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20 top summer festivals in Europe


What do you think when you hear the phrase "music festival"? If before your mind's eye there are cheeky young people, obscure groups and an indigestible sound of equipment, then know that this is not so long ago. Today's festivals can boast a high level of organization, adequate visitors and top groups. The best part is that professionals work not only abroad - the festival culture is slowly but surely making its way into Russian realities.

What organizers offer visitors today? First, in one or several days you can visit a large number of teams, and the price of a ticket will be much lower in comparison with the prices separately for each group. Secondly, on the territory of the festival there are various recreation and entertainment areas, which is a big plus for visitors with children or for large companies. And, thirdly, often such events can offer a different level of comfort for any wallet: from living "savage" in your tent to comfortable cottages. And, of course, a lot of positive emotions!

At the beginning of the year is the time to plan future trips and visits. And if you do not know exactly where you should go, then our selection of festivals held in Russia will help you with your choice!

Consider that the festivals are arranged in a strict chronological order and the most delicious awaits you at the end of the article!

1. "Shokofest"

When: May
Where: Volkovskoe, Kaluga region.
Cost: from 500 rub.

“Shokofest” is a unique festival that collects very interesting musicians at very affordable prices. Previously, the entrance was conditional-paid, but in 2016 we decided to establish an entrance fee, which still remained very affordable. The festival was held in May and the visitors liked it so much that the organizers decided to take a chance and hold it at the end of the summer - and they did not lose. It is not yet known whether the event will take place twice a year, but fans would come three times, because the organization and the line-up are very pleasing. 7B, Torba-na-Kruche, Orgy of the Righteous, Ob-Rivers and many other talented groups performed here. The festival is still developing, but it has already formed its own creative space and loyal fans. Get to know this event and take an active part in the development of a great project!

2. "Moscow Reggae Open Air"

When: May 20
Where: Moscow
Cost: from 300 rub.

Club "VOLTA" invites all lovers of reggae and ska to the spring one-day festival. The Spring Festival will be 12th in a row, and this event has already been recognized as traditional in the Moscow community of Bob Marley fans and corresponding music. The organizers collect only the brightest groups in their creative territory, which means that guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends in reggae and enjoy high-quality music. The details of the event have not yet been announced, so stay in the official sources.

3. "Manor Jazz"

When: June
Where: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Kazan, Sochi
Cost: from 500 rub.

In a number of cities a hot summer begins on the waves of jazz and modern culture, because here the Jazz Manor Festival takes place. This event is today the most important thing in the field of jazz music in the Russian open spaces and, according to visitors, there are simply no worthy analogues to it. At the event are leading and world-famous performers, as well as young talented artists. Traditionally, the festival takes place among the beautiful architecture of the Arkhangelskoe manor, only in one year it was different, but in 2016 everything returned to its normal course. In addition to music, the organizers offer thoughtful recreational areas, shopping and entertainment, not only for adults but also for children.

4. "Multifest"

When: June 2
Where: D. Grigorchikovo, Moscow region. (camp site)
Cost: free entry

The festival “Multifest” is a cozy atmosphere, bard music, romance of sitting in front of a bonfire and outdoor recreation. Previously, the fest was called "Polyphony." The official site already has an announcement with the date of the future event, but the rest of the details are still kept secret. If you like to relax in the woods, listen to guitars and author songs, and do not want to attend the event with a huge number of people, then you are here. The organizers promise to leave the entrance free, but there is a fee for parking with a tent - in 2016 it was only 200 rubles. If you do not want to spend the night in the forest, then the hotel is located nearby and you can rent a room there, or even return to Moscow in the evening, as it is very close to the city. From entertainment - fire shows, trolls, rope park and treats at reasonable prices.

5. "Maxidrom"

When: June
Where: Moscow
Cost: from 3500 rubles.

