –4.5 vol.

A real koumiss goes through several stages before being ready for use. Thus, the process of its manufacture begins with the yield of fillies. Next is leaven and fermentation, then ripening. Depending on the degree of ripening, weak, medium and strong koumiss are distinguished. They make koumiss in special pots of wood, which taper from bottom to neck. First, the ready-made ferment is poured in a tub along with fresh milk, then it is whipped. Sometimes it can last several days. And after koumiss insists for several hours or a couple of days. Everything again depends on how alcoholic you would like to get this drink. Koumiss can be consumed as a separate drink, or it can be mixed with other sour-milk drinks, for example, airan, tan. Accordingly, the taste and color will change.

Kumis: useful properties

Koumiss - a drink that is very well absorbed by our body. It contains vitamins of groups A, E, B and C, iron, copper, iodine, fats and live lactic acid bacteria. It is believed that in koumiss there are a large number of antibiotic substances that fight well against tubercle bacillus, typhoid fever and dysentery. Live dairy bacteria positively affect the gastrointestinal tract, the gallbladder, koumiss often treat a stomach ulcer, and kumys also have a negative effect on various bad microorganisms and E. coli, improve the intestinal microflora and vagina.

In addition, this drink has a good effect on blood and heart, calms the nerves, normalizes sleep, reduces chronic fatigue and irritability.

Not everyone knows that kumiss is also treated with animals: cows, rams, donkeys, camels and horses.

From what type and severity of the disease, different methods of taking koumiss are prescribed. But not strong koumiss, they mainly use medium and weak koumiss.

Another valuable feature of this drink is the undoubted benefit for those who are on a diet. If you drink a glass of koumiss before eating, that is, you want less. In addition, koumiss has a mild weakening effect, which has a good effect on intestinal emptying, without the threat of dehydration.

Koumiss very well quenches not only hunger, but thirst, helps the body absorb fats and proteins from other products, saves us from vitamin deficiency. If you have been ill for a long time, then koumiss will help you regain strength and health. This drink is useful and many future and nursing mommy. It saves from toxicosis and helps keep the breasts supple and beautiful. For those who suffer from a hangover, koumiss is also useful. You can not only use it inside, but also rinse your head with it, which will make the hair strong and beautiful, wipe the skin, which will contribute to tightening the aging areas.

Properties of koumiss and contraindications

Not only useful substances has koumiss, in large quantities it can harm our body. Diarrhea, flatulence, severe gas formation - the consequences of the use of ginseng kicking. In addition, the drink can also be very drunk.

Koumiss is contraindicated in infants and future mothers should take this drink in very moderate doses.

Do not forget about the allergic reaction. If you have poured from milk, it is better to refrain from eating koumiss.

Be careful with bottled koumiss. Generally, koumiss is poorly stored, in bottles there is not even half of the beneficial properties it should have. It is best to buy koumiss from trusted vendors that you know well and are sure about the cleanliness and accuracy. Otherwise, be prepared for infections and intestinal upset.

Do not forget that koumiss is not a magic wand. Treatment with this drink should have a duration of at least three weeks. So, if you are not ready to consume this drink during such a time, then do not expect a super curative result. Just drink koumiss for fun. If you are not embarrassed by the duration of kumysotherapy, then you will have vigor, a positive attitude, a charge of energy and strength throughout the year.

Useful properties of koumiss: tips for healing and rejuvenation

To become healthy and beautiful, you can not only drink koumiss or use dishes prepared with it, but also make various masks and rinses from koumiss.

One of the most interesting recipes is a koumiss-based mask. It is prepared quite simply and quickly.

Koumiss mixed with a spoon of honey, beat well.

Add the egg and mix the whole mass with a whisk.

Rub this mask into the scalp and keep it warm for 40 minutes. After that, dissolve the koumiss with water 1: 1 and rinse the head. If you want to achieve the best effect, we recommend not to wash off the mask, but if you do not like the smell - after a few hours, rinse your head with shampoo.

Another one of the tips - washing koumiss. In the morning or evening wash koumiss, it will make your skin healthy, tender and toned. Do not forget about the neckline and neck.

You can also rinse your hair with weak koumiss. Apply koumiss on washed hair and leave for about five minutes, then rinse with cool water. Your hair will be strong and shiny.

To get rid of age spots, you can wipe them twice a day with a swab dipped in koumiss.

Properties of koumiss in cooking

Koumiss is very often used in the preparation of cold soups and okroshka, which contain many useful substances. One of the most famous cold soups is Tarator soup. It is quick to prepare, and the taste is remembered for a long time.


• a pair of garlic cloves

• a couple of walnuts


Wash cucumber well and rub on not the largest grater.

Peel the garlic and pass it through the garlic press. Mix with grated cucumber. Add finely chopped dill, salt and pepper. Leave 20 minutes.

Mix koumiss and yogurt. Pour to garlic-cucumber mass. Stir and garnish with finely subdued walnuts.

History of koumiss

The drink came to us from the nomadic culture of the peoples of Central Asia, the regions of the Black Sea and the Southeast regions of Russia. For the first time koumiss is mentioned by the ancient historian Herodotus, who actively traveled. As early as the 5th century BC He described the drink from mare's milk. The method of cooking koumiss was kept secret from outsiders. People who learned the recipe and decided to tell the uninitiated, risked becoming blind.

Italian merchant Marco Polo compared the taste of koumiss with white wine.

In the 12th century, the first mentions of a mare’s milk drink were found in Slavic sources. The first entry was made in 1182 in the Ipatiev Chronicle. The story tells about the campaign of Prince Igor Seversky, who ran away from the Polovtsian guardsmen who were hopping from koumiss.

The milky wine, that is how the drink was called in antiquity, was one of the most consumed drinks of many nations. The Mongols and Tatars discovered it long before the aggressive campaigns against Russia. Kazakhs, Bashkirs and Kirghiz have long considered koumiss a national drink.

A little later, nomads began to use cow or camel milk to make milky wine. For the first time this deviation was observed in the Kalmyk culture. In Bashkiria, koumiss is still produced from horse milk, and in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan from camel milk. Islamic traditions prohibit the use of beverages containing alcohol, but koumiss is officially allowed by the Quran, so Muslims are the only hopping drink.

Composition and nutritional value

Ready for use koumiss - a storehouse of nutrients that are almost completely absorbed by the human body. The structure includes:

  • vitamins of group B (cyanocobalamin, thiamine, riboflavin),
  • vitamin C,
  • amino acids
  • folic, lactic and pantothenic acid,
  • biotin
  • complex of micro and macronutrients,
  • ethanol.

Therapeutic properties

The medicinal properties of the drink due to its components and manifest with regular long-term use. Kumis is different:

  • tonic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • healing
  • antibacterial,
  • choleretic
  • anti-anemic,
  • soothing
  • probiotic action.
  • Kumys is effective in treating illnesses requiring high body defenses: infectious diseases, tuberculosis, chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, and persistent diarrhea after enduring intestinal infections.

