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20 brilliant ways to turn waste stuff into useful gizmos


The world is full of amazing things, around us there is so much unique and interesting that people already, periodically, stop noticing all the originality of the surrounding world. Not everyone thinks that from the most ordinary, at first glance, familiar things and details, you can create real masterpieces of creativity, the main thing is to show a little imagination and assiduity.

Any hostess in the process of creating a cozy home nest, trying to bring something unusual, unique, to surprise others with their excellent taste and to please themselves with their own fiction. This time we decided to offer to your attention nothing more than the most ordinary buttons, from which, it turns out, you can create unusual and interesting things for home and life.

You will surely be surprised, because the buttons have a direct purpose, can you think of something else? You can even need it! Almost every house had a casket or a bag with unnecessary buttons lying around, they could be inherited from mom or grandmother, they were often collected and collected in particular beautiful pieces before they could decorate them with new clothes.

Buttons are lost, cut off from old clothes and stored in one place, then where to put all this wealth? Throw, like, sorry. It turns out that everything can be spent on a good cause, it remains only to learn how to make crafts from buttons with your own hands.

There is nothing difficult in this, besides the usual sewing of buttons to the fabric, they can be glued or strung on a wire, diluted with other materials and elements so that the products can be made even more colorful and original.

Buttons, as you know, are also very different, both in shape and in size. If you manage to pick up models that are bright and harmonious in color, then they can be used to create small masterpieces, so to speak, using their original appearance.

Unfortunately, in the home caskets and bags, most often, there are old and dull specimens, but it does not matter, because for this there are multi-colored paints that will help breathe a second life into them.

There is a huge variety of options that can be done with the help of buttons, ranging from the simplest details, to real sculptures and paintings! But, nevertheless, if you have never done anything like this before, we will advise you to start with simpler products.

Multi-colored panels, mosaics and paintings

Probably the simplest thing that is suitable even for joint needlework with children is gluing buttons on a hard surface, for example, on a cardboard or a plank, and as a result you get pretty decorations on the wall.

The shape and size of your base does not matter, it all depends on your imagination and desire, for example, you can make a miniature picture, and you can have a large picture with a complex pattern.

Before you start sticking buttons, you need to understand who exactly and where you need to glue, put a sketch on the cardboard, estimate where the color will look better, and start creating.

To glue buttons you need either a special glue gun or Moment glue. If you work with a gun, then remember that the glue in it heats up to 200 °, so take care of your hands. One more thing - sometimes, if there is no cardboard or solid board in the house, use ordinary plastic dishes for the base, for example, a plate.

With such an initial material, the products are very beautiful and amazing, the only thing to remember is that the plastic melts easily, so first apply hot glue to the button, let it cool down a little, and then attach it to the plate.

In this way, you can lay out anything: trees, flowers, animal figurines, and real professionals create buttons with incredible masterpieces with the help of buttons - they repeat pictures of famous artists, lay out landscapes and portraits!

If the buttons have to be glued onto a hard surface, then they can be sewn onto the surface covered with a cloth, again, creating a beautiful panel that can be added with a frame. The glued elements can not be torn off, but you can always unpicked the sewn ones, if you didn’t like something in the end or you just got tired of the picture.

In a similar way of gluing, you can decorate or create your own photo frames: it is enough to cut the base out of cardboard and paste over it with buttons to your liking and discretion.

Sewing buttons can be not only to a solid surface, for example, sofa decorative pillows on which patterns are embroidered with buttons look very interesting.

Button jewelry

As we said, the ideas here will not be exhausted, probably never, from bright buttons you can create a very original and fashionable jewelry: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, the main thing is that with such jewelry you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

If you decide to make earrings, then you will need special hooks for fastening the earrings in the earlobe, as well as wire and any other decorative items.

Usually, the buttons are placed on the wire one upon the other, thus creating a pretty composition, as an option - cherry earrings or candy earrings - bright, creative and very original, especially for the summer months. With the help of ordinary threads, buttons can be twisted, tied and twisted, with the result that stylish necklaces or bracelets are obtained.

Bouquets, flowers and topiary

With the help of such improvised material it is possible to make figurines of flowers, whole bouquets of them or even trees, which are now called topiary. Flowers are easy to make: you need ordinary wire for them, which will serve as a stalk and a base for a flower.

Buttons, from larger to smaller, are strung one by one, resulting in a pretty flower, and it is even more interesting to use colored felt or thick cardboard from which the petals are embroidered or decorated with buttons.

Now even the fashion for wedding bouquets made in a similar fashion has gone, they are, of course, supplemented with ribbons, beads, stones, and as a result very original and beautiful products are obtained that can adequately replace fresh flowers.