This legendary festival has a very long history and an impressive list of participants. Festus has a history since the distant 1995, when, according to the organizers, he had to beat Woodstock and become its Russian counterpart. It turned out or not - fans are judged, but in scale this event can be put on a par with the coolest. In 2014 and 2015, it was not held, as in some other years, but in 2016, he again tore up the cultural space with his triumphant return. And there is already information that next year it will be held again. Judging by the line-up in 2016, the fans are waiting for something amazing: Rammstain, IAMX, Crazytown and many others. We look forward to the continuation of the festival marathon!

6. “Wild Mint”

When: June 23-25
Where: D. Bunyrevo, Tula region.
Cost: 2500 rubles.

This festival has long been known and dearly loved by many fans of ethnics in all its manifestations and positive events. “Wild Mint” offers its guests excellent music of various formats, cultural pastime, active leisure and colorful fairs. For 3 days of the fest, you can manage to maximize your comfort zone: meet new friends, dance in a crowd of like-minded people, fly a balloon, play plenty of volleyball and football, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. On the site you can see photos and video reports from previous years, but you can be sure in advance that this event will definitely take place at the proper level and will not be forgotten for a long time.

7. "Grushinsky Festival"

When: June 29 - July 2
Where: Mastryukov lakes, Samara region.
Cost: free entry

The festival, which has long been a classic in the world of bard song. Grushinka has been held since 1968 and it is possible that one of your close relatives visited it in one or another year. On the stages you can see and hear the legendary bards, musical groups, poets and invited cultural figures. Every year, the organizers add interesting locations, hold contests and give young musicians the opportunity to perform. So here there is a unique opportunity to become not only a listener, but also an active participant, which you can find out in detail on the official website.

8. “Dobrofest”

When: June 30, July 1-2
Where: Yaroslavl
Cost: from 3500 rubles.

If you like drive and rock and roll, then Dobrofest is perfect for you. The festival is held annually, since 2010 at the same place - the airfield "Levtsovo". And this says one thing: the organizers know this site as their home, and will be able to make it as comfortable as possible for visitors. There is an opportunity to join the special layer of the festival - “beagle”. For 4200 rubles you will be given a package containing various amenities: from stickers and a unique merch, to special privileges of the participant of the festival. The territory is equipped with zones for active recreation and passive, points of sale of souvenirs and even a registry office.

9. "Park Live"

When: July 5
Where: Moscow
Cost: from 3000 rub.

Only 5 years it took this festival to grow to a level where experienced teams from abroad, such as Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others, become headliners. And this speaks of high professionalism and quality of the organizing team! “Park Live” is an event that music lovers are waiting with trepidation, not hesitating to count the days before the start. And there is something to capture the spirit: in 2017 headlining will be System Of Down and Three Days Grace. And if this is the beginning of the list of speakers, then what will happen next? This event can not be missed in any case!

10. “Invasion”

When: July 7-9
Where: the village of Big Zavidovo, Tver region.
Cost: from 1650 rubles.

Huge, driving, memorable, bright, well-organized, legendary - it's all about the "Invasion". Probably, there is not a single person who is interested in music and did not know about this summer event. Here are the biggest stars and big names: Aria, DDT, Zemfira, Mumiy Troll, Chaif, Alice, Splin and many others. But for young and still little known musicians there is an opportunity to declare oneself on a separate stage. “Invasion” is not only music, it’s also cinema, theater and shows. This festival is chosen by music lovers and come from all over the world, and in 2016 more than 200 thousand people took part in the event. If you like rock and drive, then urgently buy tickets, they are already on sale!

Primavera sound

Review of almost all the achievements of indie music for the past and current seasons

The Spanish festival is traditionally considered the event with the strongest lineup on the continent. According to Primavera, each year one can judge who of the indie-music universe was noted for productive activities: during the five days in the capital of Catalonia, almost everyone who one can wish to see appears. Along with the most talked about performers of the last twelve months, like Frank Ocean and The xx, honored artists also perform - this year it's Van Morrison and Grace Jones.