    • The beneficial properties of koumiss are used for the prevention and treatment of seasonal respiratory diseases. Its use is justified in the complex therapy of early stages of tuberculosis, anemia and weakened immunity.
    • A mild choleretic and laxative effect relieves bloating and spastic pain.
    • Restorative and anti-inflammatory properties help to cure gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, normalize the pancreas and increase lactation during breastfeeding.
    • The beneficial effects of a vivifying drink on the heart and blood vessels are also noted.
    • Calcium-rich koumiss cares for bone strength and prevents tooth decay.
    • Quickly restores normal intestinal microflora and vagina, inhibits the growth of pathogens.
    • Healing the body, the drink gives and mental strength, relieves nervous exhaustion and depression.
    • Toning and refreshing effect increases efficiency, quenches thirst and relieves hangover.

    A natural source of nutrients to fully manifest its healing properties with long-term and proper use. Recommended daily use for medicinal purposes: 1 glass of koumiss within half an hour after breakfast for 3-4 weeks.

    Due to this low-calorie product during the diet, the body does not experience stress due to the lack of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids in the daily diet.

    The ability of the drink to control the caloric intake of food is relevant both in the treatment of anorexia and in the fight against extra pounds.

    Reception of koumiss before meals causes a feeling of fullness of the stomach and a feeling of fullness. A mild laxative effect does not cause dehydration.

    Use in cosmetology

    The medical components of koumiss beneficially affect the condition of the hair - they strengthen the hair follicle, improve the hair structure, add shine and volume, and accelerate growth.

    The restoring hair mask

    1. Carefully mix one yolk and a teaspoon of honey with a glass of koumiss.
    2. Apply to the scalp and along the entire length of the hair.
    3. Tie head scarf.
    4. Duration of the procedure: up to 20 minutes.
    5. Wash off the mixture with a small amount of warm water (dilute a glass of water with a glass of boiling water). The peculiar sourish smell will disappear after use of usual shampoo.

    The mask is effective for excessive dryness of the scalp, dandruff. It is also suitable for healing hair after perm.

    The ability of koumiss to normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, to improve the elasticity and skin color are used in recipes for homemade cosmetics.

    Whitening effect mask

    Chopped parsley or cucumber in a blender mixed with koumiss. The mixture is applied to the skin evenly. Через полчаса умыться теплой водой.

    Тонизирующая омолаживающая маска для лица и шеи

    Пропитанные кумысом многослойные салфетки из марли наложить на лицо и шею. Данную процедуру (с гарантированным положительным результатом) повторяют через день 10 раз.

    Drink on the basis of milk mares quickly digested and, as a rule, does not cause side effects when consumed.

    It is necessary to refuse the use of koumiss in case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute phase and in the case of individual intolerance to fermented milk products of this type.

    Cooking secrets

    On an industrial scale

    The production of a healing drink in large quantities is a rather expensive and laborious business. Each stage is associated with technological subtleties, the violation of which may adversely affect the final result.

    The quality of the raw materials depends on the age of the mares giving milk and on the professionalism of the farm workers. For one milk, animals give very little milk, so they have to milk them up to 6 times a day.

    For fermentation use only wooden linden containers. Milk heated to 20 degrees for 1-6 hours is mixed with leaven of mature koumiss. At this stage, the process of fermentation begins - alcohol and milk.

    The final stage is ripening. The drink is poured into sealed glass bottles and stored in a warm room for 1-2 days for self-carbonation.

    According to the alcohol content in its composition, koumiss is subdivided: weak, medium and strong. The longer the ripening period, the stronger the live drink. “Live”, because koumiss exhibits beneficial properties only in a state of active fermentation. The shelf life limited by a short period of time creates additional difficulties with the timely delivery of the product to the end user.

    Koumiss can be cooked on its own using sour goat or cow's milk, sugar (or honey) and dry yeast. For 2 liters of milk will require 2 tsp. sugar, dry yeast in the amount of 3 g and a glass of cooled boiled water.

    1. Dissolve sugar or honey in water, add yeast.
    2. The mixture is combined with sour milk, mixed well, poured into glass bottles and sealed tightly.
    3. An hour after the start of fermentation, as indicated by the foam that appears, the container is placed in a container with chilled water. The fermentation process slows down, begins enriching the mixture with carbon dioxide and alcohol.
    4. Four days later the product is ready.

    To be fair, it should be noted that homemade drink has useful properties, but does not meet the classical ideas of traditional koumiss.

    Kumys useful properties


    Kumis in cosmetology

    Many drew attention to the beautiful, thick, shiny hair of Kazakh women, Uzbek women, Kalmyches, and buryatki. A factor contributing to the preservation of the strength of the roots of hair, giving them volume, rapid growth, is koumiss.

    1 cup of raw materials shaken with 1 tsp. honey and 1 egg yolk, the mixture is applied to the hair, carefully rubbing the roots and the entire length of the hair. Head bandaged with a scarf and hold the mask for 20 minutes. Then a glass of drink is mixed with a glass of water and the mask is washed off.

    The disadvantage of this hair treatment is the specific smell. But after the procedure, the head can be washed with regular shampoo.

    By the way, this treatment is recommended when dry, brittle hair, and in the presence of dry dandruff, and to restore the shine of the hair after perm. The result appears after the first such mask.

    Men who have weakened and die hair bulbs, resulting in a thin hair, are also recommended such masks. It will not restore dead roots, but weakened ones will strengthen it. Hair will become more dense, lush. After two or three weeks, running his hand through his hair, the man will feel a slight tingling: it will sprout hair from previously weakened onions. Terms of use are the same, only the amount of koumiss and honey should be halved.

    If the skin of the face is oily, it is recommended twice a day, morning and evening, to wipe the face with a cotton swab dipped in koumiss. Then the face is rinsed with cool water.

    The aging skin of the face and neck returns the tone, imposing multi-layer gauze napkins soaked with koumiss. Course - 10 masks, every other day. Rinse with soft water without soap.

    For such procedures, a store drink, and even drinks from camel's milk, goats, and sheep, produced under this brand will fit. And it is not necessary to go far, and the result is almost one hundred percent.

    Interestingly, koumiss has the ability to “measure off” calories: people suffering from anorexia (when taken for one and a half to two hours before eating) induce them to eat, return their appetite, and for those who want to lose weight (drink before eating) helps lose weight faster.

    If it is drunk directly before a meal, it creates a feeling of overcrowding in the stomach, due to active fermentation, and the person eats less. In addition, this drink has a slight laxative effect and, without creating dehydration, helps to bowel relief.

    Now a number of physicians assure that drinks made from cow, goat or camel milk can also be considered koumiss. Oh, they did not go across the steppe, the mare never milked, but they talk! Camel milk drink is called shubat, from cow milk - katyk. They are also useful, no one argues, but this is a completely different drink, with different properties.

    A real koumiss is made from the milk of a three-year-old mare, who first became fierce. A mare older than five years of healing milk no longer provides.