Decoration of clothes and accessories

Not new, but still interesting: with buttons, most often, decorate bags or jackets, such hats, scarves, skirts and even a bra look very creative! With the help of multi-colored buttons in the old thing you can upgrade well, it turns out very interesting and creative products.

It is better to stick buttons to bags and leatherette jackets, however, if you decide to remove them, it will work together with the top layer of material.

Buttons should also be glued to leather items and not sewn, as frequent punctures in the skin surface can weaken it, with the result that your favorite thing will quickly lose its presentable appearance.

Bright mat from old t-shirts

When your T-shirt was suddenly hopelessly torn or spoiled, do not rush to send it to rags, because, having accumulated such 3-4 things, you can easily make an unusual rug in the hallway, bathroom and any other room.

About the technique of creating paintings from buttons

Almost everyone in the house has a certain supply of buttons to create a whole picture.

First you need to understand what you would like to depict with their help. Some prefer abstraction, i.e. Buttons can be sewn in a chaotic manner. This is perfect for the decor of cushions. But perhaps your imagination has drawn you a certain picture.

If you have decided on what you want to portray, then you can proceed to the next stage. With the help of copy paper to transfer the sketch on the fabric - it should be quite dense. Due to this, it will not be deformed due to the weight of the buttons themselves.

After you put a sketch on the fabric, start to pick up the buttons and combine them on the canvas, like a mosaic. Sew on do not rush, because you can make a mistake.

Photograph what you did when assembling. If the buttons are scattered, then you can look at the original idea.

Buttons are better to overlap, so the image will be more voluminous. The key to success in this case is pedantic selection of color and strict adherence to the chosen order, and it is also important to make neat nodules. In addition, it is better to consider your work after each completed stage from a distance, so you can detect flaws and fix them in time.

After you sew the last button of your masterpiece - pull the canvas tightly into the frame. Then you can hang a picture on the wall.

Such a picture will never go unnoticed, because it will be a reflection of your imagination and will always keep the warmth of your skilled hands!

About materials

Depending on what product you decided to make, the necessary materials are selected. If it is a panel or a picture, then you can sew or glue buttons.

If you paid tribute to the threads, then you need to choose their color, which would fit the buttons and did not distort the picture.

If you decide to make an application on cardboard, then the buttons can be glued simple PVA glue. The main thing is to give your masterpiece a good dry. In addition, you can use polymer glue or Super glue. It is necessary to apply it on the buttons themselves without excesses, so that glue stains will not remain on the canvas or other basis.

Many artists use hot glue when creating paintings. This provides them with the opportunity to make certain adjustments to your product and re-glue the details.

Now there is a huge variety of buttons, it is more convenient, of course, to work with flat buttons, without a “leg”. But it, if desired, can be removed with pliers.

In what order to glue the buttons

In order for your products from buttons to turn out beautiful and neat, you need to know a few secrets. Consider them on a simple example of creating a monogram. To do this, you need the buttons themselves, a simple pencil, glue and cardboard.

Draw the outline of the letter on the cardboard, then take the big buttons and lay them on the drawing, then we supplement them with the middle buttons.

Then fill the gaps with very small buttons or beads, beads or rhinestones. Empty space must be filled, so the composition will look more voluminous and attractive.

After the buttons are glued - let the composition dry thoroughly.

Features of working with buttons and beads

From the earliest times craftswomen used beads to create jewelry, decorating clothes, shoes, hats. Buttons are also the oldest invention of mankind and for a very long time people entered into everyday life as a fastener. It is not surprising that these two practical materials are perfectly combined in the works of skilled workers.

The strength of materials and well-chosen glue ensure safety and durability, and the variety of materials (from glass and plastic to wood), from which buttons and beads are made, make them versatile. And most importantly - of them you can add amazing pictures of the mosaic type. This activity is similar to folding a puzzle, i.e. suitable for those who are assiduous and who like to bring the begun to the end.

Using beads, you can "draw" clear lines on the product, for example, green curlicues of pumpkins.

Also, it can be used to fill the gaps between the buttons ...

... or delineate the image of glass beads.

In addition to the bead, the buttons will perfectly complement the rhinestones.

Without them, it would be very difficult to create a thin hummingbird beak.

The sparkling wise owl can be created from just some rhinestones, and bright accents can be made with the help of buttons.

Rhinestones can be with metal elements, such a product looks quite different.

Here you can see that the gaps between the buttons can be covered not between the buttons, but on top of them.

You can download free schemes and sketches for your future button-craft!

Postcards in button technology

Using buttons, you can decorate the greeting card in an original and bright way!

The simplest is to create a bright melody on paper from buttons.

On the sacking "plant" cute daisies ...

... or decorate your congratulations with a fluttering butterfly

Original look buttons in the bank.

The marine theme is relevant anytime, anywhere.