The largest Dutch festival

Pinkpop, existing since 1970, is oriented towards an unpretentious listener and cleverly combines both rock and pop artists on its stages. For example, last year the main scene of the festival was closed by playing tropical house DJ Kygo, who was later replaced by veteran sugary RʼnʼB Lionel Richie, after which Paul McCartney came out. This year, a similar trick will be done again, which is worth at least the intriguing presence of Justin Bieber in the lineup.

Two festivals in one - both specialize mainly in electronics

Under the signboard of Sónar, two completely different events are combined. Night Sónar is located in the industrial zone, where you can meet rave tourists in the heat, location - concrete, a lot of sound and light. There is no non-dancing music, it is a superrave, to which for the change there are usually several rock, pop and rap performances. The main stars of the festival are here.
Daytime Sónar takes place in the center of Barcelona, ​​its program is thinner and more interesting, in the lineup you can find experimental projects and many new artists on the rise. In general, the day - about the musical discoveries, night - about the stars, dancing and unrestrained fun.

Giant Danish Festival with a versatile lineup - from A Tribe Called Quest to Erasure

In terms of scale and list of performing artists, Roskilde is closely approaching Glastonbury, which is considered the apogee of the festival summer in Europe. In the lineup, you should pay attention to the performers who are unlikely to meet on the posters of other festivals: A Tribe Called Quest give here one of only two of their European shows planned this year, and the group under the leadership of their son Fela Kuti Seuna will perform with the prodigal genius hip- hop Yasin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def.

Reliable budget festival in the Baltic with a profitable lineup + Radiohead group

The Polish Openʼer traditionally has a strong lineup, an affordable price and never runs out of tickets - a more reliable option is not to come up. This year, the lineup of the Polish budget festival, located just an hour and a half away (including passing the border) from Kaliningrad, is so powerful that the British music press seriously insists on visiting it. Another reason: another such affordable way to look at Radiohead this summer will not be presented.

Rock werchter

Giant Belgian Festival with the appropriate headliners: Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Imagine Dragons and others

Another festival with more than forty years of history and with a daily attendance of 90,000 spectators. Rock Werchter is located near the picturesque Belgian city of Leuven, populated mainly by students, but in the days of the festival attracting the whole of Europe. So this year, all the tickets to the event were sold before the final publication of the lineup.

Depeche Mode's rare festival performance, as well as almost all the major headliners of this summer.

In 2009, NOS Alive was included in the list of the twelve best music events in Europe by NME. Since then, the visits to the festival have been steadily flying away at a breakneck pace: tickets for three days without camping have already ended. In addition, this year NOS Alive has a serious trump card in the face of Depeche Mode - a group with one of the most loyal fan bases in Europe. The classics of the stadium synthpop have already performed at NOS in 2013 and then made a real sensation, there is no doubt that the same thing will happen this year.

Young economical festival, focused mainly on guitar music, with an armor-piercing lineup

All three-day tickets for the relatively young Spanish festival Mad Cool sold out, which is not surprising. For only € 175, the visitor has the opportunity to witness for three days both the main and most ambitious guitar groups of this festival summer, as well as a lot of performers with a slightly lower rank. Among other things, it is worth highlighting the artists who can often be seen in the United States and much less often visiting Europe: Wilco, Kurt Weill, Ryan Adams and Dinosaur Jr.

Electronics and hip-hop for five days in the south of Belgium

The extensive lineup of the Dour festival, named after the French-speaking commune in the south of Belgium, consists mainly of electronic artists, slender ranks diluted by rappers, guitar groups here are more the exception to the rule. The festival lasts five days, with hotels and hotels in the area is difficult, so the organizers provide visitors with many accommodation options on the territory of the campsite. You can settle in a regular tent, and you can rent a wigwam, rent a hut for two or for a company, the latter option also offers a local area with a separate dining table. There are also options for accommodation in a hut and in a hotel operating directly at the campsite.