    What you see in stores is a drink based on natural raw materials, it is also not bad, but its healing properties are close to zero. Moreover, in fashionable clinics and sanatoriums, the drink is usually made on the basis of pure cultures of lactic acid sticks and yeast, and in real koumiss yeast is never added.

    Kumys is a delicate drink that is not subject to long storage and long-term transportation, and anyone who wants to be seriously treated should get in touch with the farm in advance and go to Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, Buryatia, even in Yakutia there are horse farms where they make the classic version of drinking.

    The main thing - in all respect the measure. Koumiss is not a completely harmless drink, it is a biologically active substance, and before using it, consult a medical specialist. There are very few contraindications to the use of the drink (as a rule, it is an allergy to fermented milk products or increased acidity of gastric juice) - but it is better to know in advance how suitable it is for you.

    Do not buy it from random people - after all, small manufacturers do not follow the rules of hygiene, and the result of drinking a questionable product may be intestinal upset or an infectious disease.

    And do not abuse! 1-2 glasses of drink per day is an ample amount. True, the treatment with koumiss is long, at least three weeks. But the effect is guaranteed! And breathe fresh air of the steppe, and restore your health, and bring your appearance in order. And for the whole year, recharge yourself with vigor, energy, and strength.

    Kumis - useful properties

    When they talk about koumiss, one can involuntarily recall the endless feather grass steppes of Bashkortostan or the Trans-Volga region, nomad tents, shoals of mares. Here he rides a low pacer Bashkir and sings his long song. Tursuk with koumiss is strapped to the saddle. This is his road stock. No treat, no celebration can do without koumiss in these places.

    - Koumiss strengthens health, koumiss cheers the soul - so said people in ancient times.

    There was fame about the healing effects of koumiss with various diseases, especially with tuberculosis. At the same time, observations accumulated that koumiss was far from being useful to everyone.

    What is koumiss?

    The mare's milk, from which kumys is made, is liquid, sweetish, slightly tart and much less than cow's taste.

    The mares' milk contains only about 1.6 - 2 percent of fat — two and a quarter times less than in cows. It has less protein and mineral salts, but it contains a significant amount of milk sugar. Highly milk of mares is rich in vitamin C: every summer 100 grams mare's milk contain 25 milligrams of this vitamin. Thus, a glass of mare's milk covers the daily human need for vitamin C. In this regard, none of the fermented milk products can be compared with koumiss.

    Even more important are the distinctive features of the fat and protein of mare's milk.

    Milk is an emulsion, that is, the smallest suspension of fat globules in a liquid. The fat of cow's milk at ordinary room temperature is solid, the fat of mare's milk has the consistency of vaseline. Thanks to these features, the fat of mare's milk is assimilated more easily by cow milk.

    When coagulated, the cow's milk protein falls out in the form of a dense clot, the mare's milk protein forms small, tender flakes, almost imperceptible in the tongue, and the fermented mare's milk is almost indistinguishable from fresh. The composition of koumiss and its leaven is well studied. In special sanatoriums and clinics, koumiss is made on sourdough, cooked on pure cultures of lactic acid sticks and yeast under strictly maintained fermentation.

    Depending on the duration and conditions of ripening, kumys are distinguished one-day - weak, two-day - medium and three-day - strong. It is impossible to withstand koumiss for more than three days: on the fourth day, it acquires an unpleasant yeast flavor.

    The acidity of weak koumiss ranges from 60 to 80 degrees Turner, the average - 81-105 degrees and strong - 106-120 degrees (degree Turner - the common unit of measurement of acidity).

    Alcohol in weak koumiss up to one percent, on average - up to 1.75 and strong - 2.5 percent.

    The finished koumiss is a white liquid, the consistency of a little different from mare's milk, slightly foaming and evolving bubbles of carbon dioxide. The taste is pleasant, refreshing. Due to the presence of alcohol and carbon dioxide, koumiss is quickly absorbed in the intestine and its constituents - protein, fat, sugar - are absorbed almost completely. This is the basis of the well-known koumiss property to promote weight gain, particularly in patients with certain forms of tuberculosis and convalescents.

    The therapeutic and dietary effect of koumiss on the body is not limited to these properties. Kumys normalizes the chemical composition and the separation of gastric juice. If you drink koumiss for 1.5 hours before a meal, it helps reduce the acidity of the gastric juice, which is taken half an hour before eating, koumiss boosts it.

    Koumiss favorably affects intestinal function, increases the absorption of food. The lactic acid koumiss retains the development of putrefactive germs in the intestine. Kumys has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and blood-forming organs, increasing the hemoglobin content and the number of red blood cells, normalizing the composition of white blood. If a person has an increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), during treatment with koumiss, it usually decreases, approaching normal.

    However, koumiss is contraindicated in open forms of tuberculosis, malignant tumors, inflammation of the kidneys, heart defects, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage.

    Depending on the state of health, doctors prescribe various doses of koumiss. They usually start with small amounts, half a liter a day, then add a little daily, gradually bringing the total to 2 liters. This quantity is limiting, and it is usually not exceeded.

    Koumiss prescribed warmed to room temperature. When treating koumiss, various foods rich in protein are recommended.

    Well, and koumiss from cow's milk, can it replace mare koumiss?

    The doctor Tolmacheva at the Khrenovsky tuberculosis sanatorium in the Voronezh Region managed to develop a method for producing koumiss from cow's milk of satisfactory quality.

    A refreshing, pleasant-tasting drink of homogeneous consistency was obtained, approaching in its dietary value and mare koumiss and having some antibiotic effect on bacteria and, in particular, on a tubercle bacillus.

    Kumis is close in composition and effects on the body and other dairy products, obtained by combined lactic acid and yeast fermentation. Kurung milk from cow's milk is common in the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Khakassia, as well as in some regions and regions of Eastern Siberia. In Turkmenistan, chal is prepared from camel milk. In the south of Kazakhstan, a similar camel milk product is called shubat. Mention should also be made of acidophilus yeast milk produced by dairies.

    However, all these undoubtedly healthy drinks cannot completely replace koumiss, made from mare's milk, due to their dietary and medicinal properties.

    turks ymy? - fermented mare's milk Alcoholic drink, based on mare's milk, obtained by fermentation under the influence of acidophilic and Bulgarian rods and yeast. The drink has a pleasant sweet-sour taste, white color with a small foam on the surface. Koumiss produced from various kinds of starters may contain different amounts of alcohol. Its content can vary from 0.2 to 2.5 vol. and sometimes reach 4.5 about. In the process of fermentation, milk protein is broken down into easily digestible components, and lactose into lactic acid, carbon dioxide, alcohol, and other substances.

    Koumiss appeared more than 5000 years ago since the time of domestication of horses by nomadic tribes. Archaeological expeditions carried out in Mongolia and Central Asia, revealed the remains of leather wineskins with the remnants of mare's milk. The secret of koumiss for a long time was kept secret, and outsiders, who accidentally learned the technology of making a drink, were blinded. Kumys is considered to be the national drink of the Turkic peoples. Koumiss is popular in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and other Asian countries.