Children's crafts, metrics and monograms

You can make voluminous educational toys from colorful buttons for small children. For example, from colorful buttons of various sizes you can glue a frog, a fish or a caterpillar ...

If the button from which you decide to make a little face of the animal, there are no holes for the eyes or spout, then you can make them with the help of a red-hot nail.

Button beads are also suitable for training fingers and hands, and will help you learn how to handle small objects. Try to use different to the touch buttons, make knots between them.

In addition, your baby will learn and memorize letters faster if he makes them himself. You can make with him such a panel-monogram. Perhaps this will be the initial letter of his name. It will also instill taste, help you acquire the skill of combining different colors and textures.

You can simply glue the letter with buttons with all the colors of the rainbow from red to violet ...

... and besides buttons to use other decorative elements.

With the help of buttons and rhinestones, you can make the original metric to someone as a gift.

It may be the little feet of a boy or girl.

Or maybe - children's palms.

Or the initial letter of the name with the date of birth. Perhaps you can come up with something personal, individual, just in case!

In addition, you can teach to “draw” your child with the help of buttons, rhinestones and beads.

It is better to start with simple panels, such as a bright balloon.

Or juicy light green pear.

The option is more complicated - a heart with a color transition from light blue to dark blue.

From the buttons you can create all sorts of images with animals, for example, with a bright red fox.

Filling the contour with buttons and beads can serve as a kind of coloring or puzzles. This will cultivate perseverance and patience in the child, and most importantly, teach them to bring the work begun to a logical end.

Christmas decorations of buttons

The simplest thing is to assemble buttons of various sizes and colors into small Christmas trees for wire or fishing line.

Or wrap a cardboard blank with string or thread and “dress up” with large bright buttons. The star of this tree can be made in the form of a fluffy pom-pom.

You can make a volumetric asterisk in pastel colors from buttons. Do not forget to fill the empty space between large buttons - smaller or rhinestones.

Using golden buttons, you can make such an elegant ball on a Christmas tree!

But the original Christmas wreaths of traditional colors - white and red.

If you do not have buttons of such colors - do not despair, tie the buttons you have in your possession with the right fabric.

Or you can completely abandon the classic colors ..

Or using a frame covered with fir-tree tinsel, make a gentle wreath of buttons in pastel colors.

From the bright button pyramids we make a “pimply” fluffy wreath.

Button Bouquets

A beautiful and maintenance-free bouquet of flowers is an excellent option for a gift to a loved one and even an alternative to the traditional bouquet of the bride.

Make such a bouquet is not difficult. For this you will need: wire, buttons, decorative items, pliers.

We begin work with the fact that we sort the buttons by diameter and color. We fold the buttons in the form of a kind of pyramids, of which the bouquet will consist.

Then we string the buttons on the wire in the built order. After all the buttons are on the wire, its ends are intertwined with each other, thereby fixing the flower pyramid.

The stem of the flower from the wire can be twisted into a spiral or decorated with a tape of a suitable color. For the bouquet we prepare 21-25 flowers.

Next, form a bouquet. At will it is possible to issue it with tulle.

You can decorate the bouquet with butterflies, bows, etc.

Even easier to make a tree of happiness. For its manufacture enough buttons, wire and pliers.

Button Accessories

You can create various accessories from buttons and also decorate shoes.

With the help of bright buttons home slippers will play in new colors

Buttons are also excellent material for making brooches.

You can cover the buttons with a larger fabric and make such a wonderful autumn composition.

From buttons you can make very interesting, and most importantly, creative and individual things.

Unusual buttons of various shapes can be sewn onto a piece of denim, the main thing is that they are combined with the color of the fabric and among themselves. It turned out an original decoration that can be put on, for example, under a white or pink shirt.

Яркие пуговицы в горошек можно собрать на декоративный шпагат или кожаный шнурок.

На цепочке с помощью проволоки получается яркий браслетик.

Или такой неяркий, но не менее привлекательный браслет с розами.

Накладывая одну пуговицу на другую, меньшую на большую – получаем прекрасные элементы для ожерелья. We hang all sorts of decorative elements - angels, dragonflies, hearts, etc.

A bunch of buttons can be hung on a key chain, it looks bright and interesting!

Interior decoration items

Buttons are also very versatile material for decorating the interior of your home. For example, a simple mirror can be decorated with such hatdno way.

Using buttons of pastel tones, you can make such a noble mirror. In some places make a color accent from darker buttons.

Using the same principle, make original photo frames with your own hands. Combine the buttons of different textures, but at the same time select them so that they are in the same style. For example, pearls look very elegant with gold.

Bright purple and lilac buttons are perfectly combined with rhinestones and bronze elements. Photos will look brighter in such a photo frame!