Festival Internacional de Benicassim (FIB)

Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Ride and Others on the Balearic Coast

The population of the Spanish resort town of Benicassim is 18,000 people, but at the time of the music festival, it usually increases almost tenfold. The current Benicassim is unlikely to be an exception: the lineup is traditionally full of artists who attract serious audiences. Separately, it is worth noting the weather mode: in the daytime the temperature stably keeps around thirty degrees, so that at the festival it will be hot in every sense.

Advanced electronics and related genres among giant excavators

Venue Melt! in itself is colorful: the scenes are set among the six Godzilla-like mechanisms that were once used in the mine business. The festival is compact, there are ten times fewer people than giants like Sziget, you can quickly move between scenes, you do not need to look at the artist from a distance of three kilometers. Well, with this small attendance, the lines are stably strong - there is something to go on. The stereotype of the “festival in Germany = techno” cannot be followed: there are indeed a couple of venues where nothing else sounds, there is a scene that is traditionally supervised every year by Modeselektor, but in general a lineup is always very versatile and quite advanced.

The biggest belgian festival after the rock werchter with almost 200,000 visitors

Despite the extensive history of cataclysms and disasters in its history, Pukkelpop remains one of the most sought-after European festivals. The secret, of course, lies in a perfectly balanced lineup, in which there are no obvious headliners this year (except perhaps, perhaps, The xx), but full of names that you rarely see this year at other European festivals like The Flaming Lips, BadBadNotGood and The Shins.

Grushinsky Festival

A special place in the list of Russian festivals is the Grushinsky Festival. It was first held in 1968 near Samara. The festival is named after the seemingly ordinary student Valery Grushin. The fact of the matter is that it was he who during the tourist trip at the cost of his own life saved the children who were drowning in the river Ude. Since then, this music festival in Russia annually gathers lovers of art song, not only from our country, but also from neighboring countries. This record was set at the festival in 2010 - then more than two hundred thousand people came here!

The result of long trials due to trademark rights was the decision to hold a festival on the Mastryukovsky lakes.

Этот уникальный фестиваль в России начал проводиться в 1990 году. Первый раз он прошел в подмосковном Подольске. После того, как стало ясно, что фестиваль собирает огромное количество зрителей, организаторы приняли решение перенести его в Сочи.

Цель этого кинофестиваля – не оценка и обсуждение популярных фильмов, которые вышли в прокат. The main task is to give the opportunity to novice directors to show themselves and their movies. Initially, the “Kinotavr” could only see films by Russian directors. However, in 2011, changes were made to the film festival rules: now any films are shown here, but with one condition - the film must be translated into Russian.

"Wild Mint"

In the list of Russian festivals, distinguished by a special extravaganza, Wild Mint is worthy of its place. It is “Wild Mint” that is among the three most popular festivals in Russia and the top five best events in our country. The ethnofestival is held since 2008, both adults and children can relax here. Interestingly at the festival will be all. The fact is that every year the festival is visited by dozens of popular artists. In addition, the organizers took care of holding unusual theatrical performances, fantastic shows.

In addition, this festival of Russia is famous for its nightly screenings of films in the open air! The children's program is also extensive: workshops, fairy tales, games and much more are prepared for children. Since the festival is ethnic, here you can try unusual dishes, buy interesting gizmos.

"Snickers Urbania"

Street culture fans should attend a festival in Russia called “Snickers Urbania”. It was first held in the early 2000s, and now it is being held in almost all major cities of the country. In the program "Urbania" extreme sports (for example, parkour, performing tricks on skateboards, roller skates or bicycles), beatbox, break dance, freestyle, graffiti.

It is here that young talents can express themselves in all areas of street art and get the opportunity to achieve something more. The festival is divided into various disciplines, within each competition organized.

Those who like electronic music should pay attention to this festival. It has been held in Russia only since 2005, and its history began in Amsterdam. In our country, the festival of Sensation takes place in the cultural capital. The main condition for guests is the observance of the dress code: absolutely all participants must be dressed in white! But the organizers do not stop at this, every year they come up with something new. For example, in 2009, the festival presented the “Tree of Love”, which cost the organizers ten million euros. And in 2011 all the guests of the dance music festival were given bright gloves, glowing in the rays of neon.