    Currently, koumiss recipe is widely known and is made not only at home, but also in factories. If all the rules of koumiss production are observed, it turns out to be a very expensive production. Therefore, in the pursuit of cheaper production costs, many manufacturers start using cow's milk instead of mare instead of base. As a result, the quality of the drink is significantly reduced.

    The manufacture of classic koumiss based on mare's milk consists of several stages:

    • 1load mares. Due to the small amount of milk in one milk yield, the mares are milked 3-6 times a day. In the process of milk flow into the udder, milkmaids have 15-20 seconds to collect all the milk. Therefore, very clever hands are needed.
    • 2leaven. All the milk is poured into a linden tree deck and a mature koumiss ferment is added there. The mixture is heated to 18-20 ° C and stirred for 1-6 hours.
    • 3fermentation. During mixing, a continuous process of mixed lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation takes place. It is at this stage that all the nutrients of koumiss are formed.
    • 4ripening. The resulting mixture is poured into sealed glass bottles and left for 1-2 days in a warm room. During that time, the beverage self-carbonates. Depending on the ripening time, koumiss is divided into three types:
    • weak koumiss (1 vol.) Aged for 24 hours, has a small foam, not very sour, more like milk, but at the same time, if it stands up a little, it quickly splits into a dense lower layer and watery - the upper one,
    • average koumiss (1.75 vol.) Matures over the course of two days, persistent foam forms on its surface, the taste becomes sour, tweaks the tongue, and the drink itself acquires a uniform stable emulsion structure,
    • strong koumiss (3 vol.) Is aged for three days, and it becomes much thinner and more acidic than the average koumiss, and its foam is not so resistant. The useful properties of koumiss

    Kumys contains a large amount of nutrients digestible by 95%. Among them are vitamins (A, E, C, group B), minerals (iron, iodine, copper), fats and live lactic acid bacteria.

    The useful properties of koumiss were investigated by N.V. In 1858, by Postnikov and on the basis of his scientific works, health resorts were opened and basic techniques for the treatment of various koumiss diseases were created.

    Kumis is saturated with antibiotic substances that negatively affect the vital activity of tubercle bacillus, typhoid fever and dysentery. Fermented milk bacteria favorably affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the secretion of gastric juice, fissile substances of the pancreas and the gall bladder. Kumis treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers at the stage after exacerbation is effective. Koumiss bacteria have a negative effect on the reproduction and development of putrefactive microorganisms and E. coli.

    On the part of the cardiovascular system, koumiss has a positive effect on the composition and properties of blood. It increases the content of red blood cells and leukocytes, which actively fight all foreign microorganisms and bacteria.

    On the part of the nervous system, koumiss has a calming and relaxing effect, sleep is normalized, irritability and chronic fatigue are reduced.

    In addition to treating people, koumiss is used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of large animals: horses, cows, camels, donkeys and sheep.

    В зависимости от тяжести и характера заболевания, возраста пациента существуют специальные методики приема кумыса, которые в некотором роде сходны с употреблением минеральных вод. Временной период лечения не должен быть меньше 20-25 дней.

    Также методы приема напитка зависят от секреторных функций желудка:

  • 1при повышенной и нормальной секреции применяют средний кумыс 500-750 мл в сутки (по 200-250 мл перед приемом пищи или за 20-30 минут до еды),
  • 2, with a reduced secretion, average koumiss with a higher acidity of 750-1000 ml per day is prescribed (250-300 ml each before each meal for 40-60 minutes),
  • 3In case of ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by increased and normal secretion, doctors recommend to drink in small sips weak koumiss 125-250 ml three times a day,
  • 4In ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract accompanied by reduced secretion, weak and medium koumiss of 125-250 ml are used three times a day 20-30 minutes before meals. You should also drink everything gradually in sips,
  • 5c, weak koumiss, 50–100 ml three times a day, 1–1.5 hours before meals, are prescribed in the postoperative and rehabilitation period of serious diseases. The dangerous properties of koumiss

    It is not recommended to use koumiss during exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases, as well as with individual intolerance to the drink itself and lactose present in it.

    Unique product - koumiss: useful properties and contraindications for use, methods of manufacture and use

    Kumys is a unique drink derived from the milk of a three-year-old mare.

    The age of the animal in this case is important, since mare's milk older than 4-5 years differs significantly in its vitamin and nutritional composition, which affects the healing properties of the finished product. Real koumiss is cooked in the North Caucasus and in other southern regions.

    People who go to the mountainous areas in order to improve their health can taste a truly unique drink, which is several times better in medicinal properties than various types of honey.

    Is koumiss useful for human health, are there any contraindications to its use, what are the benefits and harms for the body of men, women and children? Let's figure it out!

    How is horse milk useful?

    Useful properties of koumiss from mare's milk are determined by its vitamin and mineral composition.

    The drink contains almost all the elements required to maintain the health and normal functioning of the organs:

    vitamins A and E (vitamins of youth and beauty),

    The program “Galileo” tells us about the usefulness of koumiss, what are the secrets of its manufacture and healing properties:

    The product can be used for therapeutic, prophylactic as well as dietary nutrition of people. with chronic pathologies of the endocrine and digestive systems due to easy digestion and low calorie content (only 50 kcal per 100 ml).

    It becomes possible due to the beneficial properties of the drink, among which:

  • restoration and strengthening of immunity,
  • additional protection against viruses and bacteria during periods of exacerbation of infectious and respiratory diseases, elimination of hangover,

    prevention of osteomyelitis and other bone pathologies,

    increase endurance and overall tone

    strengthening vessels, improving their elasticity,

    hemoglobin increase, prevention of anemia,

    bactericidal action, destruction of pathogenic intestinal flora,

    prevention of depression and mental disorders.

    The product is actively used as a reducing and antibacterial agent. in the treatment of early stages of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

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    Read about the beneficial properties and contraindications of apricot in another publication.

    Koumiss can be very useful for womensuffering from vaginal dysbacteriosis, as the components of the drink have a bactericidal effect and kill pathogens, preventing their growth and reproduction.

    Useful lacto-and bifidobacteria, which in the fermented mare's milk is contained several times more than in kefir, they restore the natural balance of the vaginal microflora, ensuring the health of the genital and genitourinary system.

    One of the main problems of pregnant women is the physiological decrease in hemoglobin and, as a result, the development of anemia, which can be dangerous for both mother and future baby.

    The product contains a small amount of ethyl alcohol., which is formed during the fermentation of the product, so to use it during pregnancy is possible only after consulting a doctor.

    Half a cup a day will help improve lactation and provide the mother's body with nutrients that prevent problems with hair, skin and the functioning of important organs.

    Kumys in the Caucasus is considered a drink of real men, as it has a positive effect on the condition of the blood vessels, including vessels of the penis.

    This useful property contributes to the prolongation of sexual intercourse, for the normalization of erection, increasing libido in men and improving the composition of seminal fluid, which in the future will make it possible to have healthy offspring.