Or make a bright photo frame, combining buttons with other decorative elements or even small toys. Such photoframe will perfectly fit into a nursery.

From simple unpretentious buttons you can glue together an original colorful stand for a mug. For bonding parts is better to use superglue.

Coffee cans can also be beaten with buttons. Glue the jar with buttons of any color, top spray paint.

The table top can also be original decorated with the buttons laid out in chaotic order or with a certain pattern.

You can make a bright mosaic canvas.

Bright clock will enliven any decor. Make beautiful color transitions, imposing some buttons on others.

Or another option - a delicate pink-lilac watch, but with numbers from buttons.

Buttons are perfect for decorating pillows. Create your chamomile field!

Or make an original pillow decorated with decorative elements of the sewing theme: small spools of thread, decorative scissors, measuring tape and, of course, buttons.

With the help of buttons you can make any pattern on the pillow, the simplest and cutest is the heart.

Of the not very attractive brown buttons you can make such funny acorns. Use a foam stock as a center. Next, glue buttons overlap. The hat can be made from an old bowl covered with a cloth.

Make a globe of buttons!

Panels and paintings

Consider the secrets of selecting and combining materials in the manufacture of paintings and panels of buttons.

First, you can make "flat" pictures of buttons ...

.... or the same volumetric options, for example, pasting buttons overlapping each other ...

... or on big buttons to stick small ones on top, playing with each big button.

The background of the product plays an important role. You can put a picture on a fabric canvas, and you can make strokes with paints, so the picture will look brighter and more spectacular.

A button pattern can be monochrome ...

... or with a predominance of one color, but with bright splashes ...

... or other bright accents.

And it is possible to make the depicted drawing completely multicolored.

The main thing is to be able to harmoniously combine buttons, and the material is already the tenth matter.

Rhinestones and beads - is a bright "felt-tip pen" in the preparation of paintings.

Do not be afraid to use bright colors!

Animalism is very common in this kind of needlework!

Sea theme - bright starfish

Having learned how to make simple pictures, you can move on to complex works. For example, making portraits from buttons.

Perhaps you can succeed in portrait painting of button art.

All do it yourself shows in his master class how to create a portrait from buttons:

Creating portraits is, of course, the highest aerobatics! Persons mainly make up of light beads, in rare cases of the buttons themselves.

Augusto Esquivel

Augusto Esquivel is an Argentinean artist who works with buttons of various colors and creates delightful installations from them. These are, without exaggeration, true works of art!

Button art for Augusto began with a box of buttons found in the attic. They were quite ordinary, but a whole box. Augusto began to create three-dimensional images of buttons and fishing line, along with his spatial imagination. He pulls the line or thread between the two surfaces and places buttons on them in accordance with the design. As a rule, thread-button garlands are attached to the ceiling.

The most famous of his works is the black piano (“Upright Piano”), which he created from 30 thousand buttons. This sculpture weighs 20 pounds. Augusto created his masterpiece in two months.

In addition to the piano, other musical instruments were created from simple fasteners.

Also, Augusto under the power of creating portraits of famous people.

A bunch of balloons.

Sarah jane connors

Sarah Jane Connors - artist creating paintings of buttons and beads. Children's passion developed into art, Sarah began to create magnificent paintings that were exhibited at various exhibitions.

On the production of one picture from the artist takes 1-2 months. Each bead and button is attached to the canvas with glue.

Sarah finds materials for her work at flea markets, flea markets, and thrift stores. The artist pays a lot of attention to details, so she carefully selects materials in shape, color and size.

In her works, the artist conveys the inner beauty of nature and every creature.

The background of the paintings is created with no less zeal and thoroughness.

Pictures of Sarah Jane Connors - this is undoubtedly a vivid example of recreating the beautiful!

Jane perkins

Jane Perkins - the famous British artist of our modern times. She draws her paintings with the help of buttons, beads, pins, toys, caps, boxes and other small things, which many may seem like old rubbish. She collects materials for creativity, wherever possible - on the street, from friends and acquaintances ...

Each such picture is unique, even if the artist made the same picture twice. First, Jane attaches the buttons to the hot glue so that they can be re-glued and, if necessary, adjust the hue of the image. When the picture is finished, the artist looks at it for some time and makes certain changes. Next buttons are attached tightly.

Most of Jane's paintings are bought in private collections. The most famous works are the Queen of Great Britain, the President of the United States, Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

The peculiarity of Jane's paintings is that they should be viewed from a distance. They are quite large in size and made large “strokes”, which were made from the chips of designers and other elements.

You can see more pictures of Jane Perkins in this video. Ruby Kohn:

Do not be afraid to try something new, create original and creative things from something painfully familiar! All inspiration and success in all your endeavors.

The author of the article is Tatyana Babikova