Festival "Cities of Russia"

For three years already, a unique festival of small towns has been held in Russia. This is a kind of platform on which cities can unite and advance in the tourist market of the country. The main goal of the festival is to create a positive image of the outback.

The first festival was held in Uglich, the second - in Elabuga. The third time the venue was chosen Suzdal. The organizers say - the fourth event will be held in Tobolsk. In 2017, the festival was dedicated to the Russian national cuisine.

Entertainment, alternative music, hip-hop - all this is the festival “Dobrofest”, which takes place since 2010 near Yaroslavl.

After the festival was held for the third time, he was recognized as one of the best youth events. For the first time the festival lasted three days in a row, its participants could appreciate the amusement park, attend a photo exhibition, get acquainted with architectural installations and even go to an outdoor film show. And at the same time on the sports grounds were fun competitions.

Among the most "young" Russian festivals - A-ZOV. He passes, of course, on the shores of the Azov Sea. For the first time the event was held in 2011. Then about five thousand participants from different parts of our country gathered here. Initially the festival was held on the Dolgaya Spit, and in 2014 it was moved to the village of Dolzhanskaya.

Who should visit A-ZOV? First of all, to come here is simply necessary for those who are crazy about dance music, the sea, beach holidays and extreme sports. In the festival program:

  • aquabike,
  • bike trial
  • winsurfing
  • parkour
  • paragliding
  • skateboarding and more.

Festival "Talents of Russia"

For children and adults in Russia there is a contest-festival of creativity called “Talents of Russia”. Among the objectives of the event are the stimulation of the development of creativity, cultural exchange and the improvement of professional skills.

A lot at the festival nominations: participants can compete in choreography and vocals, theatrical genre, artistic word. Musicians and fashion designers are welcome here.

"Army of Russia"

Festivals may concern not only culture, but also other spheres. Let's tell about one of them. Festival "Army of Russia" is held in September. In 2017, the academic ensemble of song and dance of the Russian Army will take part in it. Here you can see with your own eyes the latest achievements in the field of military equipment, anti-aircraft missile systems, drones and much more. The festival participants will be all the favorite stars of the national stage and cinema, such as:

  • Choir Turkish.
  • Alexander Domogarov.
  • Sergey Bezrukov.
  • Alexander Marshall.

Young talents will not stand aside: “Fidgets” and the winners of the “New Wave” competition will take part in the holiday.

This is an open film festival in Russia. His main idea is not to discuss the tapes that have appeared on wide screens, but to search for young, talented unknowns to a wide range of names. This is organized in order to give young filmmakers the opportunity to express themselves. The festival takes place every year. Its president today is Nikita Mikhalkov. There is a special nomination called "Perspectives". It involves young directors and debutants.

"Wild Mint"

This festival is incredibly popular. He is in the top 5 best in the country. Like all festivals in Russia, he gathers a huge number of people. The program presented here is very diverse, and everyone will find something to their liking. Adults and children can have a great rest.

"Wild Mint" - a gathering place for performers of various musical genres. The program of the festival - ethnic music, theatrical performances and film screenings in the open. Fairy tale shows, various master classes are organized for the little guests. Here you can buy homemade handmade items that will be a great gift for your friends and loved ones. Also within the framework of the Wild Mint festival are presented various interesting and tasty dishes.

Festival of colors Holi

The birthplace of this festival is India. Holi is a national holiday there. At home, it is held every year in late February or early March, symbolizing the end of winter. On this day, like the Russian holiday Maslenitsa, the people of India burn a scarecrow. You can see with your own eyes walking on the coals or how the inhabitants drive their cattle through fires.

The holiday takes several days. When the second day comes, the Indians sprinkle each other dry paint or simply pour on the tinted water. So they express the joy of the arrival of spring.