    Kumis can be drunk even for small children.as the product has low allergenic properties and does not cause skin problems or digestive disorders.

    The drink has a calming effect on the central nervous system that Especially important for hyperactive children, and also improves memory and is a source of all necessary vitamins and other useful elements for children of any age.

    Not all children like the taste of koumiss, as the mare's milk is significantly inferior to cow and even goat in taste.

    To outwit the little fussy you can add some vanilla sugar and cinnamon to the drink. Children usually do not refuse such combination.

    Optional can add some fruit juice.

    How to use

    Kumis in appearance not much different from fresh mare's milk. It has a white or milky color and a foaming consistency.

    If you look closely, gas bubbles can be noticedthat stand out evenly throughout the drink.

    The final dosage should be determined by the observing physician, taking into account all factors that may affect the patient's condition: his weight, age, lifestyle, existing diseases, etc.

    People who need increased nutrition (for example, in the period after surgery or the use of chemotherapy), it is recommended to drink up to 500 ml of the product per day.

    Pregnant, lactating women and children 30-40 ml per day is enough to heal the body.

    Drink koumiss should be before a meal or in between meals (after an hour food intake field). This is necessary to avoid possible negative effects on the part of the digestive tract.

    To achieve a therapeutic and health effect Include the product in the menu for 3 weeks.

    Foods rich in vitamin B12 are discussed in detail in our publication.

    About what benefits and harm to the body can bring powdered soluble chicory, tell our article.

    We have analyzed the benefits of koumiss from mare's milk for humans and its beneficial properties, but we should not forget about contraindications.

    All drink warnings are related. containing alcohol in it.

    Despite the fact that its amount is very small, some categories need to exercise extreme caution and drink the drink only with the permission of the doctor. These include:

  • persons with vulnerable immunity (elderly, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children),
  • patients with severe mental disorders, people suffering from chronic alcoholism and undergoing treatment in narcological clinics,

    patients with pathologies of the digestive tract in the acute stage.

    Drinking koumiss to relieve hangover can only those who do not suffer from the chronic form of alcohol dependence.

    Overweight people can use the wonder product for the preparation of a special bath for weight loss. To do this, you need to mix 500 ml of the drink with the same amount of salt.

    Optionally, you can add a few drops of natural grapefruit oil, rosemary or lemon.

    Regular use of this procedure will help get rid of 5-7 kg in just a month subject to a low carbohydrate diet.

    A popular koumiss-based hair mask is popular.. It helps fight seborrhea, eliminates excessive dryness of the scalp and improves the condition of the hair after an aggressive effect (for example, using “irons” or perms).

    For its preparation will need:

    All ingredients need to be mixed and applied to the hair and scalp. Keep the mixture should be 20-30 minutes.

    Use the "product of the mountains" and for making whitening face mask. Ingredients for it require the most simple: koumiss, parsley and cucumber pulp.

    A mixture of these components should be applied to the face for 10-15 minutes. The mask perfectly whitens the skin, making freckles less noticeable.

    Tips for choosing and storing

    Real koumiss is made only from mare's milk.Therefore, all products offered by industry can be called koumiss only partially.

    You can store the drink in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.. After this period, the use of the product in food may be harmful to health.

    How to make a drink at home

    If you can not go to the resorts of the Caucasus, you can cook koumiss yourself from cow or goat milk.

    Goat koumiss also has beneficial properties and will be no less useful than prepared from horse milk. What you need for this:

    cold boiled water - a glass of 250 ml.

    • yeast mixed with sugar (can be replaced with honey) and pour cold water,
    • pour the mixture into the milk and stir

    pour the composition of sterilized glass bottles,

    after 60 minutes (after the start of fermentation), move the bottles to the basin with cold water,

    keep the drink for 4 days,

    In the face of constantly deteriorating ecology and the decline in the quality of food supplied to the market, hard to find natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals, the use of which not only does not harm, but also helps to improve the body and get rid of many ailments.

    Kumis refers to such products. Do not give up this drink, as its unique composition helps to strengthen the immune system, restore health and cope with violations in the work of internal organs.

    Koumiss from goat or mare's milk: medicinal properties and contraindications

    This sweet and sour drink is not widespread today and cannot be bought in the store. Meanwhile, everyone has heard about its benefits to the body.

    According to the rules, koumiss is made from mare's milk, which must be three-year-old and first fled.

    Such a product is endowed with maximum benefit.

    This drink originated in the steppe regions of Mongolia and Kazakhstan more than 5,000 years ago.

    Avicenna also wrote about the healing effects of koumiss.

    Koumiss is referred to fermented milk products (the benefits and harm of low-fat yogurt). To make the drink useful, the milk must ferment under the right conditions.

    To do this, it is mixed with cold boiled water and placed in special dishes containing leaven from past fermentation. The longer the leaven, the more useful is the new batch of koumiss.

    Pots with lids, in which a hole is made for mixing the product, often act as dishes.

    There is another option - hermetic skins, in which koumiss is mixed by occasional stirring, rolling or even striking the waterskin.

    In such conditions, as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation, the product turns out to be the most useful.

    About how to use agar-agar in traditional medicine is written on this page?

    It is impossible to buy natural live koumiss in familiar stores and supermarkets, since no preservatives are used in the production and therefore the drink is not stored for a long time.

    What is sold under the guise of koumiss in stores is also, perhaps, a natural product, but not possessing the beneficial properties of koumiss.

    Body benefits

    Kumys is enriched with vitamins C, A, E, PP, vitamins of group B, and minerals.

    The benefits of koumiss for the body:

    There is even a type of treatment called kumisoterapiya. Nowadays, kumis treatment is not as popular as it was 100-150 years ago.

    In specialized kumysolechebnitsah this drink is used to treat:

    • typhoid and anemia,
    • chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis,
    • dysentery,
    • intestinal infections and dysbiosis,
    • exhaustion.

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    With the success of koumiss used in the treatment of blood diseases, allergies, recovery from surgery and injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome.

    And those who wish to rejuvenate kumis treatment will benefit - koumiss is endowed with antioxidant action.

    And externally it is used to treat:

    The advantage of the hospitals is that there the patient will be offered exclusively fresh live koumiss prepared according to the rules.

    Since the manufacture of the beverage involves some difficulties and peculiarities:

  • grazing mares only in the steppe or forest-steppe zone,
  • difficulties with milking, impossibility of industrial bottling and storage, only in the kumysolechny hospitals one can count on a useful and effective product.

    The course of treatment lasts at least 2 weeks and is combined with climatotherapy, since most of the hospitals are located in the steppe areas, which has an additional healing effect.

    Kumysolechnitsy today represented in:

    Distributed and the village, whose inhabitants are engaged in private kumysnom fishing. For example, in Bashkiria, in the valley of the river. Demos. Also, the drink is common in Yakutia and is considered sacred there.

    Use for weight loss and weight gain

    If you drink koumiss just before eatingthen due to the fermentation process and its nutritional value, it will give a feeling of satiety.