We celebrate this holiday relatively recently and with significant differences. In Russia, Holi is a festival of bright colors and entertainment. He carries no religious significance. Holi is a great opportunity to hold charity events to help children and arrange a bright, unusual holiday. On this day, you can see an interesting program, which includes:

  1. Conducting a master class in Indian dance.
  2. Show animators.
  3. Giant soap bubbles.
  4. Themed souvenirs.
  5. A variety of contests.
  6. Body art.
  7. Celebrity appearances.

In addition to these events, choreographic festivals are held in Russia, for example, "Waltz of the White Nights" or the national festival-contest "Great Russia".

The festival is a bright and colorful summer event. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in those of them that will be held in your city. You give yourself a lot of pleasant impressions.

1 place ranking is the festival "Journey to Christmas"

Awesome light installations, street theater performances, ice ballets, master classes and winter games create a magical New Year's atmosphere of the festival. On the occasion of this large-scale celebration on the main streets of Moscow, the actions of all beloved Russian and foreign fairy tales unfold. At the festival sites, elegant Christmas trees, original light-dynamic compositions, and light installations were installed. At each of the sites of the Moscow Christmas Festival, stalls are erected, scenes, street theaters and pavilions are opened for master classes.

Journey to Christmas

Where: Moscow

When: end of December to early January

Guests of the Christmas festival in Moscow can buy unusual souvenirs, taste homemade cakes, painted gingerbread, gingerbread and other traditional treats for this holiday.

Journey to Christmas

According to the established tradition, the Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden come to the festival “Journey to Christmas” from Veliky Ustyug, who meet guests in their own home. Each child can communicate with the grandfather and his granddaughter, make a memorable photo and make a cherished wish, which will certainly be fulfilled.

The festival is attended by about 3 million people, their number includes not only residents of the Moscow region, but also guests from other cities of Russia and abroad.


2 nd place - the International Festival of Landscape Objects “Archstoyanie”

The unique, sophisticated festival is held in the open spaces of the Ugra reserve. The name of the event is very sonorous - Archstoyanie. Sometime in this place a historical event took place - the Standing on the Ugra, but now there is a huge number of works of art that are striking in their diversity, more precisely, architecture.


Every year various architects, designers and amateurs of contemporary art come to the festival “Archstoyanie” in Nikolo-Lenivets. On the territory of the natural history reserve “Ugra”, they create their extraordinary art objects from environmentally friendly materials, which subsequently harmlessly dissolve and will not cause any harm to the surrounding nature. Almost all these masterpieces remain in the accessibility for the viewer even after the festival, and many of them can be penetrated in one way or another.

Where: Kaluga region, Nikola-Lenivets Park, near the village of Zvizzhi

When: July 20th

Archstoyanie. Light installation

Nikola-Lenivets - art park in the Kaluga region, near the village Zvizzhi. Art Park was created on the initiative of the artist Nikolay Polissky. The park area is 650 hectares, where there are numerous architectural and artistic objects. For a couple of days, the unique art objects of the festival are usually visited by more than ten thousand people.


3rd place is the All-Russian festival of art song “Greenland”

The festival “Greenland” is not only one of the oldest Russian forums of lovers of art song, but also the largest cultural event of the summer season on Vyatka land. The first live music festival, named after the romantic writer Alexander Green, was organized in 1986.


Tourists and participants of the festival live in a tent camp on the banks of the picturesque river Bistrina. Oleg Mityaev, Sergey Trofimov, Iosif Kobzon and many other great singers perform at the festival.

Where: Kirov region, the village of Basharovo near Kirov

When: July 20th

The slogan of the festival: “Beach, where are you waiting”


Every year the festival gathers more than 200,000 people.

Official festival website: http://www.grinlandia.ru

Theater yard

The 4th place is occupied by the festival “Theater Yard”

Those who do not like carnivals, orchestras, puppet theaters, circus art, classical performances - all this draws the audience of the festival and the people of Tula to the theater festival.