    As a result, the table will be eaten less. In addition, koumiss (weak - 1% by volume of alcohol) is endowed with a laxative effect, which will help to clean the intestines in time, and its ability to improve metabolism will not allow fat to be deposited.

    On the other hand, a drink drunk 40 minutes before a meal stimulates the appetite, helping those who need it to recover. It increases the absorption of nutrients in the process of eating.

    Kumis itself is nutritious, and is absorbed by 95%, so with frequent use (especially as part of kumysotherapy) it helps to gain weight.

    A.P. Chekhov, being in kumysolechenie, wrote that he recovered by 8 pounds (more than 3.5 kg) in a week.

    Cosmetic use

    Kumys is enriched with vitamins and microelements, which makes it possible to use it in skin and hair care. The condition of oily and acne prone skin will improve if you rub kumiss over your face twice a day.

    And the aging and tired skin will refresh and smooth out, if you apply gauze bandages soaked with this product for 15 minutes on your face and neck.

    Such masks are repeated every other day, and after making 10 masks, they arrange a break for a month. The skin of the body will benefit from massage with a hard mitten soaked in kumiss.

    This procedure will cleanse the skin from dead particles and nourish it with beneficial substances.

    Hair will change and shine if you pamper them with koumiss mask.

    To do this, add to the glass of the product:

    You can wear a shower cap on top. After 30 minutes, the mask is washed off with shampoo.

    This mask will relieve hair of brittleness and dryness, give them shine and healthy appearance, as well as prevent hair loss by strengthening the bulbs.

    Important! Mask with koumiss and honey maybe slightly lighten the hair and wash off the paint.

    If you hold it for a long time and do it often, the hair becomes noticeably lighter. This should take into account girls who dye their hair in dark colors.

    For brunettes more suitable mask of koumiss and nettle broth and / or burdock root. Have to take:

  • decoction of herbs, which include nettle (medicinal properties are described in this article) and burdock root make the hair a little darker,
  • mix with koumiss in equal proportions,
  • To distribute on hair. At a dry hair a head, sometimes, it is possible to wash koumiss instead of shampoo.

    And nails will benefit from koumiss. It is necessary to slightly warm this product, add a couple of drops of vegetable oil: sea buckthorn (medicinal properties and contraindications), olive or any other - and put the hands in the bath with the prepared mixture for 15 minutes.

    The result will be strong, smooth nails and soft skin of the hands.

    In addition, koumiss whitens the skin.therefore, if there are pigment spots on the hands, such baths will make them less pronounced, and will eventually be completely removed.

    Contraindications and caution

    There are not many contraindications to the drink, but they are necessarily taken into account.

  • If there is an allergy to dairy products (lactose intolerance) or idiosyncrasy of koumiss, you will have to give up drinking the drink.
  • The acid contained in koumiss will be harmful in gastritis with high acidity and in exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Consumption of koumiss should be postponed until the worsening of symptoms of exacerbation.
  • Alcohols contained in the drink are not useful for children and lactating mothers, but koumiss in moderate amounts are allowed to drink during pregnancy or after them for pregnant women to regain strength.
  • It is possible to buy koumiss only from proven and reputable manufacturers, if they are found. If you violate hygienic rules, bacteria may get into the drink, leading to intestinal infections and other problems.

    Соблюдение правил поможет обезопасить себя от нежелательных последствий и лечение кумысом будет результативным.

    Отзывы на лечение кумысом в Киргизии высказывают гости кумысолечебницы и врач.

    Кумыс полезные свойства для мужчин
    Kumys useful properties for men Useful properties of koumiss Koumiss is a fermented milk product with high nutritional and unique healing qualities. Made from special mare's milk

    Medicinal properties of koumiss

    Kumis as a treatment is used by people for a very long time. Koumiss is made from mare’s milk. A thousand years ago, the beneficial effect of koumiss treatment on the human body was proved. As a result of the interaction of milk and alcohol, a drink is obtained that has rare medicinal properties and a peculiar sweet-sour taste. Depending on the percentage of alcohol in this drink, it is divided into strong, medium and weak. Today we will discuss the main therapeutic properties of koumiss and their use in medicine.

    What are the medicinal properties of koumiss?

    Koumiss contains a huge amount of nutrients and vitamins, which due to its composition are easily absorbed by the body. It contains B vitamins (B1 and B2), as well as vitamins C, A. In addition, it contributes to better recovery of tissues and proteins.

    Experts recommend using the healing properties of koumiss as a stimulator of digestion, improving blood circulation and improving immunity. It also contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, which helps strengthen bone tissue.

    Currently, the healing properties of koumiss are effectively used in the treatment of severe respiratory diseases. In particular, it is the best cure for tuberculosis and other similar diseases. The great advantage of koumiss in the treatment process is that it is not addictive. With the frequent or constant use of chemicals, bacteria often mutate, addiction occurs, and the disease flares up with a new force. When using the healing properties of koumiss, there is no addiction, and under certain circumstances, the disease is completely cured.

    Therapeutic effect of koumiss on the human body

    As a medicine, koumiss as a natural product has no contraindications. It is prescribed for various diseases, but in different doses and different strength. With regular use of the medicinal properties of koumiss, the composition of the blood significantly improves, the vitality rises, the excitability decreases and the first signs of depression are eliminated.

    The use of therapeutic properties of koumiss in medicine

    The medicinal properties of koumiss are used not only for the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, but also for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It effectively restores the work of the stomach and intestines, normalizes metabolism, prevents constipation and irritation of the mucous membrane.

    The healing properties of koumiss promote the restoration of intestinal microflora, which protects against colitis and dysbiosis. For the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal tract koumiss should be taken every time before meals. The number of techniques depends on the diet. In these cases, it is best to use koumiss, in which the alcohol content does not exceed 3 - 3.5%.

    Experts recommend using the healing properties of koumiss with atherosclerosis, as it cleans the blood vessels, stimulates the work of the blood-forming organs and removes excess cholesterol from the body. If koumiss is regularly consumed at night, the sleep function is normalized, so it is recommended by experts as a means of treating insomnia. In the summer heat koumiss quickly quenches thirst.

    Kumys for weight loss

    Due to this low-calorie product during the diet, the body does not experience stress due to the lack of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids in the daily diet.

    The ability of the drink to control the caloric intake of food is relevant both in the treatment of anorexia and in the fight against extra pounds.

    Reception of koumiss before meals causes a feeling of fullness of the stomach and a feeling of fullness. A mild laxative effect does not cause dehydration.

    How are they treated at the spa?

    Kymys treatment the use of koumiss in combination with climatotherapy at resorts and koumiss hospitals in the steppe regions of the Volga region, the Southern Urals, Bashkiria, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Buryatia.

    Kumy? S (from Turkic, Bashk. ymy?, kaz ? ymyzKirg KymyzYakut Kymsc, tour. k? m? z) - whitish sour milk drink from mare's milk, obtained as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation with the help of Bulgarian and acidophilic lactic acid sticks and yeast.

    Kymysolechebiy resort (sanatorium) - resort (sanatorium) in the steppe or forest-steppe zone, where koumiss is used as the main natural healing factor. Cooking full-fledged koumiss is possible when grazing mares in the steppe or forest-steppe zone.

    The first kumisolechenie institution was opened in 1854 in a. Bogdanovka Samara province. Currently, kumis treatment is most developed in Bashkiria. Some kumysolechebnye sanatoriums were founded in the Bashkir steppes in the XIX century. In one of them, the Chekhov kumisolechebnoe sanatorium, Anton Pavlovich was treated at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Khrenovsky kumysolechebnaya sanatorium, Voronezh region. Founded in 1897 by Dr. Gabrilovich. The herds of mares, from whose milk they made koumiss, were herded in the steppes, which belonged, like the Khrenovsky stud farm, to Count AG Orlov.

    This is what Sasha Cherny wrote in 1909 in his Kumysvnyh Virsha I, probably dying of melancholy in the Bashkir village of Chebni, in the company of the same people suffering and craving for healing of various diseases of the respiratory organs with the help of koumiss. In the nineteenth century, the phrase “go on koumiss” became as common as, for example, “on the waters”. That is, behind this was not only treatment, but also resort idleness, easy flirting and fascinating reading of novels in the shade of trees.

    From the history of kumis treatment

    The first kumisolechenie institution was opened in 1854 in a. Bogdanovka Samara province. On May 5, 1858, six miles from Samara, behind the Wine Ravine (the modern name is Postnikov Ravine), Nestor Postnikov opened the “Kumyselochelnitsa Nestor Postnikov”.

    In May 1863 E.N. Annaev founded the second in Samara and the third in the Samara province kumy-medical institution “Annaevskaya Dacha”. Russian newspapers and magazines did not stint on the enthusiastic reviews of the Annaevsky kumysolechebnitsy: it was “Annaevskaya Dacha with a garden and beautiful buildings resembling medieval castles with fancy decorations”. Kymysolechebnitsa, wooden building with turrets in the Moorish style, designed by PP Golovkina, located on the steep bank of the Volga, in the tract Wisly Kamen. Numerous flowerbeds were laid out here, crucians were lit in ponds. Kumys was prepared at the kumysole hospital and bottled, used for treatment. Not only Samarans came here to relax, but also royal persons, foreigners. Kumys was so much that Annayev even sold it not only to other owners of dachas for 20 kopecks per bottle, but also exported to England, Poland, Holland.

    The doctor is on the round. St. Andrew’s kumisole-therapeutic sanatorium (sanatorium named after A.P. Chekhov, Bashkortostan) [Aksyonovo station, Samrsko-Zlatoust railway station]. Postcard. 1904-1912 In 1901, Anton Chekhov and Oleg L. Knipper-Chekhov rested here.

    Currently, kumis treatment is most developed in Bashkiria. Some kumysolechebnye sanatoriums were founded in the Bashkir steppes in the XIX century. In one of them, the Chekhov kumisolechebnoe sanatorium, Anton Pavlovich was treated at the beginning of the 20th century.

    In May 1882, on the slopes of the Bugulmin-Belebeev Upland, 137 km from Ufa, the wife of the secret adviser O.V. Saffron was organized private kumysolechebnitsa. During the summer season, about 60 people could use the services of this hospital. After the revolution, in 1919, the sanatorium “Shafranovo” was created on the basis of this kumysolechebnitsy. Currently, “Shafranovo” is a sanatorium of federal significance, operating all year round.

    In 1889, near the city of Belebey, the granddaughter of the writer S.T. Aksakova, founded the koumiss treatment center (now the sanatorium named after S. Aksakov).

    In 1892, in 5 km from the Glukhovskaya station of the Samaro-Zlatoust railway, private entrepreneur I.P. Kanshin opened the koumyseo-hospital, calling it “Russian Switzerland” because of the extraordinary beauty of these places. In 1946, construction of a new tuberculosis sanatorium for employees of the NKVD (KGB) of the USSR began here. The building, like all departmental sanatoriums of that time, was built in the neoclassical style: with porticoes and massive columns. In FGU sanatorium "Glukhovskaya" come for treatment of patients with tuberculosis from 80 subjects of the Russian Federation.

    Kumysolechnitsy were everywhere. In Naberezhnye Chelny, on the bank of the Kama River in the pine forest, the dacha of the merchant DI Stakheev with the koumiss hospital was preserved, built in 1908-1909. Now here is the sanatorium "Tarlovsky".

    Until 1917, information about “Where to go for koumiss” or “A detailed description of living conditions”, “Information of hygienic and sanitary nature, valuable for anemic and many patients” could be found in any illustrated journal. Brochures "Kumis as a therapeutic drink", "Essays on kumysolechepnechnyh institutions of Ufa province", "Essays on kumysolechebnechee institutions of the Samara and Orenburg provinces with illustrations" with an index of koumise treatment centers of the Ufa, Samara, Orenburg provinces were sold in all bookstores and pharmacies In pharmacies, the healing drink, koumiss, was also sold. In the Voronezh region in Buturlinovsky district on the outskirts of Kumysny Yar, where there were pastures of the famous Khrenovsky stud farm of Count A. Orlov, interesting bottles are found. They are similar in shape and volume to champagne bottles. The walls are thick, concave bottom. On multi-colored bottles right on the glass they squeezed out the words: “The Khrenovsky kumisolebenechnaya sanatorium”. Kumysolechnitsky hospital (tuberculosis sanatorium "Horseradish") was founded in 1897 by Dr. Gabrilovich.

    Currently, in no reference book on balneology not to find a section: "Kumysolechebnye resorts".

    Kumis and its medicinal properties

    Kumy? S (from Turkic, Bashk. ymy?, kaz ? ymyzKirg KymyzYakut Kymystour k? m? z) — sour milk drink whitish color from mare's milk, obtained as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation using Bulgarian and acidophilic lactic acid sticks and yeast.

    The first to learn to cook koumiss were the nomadic peoples of the Kazakh and Mongolian steppes in the Aeneolithic (5,500 years ago). The nomads' technology of cooking koumiss was kept secret for centuries. As the old Kazakh masters say, there are more than twenty-five types of koumiss. The most valuable May is uyzkymyz, it is made from colostrum. June, Sarykymyz, has a pleasant yellowish tint, and July kunarkymyz valued calorie.

    The first mention of koumiss can be found in the writings of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus (484-424 BC), who, describing the life of the Scythians, said that the favorite drink of this nation was a special drink prepared by churning mare's milk in deep tubs. The description of koumiss can be found in the ancient Russian chronicle - “Ipatiev list”. A detailed description of koumiss was left by a French monk and a 13th-century missionary Wilhelm Rubricius. Talking about his journey to Tatarstan in 1253, he for the first time describes in detail the preparation, taste and effect of koumiss.