Theater yard. Street Theater "Heavenly Carousel" from the city of St. Petersburg

“Theater Yard” became the most popular and attended festival of street theaters in Russia. For six days in a festival, more than 50 teams from different countries show performances to residents and tourists of ancient Tula. More than 500 artists take part in the festival.

Theater yard

Where: Embankment of the river Upa in the city of Tula

When: July 20th

The audience of the festival has 120 thousand spectators.

Festival “Great Bolgar”

5th place given to the ethnographic festival of medieval battle “Great Bolgar”

The festival “Great Bolgar” is a large-scale reconstruction of medieval realities with knightly battles, authentic cuisine and music. Tournaments in historical medieval combat are held using real blunt weapons on specially equipped venues - lists.

Festival Great Bolgar

As a rule, more than 500 fighters from Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan meet at the festival site. The largest historical reconstruction event in the Volga region is held on the territory of the Bulgarian State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Festival Great Bolgar

Where: The territory of the ancient Bolgar (Republic of Tatarstan)

When: The month of August

During the two days of the festival, there is a historic site, where they represent household items of the Golden Horde, Russia and Europe. Guests of the festival can try medieval cuisine, see analogs of siege weapons of the Middle Ages and try to shoot from them. At the festival performances of folk groups. Dance groups conduct master classes in Irish or historical historical dances.

Festival Great Bolgar

The festival site always hosts archery and equestrian tournaments, mass battles, Donjon Cup in full contact medieval battles one-on-one (tournament as close as possible to the medieval rules).

About 50,000 people attend the festival annually.

Pushkin poetry festival

6th place - All-Russian Pushkin Festival of Poetry in the Pushkin Mountains (Pskov Region)

The All-Russian Pushkin Festival of Poetry is one of the largest annual cultural events in the country. It has been held since 1967. During this time, the event gained fame as an experimental platform for young poets, writers, musicians and artists. Each time the holiday opens new names, gathers thousands of spectators from different parts of Russia and abroad - all those who cherish Russian culture.

Pushkin poetry festival

Where: Pskov region, Pushkin mountains, Mikhailovskoye estate

When: the beginning of June

Guests of the festival can usually visit literary and poetry readings with the participation of Russian poets, musical concerts, presentations of exhibitions, quests dedicated to Pushkin, scientific conferences and round tables, performances of drama theaters. All events are traditionally free to visit.

Pushkin poetry festival

The official site of the Pushkin Museum-Reserve, on the territory of which the festival is organized: http://pushkin.ellink.ru/

The festival is attended annually by about 17,000 people.

Shukshin days in Altai

7 place “Shukshin days in Altai”

The main cultural event, which is held annually in July in the Altai Territory in memory of a fellow countryman - the famous writer, actor and director Vasily Makarovich Shukshin. The Shukshinsky Days are opened in Barnaul, they take place in Biysk, Belokurikha, Novoaltaisk, Smolensk, the Fast Istok and end with a great holiday in Sroschki. The art program on Mount Piquet is the culmination of the holiday. Thousands of admirers of his talent from the regions of Russia, near and far abroad come to his native village of Vasily Shukshin on this day.

Where: Altai Republic

When: July month

The history of the festival began with Shukshin readings in 1976, two years after Shukshin's death. Within a few years, readings turned into an all-Russian memory share. In 1999 - the year of the 70th anniversary of Vasily Makarovich Shukshin - X Shukshinsky days gained the status of All-Russian. In 1999, the first Shukshy Film Festival was held.

To visit the homeland of Vasily Makarovich, to rise to Piket is considered a duty by thousands of Russians and residents of other countries. Vasily Makarovich Shukshin unites people.

The festival is attended by about 10,000 people.

The number of interesting festivals in Russia is endless, we have collected only 7 of the most iconic festivals, which according to the editorial board of “Tourism in Russia” reflect the interests of Russians and visiting tourists. We will continue to acquaint you with a variety of activities on the territory of the largest country on planet Earth.