    Kumis is also widespread in the north of Russia. Kumys is not only loved by Yakuts since ancient times, but is also considered a sacred heroic drink. The offering of koumiss honors celestial deities on the holiday Ysyakh. The very name of the holiday Ysyakh comes from the word “splashing”, that is, sprinkling koumiss with the gods, patrons of people and pets. According to the Yakut calendar, June 22 began the longest day - the first day of the solstice. He served as a signal for the beginning of the organizational ritual holiday Ysyakh - the meeting of the New Year. The sacred drink, koumiss, is served to distinguished guests.

    The healing properties of koumiss, like any means of traditional medicine, no doubt, have been known for a long time. The people successfully used koumiss with debilitating diseases and after malnutrition. The first description of the therapeutic effect of koumiss is found in the writings of Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna), who cured the vizier Suhayliy, who suffered from urolithiasis, almost 1000 years ago.

    The Russian traveler, academician P.S.Pallas, in his memoirs in 1770, wrote: “The Bashkir steppes from Moscow and Don donated to sick people to drink kumys, since it has great benefit in itself for health.” Famous Russian writer S.T. Aksakov, who observed the life of Bashkir nomads at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries, noted the immense health-improving significance of koumiss. “In the spring, as soon as the chernozem steppe is covered with fresh, fragrant, lush vegetation, and the mares, after eating the winter, put on fat, in all kosharas, the cooking of koumiss begins,” he wrote. “And everyone who can drink, from an infant to a decrepit old man, drink a healing, fertile, powerful drink, and the ailments of a cold winter and even old age disappear, full faces dress their faces, their cheeks turn redder than their cheeks.”

    The glory of koumiss and its properties especially quickly spread in the XIX century. N.V. was the first doctor to describe kumis treatment. Postnikov. In three words, he managed to express the essence of the action of koumiss on the human body: “nutrit, roborat, etalterat - nourishes, strengthens, renews". As a result of his undertakings, koumiss for several years gained wide popularity not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. The great Russian writer L.N. came to the Bashkir steppes "to kumys". Tolstoy, his friendship with the Bashkirs lasted about 20 years. A.A. Chekhov in 1901, being at the kumys treatment in the Andreevskiy sanatorium (now the Chekhov sanatorium): “I drink koumiss and in one week, you can imagine, increased by 8 pounds”.

    Supporters of kumis treatment were the founders of Russian medicine - I.I. Mechnikov, F.I. Inozemtsev, V.A. Manasein, G.A. Zakharyin, N.V. Sklifosovsky. S.P. Botkin called koumiss "an excellent remedy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients," G.A. Zakhar'in noted that “the glory of koumiss as a remedy is well deserved. ”, And argued that koumiss is the best way to strengthen the forces. A positive assessment of the healing properties of koumiss by the greatest scientists of the 19th century, along with the enthusiastic reviews of doctors and patients, contributed to the development of koumiss treatment in Russia and abroad.

    The mechanism of therapeutic action of koumiss

    For many years, scientists of the Bashkir Medical University have conducted biochemical and clinical studies that have made it possible to scientifically substantiate the use of koumiss in many diseases. Kumis is a product of alcoholic and lactic fermentation of mare's milk under the influence of a special ferment. Mare's milk contains proteins, fats, milk sugar, salts of calcium, phosphorus, trace elements, vitamins. The high nutritional properties of koumiss can be explained, above all, by the composition of mare's milk. In terms of the amount of milk sugar, as well as the qualitative characteristics of proteins, fats and vitamins, which play an important role in metabolic processes, it is more than cow’s milk, similar to breast milk.

    Kumys healing properties
    Kumis medicinal properties Medicinal properties of koumiss Koumiss as a means for treatment is used by people for a very long time. Koumiss is made from mare’s milk. A thousand years ago it was proven

    Kumis - useful properties

    Kumis, useful properties which is known since the time of Herodotus - is a fermented milk drink made from mare's milk. It turns out the drink as a result of lactic acid fermentation. It is used only by fermenting, not fermented, therefore it is also called “live drink”. This is a pleasant, sour-sweet, refreshing drink. The first detailed description of the useful properties of koumiss was composed by the French monk Wilhelm Rubricus in the 13th century. In Russian cultural heritage, the description of koumiss is found in the Ipatiev List.

    The nomadic tribes of the Mongolian and Kazakh open spaces were the first to learn how to prepare this drink. Cooking technology they have long kept in strict confidence.

    Kumis can be divided into three varieties: strong, medium and weak. Such a division determines the amount of acid and alcohol in each of them.

    • Strong koumiss. It turns out at fermentation within three days. It is the most acidic and liquid of the three varieties. Alcohol content up to 3%. It has abundant but unstable foam and a large amount of gases.
    • The average koumiss. Wandering for two days. Alcohol content up to 2%. Foam is fine and resistant. It is not divided into layers. It has a sour, spicy taste and tweaks the tongue. According to the consistency of slush mare's milk.
    • Weak koumiss. Fermentation time - a day. It is characterized by a low content of gases. The foam falls off easily, and the drink itself, on standing, is divided into two fractions: a watery upper and a denser lower. The taste is sweet, with a little sourness, very much like mare's milk.

    Kumys - a unique product from horse milk

    Translated from the Tatar "kymyz" means milk, so in fact the name of the drink speaks for itself. Appearing once, he won great popularity with his taste and healthy properties, and since then he continues to delight all lovers of dairy products. Этот напиток из лошадиного молока считается по-настоящему уникальным. Из чего же делают кумыс и каковы его особенности читайте в нашей статье.

    Молоко лошади – какое оно?

    Лошадиное молоко имеет специфические особенности. Но что же отличает его от остальных? Чаще всего оно имеет чуть голубоватый оттенок и терпкий вкус. Молоко считается полезным, ведь в его составе содержатся вещества, придающие ему бактерицидные свойства. The same vitamin C, so necessary for the human body, is found 5-7 times more than in the milk of other mammals. The product also includes protein, sugar, fats, amino acids, casein, albumin and more. How many things are in this product!

    Due to this, horse's milk helps in the treatment of a number of diseases: tuberculosis, gastric diseases, anemia. Since it contains less fat than cow's milk, it can be considered almost a diet product. It is interesting that horse milk can even be used for feeding babies, if for some reason a woman cannot feed the baby on her own. It is very close to women's milk, so it is great for a small child.

    Who can not drink koumiss?

    Despite the great taste and obvious benefits, there are situations where this drink is not recommended. When does it happen? What are the contraindications?

    1. Usually it is undesirable to drink it to people who have exacerbations of certain diseases. For example, in the inflammatory process of the intestine, when milk and alcoholic beverages are contraindicated.
    2. There is no possibility to drink koumiss with cancer, chemotherapy and all sorts of diseases associated with the acute condition of the body.
    3. It is forbidden to use even the most delicious koumiss with pneumonia, since alcohol can irritate the lungs. If you are allergic to dairy products and are not digestible by lactose, koumiss, even with the lowest degree of alcohol, is undesirable.
    4. And, of course, if you go on a journey behind the wheel, you also contraindicated the use of this drink, if the composition is alcohol.


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